Friday, 2017-03-24

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1114 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages_1] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1154 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Failure [failed Running ESDK Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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luneffI'm still trying to get SGX drivers work. I got weston compiled with patches from meta-arago etc. As I need to run qt app, I've selected qtwayland. Qtwayland build fails because x11 is removed from DISTRO_FEATURES. I think, I hit this very problem that is solved in Qt upstream: Is there any idea how to move further? The patch isn't in meta-qt5 yet :-(06:40
luneffit's libxkbcommon that is the problem. I think it is possible to have is without all the X stuff, but then I need to .bbappend a dependency in libxkbcommon so it builds prior to qtwayland06:41
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lunefferror: undefined reference to 'xkb_keysym_to_utf32'06:53
luneff :-(06:53
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luneffwe'll, there's libxkbcommon depend in qtwayland, but somehow the linker doesn't include the lib07:26
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luneffoh, i see
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jkuI'm wondering about occasional very long build times on autobuilders... looking at e.g.
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RPjku: They're caused by fetch issues and slow clones onto NFS08:24
jkuoh right, I remember you discussed that08:24
RPjku: joshua has been looking into it08:24
jkudidn't realize it was that bad08:24
RPjku: its bad :(08:24
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jkuRP: I'm sure you've also seen test_devtool_virtual_kernel_modify take forever? Should I file a bug on that or is that likely to have the same root causes?08:36
jku(forever meaning over 4 hours)08:38
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jkuthere's a handful of other tests that take a very long time, even ones that don't seem like they should... I think I'll file bugs, we can close them if the times turn out to be 'reasonable'08:51
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RPjku: its the same issue - kernel clone problem09:07
RPjku: the other ones may warrant further attention though09:07
RPjku: I'm already poking at the clone issue09:08
jkuyeah I've found some filed issues already , I'll file a couple of new ones09:08
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RPjku: the failures on the main ab are worrying, particularly as they're around kernel sources09:24
RPed probably needs to look at :/09:24
jkuoops I didn't notice those. Just admired the green on new cluster...  I'll try and triage09:25
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RPjku: thanks. Both builds are near enough the same revision so the differing results are worrying :(09:39
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jmleoHi there ! I was wondering why yocto is using the installed gcc (my machine has gcc6 but the target I am compiling for will have gcc 4.9) ? It semmes like yocto is using local host gcc to build its host tools, and not compiling its own gcc for these too ?09:41
jmleois it possible, maybe, to force this ?09:41
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RPjmleo: the system will use your gcc to build a gcc-cross for the target, then use that gcc-cross to build for the target10:24
jmleoRP, could it use its own gcc instead ?10:24
RPjmleo: what would you build that gcc with?10:24
jmleowhich would be distro independant btw10:24
jmleoRP, download a precompiled10:25
jmleoit may be stupid though10:25
RPjmleo: we do have build appliance images which contain all the tools needed to build10:25
RPjmleo: in general we've not found it necessary10:25
jmleoRP, how can I use it ?10:25
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RPjmleo: another option are the containers we have, you could build in one of those10:26
jmleoRP, I'll have a look... I thought something like docker could have been a solution :)10:26
RPjmleo: are the build-appliance images from the last point release10:27
RPjmleo: there are lots of different ways of addressing this, it just depends what you need to do10:28
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jmleoRP, I need to compile an old yocto (poky) on a modern distrib :D10:32
RPjmleo: depending on how old that is, you may be better off on a older distro10:32
jmleoRP, yes, sounds like it but I don't want to do that...10:33
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luneffI had built weston/qtwayland/sgx-drivers from meta-ti. When I start weston with -B the screen hangs with "initializing drm backend" as the last line. How do I debug it?10:41
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ionte_hi. anyone using meta-raspberrypi, on morty?10:48
ionte_i'm having a problem with the kernel: there's no matching commit for the hash specified in SRCREV10:49
