Thursday, 2017-03-30

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beeker23hmmm... how can i force the rebuild of the u-boot image?04:37
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cornelkanavin, we are using internally a form of 'jethro' (a commit from last year), therefore not all patches in your 'fuzz' brranch apply to us05:36
cornelso i take recipes one by one and check what applies and not. in the event something from your branch is not applicable to jethro, i will rework it05:38
corneland i want to have this public for obvious reasons05:39
cornelothers do not have to do it again05:39
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ranchuhello, I am not sure if it is possible to use more than one package manager in target. Is it ?05:59
ranchuI find example in docs:
ranchuYet, I don't understand if it is possible or not.06:00
ranchu"The build system uses only the first argument in the list as the package manager when creating your image or SDK. However, packages will be created using any additional packaging classes you specify" ??06:00
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ranchuhello, I am not sure if it is possible to use more than one package manager in target. Is it ?06:02
ranchu"The build system uses only the first argument in the list as the package manager when creating your image or SDK. However, packages will be created using any additional packaging classes you specify" ??06:02
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ranchuI am not sure if it is possible to use more than one package manager in target. Is it ?  "The build system uses only the first argument in the list as the package manager when creating your image or SDK. However, packages will be created using any additional packaging classes you specify" ??06:28
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LetoThe2ndranchu: you asked thee times now in 30 minutes. and i assume you are also the one who asked on the ML.06:31
LetoThe2ndranchu: now tell me, what for?06:31
LetoThe2nd(besides ross' answer that already was on the ML)06:32
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ranchuLetoThe2nd - Right .... it's me....06:35
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LetoThe2ndranchu: so what was not clear about the answer?06:36
ranchuI am just not too sure about the answer06:36
ranchuBecause in doc it gives examples of using more than one.06:36
ranchuBut I got in ML answer that it is not recommended06:37
LetoThe2ndranchu: yes, because the build process can generate package feeds for more than one package manager.06:37
LetoThe2ndbut that what it is. package feeds. your image uses only one.06:37
LetoThe2ndmultiple package managers on the same system, trying to manage the same files will inevitably clash, as their databases do not know of each other06:38
ranchuIf it use just one, so what the purpose of giving more than one in the PACKAGE_CLASSES ?06:38
LetoThe2ndthe purpose is to be able to generate package feeds.06:38
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ranchuI am a bit confused. If we can use just one, why do we need to generate package feeds (which we cna't use probably ?) ?06:39
LetoThe2ndranchu: who says that a package feed can be consumed by only one image.06:39
LetoThe2ndranchu: imagine creating a package feed with bitbake world, and providing two images that use it. one ipk based, one rpm based.06:40
LetoThe2ndfor example.06:40
ranchuI think I start to understand. PACKAGE_CLASSES can be used for more than one image ?06:42
LetoThe2ndits just another take at the POV. usually we are image-focused here, so we build exactly what needs to go into one image.06:43
LetoThe2ndpackage feeds on the other hand are distribution focused. you generate everything that anybody could need, and then pick what suits your problem06:43
ranchuOK, so usually we will only use one package manager in PACKAGE_CLASSES06:43
LetoThe2ndranchu: in about 99.9% of cases, yes.06:43
ranchuOK, Thanks a lot. I think I finally got it :)06:44
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LetoThe2ndranchu: look at the angstrom distribution. the point is that as long as the abi is stable, the package feed can be used across multiple images.06:45
* cornel doesn't understand much of this technology06:46
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LetoThe2ndits not that complicated, its just understanding what a package feed, a distribution, and an image are.06:46
cornelso a package feed is a kinda package repository? for example a directory with packages?06:50
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cornelthis document says "tmp/deply" :)06:53
LetoThe2ndcornel: a package feed is something that can (with more or less effort needed) be used as a package repository. you know, that magic server thing that all people think of as "a distribution" and think that when they have runtime package management will magically solve all their problems.06:53
