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RP1i.e. TARGET_ARCH is an override00:24
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paulgRP1, yeah, I'll have to dig up and re-test my use case ; from what I recall -- everything I saw made it _look_  like it should work; but it simply would not work.00:26
paulgI was trying to something as simple as limiting grub to x86_64 and i386 builds.00:26
paulgs/to/to do/00:27
RP1paulg: that is usually with COMPATIBLE_HOST00:29
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paulgRP1, yeah I originally did see COMPATIBLE_HOST examples, and may have fallen into that trap originally but zeddii  and jwessel were looking at the same changes and didn't see why it was working for MACHINE and not arch.   Which made me feel  slightly less like a knuckle dragging mouth breather in a puddle of self drool.  :)00:35
paulgI'll revisit it tomorrow.00:36
paulgIt is probably a common enough example that we should have a documented example for it once everything is sorted.00:39 the earlier query here on #yocto reinforces.00:39
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RP1paulg: not sure you'd do knuckle dragging ;-)00:58
paulgRP1, perhaps, but I'd rather be on the modest side of the Dunning-Kruger effect...01:01
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trollkarlen1what is the issue with my bitbake recipe using cmake build, can some one let me know?01:59
trollkarlen1 QA Issue: ABC: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package:01:59
trollkarlen1Please set FILES such that these items are packaged. Alternatively if they are unneeded, avoid installing them or delete them within do_install.02:00
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kergothtrollkarlen1: it just told you what to do..02:28
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trollkarlen1I donot want to delete them. Also I am setting FILES_${PN} += "${sysconfdir}/myfile" but still getting the error.02:34
kergoththen your file isn't actually in sysconfdir02:36
kergothalso, all of sysconfdir is packaged by default, there's no need to add that at all02:37
trollkarlen1The files it is telling are02:39
trollkarlen1  /usr/etc02:39
trollkarlen1  /usr/etc/file102:39
trollkarlen1  /usr/etc/file202:39
trollkarlen1  /usr/etc/file302:39
trollkarlen1  /usr/etc/file402:39
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trollkarlen1Does that means a relative path from my build directory right?02:40
trollkarlen1and the files are present here tmp/work/<machine>-poky-<arch>/<recipe-name>/<PN>-<PV>/package/usr/etc/file102:44
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kergoth /usr/etc is not /etc02:56
kergothsysconfdir is /etc02:56
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trollkarlen1kergoth: oh, ok. let me try.02:59
kergothmodifying FILES isn't the fix, you'll need to figure out why its buildsystem is installing files to the wrong path03:02
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trollkarlen1kergoth: ok03:07
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #393 of nightly-musl is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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pohlyWhat's the trick again to get something installed for a DEPENDS when the thing that one wants is ASSUME_PROVIDED?08:00
pohlyExample: DEPENDS=bzip2-native for libbz2.08:00
pohlybzip2-native is ASSUMED_PROVIDED and thus the DEPENDS doesn't actually provide libbz2.08:01
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pohlyHah, found it in cmake-native, with the exact same example: bzip2-replacement-native08:03
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HyP3rhello everybody. I'm working here with a Heterogeneous ARM Cortex™-A5, Cortex™-M4 System. On the A5 Processor runs Linux. I have for this plattform a bitbake openembedded toolchain ( All my recpies are compiled with the self compiled x86-arm compiler. But this compiler is for the arm a5 processor.11:44
HyP3rBut now I need to compile a bunch of c code and place it under /lib/firmware which is compiled with the arm-m4 architecutre11:44
HyP3rHow can I realize that?11:44
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HyP3rInside the Kernel is a kernel module which is loading this compiled c code (under /lib/firmware) and writes this programm into the other processor11:46
HyP3rThats the reason why I need compiled arm-m4 code under an linux cortex-a5 plattform11:46
LetoThe2ndHyP3r: technically the compiler is the same, as they are both armv7. but the linux compiler targets gnueabi, whereas for the baremetal part you have no os.11:46
LetoThe2ndHyP3r: i'm relatively sure that you can beat the compiler into building for the m4 too with clever makefiles11:47
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LetoThe2ndHyP3r: the other option is to inherently set up a distinct toolchain, basically introducing a third architecture11:47
HyP3rLetoThe2nd: I was also thinking about a makefile which should be able to handle this.11:49
HyP3rLetoThe2nd: but this c project for the co-processor (m4) is actually based on CMake and is using this compiler: gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_9-2015q311:50
