Monday, 2017-02-20

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hanthingsHi all. Quick question: Does inherit a class adds also a dependency to that particularly package?08:39
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otavioHello everyone13:08
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mario-goulartHello otavio13:08
sandsmarkis there a way to specify a special target package repository for a .bb package?13:13
sandsmarkinstead of just the architecture repos13:14
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kanavinsandsmark: you could perhaps write a recipe that sets up the special repository, and copies packages to it from the standard rpm deploy dir13:16
sandsmarkhmm, yeah13:16
sandsmarkreading through package.bbclass now13:16
sandsmarka semi-ugly hack would be to override PACKAGE_ARCH or maybe DEPLOY_DIR_*13:19
kanavinsandsmark: what is the context?13:21
sandsmarkwell, there's a package I don't want available to our ODM yet..13:21
sandsmarkso I thought I'd put it in a separate repo protected by http basic auth13:22
kanavinsandsmark: maybe the recipe shouldn't be in the tree that is used to build ODM packages in the first place13:24
sandsmarkyeah, it's just much more convenient than having to have a separate tree for a single package13:24
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boucman_workrburton: ping14:47
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boucman_workdo you have some time to discuss ?14:52
boucman_workbecause it's a pretty important use-case for us, and maybe you have an other idea of how to cover that use-case and we have some available time to work on it...14:53
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rburtonboucman_work: not sure i'm super keen on the implementation but i've not really looked closely.  is there an example of how it works?14:57
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boucman_workno, but we can quickly cook one for you15:00
boucman_workis the implementation the problem ? are you ok with the problem we are trying to solve ?15:00
boucman_workbecause reimplementing differently is not a problem if you nudge us in the right direction15:00
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kanavinrburton: is ready for an AB run again, can you do that please?15:03
kanavinrburton: if that passes, then V2 of the patchset is ready for maillist review15:04
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kanavinI'm running oe-selftest at the same time, so I guess it's a good point to call it a day15:04
RPjoshuagl: "ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'core-image-lsb-qt3'." on the ab? recent config change problem?15:05
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boucman_work(RP, you also answered to the patch, so feel free to intervene)15:07
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joshuaglRP: can't think of an obvious recent change that might have caused that. Which AB?15:11
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rburtonjoshuagl, RP: same layer version problem15:13
kanavinboucman_work: "The idea here is to be able to have generic (image independant)  packages, but to override the package configuration with custom ones at  image-generation time." - you should be more specific than this, which are the packages that you need to modify this way?15:13
rburtonjoshuagl:             if self.layerversion_core > "6":15:13
joshuaglthanks rburton15:13
kanavinI tend to agree with RP, don't subvert the package manager15:13
boucman_workkanavin: i don't think that we are... but that's why I wanted to discuss here15:14
kanavinboucman_work: I just think that the issue needs to be solved on the recipe level15:14
boucman_workso if I need to produce ten variants of a product with very slight changes to a couple of daemon's configuration15:15
boucman_workI need to override (say) 10 config files, for 10 different daemons15:16
kanavinboucman_work: what are the changes?15:16
frayanother way to look at this is you want to apply an administrators changes to your system automatically..15:17
fraywe use the post rootfs commands to do this BTW15:17
boucman_workdepends a lot on the product : network configuration (resolv.conf, /etc/network/interfaces/, hostnames, there are lots of daemons with no drop-ins support)15:17
boucman_workfray: yes, that's what we do too,15:17
fraywe've just got a small sample for our customers so they can insert a list of files to copy in 'from elsewhere', with it documented as "you should only do this for configuration files"15:17
boucman_workand that's why we reactivate do_fetch, it's an awesome way to get the files we want to overaly15:18
fray(and yes, customers copy other things in, but we explain anything other then documentation won't be 'known' by the package manager)15:18
boucman_workand since overlay is 90% of what we do, we just provide a bbclass to do that in a streamlined way15:18
frayahh, we require the customers to make copies of their stuff into their own layer...  so when they update their own layer that is the 'fetch'15:18
boucman_workfray: yeah, we want to keep it in a separate git15:18
frayas long as the files being updated are tagged as 'conffiles' in the various recipes, this should work correctly for all package manager types15:19
boucman_workwe intend to add a QA test for the conffile aspect too, but that's a bit tricky to do, so it's not ready yet15:19
boucman_work(and thx for explaining my use-case better than I did, btw :) )15:20
