Thursday, 2017-01-19

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miceopedewhat on earth is the proper way to invoke install to do a recursive install? is this even possible? i'm trying to copy all header files from ${S}/include to ${D}${includedir}00:03
miceopede${S}/include has a whole bunch of subdirectories00:03
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rburtonmiceopede: its not.  use cp.00:16
miceopede@rburton cp -R to the rescue...okay00:17
rburtonremember to fix owners though00:17
miceopede@rburton to who?00:20
zeddii_homeclsulliv: it was at one point. but the working directories and assumptions have changed over time.00:23
rburtonclsulliv: in the past tasks would cd to $B automatically before executing, now it doesn't change directory.  when i removed the automatic cd I went around and generally made all paths absolute, or used [dirs] explicitly to set the working directory.00:24
miceopede@rburton thanks.00:24
rburtonclsulliv: so the ideal is cwd is irrelevant, use absolute paths.00:24
* zeddii_home nods00:26
* zeddii_home goes back to doing bird population calculations with his grade7-er 00:26
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clsullivrburton: zeddii_home: thanks. Thinking of doing a refactor of that function. If that end up being what I do I'll convert to absolute paths while I'm at it.00:56
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zeddii_homeyou are a brave man :D01:19
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dmikulinHi David Reyna!01:46
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miceopedeis it safe to share the shared state cache amongst multiple build runners? eg for a CI system that may be doing multiple yocto builds at the same time04:00
kergothyep. the one question mark is portability of native sstates if the build host is different. uninative helps, but isn't full proof in my experience. if the host is the asme, and you're just changing distro/machine/etc, it's fine04:03
miceopede@kergoth great, thanks.04:17
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mckoangood morning08:13
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jkumaybe relevant to our interests: a release monitoring service
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RPhi ed210:14
RPed2: There were a couple of small glitches with wic but I have patches for them in my wip branch10:15
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RPjoshuagl, ed2:  is the remaining wic problem we're going to have10:15
RPjoshuagl: I think we'll need a version bump and to replace that list of things with "wic-tools" beyond that version increment10:16
RP(the list in step 12)10:16
ed2RP: hi, thank you for fixing it!10:16
joshuaglRP: can do10:17
ed2RP: why do you think we'll have problems with those builds?10:17
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ed2RP: I made do_image_wic to depend on wic-tools:build, so theoretically it should be ok.10:18
ed2RP: I don't expect anything major at least.10:18
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RPed2: that autobuilder test runs "bitbake XXX" then expects wic XXX to work10:21
RPed2: clearly that no longer happens10:21
RPjoshuagl: open to other ideas but don't have any :/10:22
joshuagled2: build isn't enough, is it? i think you'd need it to depend on a different task which ensures the sysroot is populated?10:24
joshuaglRP: it's a fairly common pattern in the AB codebase, I'm afraid I don't have a smarter idea10:24
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RPjoshuagl: what ed mentions works fine for images during a normal build, it isn't going to help this "external wic" usage case as written though10:28
joshuaglRP: right. I have a snippet ready to test once a version bump is in10:29
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RPjoshuagl: I should queue a version bump in my wip branch...10:30
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kanavin_homejku: interesting, we could replace bits of our RRS with this I guess10:36
joshuaglgit diff10:36
joshuaglohman, I s10:36
joshuaglsuck :-/10:36
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RPkanavin_home: might make a useful extra data source11:10
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rburtoni missed what jku linked to11:23
jkurburton (lwn on
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ed2RP: I can't reproduce that issue locally in my rss branch.11:40
RPed2: which one?11:41
RPed2: clean wic-tools first?11:41
ed2RP: nope, this one: 11:41