LetoThe2ndHyP3r: you could look up the buld process for zephyr as suggested by jurob in poky-contrib. this beats OE to building zephyr for a desired board, which is basically doing a baremetal compile. so with some digging, what you need should be in there.11:50
HyP3rarm-none-eabi-gcc (GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors) 4.9.3 20150529 (release) [ARM/embedded-4_9-branch revision 227977]11:50
LetoThe2ndHyP3r: if hte project is nailed to a specific compiler, you are doomed anyways.11:50
HyP3rI don't think that this is a special compiler:
HyP3r (take a look at the beginning of linux)11:51
LetoThe2ndthen your only proper way is to rather treat it as an asset and compile externally, including it as a binary blob into your image.11:51
HyP3rLetoThe2nd: so you would do it like that: and the folder foo with thie freertos.elf including it. And inside the recpie, just copy the freertos file into the specific directory?11:52
HyP3rLetoThe2nd: so no dynamic compilation, just static?11:52
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LetoThe2ndHyP3r: thats the lame way, yes. including binary assets is properly documented by the yocto project.11:53
HyP3rLetoThe2nd: and what about to dynamically compile this specific compiler and then compile the c project with that compiler?11:54
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LetoThe2ndHyP3r: thats what i mentioned above: "inherently set up a distinct toolchain"11:55
LetoThe2ndcertainly should be doable and sounds interesting, but probably requires quite a bit of effort.11:56
HyP3rLetoThe2nd: ok11:56
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AnticomHi all. (On jethro) how do i control in a recipe whether i gets placed in the SDK or not? I've got some recipes building libraries but they don't end up in the SDK12:33
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AnticomWell to be even more precise. the actual libs do end up in the SDK however the headers don't12:35
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Crofton|workant_work, do they end up in the image?12:54
Crofton|workare you using -c populate_sdk ?12:54
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AnticomCrofton|work: yea13:32
Anticomsorry i totally missed, that you where talking to me13:33
Crofton|workno worries13:33
Crofton|workI forgot to reply to you so no blinky13:33
Anticomwell the headers don't end up in the image of course. Only the libs are installed so my binaries can use them13:35
Anticomhowever when dealing with an SDK i need the headers for compilation aswell13:36
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Crofton|workthat should happen in sdk13:49
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RP11pohly: :/15:54
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pohlyRP11: empty page for me?15:55
RP11pohly: hmm. halstead needs to look at that15:56
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rburtonoh such fun15:57
rburtonpresumably the patch was correct and git "fixed" the line endings15:57
pohlyrburton: yes. I might even have mentioned that in my cover letter ;-}15:58
RPrburton: hmm, possible.15:59
RPpohly: ok, so my fault :/15:59
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pohlyBeware that "git am --keep-cr" must be used to import the ovmf patches16:00
RPpohly: right16:00
rburtonmaybe i should add that to my applyotron script16:00
RPmight as well kill that build16:00
RPpohly: sadly doesn't import with --keep-cr due to the mailing list encodings16:03
RPpohly: is there a branch somewhere?16:03
halsteadpohly, Can you run curl and let me know what response you get?16:07
halsteadpohly, curl -v ''16:07
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pohlyRP: commit e4b6ce68fb0676646a16:08
pohlyThat's what I am currently using for the ELC demo. It's the unmodified  v5 of the patch series applied on top of other pending patches.16:09
pohlyhalstead: curl seems fine, it's just firefox which doesn't display anything.16:10
pohlyChromium also works.16:10
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halsteadpohly, That's interesting. I can load it with Firefox 51.0.1 on Fedora. Do you have an older version? Any interesting extensions? Let me know if you have any theories about what the issue could be.16:14
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto16:16
pohlyhalstead: Iceweasel from Debian Stable, so probably older. No idea what's causing it.16:18
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Ox4hello everyone16:20
halsteadpohly, Thanks for the info. I might be able to replicate now.16:20
Ox4is it possible to generate random MAC-address in runtime?16:21
pohlyIt's 45.6.016:21
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themikenicholsonHas anything changed with BBMASK in morty20:28
themikenicholsonI have a BBMASK that was working as expected in 2.1 and when I upgraded to Morty its pulling in the masked-out .bbapends again20:29
kergothnewer versions changed it to a space separated list of regexes, rather than a single regex20:29
themikenicholsonBBMASK = "meta-freescale/dynamic-layers/qt4-layer/recipes-qt4/qt4/"20:31
themikenicholsonAnd if I run "bitbake -e qt4-x11-free | grep ^BBMASK" I see that value, so I'm certain its not being overridden20:32
