Wednesday, 2017-02-01

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Ramose_I just built libav package and copied the *.so related to target but gst-inspect-1.0 | grep libav give me nothing09:48
Ramose_is there any way to include libav packages to gst-inspect-1.0 ?09:49
jku_Ramose_: gstreamer-libav1.0 is the recipe you probably want09:51
jku_sorry, gstreamer1.0-libav09:51
jku_it doesn't use system libav by default so libav itself is not needed09:52
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Ramose_jku_: Thanks, it worked :)10:16
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RPmarquiz: I've merged -next into master, thanks for the numbers!11:36
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jkurburton: did you already have a look at (all) oe-core failures in martins report from yesterday or should I?11:50
rburtoni thought i replied last night11:51
rburtondid i fail to hit send?11:51
rburtonwouldn't be surprised11:51
jkurburton: oh you did11:51
rburtonsome were already fixed, some were trivial and i just need to write nice commits, two were the staging code exploding.11:52
jkuyeah three weird ones left plus cryptodev-module  you didn't mention11:52
RPrburton: I have no idea on the exploding code btw :/11:53
rburtoni still feel like death warmed up11:54
rburtoni'll get those patches out now and then crash again11:55
rburton  * FILELIST: added "/usr/share/locale/uk/LC_MESSAGES/"11:57
rburtonpackages/corei7-64-poky-linux/glibc-locale/glibc-locale-vi: FILELIST: added "/usr/share/locale/vi/LC_MESSAGES/"11:57
rburtonpackages/corei7-64-poky-linux/glibc-locale/glibc-locale-vi: PKGSIZE changed from 0 to 165597 (+100%)11:57
rburtonthat happens when i rebuild stuff11:57
rburtonslightly worrying11:57
RPrburton: yes. Sorry to hear you're still not any better :(12:01
rburtonRP: did anyone else see master-next exploding in sstate fixup?12:04
RPrburton: no reports12:05
rburtonok, will rebuild with current next and see what happens12:06
rburtoni had to revert the pkgconfig change to make it work12:06
RPrburton: which pkgconfig change?12:06
rburtonRevert "relocatable: Make native .pc files relocatable"12:06
RPrburton: hmm :(12:06
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* RP fires the new AB at -next to test that and the other patches queued there for rss performance12:07
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marquizRP: ok, np12:22
marquizi'll configure the machines back to normal cycle12:22
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RPmarquiz: it was helpful to validate those patches. I guess I do have more in -next which should help performance but I might fast track those into master assuming my test builds are ok12:40
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marquizok, just let me know, it is very easy to make the switch12:44
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HyP3rhello everybody. I have here a local.conf buildconf which I want to edit:
HyP3rSERIAL_CONSOLES_colibri-vf = "115200;ttyLP0 115200;ttyGS0"12:51
HyP3rSo I created in my own meta layer too an folder buildconf and a local.conf with this line.12:52
HyP3rBut it doesn't work12:52
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RPHyP3r: only one copy of local.conf will be used, usually the one you copy into your build directory and edit12:54
HyP3rBut if I do an bitbake -c cleanall systemd-serialgetty and  bitbake -c install systemd-serialgetty. The configuration is still wrong12:55
HyP3rBut ok12:56
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HyP3rI guess its the configuration inside the build/conf/local.conf directory.12:56
HyP3rRP: what of those many local.conf of the different layers and configratuion directorys is used?12:57
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RPHyP3r: do you mean local.conf or layer.conf? Each layer has a layer.conf but there is only one local.conf which is used13:14
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kanavinRan 238 tests in 12741.726s13:30
kanavinFAILED (failures=116, errors=4)13:30
kanavinstill, it's a start, eh?13:30
* kanavin has run oe-selftest with dnf ^^^13:30
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kanavinalimon: what are the test case numbers for? let's say I want to add a new testcase, how do I give it a number?13:37
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Guest3927Hi guys!13:48
Guest3927Could you help me with changing of gcc version to more new.   I use  There is gcc 4.9. I have to use as minimum 5.0 .      What is the simplest way for replacing  gcc from this repo  to  5.4 ?13:50