ed2RP: I think I fixed it yesterday.11:42
RPed2: have I missed a patch in my branch?11:42
ed2RP: I'll check it out.11:43
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jkuI'm testing "rpurdie/wip-rss". Where do I look to see the "native sysroot"? As in, where are the native tools that e.g. the target build of "shadow"  uses?11:53
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ed2RP: I think I know what's the reason of that issue. We can solve it if we add this dependency: do_image[depends] += "wic-tools:do_build"12:03
jkuah it's $WORKDIR/recipe-sysroot-native12:04
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ed2RP: or modify wic code to run 'bitbake wic-tools' if wic-tools sysroots doesn't exist.12:05
rburtonFetcher failure: Unable to resolve 'bf2942f7559d114e96f7c7f1287bf7e5120632a' in upstream git repository in git ls-remote output for
RPed2: I don't believe that dependency will help12:09
RPed2: I think we'll just have to tweak the autobuilder as mentioned12:09
RPrburton: zeddii forgot to push?12:09
rburtoni think so12:09
rburtonah no, he's missing a letter from the sha ;)12:10
rburtoni'm sure this patch set was tested :)12:11
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devaI am trying to create a recipe for libusbgx (which is an autotools project) but get a wierd error when autoreconf is running:
devaIt appears that AC_DEFINE is not recognized as a valid command, which is rather odd, because it is one of the most basic of the autoconf commands...12:14
ed2RP: why do you think it won't help? it should help to build wic-tools and wic should work after that in my opinion.12:15
devaThe is this one:
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jkudeva: do you inherit pkgconfig? I vaguely remember that pkg-config macros can be invalid in shell if pkg-config is not available... and then you can get weird errors like that12:21
rburtondeva: have you inherited pkgconfig?12:21
rburtonheh, snap12:21
rburtonyeah if pkgconfig macros are not availabile the error message is literally the worst12:21
devajku, rburton, inheriting pkgconfig worked12:23
devaThanks - I could never have guessed that on my own :-D12:23
rburtonwhat you're getting here is the experience of spending a day to understand why configure fails like that ;)12:24
devarburton, Did you find out /why/?12:25
rburtonbecause autoconf is a kludge of shellish wrapped in m412:26
devaI mean why the missing pkgconfig inherit could end up rendering that error messages?12:26
rburtonnot sure, AC_DEFINE *is* a macro so there must be some m4 quoting going on that confuses it when it thinks PKG_CONFIG is a shell function and doesn't get expanded12:27
rburtoni valued my sanity at that point12:27
rburton(the inherit adds a depends on pkgconfig-native so then the pkg.m4 file is present and PKG_CONFIG expands correctly)12:28
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rburtonContent-Type: text/plain; charset="y"12:29
rburtonthat really is the most annoying bug in git's ui12:29
devaI found a topic much resemling it, but the guy was creating a FreeBSD "recipe"12:29
devaHe came to the conclusion that it was because of ACLOCAL_ARGS12:30
btoothhi all, my image iherits extrausers and adds users/groups with EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS, but how can i chown within a recipe to a user in EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS ?12:30
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ed2RP: worked just fine for me:
ed2RP: however, may be it's not the best idea to always build wic-tools as it will impact performance for no reason.12:37
ed2RP: making wic to build wic-tools looks better to me.12:37
jkudeva: the confusing part is IIRC that the autoconf error references the first use of AC_DEFINE not the place where things actually went wrong12:39
devajku, That sounds like a reasonable explanation12:39
devaSo basically it all boils down to the autoconf guys needing to work a bit on their error reporting mechanisms ;)12:40
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RPed2: or we just change the test case, I think that is fine12:45
jkurburton: does anything actually log the postinsts we run during rootfs creation?12:46
jkuI can see the intercepts in log,do_rootfs, but what about all other postinsts?12:47
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ed2RP: I like building wic-tools better. It's a bit implicit, but it's convenient for users:
ed2RP: i mean users don't have to care about building it manually. wic will do it for them.13:12