kergothlooks fine to me, should be working afaict20:32
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themikenicholsonHrmm... even putting the exact filename in there fails to mask the bbapend20:35
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davisi've made some progress with learning how to use libnl (netlink) version 3, but still need some additional help. I've sent a mail to their mailing list. I can use the cli sub lib to get mac and ip address, but using the non cli lib I can only get mac addr. I would like ot know how to get an ip addr for a given interface name.  Here is what ive done so far. Any pointers is appreciated.20:50
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themikenicholsonkergoth: It was a stupid misunderstanding.  Someone had placed a BBMASK in a .bb file which apparently has no effect. They duplicated it in the local.conf and that was the instance that mattered.21:08
kergothheh, that'd explain it21:09
themikenicholsonwhere should BBMASK go then? Seems like more of a layers.conf thing21:09
kergothgenerally you shouldn't set it at all :) but anywhere in the config metadata is legal21:09
kergothbblayers.conf, local.conf, or the distro could be appropriate, depending21:09
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@> has joined #yocto21:10
themikenicholsonunfortantely we have Qt patches that conflict with freescales Qt patches, although maybe I can just pull their Qt4 layer out via bblayers.conf...21:10
themikenicholsondoesn't look like they provide any mechanism for that though :/21:15
themikenicholsonAs always, thanks for the help21:15
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paulgRP, per our conversation yest -- I added FOOBAR to my package list, default ?= ""  and then put this in my local.conf:21:29
paulg# Basic test to see we are in pkglist21:29
paulg#FOOBAR += " idontexist"21:29
paulg# ARCH based tests21:29
paulgFOOBAR_x86-64 += " idontexist-x64"21:29
paulgFOOBAR_i586 += " idontexist-i5"21:29
paulgFOOBAR_aarch64 += " idontexist-a6"21:29
paulgFOOBAR_arm += " idontexist-arm"21:29
*** dreyna_ <dreyna_!> has joined #yocto21:30
paulg...those are the TRANSLATED_TARGET_ARCH values according to bitbake -e21:30
tripzeroi have a native recipe that installs files to ${S}/image/usr/sbin but never ends up in they sysroot's /usr/sbin.  What could I be doing wrong?21:30
paulgand yet only the "aarch64" one trips.21:30
paulg(i've separate build dirs for each arch of course.)21:30
RPpaulg: that makes no sense as I know _arm works21:32
paulgwell, the test as I've described it is trivial to re-implement.  :)21:33
paulgin our packagegroup, I added:21:34
paulg+FOOBAR ?= ""21:34
paulg...and +    ${FOOBAR} \21:35
paulg     "21:35
RPpaulg: my test seems to say everything works...21:35
paulgI wonder if it is to do with locating it in the packagegroup...21:36
RPpaulg: ah, packagegroups are allarch by default which would clear TARGET_ARCH21:36
paulglet me try your simple test here to confirm there isn't a space time discontinuity21:37
paulgoh, so my guess was right.  Damn.21:37
frayha... I never even thought about checking if he was talking about packagegroups.. d'oh!21:37
RPpaulg: make the packagegroup not allarch21:37
paulgand aarch64 prolly works 'cause it happens to also be in HOST_ARCH or some other OVERRIDE21:37
* paulg kicks fray in the shin21:38
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* paulg goes in search of what makes pkgroups allarch21:39
*** khem` is now known as onoffon21:39
RPpaulg: set PACKAGE_ARCH = "${TUNE_PKGARCH}" after the inherit packagegroup21:40
* RP thinks that is right but its from memory21:40
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paulgRP, thanks -- even if it isn't right, it gives me something to grep for.21:43
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ant_homeRP: hi there in West Coast21:53
RPant_home: hi21:55
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paulglets say I was feeling generous and wanted to patch the docs to indicate overrides may not work in packagegroups...22:07
paulgwhat was the original reasoning for that decision?22:07
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paulgsince it violates the principle of least surprise, it probably warrants a note if there isn't one somewhere already.22:09
* paulg rotfl22:14
paulgRP, apparently what you suggested is illegal.22:14
paulgERROR: /home/paul/poky/meta-overc/meta-cube/recipes-core/packagegroups/ Please ensure recipe /home/paul/poky/meta-overc/meta-cube/recipes-core/packagegroups/ sets PACKAGE_ARCH before inherit packagegroup22:14
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fray# By default, packagegroup packages do not depend on a certain architecture.22:23
fray# Only if dependencies are modified by MACHINE_FEATURES, packages22:23
fray# need to be set to MACHINE_ARCH after inheriting packagegroup.bbclass22:23
frayPACKAGE_ARCH ?= "all"22:23
fray(this is 2.2's packafgegroup.bbclass).. so as long as PACKAGE_ARCH is set BEFORE the inherit packagegroup it -should- work?22:23
fray(you need to make sure that the recipe doesn't also inherit allarch)22:24
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* paulg is more confused22:24
paulgfray, but RP said set it _after_22:24
