Monday, 2017-01-02

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Talornohi guys!11:31
Talornotryin my first time to compile [and then install] Yocto on a BeagleBone black11:31
Talornoi started bitbake but it is giving some warnings because it cannot get source code for some packages11:32
nrossiTalorno: post the warnings :), sounds like it might just be falling back to fetching from the yoctoproject source mirror11:34
TalornoRNING: zlib-native-1.2.8-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL, attempting MIRRORS if available11:35
TalornoWARNING: libpng-native-1.6.24-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL, attempting MIRRORS if available11:35
TalornoWARNING: nano-2.2.5-r3.0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL, attempting MIRRORS if available11:35
TalornoWARNING: netcat-0.7.1-r3 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL, attempting MIRRORS if available11:35
TalornoWARNING: devmem2-1.0-r7 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL, attempting MIRRORS if available11:35
Talornonrossi, you italian?11:35
nrossiTalorno: I am of Italian descent, but am Australian :)11:36
nrossiTalorno: Does it actually fail to fetch, or does it just keep going?11:36
Talornoi was wondering looking at your surname :) btw nice to meet you11:36
nrossias in does it error?11:36
nrossiTalorno: nice to meet you too :11:36
Talornonrossi, i guess it tries, it fails, it keeps going11:36
Talornoactually i have that terminal on a virtual machine, reduced to tray11:37
Talornoso sometimes i open it to check and i find the warnings but the thing is still going [Currently  4 running tasks (1618 of 2774)  58% |##### ]                                             |11:37
nrossiTalorno: the warnings are ok, its just letting you know that its fetching the source from an alternate mirror. If it errors trying to fetch the sources then you have problems.11:38
Talornobut.. does that means that i will have to do something later? or is it already getting the source from elsewhere?11:38
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nrossiTalorno: it is attempting to get it from somewhere else, if it fails to do that it will error. If it succeeds in getting it from the alternate mirror you wont have to do anything :)11:40
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Talornook :D11:43
Talornoi was asking myself why i cannot find any pre-built binay images for standard platforms like bbb11:54
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Talornonrossi, can i bother you for a couple of minutes more?12:20
nrossiTalorno: sure12:21
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Talornoseems like everything is fine now, i built qt5-image and no worries...12:21
Talornoi was thinking about "converting" it to a emmc writable image12:21
Talornoi read round that i have to include a "recipe" in the qt5-image build [conf file, i think]12:22
Talornoi cannot really understand the whole mechanism, is there something i can read to be clarified?12:22
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Talornoi mean...i wonder if i add that "recipe" meta-bbb/recipes-support/emmc-installer in some conf file, next time i build the qt5-image it will add some scripts and so on inside the image12:23
Talornoit reminds me of the USE mechanism in gentoo :D [lots of tears] but.... is there anything that explains the whole thing a little bit better?12:23
nrossiTalorno: Im not particularly familiar with the bbb emmc flow (i've only got a beaglebone). There should be some documentation about it out there :)12:28
jkuTalorno: emmc-installer is a fairly bbb specific, you should look for meta-bbb documentation. IIRC you want to build the installer-image, which (when booted) will install to mmc12:28
jku(because the mmc is only accessible from a running system, again IIRC)12:30
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Talornojku...probably my question was another12:44
Talornosome guide around the web says that to transform qt5-image from a sdcard bootable to an emmc installable one you just have to "add the recipe"12:45
Talornobut i don't know exactly where12:45
Talornoso maybe i wanna read something about12:45
Talornothe generic recipe system12:45
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jkuI think getting anything to boot from the emmc is very bbb specific. It's unlikely that generic documentation will get you there12:49
jkunot saying you shouldn't read general docs of course, just that you should look for meta-bbb specific help as well12:50
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Talornosorry guys but i still cannot understand12:57
Talornoi "built" two images AFAIK, doing bitbake qt5-image and then installer-image12:58
Talornothey are supposed to be two different images, right?12:58
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Talornojku/nrossi :D13:03
AnticomHi all. I'd like to use html/js/css minifier(s) for some sources i've got. Since i didn't do that for quite some time i gave it a quick google and found, that most of the active projects seem to live in the nodejs eco system nowadays. Did anyone do some minification in a yoctobuild yet and got some tips for me?13:05
Talornoso, jku, is the installer image supposed to have qt5 support also? i mean... is the installer image just the qt image with some more scripts?13:07
Talornoor if i use the installer to install on the emmc i will miss qt5 support?13:07