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RPed2: I really don't want to run bitbake within bitbake13:15
RPed2: well, put more simply, we can't13:15
ed2RP: it's not about it. it's about wic running bitbake.13:16
ed2RP: if wic is run from bitbake it would mean that wic-tools are already built.13:16
RPed2: your patch removes a code line which will force this to bitbake wic-tools during image generation13:16
RPed2: there was a reason I added  native_sysroot = get_bitbake_var("RECIPE_SYSROOT_NATIVE", options.image_name)13:16
ed2RP: yes, I did it for a reason too. that line introduces unneeded guessing.13:17
RPed2: it fixed broken builds13:18
RPed2: without it we saw breakage13:18
ed2RP: if wic image is built by bitbake then wic-tools will be always build due to this dependency: do_image_wic[depends] += "wic-tools:do_build"13:18
RPed2: was that added by some patch not in my branch?13:19
ed2RP: if they're not built then there is bug that should be fixed.13:19
RPed2: the tools get built but the wic-tools env file was not present13:19
Strike5150Mornin Gents,  what is the default make target Yocto calls in a Makefile.  Trying to build a kernel module but compile step is just skipping everything.13:19
RPed2: a clean tmp, bitbake core-image-minimal would fail with None being returned by get_bitbake_var("RECIPE_SYSROOT_NATIVE", "wic-tools")13:20
RPed2: there is a core-image-minimal.env file but not a wic-tools one13:20
RPStrike5150: See base_do_compile in base.bbclass13:22
RPStrike5150: its basically running "make"13:23
Strike5150RP: Ok thanks13:23
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ed2RP: hm, now i see what happens. that can be fixed this or similar way:
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RPed2: that is horrible, you're writing stuff to random locations and completely breaking the task/sstate structure :(13:26
ed2RP: that's similar to how .env files are written, no?13:27
RPed2: well, in that case the image recipe is writing a file to be picked up in a later task, The location its using should really be in WORKDIR13:28
jkuRP: I've got a bunch of PACKAGE_WRITE_DEPS changes I'm testing (on top of rpurdie/wip-rss)....13:28
*** deva <deva!~deva@> has quit IRC13:28
*** qt-x <qt-x!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC13:28
jkuSo I'm expecting matchbox-keyboard to fail rootfs time postinst (because it doesn't have "qemu-native:do_populate_sysroot" in PACKAGE_WRITE_DEPS)13:28
RPed2: This is one recipe writing out something outside of the sstate tasks for another piece of the system to pick up, its quite a bit different in concept :/13:28
jkubut it just works13:28
RPjku: I think qemu-native is pulled in by other things :/13:29
ed2RP: it's just an idea. Can it be implemented better way?13:29
RPed2: why can't we just do what I did and use the image env file if its present?13:29
jkuRP: should I not see the qemu binaries in recipe-sysroot-native in that case ?13:30
RPjku: ah, you should. You don't?13:31
RPjku: and it still works? Perhaps it finds a qemu binary from your host?13:32
jkuyeah it works. I'm pretty sure I don't have qemu on build host... I'll add a bit of logging to see what it really calls13:33
ed2RP: That approach assumes that all wic deps are in image recipe sysroot. This is true for default configurations, but creates additional work for users if they want to use other wks files.13:33
RPed2: presumably those users would just build wic-tools?13:33
ed2RP: this practically means that users will have to either built wic-tools or modify image deps.13:34
RPed2: which is pretty much what they do today without the "wic-tools" shortcut?13:34
ed2RP: yes, but it's not nice. as we anyway build wic-tools do to do_image_wic dependency on it we should use it too :)13:35
ed2RP: the only reason we can't use it is that .env file is not generated.13:35
*** rakuco <rakuco!~rakuco@kde/developer/rkcosta> has joined #yocto13:36
*** thaytan <thaytan!> has quit IRC13:37
ed2RP: btw, even if they build wic-tools and run bitbake <image> it will not help.13:37
RPed2: I just realised that, you're right :/13:37
RPed2: I guess we have to change wic-tools as you propose13:38
RPed2: this is going to race though :(13:38
jkuRP, so the qemu is on the _image_ recipe recipe-sysroot-native. I guess that makes sense?13:39
ed2RP: then we should do it better way. Can you suggest which?13:39
ed2RP: Can we do it in image_types.bbclass somehow?13:39
ed2RP: the same way as it's done for images?13:40
RPed2: you should probably combine the two tasks in wic-tools too, they're both python13:40
