Sunday, 2017-03-26

beeker23(don't get me wrong here. i still appreciate the engagement.)00:21
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luneffI ran into some conflict between tilcdc and sgx drivers with yocto built weston. I have /sys/bus/platform/drivers/tilcdc/4830e000.lcdc/graphics/fb0/bits_per_pixel equals to 16, gbm-format=rgb565 in /etc/weston.ini yet I get 'Invalid pitch: fb and crtc widths must be the same' error in kernel log upon weston start and I can't get the picture any more as I had literally few hours ago00:35
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bngenHas anyone successfully built an image for Gateworks Ventana SBCs using Morty?05:39
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ayakais it possible to create a directory image?13:33
ayakaI am tried to extract the rootfs every time rebuild to debug13:35
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RPayaka: have a look at one of the directories in the image WORKDIR?15:20
ayakaRP, you mean tmp/deploy/images/<machine>/ ?15:23
RPayaka: no, I mean something like tmp/work/qemux86_64-poky-linux/core-image-sato/1.0-r0/rootfs/15:24
ayakaRP, it is empty for me15:25
RPayaka: using rm_work?15:25
RPayaka: although that path doesn't look quite right15:26
RPayaka: is your machine called cortexa17hf-neon ?15:26
ayakaRP, I forgot, but I think I have not clean a package15:26
ayakaRP, it is the target machine15:26
ayakabut I don't think I have clean up the image recipes15:27
RPayaka: well, assuming you haven't enabled rm_work, the rootfs should appear there15:27
ayakaI didn't do that in my local.conf15:28
ayakaRP, it seems not work for me
RPayaka: what are you setting MACHINE to?15:37
ayakaRP, full local.conf
RPayaka: so your target machine is MACHINE = "firefly-rk3288"15:39
ayakayes it is15:39
RPayaka: so look in tmp/work/refly_rk3288-poky-linux-gnueabi/rockchip-media-image/ assuming you're building the image rockchip-media-image15:40
ayakaRP, ok I found them, but they are still two directory
RPayaka: one looks like the debug symbols version of the other15:43
ayakaRP, so with the gdb, I would set sysroot to the rootfs-dbg but load binary from rootfs?15:43
RPayaka: probably, I don't often do that with gdb15:44
ayakaI would like to make them combine15:44
ayakaRP, I see thank you15:44
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RPayaka: combined is the default, you triggered separate with IMAGE_GEN_DEBUGFS = "1"15:45
RPayaka: you probably want to add dbg-pkgs to IMAGE_FEATURES instead15:45
ayakaRP, but I don't want to install so much dbg packages to target15:45
ayakaso what I should do is remove that line15:46
RPayaka: well, you can't have both a rootfs with everything and one without15:46
ayakabut some other build system would do that15:46
ayakagenerating a debug rootfs15:46
RPayaka: roofs-dbg *is* a debug rootfs15:47
ayakaRP, I know, just a little different to the other15:47
ayakafor example, the buildroot would generate a staging directory which are the unstripped files15:48
ayakabut the target directory for the stripped, they don't have a .debug directory15:48
ayakaI am ok with both of them15:48
RPayaka: OE puts the debug symbols into a separate object and links it to the original. The debug symbols go into a separate package. When you enabled IMAGE_GEN_DEBUGFS is created a shadow image containing all the debug information for the main image15:49
ayakayes I know15:50
ayakaRP, thank you anyway15:53
ayakaI also have a problem with cross gdb, I offer meet Python Exception <class 'NameError'> Installation error: gdb.execute_unwinders function is missing:15:53
RPayaka: this did get discussed a while ago: - unfortunately no conclusion was reached about what the correct gdb magic is to make things work :(15:54
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ayakaRP, I see thank you16:25
ayakaI found my gdb meet python problem at starting up time Python Exception <class 'ImportError'> No module named 'imp':16:28
ayakabut I can't find the module imp from a python package16:28
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khemayaka: include python-misc in your image see if that helps18:52
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