cornelnot sure if it's woorth fixing it, though06:53
cornelLetoThe2nd, thank you06:54
cornelpicture is clearer now06:54
LetoThe2ndthe document is outdated anyways, with kanavin's latest smart->dnf transition06:54
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LetoThe2ndcornel: basically its that runtime package management as people know it is pretty useless without an upstream package repository. and the feeds are what goes into such a repository.06:56
cornelroger that06:56
LetoThe2ndjust another reason why i think runtime package management is completely overrated.06:57
cornelLetoThe2nd, what's you ideal way of managing packages in a system already installed?06:58
LetoThe2ndcornel: why would i want to manage packages there anyways?06:59
cornelfor example to fix a bug06:59
LetoThe2nd(always talking about an embedded device, as that is the focus here. desktop/server is a completely different beast, of courese.)06:59
cornelyou say that it's simpler to just generate an uptodate image?07:00
cornelLetoThe2nd, right, let's say a device that manages a car07:00
corneland you have a fix for it07:00
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LetoThe2ndwe always do complete image updates. so we know that the system is in a consistent state.07:01
corneli wonder how can this be done over the air, or if it is possible at all07:01
LetoThe2ndusually the volatile data is already enough to give us headaches, why should we want to have even more fun with dependencies, possibly failing packages, etc.?07:02
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corneli see your point07:02
LetoThe2ndcornel: well we use swupdate by sbabic. a option for OTA could be AFAIK07:02
LetoThe2ndplus, in many many applications you do not have OTA. and you do not want updates that you did not trigger manually.07:03
LetoThe2ndso imagine the fun of a service tech standing in front of the device, plugging in a thumb drive containing XYZ packages, and then kicking off the package manager. just to find out at 95% percent that the update fails because something is missing, corrupted, out of disk space.07:04
LetoThe2ndif he has only one binary blob, those things go away. theres still enough to go wrong.07:05
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cornelLetoThe2nd, for a hands on update, i agree07:06
cornelthe problem i see when doing this ota is that it can also fail, and it will no longer be just one package07:07
cornelso you have to have a backup07:07
corneland this means duplicate storage space07:07
LetoThe2ndsee :)07:07
corneli don't know what is doing07:07
corneli've seen some mentions of a server ,though07:07
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cornelok: Image-based updates using a dual A/B rootfs partition layout with rollback support07:08
LetoThe2ndit does exactly what you just said. duplicate rom space and use that for OAT updates.07:08
cornelbut in automotive this means increased cost, right?07:08
LetoThe2ndit means increased cost everywhere.07:09
corneli mean significantly increased07:09
LetoThe2ndnow that depends.07:09
cornelbut automotive tends to be a little more expensive :)07:09
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cornelbut in an ideal world, yes, i woud go for this solution07:09
LetoThe2ndi don't know what the automotive guys are doing, i'm more like an industrial guy.07:09
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LetoThe2ndand our customers are more like "OTA? go away. we need something that works hands on. and only hands on."07:10
cornelmy understanding is that automotive things are more expensive because the various requirements (security, integrity,etc) are stronger07:10
cornelthat's beside the usual greed and cartel practices, of course07:10
LetoThe2ndautomative certainly has a lot of checks and validation in place. and yes, those do come with a price07:11
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Snertability to do large temperature swings is a cost too.07:11
LetoThe2ndmany things cost money.07:12
SnertI just wish I used my iphone to log into my car and set it up.07:13
cornelcan you use a computer for this?07:13
Snertmy 29K car should come with a handheld device that does that.07:13
cornelso true07:14
cornelwhat i wish is there's a way for these cars to cutoff network connection to external world07:14
Snertyes, a computer can be used...but the engineers do not choose to expose anything useful.07:14
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LetoThe2ndyou would have to give me car and iphone for free so i would accept that.07:14
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Snertit's now the year 2017. And if I leave my headlights on it kills the battery.07:15