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luneff:-( still hanging on "initializing drm backend". I guess I need to deal with all usb_gadget BBB stuff to read possible logs remotely as the screen becomes inaccessible11:22
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gtristanOk so I'm getting this error when building runtimes on aarch64 host:
gtristanIt would seem that, libjpeg-turbo received an *unconditional* dependency on nasm-native11:27
gtristanThis is what I had done, when we were building libjpeg-turbo in our own layer, to support the aarch64/arm builds:
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gtristanseems that when it appeared in recipies-graphics, it came with unconditional dep:
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gtristanOk so, I guess I have to do two things... file a bug + patch to make nasm-native arch conditional, and in the meantime, is there a way I can override the way libjpeg-turbo depends on nasm-native in my own layer ?11:47
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jkugtristan: a .bbappend in your layer should work fine (and yes, please send a patch)12:06
gtristanjku, I'm trying to work out how I would do that, I guess I would just set 'DEPENDS =' in the .bbappend to first wipe out the depends list, and then do my DEPENDS_append_{arch} lines after that ?12:09
gtristanalso, in our older custom layer, we only cared about x86 and x86-64 (because we really only cared about two intel arches)12:10
gtristanIf I want to submit a proper patch, I suppose I would want something different, which would just capture every intel arch no ?12:10
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jkugtristan: actually now that I think about it... does that even work?  you want to modify DEPENDS based on _native_ arch...12:13
joshuaglDEPENDS_remove_aarch64 = "nasm-native" ?12:14
gtristanremove could work indeed (/me didnt know about remove)12:14
joshuaglit's super nice and semi-recent12:14
jkujoshuagl: but doesn't that work based on target arch?12:14
rburtonyeah that's target12:14
gtristanjku, I can attest to it having worked in the past yes, but we always use a host compatible arch to build12:14
joshuagloh sorry, I didn't fully digest the backlog12:14
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gtristanSo in that case, I had fixed it for our use case, but the /correct/ way is to case the host arch, how would I do that ?12:15
joshuaglwhat about a HACK like a DEPENDS_remove = "${@some_host_arch_wrangling()}" ?12:16
gtristan(i.e. was fixed because we always use aarch64 to build for arm targets)12:16
joshuaglsomewhat inspired by: meta/recipes-devtools/qemu/ = "${@'kvm' if not os.path.exists('/usr/include/linux/kvm.h') else ''}"12:17
rburtoni think there might be a host override, one sec12:17
rburtonno, maybe not12:18
rburtonyeah vile hack like josh said would work12:19
rburtoni missed the original context, whats the problem?12:19
gtristanrburton, one sec, few links will clear it up...12:19
jkurburton libjpeg-turbo uses nasm-native12:19
jkuwhich is x86* only I guess12:20
gtristanrburton, this is what I had before in our custom layer:
gtristanto build libjpeg-turbo for arm/aarch64 on aarch64 host12:20
gtristannow libjpeg-turbo appeared in recipies-graphics with:
gtristanno condition12:20
gtristanAppears like only cross intel -> aarch64 is working, but not host aarch6412:21
jkurburton: fyi, I filed some bugs on your mut build as they looked scary enough. If they're not relevant let me know12:21
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rburtonpresumably nasm is only actually needed by jpeg when its targetting x8612:22
rburtonso that change looks right?12:22
gtristanTrue, so is it possible even to target x86 on an aarch64 build machine ?12:23
rburtonjku: yeah thanks for that12:23
rburtongtristan: indeed, the next question is can a aarch64 build a nasm-native that works. you'd expect so.12:23
rburtoni lost my aarch64 vm from linaro12:23
luneffcould anyone please review my weston startup log on SGX/BeagleBone Black? . What's wrong with it?12:25
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1072 of nightly-mips-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
rburtongtristan: suggests that nasm builds on all platforms, so we just need to have target specific overrides on DEPENDS12:28
gtristanrburton, ok going to lunch now, I'll try to cook up a patch this afternoon12:32
luneffok, --current-mode for weston seemed to work :-D12:33
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rburtoned2: thanks for the quick patch, respinning selftest now12:39
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devaI piece of software produces and .so file that is needed for the -dev package only, but putting it in FILES_${PN}-dev fails with the message: "QA Issue: -dev package contains non-symlink .so"12:44
devaCan I somehow force it to accept it in that variable? Or have I simply misunderstood the purpose of it?12:45
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MaximuskHi all. I would like to know if there is a way to compile G++ for the target (armhf). I didn't find any recipe for it.13:06