RPed2: we can easily add this to the other env file generation but that is even worse for races13:40
*** rakuco <rakuco!~rakuco@kde/developer/rkcosta> has left #yocto13:40
RPjku: yes, that is the intent13:40
RPed2: I'm not sure I have better ideas13:42
RPed2: what I really don't need is another round of testing of these changes but I guess we can't avoid that13:43
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has joined #yocto13:43
*** marka <marka!> has joined #yocto13:45
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joshuaglRP: rburton: can you think of ~recent (since Morty) changes that might cause the environment during testsdkext to have been cleaned of several more variables?13:53
RPjoshuagl: offhand, no13:53
*** Net147 <Net147!~Net147@unaffiliated/net147> has joined #yocto13:55
joshuagldumping the environment during host_gcc_version() the env in master is much, much more. I don't see any evidence of the OE_/OECORE_ namespaced environment variables13:56
joshuagl"much, much more *spartan*" that should've been13:57
*** diego_r <diego_r!> has joined #yocto14:00
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*** paulg <paulg!> has joined #yocto14:38
joshuaglweirder and weirder, reverted rburton's patch "utils: Always use datastore's PATH for host_gcc_version" on my master branch and tests are running fine14:43
*** manuel_ <manuel_!> has quit IRC14:45
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*** joshuagl_ is now known as joshuagl14:51
joshuagl*sigh* desktop wedged14:51
joshuaglthink I need to bisect master and find what made the env change happen, back in a few days :-)14:53
*** gtristan <gtristan!> has joined #yocto14:53
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rburtonpresumably if you're after a specific file you can shortcircuit it as much as possible14:54
joshuaglI haven't narrowed it down to a specific file, unfortunately14:54
joshuaglthe environment scripts are the same in each14:54
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joshuaglor its opposite15:03
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sveinseIs it possible to have a floating SRCREV in a recipe? By that I mean, that it will fetch the tip of a given branch, and set its SRCREV accordingly?15:52
joshuaglyou want AUTOREV15:52
kergothSRCREV = "${AUTOREV}", specifically15:53
joshuaglyeah, that. thanks kergoth15:53
sveinseYes, and we already do use AUTOREV. I think my question is a little different and a little longer, so bear with me:15:55
kergothperhaps you want buildhistory-collect-srcrevs, which writes a config file with SRCREV_pn-<recipe name> lines, to lock down the autorevs as of now15:56
kergoththat's what mentor uses to deal with autorev for our releases, since we want to support BB_NO_NETWORK15:56
*** Circuitsoft <Circuitsoft!4b92a52b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:57
CircuitsoftHello - I've made a variation on my recipe, called It applies a patch that changes CFLAGS and the output filename of the build.15:58
sveinseOur top-level CM system sets the version of a git repo that a recipe should use, by setting in local.conf: SRCREV_pn-myrecipe = "8787837733..." and BRANCH_pn-myrecipe = "master"15:58
CircuitsoftWhen I try to put both builds on the same system, despite the different output filename, I get conflicts in sysroots/genericx86-64/pkgdata/runtime-reverse/my-recipe15:58
sveinseThe recipe does set SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}" to ensure sstate cache is sane, and this works15:59
rburtonCircuitsoft: is it a library? the package names get renamed to the library name inthat case15:59
CircuitsoftEach package has one file: /usr/bin/myapp, and /usr/bin/myapp-dbg.16:00
sveinseThis works fine for checking out pinned, specific versions, but how can I make the recipe check out the lastest version and update AUTOREV/SRCREV accordingly?16:00
kergoththat doesn't really make sense16:00
kergothsveinse: what do you mean "update AUTOREV/SRCREV accordingly"?16:00
kergotha recipe isn't going to modify itself.16:00
kergothlayers are not output of the build16:00
kergothor did you forget to add SRCPV to PV, so it doesnt' know to rebuild when the upstream branch is updated?16:01
sveinseNo, but the artefacts its generates needs to have AUTOREV in it. But let it pick the latest version from git16:01
kergothno idea what you're talking about16:01
kergothif you set SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}, it will pick the latest version from git, that's the entire point16:01