Snertthat's fucking stone age.07:15
LetoThe2ndwell mine does just beep. stone age technology that works.07:16
Snertit will beep for hours whilst the battery dies.07:16
LetoThe2ndit will beep the moment i pull out the key and open the door. i cannot leave the car without noticing it beeping. so no hours involved ;-)07:17
Snertit can't alert your smartphone.07:17
LetoThe2ndwhich smartphone?07:17
Snertthe one in your pocket.07:18
LetoThe2ndSnert: would you please show or enlighten me which one you mean?07:18
Snertiphone or android or whatever your device is.07:18
Snertor the car should come with a pocketable smartdevice for $29K it costs.07:19
LetoThe2ndnokia something, 15 euros from the supermarket07:19
Snertthe car itself cost 29K. for that price it should at least come with a device.07:20
cornelmy ideal kinda phone07:20
LetoThe2ndand you're free to not buy a 29k car if the offer does not fit your expectations.07:20
LetoThe2ndinstead of complaining afterwards.07:20
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Snertthe market would be huge if the engineers but thought about it.07:21
Snertsell all kinds of stuff to the car owner.07:21
cornelit is true though that the new smart tech is largely marketing, not really doing what you expect from it07:21
LetoThe2ndI know a lot of people in automotive. and believe me, there a lot of thought going into what they sell, and what they do not sell.07:22
LetoThe2ndthis is absolutely non-trivial07:22
Snertyes. But it takes a company like apple to do a good car/computer/human interface.07:22
Snertapple needs to do the AppleDash.07:23
Snertget in bed with detroit and take us forward.07:23
LetoThe2ndit takes a company like apple to make a user interface that meets the expectations of people already using apple.07:23
* LetoThe2nd is off for some coffee, nevertheless07:23
Snertit can include android stuff too.07:23
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kanavincornel: the 'fuzz' branch is maybe 15 percent complete, so backporting it to jethro now is totally wasteful and pointless - instead I would appreciate if you could help us complete the work for the master branch08:37
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kanavinRP: so how does one delete files at package time (rather than install time)? Is there a ready-to-copypaste example in recipes somewhere?08:49
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jkurburton, kanavin: do we record the actual postinst intercept commands anywhere? That update_gio_module_cache discussion on list looks a bit worrying09:01
jkuI thought we did but probably gave wrong advice...09:01
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cornelkanavin, what i plan to do is: backport to jethro what is already done (because we are working on jethro) and then look at what is not already fixed09:02
cornelthis is partly because right now i don't know of any proper procedure to fix a patch09:03
jkucornel: you are aware that most of the fixes are probably cosmetic09:03
cornelif i would do, i would gladly do it first for morty and only later for jethro09:03
corneljku, sure09:03
jkuRP: so /usr/bin/env usage is because SDK uses it to re-route to host tools?09:05
jkuI knew i must be missing something09:05
jkucan I read about this somewhere or is that all I need to know?09:06
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kanavincornel: I still think it's not a good use of your time. why do you want this done?09:09
kanavinjku: let me see the discussion - not feeling very well today :(09:10
cornelkanavin, we are working on jethro, so we need the fixes there. but as i've said, i would gladly do it first for your branch but i do not know how to correctly create the fixed patches09:11
corneli can do things like diff -Nupr but git format-patch is foreign language to me09:11
kanavincornel: why do you need the fixes?09:11
cornelkanavin, we want to create more deterministic releases :)09:12
cornelwe've seen cases where patches were applied wrongly but it appeard to be ok09:12
cornelwhat we've seen had no impact (those that allowed also do_compile)09:13
cornelbut we wonder if there are any other patches that do have impact09:13
kanavincornel: it's a very tedious job, I'd suggest you wait for the tool support09:14
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kanavincornel: you'd be fixing some 80 failing recipes, and I fear for your sanity09:15
cornelkanavin, do we have an eta for the tool support?09:16
kanavincornel: I would rather prefer you fix it in master - that would truly benefit everyone, but not straight away :09:16
kanavincornel: paul eggleton has been silent about this for several weeks - I suggest you leave a comment in bug 832509:17
yoctiBug enhancement, Medium, 2.3, paul.eggleton, NEW , devtool modify could handle patch failure more usefully09:17