Talorno(and so i will have to recompile qt5 image with install recipe?)13:07
Talornodunno if i have been clear13:07
jkuTalorno: no, my understanding is this :  you need to be running on bbb hardware to be able to install anything onto the emmc. So you need the installer image for that. When booted the installer will install whatever (compatible) image you want onto the emmc13:09
Talornoi know i have to be running on the bbb to flash emmc, that's fine. But... how? I mean........ i have the qt5 image compiled but i want it to boot from the emmc and not from the sd card13:11
jku1) use some meta-bbb specific scripts to prepare the sd card13:12
jku2) boot from sd (this is the installer image)13:13
jku3) installer will install the real image to emmc13:13
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Talornoi am not able to pose my real question btw thanks a lot13:14
Talornoi will try13:14
jkuit's _probably_ the  "using the installer-image" part of
jkubut you'll have to look at to figure out how to tell it that you want the qt5 image13:15
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Talornonow you probably got my doubts!! :D13:16
jkusorry, meant  of course (that's what copies the real image)13:18
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gabberxxGood afternoon, I am a bit new to yocto.. A question, how should i read/understand an error message such as "ParseError at path/xyz.bbclass Could not inherit file path2/zxy.bbclass  if the file path2/zxy.bbclass file exists? Do i miss some configuration?13:52
JaMadoes it exist in one of the paths listed in BBPATH variable?13:52
AnticomWhere is LetoThe2nd if you need him :O13:56
gabberxxJaMA, thank you for your answer :) I just noticed a mistake on my part when i took a step back.13:57
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Talornohi all18:19
Talornotyring to run my own build of yocto on a beaglebone black18:19
Talornostuck on a18:19
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Talorno"INIT: cannot execute "/bin/sh"18:19
Talorno  " issue18:19
Talornono ideas.18:19
Talornoany hint?18:19
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Talornojust checked, i have the binary at the right place18:22
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Talornohi guys19:05
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Talornoi have a strange issue, yocto built for beaglebone black, no errors, qt5 rootfs image is about 90mbytes ( ????? ), put on the sd in the right way, it doesn't boot, complaining about /bin/sh. I had a check, the executable is in place..... any hints?19:10
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Talornois there anybody out there?19:33
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Talornoanyone around?21:33
Talornoneed a hand with a beaglebone black21:33
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dl9pfwrite your issue or pastebin it. we cannot guess.21:43
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Geoff_hello, has anyone got a recipe for Lapack on yocto?  Any reason why this would be a bad idea?  thanks22:49
Geoff_I notice its not used in oe numpy for instance, so I'm assuming this was because its hard22:49
Geoff_I was working on a recipe for scipy.interpolate but it depends on lapack I just found out22:50
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Talornois there anybody out there?23:14
Talornoneed a help with yocto on a bbb23:14
TalornoINIT: cannot execute "/bin/sh"23:14
Talorno  /bin/sh is a symlink to /bin/bash that is at its place23:15
Talornoi don't know what to do23:15
Talornowhat a helpful community23:23
seebsit's the day after a major holiday, a lot of people are probably still on vacation.23:33
kergothit's the middle of the afternoon on a US holiday23:33
kergothyesterday was new year's day, but that was a weekend, it's observed today23:33
kergothplenty of companies gave people today off, afaik including the government and post office23:34
kergothmost folks would rather spend such days with their families than twiddling their thumbs on irc23:34
Talornoit's 2 days that i am begging for a clue23:37
kergothand as i just said, yesterday was new year's day23:37
Talornoin the whole community, just ME working on that thing23:38
kergothalso whining isn't likely to make anyone particularly sympathetic to your plight, even if they have an answer, which is unlikely, considering your issue sounds highly hardware specific23:38
Talornoit's not this. it's just that i would not ask for help if i had any idea. By the way, i don't wanna bother anybody new year's day23:39
Talornoi will throw away that shit and use some closed source stuff that at least is supposed to work23:39
kergothpersonally, i boot my beagleboard black built out of oe/yocto distros on a regular basis23:39
Talornokergoth, that's what i'm saying, that i have a problem23:39
Talornoand i don't have a clue23:39
Talorno'cause i didn't do anything different from what any tutorial was expecting me to do23:40
Talornothat is why i don't have a clue23:40
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seebsDo you get any diagnostics *before* the cannot execute message?23:41
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seebsIf you just manually alter the image to replace the /bin/sh symlink with a copy of the bash binary, does it behave differently?23:41
kergoththat would be a good idea, the error alone doesn't tell us much, there are a ton of possible causes23:41