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devaMaximusk, It's included in gcc, so simply installing that should suffice13:08
MaximuskWell, I did it, but when I use GCC on the target, it's working, but not when I use G++13:09
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Maximusk(g++ : command not found13:09
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rburton'OpenSSL Re-licensing to Apache License v. 2.0 To Encourage Broader Use with Other FOSS Projects and Products'13:24
Crofton|workit did sound like they have a non-standard license at the moment13:24
HunkHello, i have a recipe which use a EXTERNAL Source : INHERIT += "externalsrc"  EXTERNALSRC =  pathToSrc, the problem is that when i want to build this recipe the first time, it delte all files in this directory. As Build tool I'm using cmake. Do you know this problem or have a solution how I can solve this ?13:26
rburtonCrofton|work: the current license is a disaster13:28
Crofton|workI'd be all angry if just changing to permissive for no good reason, but can deal with this13:29
jkuHunk: that sounds like a nasty bug. Can you share the whole recipe and do you know where during the build the files are deleted?13:33
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*** BaloneyGeek|work <BaloneyGeek|work!~bg14ina@kde/bgupta> has joined #yocto13:33
Hunk DESCRIPTION = "Desc" SECTION = "devel" LICENSE = "MIT"  LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = ""  DEPENDS = ""  INHERIT += "externalsrc"  EXTERNALSRC = "${THISDIR}/../../../../src"  S = "${EXTERNALSRC}/project"  inherit catkin13:36
Hunkcatkin is using cmake13:36
HunkHow I can check in which when the build deletes the files ?13:37
jkunot an expert on externalsrc but I don't think you should be setting S13:38
HunkI DO13:38
HunkS = "${EXTERNALSRC}/project"13:38
Hunksry for caps13:38
Hunkoh  missread13:39
Hunki will test it13:39
jkualso you probably want to set EXTERNALSRC to a hard coded path, not depend on THISDIR13:40
jkuI mean an absolute path13:40
Hunkhm ok but a hardcoded absolut path is not good ;) I want to share the project with other developer13:41
jkuHunk: well that's more of a feature of externalsrc... if you want things to "just work", put the code in git and don't use externalsrc, right?13:44
*** marka <marka!> has joined #yocto13:44
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Hunkjku that was my first intension13:48
Hunkbut i have a huge git project with a lot of submodules13:48
Hunkfor that I have to use gitsm: but gitsm does not support symlink it copies everytime the full git repo for every recipe13:49
Hunkwhich takes really long13:51
Hunkcopying ( 2 mins )13:52
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pohlyed2: why does test_qemu_efi(self) in meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/ assert that commands exit with 1 as return code? For example:14:16
pohly            cmd = "grep vda. /proc/partitions  |wc -l"14:16
pohly            status, output = qemu.run_serial(cmd)14:16
pohly            self.assertEqual(1, status, 'Failed to run command "%s": %s' % (cmd, output))14:16
pohlyShouldn't that be assertEqual(0, status)?14:16
ed2pohly: probably a typo. I'll look at it. thanks for pointing out.14:19
pohlyWell, it seems to work, but that's probably a problem elsewhere.14:20
pohlyLike not actually finding the actual status.14:21
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*** colrack <colrack!~textual@> has joined #yocto14:28
joshuagled2: RP: last oe-selftest run failed in Wic.test_systemd_bootdisk14:36
rburtonjoshuagl: patch already in mut14:36
*** dctrvenkman <dctrvenkman!ad0eae4b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto14:43
dctrvenkmanis yocto support provided in this channel?14:44
*** link_ <link_!> has quit IRC14:44
Crofton|workjust ask the question14:44
*** willdye_ <willdye_!> has joined #yocto14:45
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dctrvenkmanI'm looking for a way to force a recipe to be executed everytime (i.e. don't cache sstate)14:46
ed2pohly: it looks like run_serial returns 1 on success14:46
ed2pohly: don't ask me why :)14:46
pohlyed2: but I do ask you ;-}14:46 is almost the only user of run_serial.14:47
*** toscalix <toscalix!> has joined #yocto14:47
ed2 grep -r run_serial ../meta/lib/ |wc -l14:47
dctrvenkmanMy situation is I have a recipe which generates files destined for the rootfs but I need to guarantee these files are generated at the time of build and not stale14:47
*** willdye <willdye!> has quit IRC14:47
pohlyThat includes the implementations.14:48
pohlyAs far as actual tests are concerned, I think is the only user.14:48
ed2pohly: it was there when I started to use it. Who knows where else it's used. I'd not touch it.14:49
pohlyI'll file a bug. I think run_serial() is broken. uses echo $? to get the status of the command and tries to get value.14:50
pohlySo the result should be 0 for successful commands, not 1.14:50
ed2pohly: look further. if it gets '0' it returns 1.14:50