frayyes..  try before..22:25
* paulg has NFI what he's doing22:25
paulgwhat I was understanding (which may be entirely wrong) was it was the inherit packagegroup that clobbered it, hence the need for it to be _after_22:26
kergothbitbake -e should tell you exactly what its value is and what set it when..22:27
frayyes.. the PACKAGE_ARCH ?= "all" in the packagegroup.bbclass says "only set this to all if not already set"22:27
paulgah.  whee.22:27
frayso you want to set PACKAGE_ARCH = "something else" and it'll magically work..22:27
fray${MACHINE} if it's BSP specific.. or ${TUNE_ARCH} (or whateevr RP said) if it's generic, but architecture specific22:27
paulgmy comment about this violating the principle of least surprise still stands.22:27
paulg"These variables cause this magic, except in these special files."22:28
frayI suspect in the past things were PACKAGE_ARCH = "all", so you HAD to set it after..22:28
fraybut I don't remember for sure22:28
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paulgmy comment about this violating the principle of least surprise still stands.   :)22:30
* paulg tests22:30
kergoththere's no good way to make the recipes package independent without modifying the variables used in overrides. if the recipe is arch independent, we dont' *want* target arch dependent overrides applying22:31
kergoths/package indep/arch indep/22:31
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kergothwhat would be better behavior, in your opinion? I'm not seeing an alternative22:32
*** manuel__ <manuel__!> has joined #yocto22:32
paulgkergoth, I'm not arguing the behaviour -- I'm just saying for someone who doesn't know the innards as well as you, fray or RP, it simply isn't expected.22:33
paulgand hence the need for a note in the OVERRIDES section.22:33
paulg(doc section)22:33
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frayIn the past I've opened a bugzilla on the docs with what I'd like clarified and Scott has been able to do it pretty quickly..22:39
frayjust make the note like you have above.  In the discussion of the overrides, it would be nice to indicate that when a package is set to allarch that some of the override values (target specific) are intentionally cleared.22:40
paulgfray, RP -- good news ; with the magic line _before_ the inherit, it seems to work; I added fake packages (FAKE NEWS!) called grub-32 and grub-64 respectively and got the errors of them being not found when using those arch22:40
paulgthanks ; I'd never have nutted that out myself in a month of Sundays.22:40
kergothfirst step, when using OVERRIDES, use bitbake -e to see what OVERRIDES is actually set to :)22:42
paulgdid that.  :)22:42
paulgeventually ; maybe not as 1st step.22:42
kergoththat tells you that package arch isn't what you'd expect, then bitgbake -e on that would have shown where and how it got set to what it is22:42
* kergoth nods22:43
paulgnow that you mention it...22:43
paulganother way I found pkgroups special, is that any vars declared within them never appear in bitbake -e22:43
kergoththat's not the case..22:44
paulgwell, when I 1st started fighting with this, I wanted to inspect what a package list from a packagegroup was set to22:44
paulgbut it wasn't there.22:45
paulgas if it didn't exist22:45
paulganyway.  I've a fix now, so I'm happy.22:46
kergothbitbake has a tendency to not always put its errors on stderr, which means quite often when doing a bitbake -e recipe | grep on a recipe that has an expansion or parse failure would just show no output in your grep, and you wouldn't realize it didn't actually output *anything at all* in bitbake -e22:46
kergothso when my grep is showing nothing, my first step is to drop the grep and directly examine the output22:46
paulgya, did that.  :)22:47
*** dreyna__ <dreyna__!> has joined #yocto22:47
paulglets say you have RDEPENDS_packagegroup-builder-debug22:48
kergothwell, i just did a bitbake -e on a packagegroup and its variables are showing up just fine22:48
kergoth› bitbake -e packagegroup-core-sdk|grep \^SUMMARY22:48
kergothSUMMARY_packagegroup-core-sdk-doc="Software development tools - Documentation files"22:48
kergothSUMMARY="Software development tools"22:48
paulgand you want to see if it contains gdb.22:48
kergothso don't know what to tell you22:48
paulgyou'll never see that variable in bitbake -e22:48
kergothyou're falsely taking a specific failure and equating it with a general problem22:48
paulgI'll do some more local testing and see if I can refine what I was seeing earlier ; it was a while ago and so perhaps I'm not recalling correctly.22:49
*** dreyna_ <dreyna_!> has quit IRC22:50
kergothobviously there could certainly be a bug, but packagegroups aren't special in the way you're saying, so it's more likely a specific bug rather than a general one :) by all means open an issue if you can repro it22:51
kergoth$ bitbake -e packagegroup-base | grep '^RDEPENDS_' | head -n 122:51
kergothRDEPENDS_packagegroup-base-3g="    ofono"22:51
paulgok, so let me rewind to that when I get a chance and poke around a bit ; it sounds like it should work as expected.22:56
paulganyway, again -- do appreciate the help from folks.23:00
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