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LetoThe2ndGuest3927: you can always try to backport (e.g. copy) newer gcc recipes from more recent oe revisions.13:54
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jkuGuest3927: meta-debian has a jethro branch. oe-core (jethro) has gcc-5.214:00
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jkuor is meta-debian really just debian, not oe-core at all ?14:01
Crofton|roadjku, meta-debian is an interesting thing14:03
Crofton|roadIt tries to build debian with openmbedded14:04
Crofton|roadthis is likely a gross over simplification14:04
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HyP3rRP: I mean the local conf which one is used?14:23
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RPHyP3r: the first one found in BBPATH15:55
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RPHyP3r: I don't know how you have your build setup but bitbake looks through each entry in BBPATH and looks for conf/local.conf. bitbake -e | grep BBPATH= might help15:56
alimonkanavin: the numbers of test cases are assigned by QA team in Testopia15:56
RPkanavin: the numbers correspond with entries in testpopia (part of bugzilla)15:56
alimonkanavin: you can search for a free id in certain test plan15:57
kanavinyeah, but what if I'm writing new test cases?15:57
kanavinwhy not just automaticall deduce the the id from the name of the testcase?15:58
alimonkanavin: yes we can, but we need to standardize the test case names and create a function to generate unique id's15:59
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alimonJosePerez1: ^16:00
kanavinalimon: sha256 ? :)16:01
alimonkanavin: it's too long...16:01
kanavinalimon: sha265[:10] :)16:01
alimoni prefer a small int16:01
alimonkanavin: the issue here is difficult to remember a hash instead of numeric value16:02
alimonkanavin: but your idea is good to have auto generated ids16:02
kanavinalimon: but why use numbers at all - just refer to test cases by name16:02
alimonkanavin: to be able to reference in Testopia, i suppose16:03
kanavinalimon: fix testopia to not require numbers16:03
moto-timorecipetool and devtool were introduced in fido correct?16:05
JosePerez1kanavin alimon The IDs should be the same from Testopia16:05
kanavinJosePerez1: how does one add new test cases?16:06
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kanavinJosePerez1: I'm adding test cases for rpm, what am I supposed to do with those ids?16:06
JosePerez1kanavin those are part of testimage right ?16:07
JosePerez1kanavin you need to add them to test plan 18
kanavinJosePerez1: you're missing my point, this shouldn't be necessary16:09
kanavinI just want to write some test cases, and test that they pass locally16:10
JosePerez1kanavin ok so they wont be part of the testimage suite ?16:11
kanavinJosePerez1: no they will, I will submit a patch16:11
kanavinJosePerez1: I'm porting smart test cases to dnf, removing some and adding some others16:11
kanavinJosePerez1: I have no interest in fixing test ids though, those should be maintained somewhere separate, or generated automatically16:12
JosePerez1kanavin ok then you need a Testopia ID for them, we use a templates defined for every QA cycle an the IDs of the test cases should be the same an I should also to update the template16:13
kanavinJosePerez1: you still miss what I am trying to say :)16:13
alimonkanavin: you can send your test cases and then JosePerez1 can handle the task to put ids into Testopia, i think16:14
kanavinalimon: can I submit the patch without test ids?16:14
JosePerez1kanavin for the modified test cases the ID can be the same.. for the new ones please send me a list of the name off the test case added and can create the testopia entrance and give back number to you.16:14
kanavinalimon: it would really be better if the ids were not written in the same file as test cases16:15
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kanavinJosePerez1: you need to fix this process, far too much manual work16:16
alimonkanavin: yes i understand the issue we need a manner to don't handle manually the ids16:16
RPkanavin: no, it really wouldn't. Just submit the new tests without IDs, its simple16:16
kanavinRP: and what would guarantee that the new tests wouldn't be ignored?16:17
JosePerez1kanavin send the patch and copy me .. I can create the testopia entries and send other path to add the IDs once are merged16:17
RPkanavin: the IDs are only used for results reporting back into testopia, they will get run the ABs16:17
kanavinokay, alright16:18