sveinsewhat happens if I from local.conf set : SRCREV_pn-myrecipe = "123456..." ?16:02
sveinsethen it checks out that version, right?16:03
kergoththat will override SRCREV in the recipe, so it isn't using AUTOREV anymore.16:03
kergothif you want the latest, don't do that16:03
sveinseright, that was my question16:03
kergothagain, if you want to track a branch head, use autorev16:03
kergothyou weren't using autorev16:03
sveinseright. I assumed the recipe construct SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}" was to ensure that the *output* from the receipe, e.g. what goes into sstate cache got a version that corresponds to the repo version, but it's not.16:05
kergothSRCREV has one meaning, not two16:05
kergothSRCREV is what version is fetched. if you set it with an override, that replaces the previous value16:05
kergothbitbake doesn't magically use every value a variable has ever been set to16:05
kergothSRCREV_pn-<pn> *replaces* the value of SRCREV16:05
kergoththat's how overrides work16:05
*** ojdo <ojdo!~ojdo@unaffiliated/ojdo> has quit IRC16:06
* kergoth ponders16:07
sveinsetop-level configuration managment is not always easy16:07
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*** manuel_ <manuel_!~manuel@> has joined #yocto16:11
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*** alimon <alimon!~alimon@> has joined #yocto16:14
RPrburton: I've queued the patches I just posted in -next16:17
RPrburton: mostly things that fell out of rss but can be isolated16:18
RPjku: do you have a branch with your changes?16:19
RPed2: did we decide how to proceed with wic? I could probaby use a patch against my branch if possible please?16:19
ed2RP: sure. I have around 4 in my branch. I'll push them in 10 minutes as soon as tests pass.16:20
jkurp: just writing an email, but the branch is jku/wip-rss in poky-contrib, based on rpurdie/wip-rss16:21
RPed2: I've just rebased my branch against master and the patches I've posted16:21
RPjku: thanks. Just to warn, I just did rebase and repush mine16:21
ed2RP: do you want me to rebase my branch against yours and test again?16:21
RPjku: - should be virtual/update-alternatives-native16:22
jkuoh yes16:22
*** open-nandra <open-nandra!> has quit IRC16:22
RPjku: series looks good though, exactly what we need. Probably need to split my changes up to match and rebase all this against master16:26
RPrburton: did you find that function we talked about?16:26
rburtonRP: i think i remember almost adding something to lib/oe/ repeatedly but it not actually surviving16:27
rburtonits just a join and lambda16:27
RPrburton: I think we should still do it16:28
rburton" ".join(s + ":" + task for s in input.split()]) should work16:28
rburtonmust be plenty of places where we can remove the same logic16:28
RPrburton: right16:28
kergothsounds handy for depends flag construction16:30
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC16:30
ed2RP: I pushed my branch ed/wic/rss to contrib for your review.16:31
ed2RP: will rebase it against your branch and run tests again.16:32
*** eduardas_m <eduardas_m!~eduardas_@> has quit IRC16:32
*** joseppc <joseppc!~josep@linaro/joseppc> has quit IRC16:33
RPed2: thanks16:33
jkuRP, fixed the missing "-native", rebased, force pushed16:35
RPjku: cool, thanks. You're going to send email?16:38
rburtonkergoth: yeah exactly that16:39
*** dv_ <dv_!> has quit IRC16:40
*** dv_ <dv_!> has joined #yocto16:40
jkuRP, I'll respond to your -architecture mail, just to note that I've tested it and have some patches16:42
RPjku: sounds good thanks16:42
RPjku: I think I'll work on taking your patches, reformating mine and adding this function rburton and I are talking about16:43
RPed2: I don't need anymore right?16:44
ed2no, you don't16:44
ed2and it should conflict with my patch I think16:45
*** ntl <ntl!> has quit IRC16:46
ed2RP: with this one
*** aV_V <aV_V!~aV_V@> has quit IRC16:47
rburtonRP: how does buildhistory interfere with selftest?  i have it enabled (can't recall when i last did a full selftest though)16:47
rburtonwould it be better for selftest startup to INHERIT_remove buildhistory instead?16:47
RPrburton: if you get "warning, package version went backwards" due to sstate, it fails tests16:49
rburtonyeah fair enough16:50
rburtoni think i wipe that from WARN_QA here too :)16:50
RPed2: right, yes, that should conflict16:50
RPrburton: I'll tweak the commit message16:51
* kergoth disables that warning in pretty much all of his builds, too often make a change to test something out and then revert, gets old fast16:54