kanavincornel: I'm not doing any further work on this, until there is  a tool :)09:17
cornelok, thank you kanavin09:20
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*** bachp <bachp!bachpmatri@gateway/shell/> has quit IRC09:24
kanavinjku: I read the discussion, it looks to me that the real issue is that gio-querymodules is failing when it shouldn't09:26
kanavinjku: and I still don't see why chown would be at all necessary09:26
*** bachp <bachp!bachpmatri@gateway/shell/> has joined #yocto09:26
*** JoiF <JoiF!~jofr@> has joined #yocto09:26
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joshuaglkanavin: that bug is a medium enhancement, if it's blocking work it probably needs its priority adjusting?09:33
*** _Tiraas <_Tiraas!~tiraas@> has joined #yocto09:34
kanavinRP: long story short, I believe Chris's patch is ok, but Peter's is not (as it breaks first boot deferral09:36
kanavinjoshuagl: I guess it does yeah09:37
*** _Tiraas <_Tiraas!~tiraas@> has quit IRC09:38
RPkanavin: did you get an answer to you package specific deletion?09:38
RPkanavin: highlighting here is acting odd this morning :/09:39
RPjku: I think that is mostly what you need to know09:39
RPjku: seriously tempted just to patch those files to use /usr/bin/env perl and add "use warnings;" to the script09:39
RPkanavin: how does Peter's break first boot deferral? hides exit code?09:40
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto09:41
kanavinRP: yes09:41
kanavinRP: ugh, ambigous 'yes :) I did not get an answer about package specific deletion, but peter's patch does hide exit code :)09:42
RPkanavin: the expression to grep for is PACKAGE_PREPROCESS_FUNCS, e.g. the horrors in binconfig.bbclass09:44
kanavinRP: thanks :)09:44
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@> has joined #yocto09:56
*** jwest__ <jwest__!> has joined #yocto09:56
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*** eduardas_m <eduardas_m!~eduardas@> has joined #yocto10:08
RPant_work: around?10:09
RPant_work: I'd like to confirm whether without that patch, the postinst is still deferred to first boot or not10:09
ant_workwithout this patch there aren't warnings so I suppose no, it's not deferred10:11
RPant_work: please don't suppose. It wouldn't necessarily show warnings10:12
ant_workwhat I did see, was the string ##libglib-2-0-0 in one of the postinst files10:13
RPant_work: have you a do_rootfs log with the patch reverted you could share?10:14
ant_worknot now, I can give one in a few hours10:14
RPant_work: thats fine, thanks. I just want to make sure we understand what is going on (I think I might have some idea now)10:15
*** nighty- <nighty-!> has quit IRC10:18
pohlyApropos postinsts, I was trying to help with this morning, which is about setcap in postinst.10:19
pohlyI got stuck with ensuring that "setcap" is actually available when running the postinst during image construction.10:19
pohlyRDEPENDS_${PN} = "libcap" ensures that setcap is on the device.10:20
pohlyBut that doesn't install it into recipe-sysroot-native, does it?10:20
pohlyRP: ^^^10:20
RPpohly: no, it doesn't10:20
kanavinant_work: "the string ##libglib-2-0-0 in one of the postinst files" is not an indication of first boot deferral at all - you need to inspect the log.do_rootfs to see if it happened or not10:20
kanavinRP: ^10:21
pohlyRP: does one have to use a DEPENDS = "libcap-native" then instead?10:21
RPpohly: I wrote about this in the RSS emails, I don't remember offhand :/10:21
pohlySame here ;-}10:22
kanavinthat string merely means that one of the recipes requested that script to be executed during image build. If the script fails, then first boot deferral happens. So we need to ensure the failing is not swept under carpet with various patches.10:22
kanavin(such as Peter's)10:22
RPpohly: I added a variable iirc10:22
pohlyAh, now I remember.10:23
RPkanavin: it would be nice to collect some of this better in the logs...10:25
kanavinRP: I filed a bug for fixing the entire postinst scripts mess, you told me to defer that work to 2.4 ;)10:26
RPpohly: thanks for the rm_work fix btw, nicely done :)10:26
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has joined #yocto10:26
RPkanavin: I'd like to fix the logging and wasn't too keen on some of the other changes iirc10:26
pohlyRP: it's still only a workaround, though. Long-term it would be nice to have ordering dependencies in addition to hard dependencies, for cases like this.10:27
pohlyBut yeah, for now it has to do ;-}10:27
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has quit IRC10:27
*** ftonello <ftonello!~felipe@> has joined #yocto10:27
*** phako[m] <phako[m]!phakomatri@gateway/shell/> has joined #yocto10:28
*** catch22 <catch22!~aboseley@> has quit IRC10:28
RPpohly: Having spent some number of years working with dependencies, I don't think they divide into those two types as easily as you think10:28