Talorno    1.900066] mmcblk1: mmc1:0001 S10004 3.56 GiB23:42
Talorno[    1.905351] mmcblk1boot0: mmc1:0001 S10004 partition 1 4.00 MiB23:42
Talorno[    1.912064] mmcblk1boot1: mmc1:0001 S10004 partition 2 4.00 MiB23:42
Talorno[    1.920641]  mmcblk1: p123:42
Talorno[    1.945751] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p2): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)23:42
Talorno[    1.954478] VFS: Mounted root (ext4 filesystem) readonly on device 179:2.23:42
Talorno[    1.971633] devtmpfs: mounted23:42
kergothyou also haven't told us what tutorial you're following, or how you did your build, or what release / branch you're building from, or much of anything, really23:42
Talorno[    1.975300] Freeing unused kernel memory: 304K (c071e000 - c076a000)23:42
TalornoINIT: version 2.88 booting23:42
Talorno[    2.189970] request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-000023:42
Talorno[    2.221475] request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-000023:42
Talorno[    2.252124] request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-000023:42
Talorno[    2.282923] request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-000023:42
Talorno[    2.313553] request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-000023:42
TalornoINIT: cannot execute "/bin/sh"23:42
TalornoINIT: Entering runlevel: 523:42
Talornokergoth, i would have been really happy to do it23:42
seebsyou can use pastebin or things like gist[] for that.23:43
Talorno this is the tute23:43
kergothgoogle for a pastebin, don't spam the channel again, please23:43
Talornokergoth, sorry.23:43
Talornoi am building poky, morty branch23:43
Talornono errors in the building phase23:44
Talornono errors using the sd scripts23:44
kergothdid you try reporting the issue or asking for help from the maintainer of the meta-bbb layer? because i've never heard of meta-bbb or jumpnowtek23:44
Talornokergoth, so would you please be so kind to point me to a guide that you can say * it works* for bbb?23:45
seebslooks like meta-bbb is beaglebone-specific.23:45
seebsi... have no idea whether or not i have a beaglebone. i think i had one from WR, but I also think I returned all my boards successfully. So I probably don't.23:45
Talornothe goal that i'm trying to achieve is to have a working [and fast booting] linux /Qt   system to develop on23:46
seebsI'd probably start by mounting the filesystem and poking around on it. Like, if it's mounted as /mnt/foo, try file /mnt/foo/bin/sh /mnt/foo/bin/bash23:46
Talornoseebs, you mean on the board? no way to make it responding23:46
kergothno, he means mounting the rootfs on the host23:47
seebsNo, I mean, on the host you used to make the SD card. That can presumably access it.23:47
Talornothe only way i can poke around with the filesystem is mounting the sdcard on my laptop23:47
seebs... I should point out, I'm not even actually involved anymore, except that I maintain pseudo because if I stop maintaining it SOMEONE ELSE MESSES WITH MY BABY.23:47
kergothI'd really suggest contacting the maintainer of the layer, if its output fails to work for you23:47
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC23:48
Talornois there another way that you could please point me to, to achieve what i'm trying to achieve?23:48
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto23:48
seebsHonestly, for what you're looking for, I'm not at all convinced beaglebone is a good starting point.23:49
seebsIt's really not intended to be a good development platform, I don't think?23:49
seebsYocto's primarily targeted at building embedded systems, not building systems for doing development on.23:49
Talornono, wait. I've been wrong. I meant i wanna develop my platform and develop an application over this. I mean crosscompiling from my laptop23:50
seebsIn that case, Yocto's at least somewhat reasonable for it, yeah. Hmm.23:51
seebsOkay, thing I'd probably try: Try to follow similar instructions to make a bootable SD card that should be compatible with, say, your laptop.23:51
seebsAnd boot that. If it works, the problem is somehow specific to the beaglebone layer. If it doesn't, you don't have to think about the beaglebone, you just have to look at your target.23:51
seebs... oh hey. That's a thought: If your BSP is supported by qemu, or a similar-enough one is, you can probably try the qemu emulator to see whether you can boot a target that way.23:52
kergothi'd remove meta-bbb from conf/bblayers.conf, add meta-ti, change MACHINE to beaglebone in conf/local.conf, wipe tmp, and build core-image-minimal and boot that23:52
seebsThen you can debug your rootfs problems entirely on host.23:52
kergothyeah, qemu is a good idea as well23:52
*** rob_w <rob_w!~rob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC23:53
Talornoi will try to recompile it no using meta-bbb..i think it won't even start...23:53
Talornoby the way, thanks for your time and for your patience23:53
kergothmeta-bbb isn't even in the oe layer index.23:53
kergothmaybe it's good, maybe not, but i'd test with content from texas instruments to make sure it's not related to it23:54
Talornosorry if someone thought i am just whining, i think i will just try for the last time then i will abandon23:54
kergothbut like i said, you can always contact the layer maintainer. it's using their images, their kernel, etc, if it doesn't boot, then either it's something odd on your end or a bug in their layer23:55

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