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@> has joined #yocto16:55
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*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto16:55
rburtonkergoth: yeah, exactly16:58
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Strike5150Is there a proper cmake toolchain file that can be generated along with the populate_sdk step for an image.  Basically I want to generate a toolchain against my image so I can run it on other machines to build packages17:35
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC17:44
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CircuitsoftSo, I'm using Yocto to run an X11-based appliance at a customer site. If I need to SSH in to do some work, and want it left alone, is there a recommended way to lock the screen with a "leave me alone" message?17:50
rburtona locked screensaver?17:50
CircuitsoftI was thinking something like xloadimage, or i3lock.17:51
Circuitsoftxloadimage would work, but I can't find it, or anything like it, in any standard repositories.17:51
rburtonprobably trivial to write a recipe17:53
*** JosePerez <JosePerez!~jgperezc@> has joined #yocto17:56
kanavin_homefray: thanks for comments - I'm currently getting to the point where image creation works for 'complex' images like sato17:56
kanavin_homefray: once that is done, I'll look at fixing the issues you raised17:56
fraysstate-cache, relocated SDK and non-intel arches are likely the biggest concerns for testing17:57
ed2RP: tested my commits on top of your rss branch - all tests pass. I pushed it to my ed/wic/rss branch, so you can either cherry-pick from it or reset your branch to it.17:57
* darknighte hates when IRC silently disconnects17:57
kanavin_homefray: core-image-minimal builds for aarch64, fwiw17:57
*** scottrif <scottrif!> has quit IRC17:58
RPed2: thanks, I just merged that into my branch and updated17:58
kanavin_homefray: and I guess we can teach rpm to look for platform configuration in rootfs, or even have it configured dynamically from dnf17:58
RPed2: I squashed the changes17:58
fraymips, powerpc (the non qemu ones) and some of the more essoteric arm ones will likely break the arch handling17:58
fray(my guess is they don't have the mips tri-lib implemented either, last time I looked it was missing)17:59
frayand yes -- rpm should be reason the platform config from the rootfs.. if it's not, I'd call that a bug in their stuff..17:59
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!~anselmols@> has joined #yocto17:59
kergothsometimes i wish we had some sort of postponed search/replace feature. can always use anonymous python or an event handler, which is what i usually do, but still18:00
kergoth_remove/_append won't do, since then you append whether what you wanted to remove was there or not18:00
*** grma <grma!~gruberm@> has quit IRC18:01
*** rob_w <rob_w!~rob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has joined #yocto18:02
RPkergoth: a _replace operator? that would be fun for function name clashes! :)18:02
kergothindeed. i can't imagine it'd be worthwhile, and syntactically would be an issue, just a slightly common pattern18:03
kergothoh well18:03
kanavin_homefray: so you're not against getting rid of rpm5 in principle? if we can add all the missing stuff to rpm418:05
ed2RP: this last time change is still missing in your branch:
ed2RP: I squashed it into this commit:
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*** jkridner_ is now known as jkridner18:16
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rburtonpohly: i need to go, can you check that origin/master-next in poky has the fixed rmwork patches in?  i just got conflicts when rebasing and i think it has the broken patches too. (cc RP)18:28
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has quit IRC18:30
bluelightningrburton: RP: FYI the eSDK patches I just sent are fairly important, if there's any chance of them making it into M2 it would be great if they could go in18:30
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto18:30
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seebsThis may be a silly question, but wouldn't going from rpm5 to rpm4 be sort of downgrade-like?19:07
*** toscalix <toscalix!~toscalix@> has quit IRC19:09
georgemseebs: rpm5 was like a fork/rewrite and rpm4 kept progressing19:11
pohlyrburton: f0479968cf7d8 = origin/master-next doesn't have any of my rm_work related patches, which is as it should be, as one of them is the WIP bitbake event patch.19:11