phako[m]Hi - why does the gstreamer1.0-omx recipe have a commercial license flag?10:28
pohlyRP: I can imagine that sometimes it is one, sometimes the other, and sometimes both. I think that's how systemd works.10:29
pohlyAnyway, definitely not trivial.10:29
RPpohly: right. Wish I had the time to think about that properly...10:29
pohlyYes. Not now.10:30
kanavinRP: but we do need to robustly detect script failures, and clearly separate them from intented first boot deferrals - neither is happening right now10:30
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has joined #yocto10:30
kanavinand yes better logging for what is happening10:31
*** yettt <yettt!~yettt@> has quit IRC10:32
*** yettt <yettt!~yettt@> has joined #yocto10:32
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*** ilkmc2r <ilkmc2r!d4af2303@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto11:14
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ilkmc2rHello there, we have a HPC cluster with 1280 cores. Is it possible to run bitbake using all this cores to speed up the build time ?11:15
ilkmc2rDoes bitbake have this feature or could it be implemented ?11:16
RPilkmc2r: the system will automatically set BB_NUMBER_THREADS and PARALLEL_MAKE to take advantage of multiple cores. The bigger problem is the build is not able to parallelise in places (e.g. the toolchain is needed to cross compile anything)11:17
RPilkmc2r: so the system will make best use of that is available but its not going to see 100% usage11:18
ilkmc2rRP:  But, our cluster was built by using 8 cores 16GB rams of blades, So if I run it on single blade, it will do 8 task at a time. I mean can we use whole HPC cluster, by using a job scheduler etc..11:19
RPilkmc2r: we don't support distributed builds currently, no11:20
RPilkmc2r: its a nice idea but in reality we can't even fully use a big system like my 88 core machine so its not been a priority. There is an open bug for it11:20
ilkmc2rilkmc2r: Is this on your roadmap or is it11:20
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC11:21
ilkmc2rRP: Is this on your roadmap ?11:21
RPilkmc2r: we'd certainly like to do it but there have been other higher priority things. We're working on deciding what might go into 2.4 atm11:21
RPilkmc2r: it really needs some people interested to work on it...11:22
ilkmc2rRP: Well, we will try to implement it, and If we go success we will share it with you :)11:22
RPilkmc2r: can I ask who "we" is?11:23
ilkmc2rRP: By saying "we", I mean 12 people of an university's software development team. Near East University.11:23
RPilkmc2r: Bitbake already has a strong "cooker/server" and worker abstraction where bitbake-worker does all the execution and talks over a pipe to the server11:24
RPilkmc2r: hopefully that means some of the hard work has already been done11:24
RPilkmc2r: in multiconfig builds we already support multiple worker execution too11:24
jkuilkmc2r: there's a icecc class but it's a bit tricky to keep it running smoothly (the class but also icecc itself). A beefier build host felt like a much better use of my time than dealing with weird issues11:25
RPilkmc2r: please do talk to us as you do it rather that do this in isolation as whilst we've not implemented it, we do have ideas that could likely help (like the above abstractions)11:26
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto11:27
RPjku: icecc also only helps compile jobs which is about 20% of our build time11:27
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC11:29
phako[m]jku: o/11:30
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has joined #yocto11:31
ilkmc2rRP: I will discuss this with my team members and will keep in touch with you. And started to learning about cooker/server mechanism11:32
jkuhey phako[m]11:32
*** yettt <yettt!~yettt@> has joined #yocto11:34
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has joined #yocto11:35
jkuso how do I build a nativesdk quilt ?11:37
jkurburton: it doesn't seem to inherit or extend anything related to nativesdk ... is it really part of nativesdk?11:42
RPjku: perhaps there isn't a nativesdk version of it :/11:42
rburtonthen the problem is hypothetical :)11:42
RPjku: I know we've had this issue with other nativesdk recipes...11:42
jkuyeah this finally explains the weird obsession with env that I had been wondering about :)11:43
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto11:44
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC11:46
jkuRP: so I assume  you would still rather have a quilt patch that uses "${USRBINPATH}/env perl" in shebang ?11:51
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has quit IRC11:54