pohlyHmm, right. How weird.14:51
*** jku <jku!~jku@> has quit IRC14:51
ed2yep, it's weird by design :)14:51
Crofton|workdctrvenkman, what is the input for the generated files?14:52
ed2pohly: i can only guess, but probably it was designed to be used like this: if run_serial(): echo 'success'14:53
dctrvenkmanThe current use is to generate a file with the contents of a 'git describe' command14:53
dctrvenkmanThis allows me to track in the final image the working tree state that the build was generated from14:54
rburtondctrvenkman: probably easier to do that in a rootfs postprocess hook14:54
dctrvenkmanit looks like do_rootfs is the only task14:55
dctrvenkmanhow would I hook into it between the create_rootfs and create_image calls14:55
dctrvenkmanI've investigated this approach but didn't see an easy way14:57
dctrvenkmando_rootfs appears to install the packages into the staging rootfs and generate the image all in one task14:58
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kergothdctrvenkman: use ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND, which is explicitly after rootfs construction but before image construction, as rburton suggested15:06
dctrvenkmankergoth: thanks I will give this a try15:09
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dctrvenkmanverified ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND does exactly what I need. Thanks all.15:24
luneffHow do I skip qwebkit from bitbaking meta-toolchain-qt5?15:28
dctrvenkmanas a follow up, out of curiosity why was the choice made to provide this functionality through variable definitions versus say splitting the task and allowing functionality to be shimmed in using the existing addtask feature?15:30
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*** BaloneyGeek|work <BaloneyGeek|work!~bg14ina@kde/bgupta> has joined #yocto15:31
kergothdctrvenkman: the task *is* split in the current version15:31
kergotheach image type has its own task, and do_rootfs only constructs the rootfs15:31
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dctrvenkmanso this has changed in a later version? On my version I only ever see the do_bootimg, populate_lic, and do_rootfs tasks being run15:39
kergothyes, as i said15:41
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dctrvenkmanalright well thats good to know when/if we ever move to the latest release. thanks15:42
*** dctrvenkman <dctrvenkman!ad0eae4b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC15:42
luneff* I just used bitbake do_populate_sdk instead and it went ok as there is no qwebkit used in my image15:44
gtristanrburton, so here is a patch which should work, I'm only unsure if 'x86' and 'x86-64' captures all the targets which are intel15:49
yoctiBug 11240: normal, Undecided, ---, ross.burton, NEW , libjpeg-turbo fails to build for aarch64/arm targets on aarch64 host15:49
gtristanAlso, hope I filed this in the right place :)15:49
ssalenikhi, I think I have an issue where two different recipes have the same name for their source tar.gz archive, so I think one replaces the second one in the downloads15:50
gtristanseems it was assigned to rburton, must be the right place then :)15:50
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ssalenikis there a way to specify the name to which the archive is saved to15:51
ssalenikor do I just have to find a different mirror / source15:52
rburtongtristan: thats good, but patches to the list please.
gtristanoh /me forgot about that, perhaps I unsubscribed16:01
rburtoni think you can join as post-only16:01
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luneffno, not done this correctly yet :-( how do I omit building qwebkit from "inherit populate_sdk_qt5" in my image .bb and bitbake -c populate_sdk?16:43
luneffand from meta-toolchain-qt5 alike16:45
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ssalenikI made a recipe to build baresip (SIP client: as well as its dependencies libre and librem. Would it make sense to submit this as a new, separate layer, or to contribute to an existing layer?19:39
ayakaI need to execute the git command at the build time19:41
ayakabut when I am using the find_package(Git), it would tell me "Could NOT find Git (missing:  GIT_EXECUTABLE) "19:42
ayakaI do just the git at host, what is wrong with that?19:43
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nerdboyanybody try to install geany-plugins lately?20:06
*** lsandov <lsandov!~lsandov1@> has joined #yocto20:07
nerdboyi got it to build with a sed hack but the plugin packages have install/depend issues during do_rootfs20:07
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nerdboyi see run.set_metapkg_rdepends build artifacts for gst-plugins but nothing for geany-plugins20:08
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nerdboyso, turns out one plugin is failing silently and dorking up the whole install22:08
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nerdboyand using the right .m4 file from sysroot (instead of the old crufty failing one) fixes it...22:26
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