georgemWhat's the correct way to use a custom bsp .scc file located in my custom bsp layer? If I specifically include it in SRC_URI it appears to get processed twice by scc according to the meta-series output file. It then tries to apply patches to standard/preempt-rt/base that don't apply. When building on another platform using intel-core2-32-preempt-rt.scc it only gets processed once and no incorrect patches are applied.19:11
seebsahh, i see.19:12
georgemIf I don't include it in SRC_URI it's never applied at all. I'm wondering if this a new problem with the last big push to morty since I didn't notice this before.19:12
pohlyrburton: the insane.bbclass patch in OE-core master-next and poky master-next is the one without my commit message fix - not terribly important, so better don't worry about that.19:13
*** JosePerez <JosePerez!~jgperezc@> has quit IRC19:17
RPed2: thanks, I've merged that in19:20
RPpohly: the bitbake event patch did hit the list and is in bitbake master-next now19:21
pohlyRP: so should I send a revised patch series or can you or Ross just pick everything except that patch from what I posted?19:22
Strike5150Can someone help with this error, I have cleaned and rebuilt but I keep getting this QA issue.  I19:23
*** ntl <ntl!> has quit IRC19:23
Strike5150Its building against 4.4.11 but mentions 4.4.3 in vmlinux/boot19:23
RPpohly: we should be able to pick it up19:27
pohlyRP: there's also this one-line fix which needs to be added. Never mind, I'll just send a new revision.19:28
pohlyI've started to use "git series" and so far like it.19:28
pohlyI still need to ask, though, whether not using create/send-pull-request poses a problem for you guys.19:29
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RPpohly: As long as they're patches it works for me, not sure about ross. Sometimes with a complicated series I do use the git branches19:48
pohlyRP: the branch could be created also when using "git series", it just needs some additional tooling, also for the boiler plate text in the cover letter.19:50
rburtonpohly: i'm happy with bare patches, for a long series a pointer to a branch is good19:50
* rburton looks up git series19:51
rburtonits purple in google so presumably i've seen this before19:51
bluelightninggeorgem: if zeddii doesn't see your question I'd suggest posting a message to the mailing list and CCing him (Bruce Ashfield)19:51
pohlyrburton: v3 of the bitbake rmwork series sent. The OE part is unchanged.19:52
kergothHmm, random idea: new flag that lets you add an expansion / getvar hook to a variable. when it's used, the hooks are called and can optionally alter the value. could be used to implement search/replace, and could even theoretically subsume handling of _append/_prepend/_remove/overrides19:55
RPkergoth: sounds expensive on execution cost...19:57
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #368 of nightly-musl is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
kergoththat would be a concern, yeah. obviously the logic owuldn't be much more, but there'd be extra function calls, and worse, expansion and splitting of the flag itself, unless that's done at setvarflag time20:09
kergothjust a random thought20:09
*** MWelchUK <MWelchUK!> has joined #yocto20:10
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georgembluelightning: will do, thanks20:17
*** manuel_ <manuel_!~manuel@> has joined #yocto20:22
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rburtoned2: can you have a look at ^^^ if you're around?20:26
* rburton -> dinner20:26
bluelightningis anyone fixing create-pull-request for the OE cgit URL change?20:30
ed2rburton: yep, will look20:31
*** scottrif <scottrif!> has joined #yocto20:31
ed2rburton: wic failures are caused by this failure:
ed2rburton: gptdisk-native failed to build: ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'gptfdisk-native-sgdisk-native' (but virtual:native:/home/pokybuild/yocto-autobuilder/yocto-worker/nightly-wic/build/meta/recipes-devtools/fdisk/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)20:39
ed2rburton: this thing looks quite strange: gptfdisk-native-sgdisk-native20:40
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bluelightninged2: the patch that implemented that looks reasonable... just trying it on top of master now20:47
bluelightninged2: hmm, it does indeed fail on master20:48
bluelightningnot sure why...20:48
bluelightningRP: can you explain what could be wrong with this patch? surely in the native case we should be ignoring the RRECOMMENDS?
