Monday, 2017-03-06

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khemMarex: send a patch with rc06:50
khemand that will help to stabilize it this week06:50
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corneli have problems with rppmv507:05
cornelrpm -qf $(which dc) says 'bc'07:05
cornelhowever, `rpm -ql bc` does not list dc07:06
cornelwhich dc07:06
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cornelanybody else sees similar problems with rpm v5 ?07:07
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bag_I am trying to set up toaster using this tutorial:   However, I get stuck at setting SECRET_KEY and STATIC_ROOT. How exactly do I set these variables? Must this happen within the virtual environment?07:44
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bag_Great, solved it. has also to be set in  /var/www/toaster/poky/bitbake/lib/toaster/toastermain/settings.py07:48
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rob_wguys, i am having some small recipes where is place their actual files via SRC_URI="file://" into hte meta-layer directly .. still i get the "Unable to get checksum for XYZ SRC_URI entry" warning ..09:28
rob_wis there  a better way to ship files via the meta layer ( small scripts etc) or will i need to point to a actual tarball and use the checksum stuff as intended09:29
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ant_workrob_w: what is at the eend of the warning?  " file could not be found" ?09:48
rob_wfile not found except in DL_DIR09:49
rob_wi wonder if files ending in .patch are treated different ( obviously they do ) so i wonder how i could reach this with other files09:50
ant_workthe issue seems to be SRC_URI: where did you put the file (uder which dir?)09:51
ant_workis just this09:51
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rob_wi will have a recipe where i state them under SRC_URI="" inside that folder where the recipe is , i will have a "files" directory where those files reside09:52
rob_wthe SRC_URI then looks like SRC_URI = "file:// \ etc09:53
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ant_workrob_w: sorry, phone call09:59
ant_workit should just work but please try to rename 'files' dir to 'xyz'10:00
ant_workbetter to be specific, it comes first in the search path10:01
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rob_want_work: hmm looks like it works, thx alot10:12
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rburtonnrossi: your qemu packageconfig series needs rebasing, can you do that?  part 2 is just because there's a —with-python to EXTRA_OECONF but part 4 also fails15:20
nrossirburton: Sure, i've already rebased locally. Should I send out a updated set of patches or would you like a remote to pull?15:21
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rburtonthe list should see them, and i'm happy with branch or mails15:22
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nrossirburton: Sent15:27
nrossirburton: also, there is still one other patch that was part of that group of patch sets. is that in your queue? it still applies fine to master15:30
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rburtonnrossi: barfs with current master15:37
rburton(the qemu stuff)15:37
rburtonnrossi: doesn't the gettext-libintl package get renamed if it's got a library in?15:44
nrossirburton: hmmm thats odd, i just rebased it on top of oe-core 784a837926, are you applying to a different master?15:48
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rburtonpoky master but should be the same as far as qemu is concerned15:50
nrossirburton: with the gettext-libintl what do you mean by renamed if its got a library in it?15:50
rburtonif you have a package called gettext-libintl which contains, it gets renamed to libintl15:50
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nrossii did not observe that during testing. Which class does that renaming?15:51
rburtoni'll try picking from your branch15:51
rburtonnrossi: ok picking from your branch worked.  whatever :)15:51
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rburtonnrossi: what is this .git-cover-letter stuff from?15:52
nrossirburton: ah just drop the top commit, i store my cover letter in git history15:52
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rburtoncustom tooling?15:53
rburtonhave you tried git-series15:53
nrossii have, but ended going with a custom tool.15:54
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CoLa|workis there a simple way to trace in how variables are set during a yocto build? e.g. which recipes modify a certain PACKAGECONFIG variable?15:55
nrossiCoLa|work: bitbake -e?15:55
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rburtonyeah, bitbake -e [recipe]15:56
rburtonpipe to less, search for ^PACKAGECONFIG15:56
rburtonNOOOO why does bitbake want to fetch a kernel all of a sudden15:57
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rburtonoh yeah, bsp update.  coffee time i guess15:59
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heliocastroHello guys16:10
heliocastroIs it possible to have a recipe depends on a package dynamic generated ?16:11
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ed2rburton: regarding my patch. I think it made that function to fail when it was a last statement in the function. I moved it up in a hope it will help. Why do you think it will not?17:23
kergothed2: generally we run shell scripts with set -e, which makes any non-zero exit status fail the script17:24
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* kergoth yawns17:24
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ed2kergoth: $ cat test.sh17:28
ed2foo() {17:28
ed2    [ -h /etc/fstab ] && echo 'fstab is a symlink'17:28
ed2    echo 'end of foo'17:28
ed2echo $?17:28
ed2~ $17:28
ed2~ $17:28
ed2~ $ sh -e test.sh17:28
ed2end of foo17:28
ed2kergoth: am I missing something here?17:28
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nrossirburton: so figured out why i didn't see the debian class renaming. It only applies to "lib/*.so"... which mingw doesn't have. Do you think the package naming still makes sense? should I update the change to add DEBIAN_NOAUTONAME? or should this sort of lib be handled in a different way?18:11
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khemI think debian autorenaming provides a good solution for coexistence, I think non-linux targets would probably not need it as much and given container/crops solutions I think mingw should disappear in future19:06
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garbadoshey! are there resources for first time contributors?20:09
garbadosi'm interested in yocto's outreachy internship, so i'm trying to find a way to contribute as part of that :)20:10
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stephanohey garbados, you want to contact jefro: jeffrey.osier-mixon@intel.com20:31
garbadosthanks stephano :D20:31
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1067 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests BuildImages_1 Running Sanity Tests_1 BuildImages_2 BuildImages_3] Build details are at
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RPsgw_: around?23:46
ant_homeRP: hi, I tried to debug kernel menuconfig. Looks like there is a problem because I have to abuse of cml1.bbclass23:51
ant_homethere is do_menuconfig[depends] += "ncurses-native:do_populate_sysroot"23:52
ant_homebut somehow ncurses is needed instead of ncurses-native...doh23:52
RPant_home: why would it need a target ncurses? the menus aren't running on the target?23:53
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ant_homelogging now23:54
ant_homefirst is:23:54
ant_homeggi  HOSTLD  scripts/kconfig/mconf23:54
ant_homescripts/kconfig/mconf.o: In function `show_help':23:54
ant_homemconf.c:(.text+0x914): undefined reference to `stdscr'23:54
ant_homethen lxdialog stuff23:55
ant_homescripts/kconfig/lxdialog/checklist.o: In function `print_arrows':23:55
ant_homechecklist.c:(.text+0x2c): undefined reference to `wmove'23:55
sgw_RP: here23:56
ant_homeRP: is an old issue, in the past I did build ncurses23:56
ant_homeI guess RSS exposed it, now you can reproduce it: -c cleansstate ncurses and try to -c menuconfig virtual/kernel23:57
RPsgw_: just wondering about a kernel fix
RPsgw_: of course fixing this doesn't really help me much as it will take an age to make it into production systems but it would make me happier to know the problem would eventually go away23:58
RPant_home: Whilst it may "fix" a problem, that problem still doesn't make sense. It shouldn't need a target ncurses23:59
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ant_homeRP: heh, sure...23:59

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