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kergoth<3 the meta-intel change so we can use runqemu without changing to a qemu machine. so handy17:28
*** morphis <morphis!> has quit IRC17:29
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kanavinRP: test_continue (oeqa.selftest.bbtests.BitbakeTests) is SO SLOW :)17:33
*** sameo_ <sameo_!~samuel@> has quit IRC17:33
kanavinI understand why you had to make it so, but wonder if it could be somehow optimized17:34
*** egavinc <egavinc!> has quit IRC17:34
kanavinlike, the thing it's testing is whether bitbake -k is able to continue after a failure17:35
kanavinthe recipe that is subjected to failure is man17:36
kanavinwhich means everything that man needs has to be fetched and built, from total scratch17:36
*** Talorno <Talorno!> has joined #yocto17:36
kanavincouldn't we trigger a failure somewhere much earlier in the build chain?17:36
*** gabrbedd <gabrbedd!> has joined #yocto17:38
RPkanavin: probably, I've been saying that various tests need to be improved for a while...17:42
kanavinactually, no, man is failing before it's fetched, it's xcursor-transparent-theme that is taken to complete build17:42
RPkanavin: its assumed your sstate is hot I guess17:42
kanavinRP: this particular testcase has its own sstate17:43
RPkanavin: ouch :(17:43
kanavinRP: I might bundle a bonus fix into my dnf patchset or something :)17:43
RPkanavin: or just send it separately? please ;-)17:44
* RP is pondering whether absolute links are ever really a good idea or if we should just remove them all (hence making sstate easier)17:44
kanavinRP: sure, yes17:45
*** bavery_fn <bavery_fn!bavery@nat/intel/x-irleczbtdasxfefb> has joined #yocto17:49
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kanavin2017-02-01 19:52:53 - test_checkuri (oeqa.selftest.bbtests.BitbakeTests) ... ok17:53
kanavin2017-02-01 19:53:02 - test_continue (oeqa.selftest.bbtests.BitbakeTests) ... ok17:53
*** pohly <pohly!> has quit IRC17:53
kanavinpreviously it was 20 to 50 minutes depending on time of days17:53
*** Crofton|road <Crofton|road!~balister@> has quit IRC17:54
kanavin(because binutils and friends were downloaded etc.)17:54
*** sameo_ <sameo_!~samuel@> has joined #yocto17:54
*** jku <jku!> has joined #yocto17:55
kergothabsolute links are nice on target, easier to follow, but anywhere else don't make much sense17:55
* kergoth yawns17:55
*** seanvk <seanvk!~quassel@> has joined #yocto17:55
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RPkanavin: sounds like a good improvement :)17:59
RPkergoth: morning!17:59
RPkergoth: I'm torn on fixing these everywhere or just for populate_sysroot use :/18:00
RPkergoth: not found too many cases so far thankfully (bzip2, openssl, fontconfig)18:00
RPkergoth: I could complicate the sstate code more to handle it but I'm not really seeing the pressing need18:01
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto18:04
RPjku: FWIW you're right about these absolute symlinks, they're a pain18:05
RPjku: I'm very tempted to just mandate removal of them earlier in the process...18:05
RPjku: is my wip testing (with a typo so the sstate code fails)18:06
RPer, has the missing file18:07
* RP -> food18:07
*** zeenix <zeenix!> has joined #yocto18:14
jkuRP thanks, I'll have a look tomorrow18:22
justanotherboyRP: I'm checking the tests that uses cleansstate and if removed from sstatetests that would defeat tests' purposes18:24
justanotherboySo we can a separate sstate cache dir and use sstate mirrors here18:26
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seebsoh, so, i keep getting reminders about that xattrs bug18:40
seebsso I fixed it in upstream18:40
seebsI don't have time to do a proper submission/review/etc., but the code's at least somewhat tested.18:41
seebstrivia point: my comment on the likely fix was exactly right, except that my SQL syntax was completely wrong.18:41
seebsAs I learned when I used that completely wrong syntax, nothing worked, and it took a while for me to have the thought of checking pseudo.log to find the diagnostics.18:41
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joshuaglhmm, there are a decent chunk of changes in pseudo master that it would be good to have in oe-core/yp20:46
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RPjoshuagl, seebs: yes, would probably be good to upgrade...21:11
RPjustanotherboy: which tests are those out of interest?21:12
joshuaglRP: right, I was just looking at that. Probably need to backport all of the patches for the non-git recipe? :-/21:12
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC21:12