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*** seezer <seezer!quassel@quassel/developer/seezer> has joined #yocto20:51
RPbluelightning: which failure did this cause?20:51
RPah, 592 above?20:52
bluelightningRP: yep20:52
bluelightningreproduced locally too20:52
bluelightningit's bizarre, surely we do this kind of thing all over the place20:52
RPbluelightning: I can explain what happened20:54
RPbluelightning: not sure you'll like it20:54
bluelightningok ... ?20:54
RPbluelightning: a long time ago there was a thread where I complained about how hard it was to make native BBCLASSEXTEND work. In the end I forced a switch from XXXX-nativesdk to nativesdk-XXX - do you remember it?20:55
RPI wasn't able to convince people that native-XXX was better though20:55
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto20:55
RPThis is basically that problem rearing its head, the native BBCLASSEXTEND code is getting confused about how to remap the variables20:55
RPIt sets PN = ORIGPN + -native20:56
RPthen it extends the "${PN}-sgdisk" to become "${PN}-sgdisk-native"20:56
bluelightningright, I had assumed that20:56
bluelightningwhat I don't quite understand is why it cares about these values for -native20:56
bluelightningand why we haven't seen this elsewhere (am searching for other examples now)20:57
RPbluelightning: we have a lot of implied knowledge in the RDEPENDS. If native doesn't look at the RDEPENDS, the system doesn't work20:57
bluelightninghmm, maybe we have been over that before20:57
RPbluelightning: we do see this elsewhere but we have overrides20:57
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bluelightningpresumably RRECOMMENDS_${BPN} would work?20:58
bluelightningoh wait, that would break for nativesdk20:58
RPbluelightning: no, the preferred way to handle is RRECOMENDS_${PN}_class-native = xxx20:59
bluelightningwe do seem to do that in a lot of places, I'll grant you20:59
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RPbluelightning: I do have a bug to go back and try and untangle this mess, probably due for M221:00
*** slidercrank <slidercrank!~slidercra@unaffiliated/slidercrank> has quit IRC21:01
RPbluelightning: it is something we need to think about fixing :/21:01
RPhow, I don't know21:01
RPbluelightning: from what I remember, in the native case, we do rely on these depends having made it into the sysroot as well as the main recipe21:02
bluelightningRP: I think you're right, we do21:03
RPso somehow we need to collect up a recipe's runtime dependencies in the native case since we're not just building thing but running it21:03
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RPI think rss is going to break me :/21:31
RPI have a bug the autobuilder doesn't find and I can't easily debug, somewhere in sstate afaict21:32
bluelightningRP: what's the bug?21:33
RPbluelightning: the contents of the sysroot components directory disappears under certain rebuild circumstances like a large rebuild of an existing tree21:34
bluelightninghmm, nasty21:35
bluelightningare you able to trigger it reliably?21:36
RPbluelightning: not as yet21:36
bluelightningor have you just hit it for the first time now?21:36
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RPbluelightning: I can't replicate it :(21:56
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rburtoned2: damnit, that's a patch i re-merged because i couldn't remember why it broke.  now i remember22:07
rburtonthanks ed222:07
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RPbluelightning: are you aware of - test_devtool_modify ?22:56
bluelightningRP: no.. :/22:57
bluelightningI'm a bit surprised we didn't see this earlier22:58
bluelightningthat change went in a while ago22:58
bluelightningI'll see if I can see what's causing it after I get back from lunch22:58
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RPbluelightning: its possible it was finding something like git-native from the sysroot previously23:22
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