Friday, 2017-02-10

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khemRP: no problem, this issue has been discussed several times on ml00:16
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pwebsterHi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a way to get a listing of the dependency tree for a recipe, including versions, from within the recipe itself, similar to what you get when you run "bitbake -g recipe-name"?00:55
pwebsterBasically, I want to create an image release manifest that documents exactly what went into it00:58
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pwebsterOr should I just use bitbake -g and process the dot files?01:02
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pwebsterAs far as I can tell, to do the latter, I'd need to actually parse the for the version numbers. The other files don't contain the info01:05
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khempwebster: image manifest is already generated for you01:37
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mckoangood morning08:16
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OlegtHi,    how to get image in format for qemu  (  for example  raw    in .img)   instead of   rootfs.ext3     or howto convert it?08:18
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neverpanicYou can convert using qemu-img08:23
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jkuhave I misunderstood something about linking order: how is "undefined reference to 'floor'" possible if the last thing in linker command is "-lm"?09:09
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jku(this is )09:09
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mdnneois there somewhere a method like in fs-uuid.bbclass for the repplacement of <<uuid-of-rootfs>> but replace it with the PARTUUID so it works without initrd as well?09:12
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AnticomHi, i'm getting "fatal: unable to access '<repo>': gnutls_handshake() failed Error in the pull function."09:55
AnticomI previously entered an invalid pw for the keyring to access a repo since i wanted to abort an accidental push. After fixing and pushing it again i re-entered my pw correctly this time. Might that be causing such issue?09:56
AnticomAny ideas how to fix it?09:56
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RPjku: seems odd :/10:17
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* rburton1 looks at mut results and screams10:53
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rburton1checking $CC variable... broken10:55
rburton1configure: WARNING: your environment misuses the CC variable to hold CFLAGS/CPPFLAGS options10:55
rburton1thanks, ncurses10:55
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rburton1trimmed and re-fired a mut, should be quick this time10:59
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iontehm, is there any "what's new in yocto 2.2" summary anywhere? and upgrade instructions?11:31
iontethe release is not even mentioned on the blog.11:31
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kanavin1ionte: literally one click from
iontei was looking for something like's_New_In_2.111:35
iontebut that is better11:35
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kanavin1rburton1: only two issues left with dnf... so close!11:47
kanavin1oh, did I say that yesterday already?11:47
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kanavinrburton1: the dnf branch is ready for the autobuilder!13:48
kanavinI expect nothing less than a total disaster13:48
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kanavinRP: ^^^13:48
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kanavinrburton1: I will polish the patchset and write better commit messages on monday, then it will go on the oe-core list as well13:52
kanavin(regardless of the AB results - I'm so tired of the solo hackathon)13:52
rburton1 <— lets see what this does13:53
rburton1start with just x86-64 to check it passes that on the AB13:53
kanavinrburton1: will that be quick-ish?13:55
jkukanavin: 3-4 hours total I think13:56
kanavinrburton1: I did no checks with anything other than qemux86 (and a quick smoke test on aarch64 to see that rpm/dnf do not refuse to build an image for that)13:57
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jkudo we not have any AB builds that use "ld-is-gold"?14:00
rburton1no, we don't14:01
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jkuso many times I've looked at a failure in jamas build and scratched my head until finally "oh, lets try with gold"14:06
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jkuYou'd think I'd learn but so far no14:06
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rburton1kanavin: first image build worked \o/14:23
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kanavinrburton1: \0/14:27
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RPkanavin: nice to get to this stage, looking forward to seeing how it fares on the AB :)14:39
kanavinRP: yes, but it took a lot out of me :(14:40
kanavinRP: similar to you and rss14:40
kanavinI guess I need some quality sleep14:40
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ant_workRP: if you can take a breath, what to do with klcc-cross crosscript? We tried to avoid sstage for it but now it is arch specific again. Wouldn't it be easier to inherit cross and treat it like a cross-compiler?14:45
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* kanavin has fixed vnc access to the big build box, yay!14:51
kanavinwas giving me a black screen before14:51
kanavinso no need to be restricted to ssh sessions14:52
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kanavinif anyone's interested, it's specific to xfce, and here's the discussion
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RPant_work: I can't really give specific advice on it without trying to look at the code, setup a build and see what is going wrong with it, all of which does take a fair bit of time :(14:58
RPkanavin: Right, I know that problem. Sounds like you need a good break for the weekend (and some sleep)!14:58
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ant_workRP: it's just the strange error puzzling me
ant_workhope it is recipe specific15:01
ant_work| ERROR: configure failed15:01
ant_work| Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated, passed through in regex;15:01
kergothsounds like you used a bitbake variable which was undefined, and it got left unexpanded, but that's not looking at your code at all15:01
ant_worksee, I only look at the last well-known one | configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables15:02
