Sunday, 2017-01-15

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Talornohi guys11:15
Talornoif linux-stable-4.4.41-r43 is failing to unpack and i want to cleansstate it and download it again, which package am i supposed to cleansstate?11:16
Talornomaybe linux-yocto?11:16
Talornono, ok there is some other thing not working11:22
Talorno  /bin/sh: line 1:  1564 Bus error (core dumped) git -c core.fsyncobjectfiles=0 checkout -B linux-4.4.y cdd86b9722657feffdca5a12ecc34c30be64e61811:22
Talornobus error????11:22
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Talorno   this is the log for the failing linux-stable. Would someone give me a hint, please?11:52
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halfbloodprinceanyone here use intel edison?13:31
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #794 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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bavery_fnTalorno: what kind of filesystem is /media/giova/Windows7_OS and how is it mounted? also what distro are you running on?20:24
bavery_fnTalorno: it looks like the git checkout is just failing ...20:24
Talornohi bavery_fn20:24
Talornoit is a ntfs fs20:25
Talornoi am running ubuntu mate20:25
Talornook actually i found a typo in bblayers.conf20:26
bavery_fnTalorno; hi, did that fix it? I'd be very surprised if it could build on an ntfs filesystem.  Yocto uses hard links and file fifos in the build ...20:26
Talornobavery_fn, it didnt fix20:27
Talornoso actually you say it is better if i add a partition to the disk?20:28
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bavery_fnif you have space on an ext3/4 fs I'd try the build there.20:29
bavery_fnyou are using morty abd beaglebone?20:29
bavery_fnmorty meaning 2.2?20:29
Talornoyes :)20:29
bavery_fnk, I'll fire up a build on my server but I'm quite sure it will work on an ext4 partition/filesyste,20:30
Talornobavery_fn, i successfully built with the same recipes and settings20:30
Talornoso it's probably a matter of FS20:31
bavery_fnTalorno: yep20:31
bavery_fnTalorno: sadly neither windows nor mac filesystems are both missing feature that  yocto builds need20:32
bavery_fnTalorno: meaning they are bith missing features20:32
Talornoi have 70gb free on my linux root20:33
Talornoi don't think it's enough20:33
Talornobavery_fn, in effect i noticed an abnormal cpu use by mount command during the compilation....could it be the same issue?20:35
bavery_fnTalorno: maybe, not sure.20:35
bavery_fnTalorno: if you add      INHERIT += "rm_work"20:36
Talornoi need to unmount the ntfs disk to repartition it but actually it is busy deleting Yocto files20:36
bavery_fnTalorno to your local.conf, it cleans up the intermediate files as it builds. then 70 gb should be enough20:36
Talornolet's try :)20:36
bavery_fnTalorno: glhf :)20:37
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Talornobavery_fn, what that flag is gonna do?21:42
Talornojust to know what behaviour should I expect on the next compilation21:42
Talornowill it delete compiled stuff and leave just the package?21:43
Talornobtw linux-stable is fetching with no worries at this it seems like it was a FS problem21:43
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