*** caiortp <caiortp!~inatel@> has joined #yocto11:56
dl9pfquestion on TUNE-FEATURES:  why does TUNE_FEATURES_tune-aarch64 = "aarch64" not include 'neon' and 'vfpv4'11:59
dl9pfsome packages check the features for neon and on aarch64 they don't catch it then12:00
dl9pfe.g. libpng12:00
*** tavish <tavish!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has quit IRC12:01
*** tavish <tavish!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has joined #yocto12:03
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*** _dv_ is now known as dv_12:31
RPjku: I think its a better example to set12:32
RPjku: at some point we need to unify quilt and quilt-native and this should help with that too12:33
*** scottrif <scottrif!> has joined #yocto12:43
kanavinrburton: can you give this to autobuilder again? I fixed a few long hanging fruits there, so would like to get a build which is less cluttered with obvious issues :)
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~Gianfranc@> has joined #yocto12:53
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~Gianfranc@ubuntu/member/locutusofborg> has joined #yocto12:53
rburtonkanavin: fired on yocto.io12:55 ?12:56
kanavinrburton: thanks, time for nap I guess :)12:57
jkuCTtpollard: second autobuilder cluster12:57
rburtonwe're on trend with a .io domain ;)12:59
gtristanmkay... so, Have we really no way in 2017 to create a bootable filesystem image that A.) is not vfat and B.) does not require root ?12:59 is def for the cool kids13:00
CTtpollardI wondered if yocto had gone into the UX business for a second13:00
gtristanUmmm, scratch that, there is with libguestfs tools, but that is a huge amount of stuff13:00 is so 2000s13:00
Crofton| is better13:00
jku.yocto , now only $18500013:01
*** mjourdan <mjourdan!> has quit IRC13:02
phako[m]what, for a whole tld? bargain13:02
phako[m]let me fire my question again: Does anyone know why gstreamre1.0-omx has LICENSE_FLAGS="commercial" ? because it's ususally not usable without the vendor OMX libs?13:03
rburtonphako[m]: probably worth asking whoever wrote the original recipe.  really should be a comment to explain…13:04
jkuphako[m]: you might be right, that could be a mistake13:05
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC13:06
kanavinphako[m]: does 'git blame' reveal anything?13:07
phako[m]authorCarlos Rafael Giani <>13:07
phako[m]ah, no, inherited from the 0.10 plugin13:08
*** tavish <tavish!~tavish@unaffiliated/tavish> has quit IRC13:08
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yoctiBug 1262: normal, Medium, 1.1, saul.wold, RESOLVED FIXED, Default build of world should not fail due to COMMERCIAL_LICENSE issues13:15
kanavinmaybe omx recipes is no longer dependent on 'commercial' recpes, and so the line can be dropped13:16
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has joined #yocto13:17
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rburtonphako[m]: oe-core c69453fe94a649c518b0e6d79616f05579b864ce13:22
rburtonlooks like it can be removed13:23
rburtonget a patch on the list asap as 2.3 is freezing13:23
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto13:27
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*** T0mW <T0mW!~Tom@2601:484:c304:4550:3e97:eff:fe8f:cff9> has joined #yocto14:05
T0mWI was at ELC this year and took the Yocto Advanced workshop.14:06
T0mWI'm upgrading my Jetrho to Morty, attempting to anyway, and have a question about the devshell changes14:06
T0mWWe used to be able to 'bitbake -c devshell u-boot', then edit files and, within devshell, '../temp/run.do_compile' to try the build interactively.14:07
T0mWNow, when we use devtool, how does that equate to what I just outlined?  Is there some step-by-step example I can study?  The Yocto Documentation is a bit too abstract about his this topic and I'm looking for a more concrete example of a devtool process.14:09
T0mWe.g. 'devtool -c configure u-boot' == 'bitbake -c configure u-boot', or, 'bitbake -c compile xxxx', seems devtool has little granularity?14:11
phako[m]rburton: I'll check14:15
kergothT0mW: once devtool has set up the tree, you can build either with 'devtool buid' or with usual bitbake commands14:18
kergothshit, i need to look at the gio module intercept issue asap this morning, i had to set aside work and watch matthew last night so didn't get time to look at it :\14:19
T0mWkergoth: like 'devtool -c configure blah' ?14:19
T0mWor just use 'bitbake -c configure blah' and it will go to the workspace14:20
*** rob_w <rob_w!~bob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC14:21
T0mWkergoth: yeah, I pushed a commit yesterday that borked a customers code, I just remembered that I've got to fix that myself. :/14:21
kergothi hate it when i submit something that has been working for ages for us and it explodes and breaks stuff for other people. not the first time, won't be the last, i'm sure14:21