ant_workthe poin tis, sysroot was once per arch, then for machine, now for recipe15:03
RPant_work: I suspect that iust just a warning and not the real failure. The real failure looks like "| checking whether the C compiler works... no"15:03
ant_workthese old recipes must be probably rewritten15:03
RPant_work: and config.log would tell you more about why15:03
ant_workRP: I know 99% where the problem is, just wondering if instead the recipes are faulty15:04
ant_worksome pointing to STAGING_DIR_HOST15:04
ant_workhave to remember why15:05
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ant_workRP: anyway, the fact that if you rebuild it it is then found by the building recipes can only mean it is installed right but wronlgly mangled for sysroot15:14
ant_workso sstate stages it incorrectly15:14
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ant_workI'll verify that15:16
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grmahi, can someone explain me why qt4-embedded has a "E" at the end of all libs ? Is this yocto specific ?15:29
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rburton1E for embedded?15:32
grmayes, that is clear but why?15:33
grmai have seen several versions of Qt/QtEmbedded since 3.X but i have never seen that "E" not on ptxdist, buildroot oder other systems...15:34
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grmaso, for me it looks a yocto specific thing, that "E" is appended, is there a way to remove ist ?15:35
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rburton1grma: grepping meta-qt4 says the E is to mark the embedded version instead of the x11 version15:35
rburton1rburton1: and also tells you how to stop it15:35
grmaok, so i have to look how i overwrite variables in that bbclas, right ?15:36
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rburton1in the recipe15:36
rburton1or, just ignore it15:36
wesamI added a layer to my bb recipes and I want to rebuild my image. how do I let it rebuild without rebuilding the whole image15:36
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wesamwith bitbake15:36
rburton1wesam: bitbake myimage, will only rebuild what needs to be rebuilt15:37
wesami added the layer and it didnt rebuild ant=ything15:37
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kergoththen nothing changed15:38
rburton1thats because adding a layer just makes software available to you15:38
rburton1doesn't add it to the image15:38
rburton1because *what* image, and *what* packages15:39
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wesamok so i am doing bitbake agl-demo-platform. I added another recipe to meta-webserver and when i just went to build it didnt rebuild anything15:41
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kanavin_homerburton1: NOTE: recipe nativesdk-gnu-config-20150728+gitAUTOINC+b576fa87c1-r0: task do_package_write_deb: Failed :D15:41
rburton1wesam: add the packages you want to be installed to the image recipe15:42
kanavin_homeI guess rewriting rpm creation breaks deb too15:42
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kanavin_homewill look into it next week15:43
rburton1wesam: you appear to be expecting "adding a layer -> packages in image" which for meta-webserver would mean you're image would have several web servers in15:43
rburton1obviously that's not what you want15:43
*** rburton1 is now known as rburton15:43
wesamalright so how would typically add a recipe15:44
wesamany good documentation i can look at for that15:44
rburtonwesam: the documentation is quite good:
wesamthank you15:48
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grmarburton1: thx, so the correct way would be to make a recipes-qt4/recipes-qt4/qt4/qt4-embedded_%.bbappend file and override it there in my layer ?15:52
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rburtonfray: do you know what rpm needs ossp-uuid for?17:49
rburtonyou can turn it off, and its off by default upstream, but we turn it on17:49
frayAt one point we had different uuid providing libraries..  The different libraries had slightly different behavior, so without the ossp-uuid we would get corruption and occasionally different output from different builds (without changes)17:51
frayThe recommendation at the time from the RPM author was to mandate ossp-uuid17:51
rburtonso of course the default behaviour upstream is to have it off :)17:52
rburtonossp-uuid is incredibly unmaintained17:52
rburtonlike almost a decade since last release17:52
fraythere is no real default behavior..  If you look in the devtool (community ones) those are the configurations that are tested.17:52
frayHow often does it need to change?17:52
frayseriously, other then perhaps a minor bug, the generation of a uuid is a standards based item and shouldn't change often17:53
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frayit's also possible that we no longer need it...17:54
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nerdboyyay, apparently we have an issue building morty toolchain on hardened18:08
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nerdboyswitching from krogoth to morty wants to build 6.2 which is pickier about build config i guess...18:09
nerdboyhasn't puked yet, so i might have a config fix18:10
nerdboyas in adding "--enable-default-pie --enable-secureplt" to EXTRA_OECONF in gcc-cross.inc18:13
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nerdboynope, not quite enough19:02
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sjburtHi, I'm wondering if this channel can give me some advice. I am porting an existing project that has several applications in the same git repo (with some shared headers, makefile boilerplate, etc). I'd like to write seperate recipes for each of them. Is there a way to share the git checkout (so the build instructions for each recipe would something like "cd to such-and-such directory in the shared git tree and21:13
sjburtrun make"?21:13
kergothsjburt: yes, but i doubt it'd buy you all that much. the clone will be shared regardless. there'd just be an individual local clone from DL_DIR for each recipe, and local git clones are either shared or hard linked by default21:18
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sjburtThanks!  So this strategy in general is OK? (I realize that it's probably not ideal)21:27
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dreyna_halstead - hello22:36
halsteaddreyna_,  The call just dropped.22:38
dreyna_I restarted call22:38
dreyna_I was having headset issues22:39
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