seebsI could tag a release.21:13
RPjoshuagl: no, we make a release! :21:13
RPseebs: snap!21:13
justanotherboyRP: All contained in sstatetests module21:13
joshuaglRP: seebs: oh good, let's do that21:13
RPjustanotherboy: note how it uses temp_sstate_location already?21:14
justanotherboyRP: It does, but it would be better if we actually use the mirror option21:15
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto21:15
RPjustanotherboy: why?21:15
justanotherboyRP: To avoid rebuilds of already built recipes21:15
RPjustanotherboy: it looks like those tests should all be safe to me just to work with an existing sstate mirror?21:16
justanotherboyRP: Yeah, I'll do some tests using a mirror21:17
seebsOkay, tagged it as 1.8.2. It should be safe to just run "make tarball" anywhere after checking it out and running configure.21:17
RPjustanotherboy: You mean testing the code as is, right?21:17
justanotherboyRP: right21:17
RPjustanotherboy: ok21:17
RPseebs: one or both of us can even publish release tarballs right?21:18
*** asterius <asterius!> has joined #yocto21:19
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seebsSure. I'm not really working-on-Yocto these days, so I don't have a specific place to stash tarballs anyway.21:34
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RPseebs: just let me know if you want me to generate/publish anything21:50
RPseebs: I appreciate you finding some time to help with pseudo!21:50
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seebs'k. I still have plans for some reliability fixes, turns out that FASTOP breaks things for cases where the server crashes, and I didn't spot that because I was busy thinking about the cases where everything runs correctly.22:15
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khemRP: while building nativesdk clang, its looking for x86_64-oesdk-linux-gcc22:32
khemwhich seems to be confusing22:32
RPkhem: nativesdk is built by crosssdk gcc so that might not be unreasonable22:33
khemRP: thats right.22:35
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has quit IRC22:35
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khemRP: but I think in this case clang should be built with clang crossdk hmm22:35
RPkhem: ah, right22:35
khembtw. your binutils patch looked fine. One thing I wondered if multilib worked22:36
khemand if baremetal worked as well.22:36
RPkhem: tests all suggest its fine22:36
*** seezer <seezer!seezer@quassel/developer/seezer> has joined #yocto22:36
khemthose paths are usually only used when you used specially options during linking22:36
RPkhem: we never use that tools directory given the way we use our sysroots so I think we should be ok. I only patched binutils-cross at this point too22:36
khemyeah I believe so too22:37
RPkhem: if you looked at the size/number of linker scripts, then the number of sysroots that were each getting copies, it was huge22:37
*** sameo_ <sameo_!~samuel@> has quit IRC22:40
khemyeah it is indeed ridiculous22:42
khemit just grew mathematically22:42
khemRP: I have inherited nativesdk in now I wonder if I have to add dep on crossdk gcc explicity22:44
khemRP: I thought it will coem automatically with nativesdk inheriting22:45
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RPkhem: lib/oe/classextend has some "gcc" code which may need generalising22:53
RPkhem: When I was changing the gcc recipes, I realised there are some simplifying tweaks we could make to the dependencies to ease some of this22:54
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RPhalstead: are we able to run an M2-rc2 build now?23:13
RP(based on master)23:13
halsteadRP, I added Fedora 25 and started a master build to test.23:13
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has quit IRC23:14
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halsteadWe can cancel that test and try to build the rc2 with or without Fedora25 in the mix.23:14
halsteadRP, What do you think?23:15
RPhalstead: A tough call. I'm tempted to try rc2 with it enabled and if that fails, I'll trigger a new build in the morning with it paused?23:15
RPhalstead: sorry, the timing here is conspiring against us :/23:16
halsteadRP, Okay. Let me cancel this and change the worker count back.23:16
RPhalstead: thanks!23:16
RPhalstead: I'm going to leave this with you if that is ok, I need some sleep, totally worn out...23:17
halsteadRP, Sounds good. Just build master all the way down the list right?23:18
RPhalstead: yes, but send to QA as M2 rc223:18
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