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC14:22
kergothstill quite irritating all around14:22
T0mWi did a quickie fix and didn't test it, arrogance on my part "my code doesn't stink"14:22
kergothhappens to us all :)14:22
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto14:26
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sobczykhow do I find out what pulls in virtual/kernel? I want a chroot image, so no kernel needed14:29
sobczykis it always on, and I should select linux-dummy?14:32
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has joined #yocto14:34
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sobczykbitbake-diffsigs tells me my do_configure hash changed, but my bb has do_configure[noexec] = "1"15:48
*** scottrif <scottrif!> has quit IRC15:49
sobczykhow can I find the culprit?15:49
*** rajm <rajm!> has quit IRC15:49
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kergothmost likely it's a task that your do_configure depends on that changed15:51
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kergothit's official, the acquisition of mentor is complete16:23
rburtonis this where you sell all your new stock and retire to an island somewhere?16:23
kergothhah, it's not like mentor was private or something.16:24
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tmpsantosanyone experienced with tegra-t18x and boot2qt?16:47
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto16:47
tmpsantosI can't find the nvidia-layer/meta-tegra layer16:48
tmpsantoshave to assume it is proprietary16:48
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has joined #yocto16:48
CTtpollardtmpsantos: this is the most upto date I can find Solarwinds Application Users Mailing List16:49
CTtpollarderm, wrong buffer....16:49
CTtpollard tmpsantos16:49
*** t0mmy <t0mmy!~tprrt@> has quit IRC16:50
tmpsantosCTtpollard: I found that one too, but doesn't seem to be the one boot2qt is expecting16:51
CTtpollardtmpsantos: is there public documentation for what you're following?16:51
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC16:57
CTtpollardtmpsantos: what happens when you export the machine name & run the init script? Does it not bring in the necessary layers?16:58
tmpsantosCTtpollard: I think I found the issue, it requires a layer marked as "internal"16:58
tmpsantospoints to...  <remote fetch="ssh://" name="playground"/>16:59
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paulganyone seen this before I start investigating?  Just appeared recently ; seems like x86-64 sysroot cruft contaminating my arm64 target binaries...18:32
paulg| ERROR: oe_runmake failed18:32
paulg| /home/paul/poky/build-arm64/tmp/work/aarch64-overc-linux/libsolv/0.6.26-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/lib/ error adding symbols: File in wrong format18:32
paulg| collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status18:32
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paulg so - in a devshell, if I simply remove the reference to that x86-64, then the link completes w/o error.18:44
kergothshouldn't be looking for libs in that sysroot at all18:45
paulgagreed ...appears the turds to link are crafted up in some cesspool of Cmake hell18:45
paulgputting on my hip waders and rubber gloves now.18:45
kergothgood luck :)18:46
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paulgha, normally I try -c cleansstate right after I try "up-arrow + enter"  for build fails. Since this looked like host contamination, I didn't immediately go there...18:50
paulgyet -c cleansstate fixed it.  Go figure.   :-/18:51
paulgya, no kidding.18:51
paulgthat said, I'm glad to have been spared the cmake drama.18:52
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RPrburton: pohly's net-tools patch breaks builds...21:37
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stephanoRP: fix is simple I think. added a return to the shell function and it worked fine.21:52
*** mhilt <mhilt!> has quit IRC21:53
RPstephano: it needs a ":"21:53
RPstephano: but yes, same idea21:53
stephanoRP: ah right, the mythical ":". so much better than "true".21:54
*** flavio_santes <flavio_santes!~fsantes@> has quit IRC21:54
RPstephano: its convention in our metadata by now...21:57
stephanoRP: makes sense21:57
RPstephano: I've just tweaked the patch and updated -next21:58
RPhopefully a rebuild of -next should be faster on hot sstate...21:58
stephanoSounds good. I'll keep an eye on it.21:58
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RPThere is definitely some kind of bottleneck going on with our builds, far too much "bursting" activity then stalling :/22:19
RPat least on large numbers of cores22:19
* paulg still sets jobs/packages manually.22:21
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto22:21
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RPpaulg, zeddii_home: Is a known kernel issue?22:28