fraymakes sense.. the key thing is frame any discussion here that your purpose is to provide a way for the developer to act as an admin and configure the files..  if you frame it that way, then it avoids a lot of the pitfalls of doing something else..15:20
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fray(as I said, our method is -very- simple.. we add a small script that parses an xml file.. then the user provides their own xml file in their own layer with the their own config files..  but we don't actually validation the conffiles... [but should])15:21
boucman_workyeah we've been doing something similar for a dozen projects now, so it's time to streamline/upstream if possible15:23
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fraymakes sense.. like I said, frame it as an administrator configuring the system (not just randomly adding new files) and it's a good idea..15:24
fray(I'd also love to see 'wic' updated with a configuration [copy] step...  we've got projects where we have one set of packages, multiple rootfs, each with a slightly different configuration)15:25
fraybut we can talk about that later....15:26
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boucman_workkanavin: so to continue my explanation, one of the problem with a recipe-level solution is that packages are built independantly of images. So having variants of a package means building multiple (almost identical) packages and installing the right one on the right image15:27
boucman_workmoreover, a package can't override a file from another package, so I can't do a final "all the overrides".15:27
boucman_workso a postrootfs approach seems the way to go.15:27
boucman_worknow, except for a few rare case, all my postroofs commands are just overriding files.15:28
boucman_workSo the patch is mainly about prodiving a handy way to do that : use the SRC_URI in the image recipe to easily have the overlay layout (with all the cool stuff : git, patches etc) and then apply them15:29
boucman_workthat's basically all there is to it15:29
kanavinboucman_work: so are you using  ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND?15:32
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boucman_workkanavin: we add a task, it looked cleaner to us, but we could move to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND if core-devs think it's better15:34
kanavinboucman_work: I vote for ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND :)15:35
boucman_workthe hard part is getting it to play nice with do_rm_work :P15:35
geoffrey_lHi, here is an example of what it should looks like user-side when using the class image_overlay in image recipe
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geoffrey_lThis illustrate how it work at the moment without talking about implementation15:38
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kanavinboucman_work: don't know about do_rm_work (never used it :), but look in classes/extrausers.bbclass, I think you can basically copy paste it15:40
boucman_workwill check15:41
geoffrey_lI wonder if it will still work fine with do_fetch/do_unpack (after a change in the recipe I mean) if we use ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND instead of a task depending on it ? Beside the major problem with do_rm_work was it delete stamps of do_fetch/do_unpack causing the task do_install_overlay to reexecute and do_image to fail because do_rootfs didn't. I will check if that work.15:50
kanavingeoffrey_l: when you use ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND, you don't fetch some external zip file at all, you provide the necessary settings through a variable setting in your image configuration15:52
kanavingeoffrey_l: again, look how extrausers.bbclass does it15:54
geoffrey_lkanavin: So it means there is no way to use the do_fetch capabilities (like git/remote files/...) with ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND ? :/15:55
kanavingeoffrey_l: nope, but you can do ad hoc fetching of course15:55
kergoththere's no reason you couldn't keep fetch/unpack in an image recipe if you work around its issues15:55
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aatchisonhi Guys16:10
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aatchisonI'm attempting to compile a yocto with genivi and I'm having an issue with a recipe failing on a deprecation warning (gcc) . I've attempted to add flags to the bitbake.conf to ignore this warning globally, but it's not making any difference.16:12
CTtpollardaatchison: you may want to ask in #automotive16:13
CTtpollardthat's the upstream channel for genivi16:13
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aatchisonthanks so much!16:13
CTtpollard& AGL :)16:14
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zeenixto solve aatchison's issue, is there a yocto-way to tell all recipes to use a self-built gcc?16:24
rburtonyou mean build a gcc-native?16:27
rburtonyou can tell it to use a different compiler to 'gcc'16:28
rburtoneasier fix is to set BUILD_CFLAGS etc to pass the right flags so that the host gcc doesn't error out16:28
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zeenixrburton: ah ok, thanks16:34
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rburtonoh thats not right16:42
rburtondidn't mean to fire it on -lsb16:42
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boucman_workrburton: <= what's usually needed to use gcc-516:51
peacememoriesbuilding elphel is fun. 20mb error log. the only error message: "Error 2"16:55
NerbrunAnyone able to give me a bit of advice on touchscreen integration?
NerbrunI can see the device in lsusb, and there's some error messages in dmesg, but I see nothing related to the device in /proc/bus/input/devices16:57
aatchisonThanks rburton. I did try to set BUILD_CFLAGS in the bitbake.conf but it seemed to have no effect16:57
Nerbrunany advice for troubleshooting this issue is appreciated16:58
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aatchisonactually... I used TARGET_CFLAGS , so of course that didn't work :D17:02
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sandsmarkhas anyone tested update-engine to handle upgrades?17:46
rburtonno.  looks like it does a lot of what recipe reporting service does17:47
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sandsmarkI mean on a device17:49
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wesamI wanted to ask, what is the best way to install a python script on systemd using bitbake18:28
wesami got most of the bb file but idk what will be the easiest way to install it18:28
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kanavin_homerburton: thanks, looks like v2 isn't happening just yet :(19:33
kanavin_homeI did fix all the review concerns though19:33
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spierepfDoes anyone know what: "W: GPG error: stable InRelease: Could not execute 'gpgv' to verify signature (is gpgv installed?)" means? I have gpgv installed.20:36
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kanavin_homerburton: and once more please, it was missing entries in security_flags21:22
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jmesmonrecipe A depends on recipe B-native as it runs a program from it. Recipe B-native requires that files from C-native are installed so B-native's executables can run. What's the right way to communicate that? Adding DEPENDS="C-native" to doesn't appear sufficient: when building A, C-native's files aren't in the recipe sysroot. Do RDEPENDS affect this? (didn't think they did anything for -native).22:04
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jmesmonLooks like folks on the mailing list are having the same issue: . Adding all transative native runtime dependencies to recipies or using a class-per native dependency doesn't seem like a real solution here. Seems like either packaging needs to happen so RDEPENDS can be populated, or transative DEPENDS need to be included in RSS22:23
jmesmon(which pretty much defeats the purpose of RSS).22:23
rburtonkanavin_home: fired x86-64, still pending a worker22:24
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spierepfAnyone know why apt-key on my yocto based build doesn't *do* anything? Literally, the executable loads, waits for a second or two, and then stops. On my ubuntu machine, a naked apt-get at least gets me a usage message, but not in yocto.22:52
spierepfIs there a reason, did yocto create their own apt-key source?22:52
rburtonno that should be the same source22:53
rburtonstrace it to see what it does?22:53
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spierepfOk, let me add strace to my build.22:57
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rburtonhuh.  what does [[  ]] do in a sed regex23:14
zibrirburton: heh, i think it [[] is a one symbol class (any of "["), and then last ] is a literal ]. so result is same as \[\]23:17
rburtonwell, there's whitespace between so [, space, tab, ]23:18
zibriah, yeah23:18
rburtonbut that makes literally no sense in the context of what its trying to do23:18
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spierepf@rburton I'm getting an error code of 127. Which is SIGCHLD23:19
spierepfBut I cannot figure out which command it is trying to run.23:19
rburtonspierepf: strace into children to find out what the child is up to23:19
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spierepfgpg? why does apt-key want to run gpg?23:24
spierepfOk, how do I get both gpg and gpgv on the same yocto?23:24
*** toscalix <toscalix!~toscalix@> has joined #yocto23:25
spierepfMy understanding is that gpg (which apt-key wants to use) is provided by gnupg version 2.1.14 and gpgv (which apt-get wants to use) is provided by gnupg version 1.4.723:26
spierepfOr am I reading this wrong?
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spierepf@rburton I moved to 2.1.11 of gnupg and it worked! Thanks so much for your help!23:41
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rburtonargh, regex head isn't working23:59

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