RPseems I keep getting this on rebuilds :/22:28
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has joined #yocto22:28
paulgRP,  have not seen that ; have not seen zeddii_home mention it either -- have a reproducer?22:30
zeddii_homenope. haven’t seen it either, and I do a lot of rebuilds. but yah, I’ll fix it if I can make it happen here.22:31
RPpaulg: not yet but its the second time today, I cleaned it last time...22:31
*** SoniaLeon <SoniaLeon!~sleonbau@> has quit IRC22:32
zeddii_homeI’m heading out now. but will try a few rebuilds, haven’t tweaked anything in the kernel build at all lately.22:32
RPonce could be my local crazy builds, twice suggests something lurking :/22:32
paulgpretty sure zeddii_home does rebuilds in the same recycled build dir day after day as I do, so we _should_ see this if it is an issue.22:33
paulgthat said, I'm building linux-yocto-dev mostly...22:34
kergothstephano, RP: just as an FYI, colon as no-op isn't solely an oe convention. - "This utility shall only expand command arguments. It is used when a command is needed, as in the then condition of an if command, but nothing is to be done by the command."22:35
zeddii_homeI’ll fire up some builds and see if I can make it happen .. but that will be later. have to head out for volleyball now.22:36
paulg| 1490912493.7192538: mkdir: cannot create directory ‘.’: File exists22:37
paulgsounds like a variable expanded to ""22:37
zeddii_homepaulg:  or the fence post, etc, blowing up. i.e. we cleaned up, and it didn’t expect to be cleaned up.22:37
zeddii_homemy git pull of pky just died22:38
zeddii_home> git pull --rebase22:38
zeddii_homefatal: unable to connect to Temporary failure in name resolution22:38
zeddii_homeI guess I wasn’t meant to do a build now before I leave :D22:38
zeddii_homelooks like all my nameservers are down. odd.22:38
paulgwalk away and enjoy volleyball.  :)22:38
zeddii_homeI just hope it sorts itself out. I don’t want to drive into the office just for that.22:39
stephanokergoth: interesting. that's a good resource, thanks.22:39
kergothnp. yeah, it is, i often look up bits there to know what's portable shell22:40
kergoth being the main index22:40
RPkergoth: thanks :)22:41
RPzeddii_home, paulg: I probably should sleep sometime soon and let the rest of this build finish. I'll poke at it more tomorrow, at least I know its not a known issue...22:42
zeddii_homeyah. no worries. if it happens, just yell. I’ll take care of it if it is broken.22:42
zeddii_homeI started a build, will see if I can make it pop up.22:43
*** yettt <yettt!~yettt@> has quit IRC22:43
paulgyah,  if you find a solid reproducer, you know where to find us.  :)22:44
RPpaulg, zeddii_home: is the order the tasks ran in this build. So it started again from the checkout on an existing build22:46
zeddii_homeyah. that’s my only mode of operation, so I have a good chance at seeing it.22:47
zeddii_homeif you have any fancy stuff .. and by fancy, I mean rm_work, etc, I’d have to add it to my local.conf22:47
paulgGuess I should start a build w/o virtual provider kernel being dev.22:48
RPzeddii_home: depends how you define fancy. I did parallelise do_package_write_ipk. I don't think there is anything odd that would cause this though22:49
paulgI'm assuming that is closer to what RP is doing....22:49
zeddii_homemine is now compiling, so I got futher. will trigger another build later.22:49
* zeddii_home really goes, before he has to get a speeding ticket22:49
paulgcan't have zeddii_home  being zeddii_homeless  :)22:50
RPzeddii_home: have fun!22:52
RPpaulg, zeddii_home: good news is it reproduces22:55
RPbitbake linux-yocto; <clean tmp>; bitbake linux-yocto -c compile -f; bitbake linux-yocto; bitbake linux-yocto -c kernel_checkout -f; bitbake linux-yocto <fail>22:57
RPmildly convoluted but... :). This was with MACHINE=qemux86-6422:57
paulgRP,  without any PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto lines in  local.conf or similar?22:59
RPpaulg: correct. I am on master-next so is in there but shouldn't have any effect on this23:00
RPwell, I'm on a local branch of craziness based on the above23:00
RPbut nothing touching the kernel tooling or kernel23:01
*** nighty- <nighty-!> has quit IRC23:01
RPoh, hmm. That may not be true23:01
RPpaulg, zeddii_home: I'm going to guess this breaks it:
* paulg plays Ozzie crazy train in his mind.23:02
RPbut only on rebuilds23:02
RPIn my defence, that error is not obvious ;-)23:03
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paulgRP,  what specifically was the use case that the above fixed?   I'm left wondering that after reading the commit log.23:06
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC23:07
RPpaulg: I had a version of patchelf that created interesting binaries. The patchelf binaries refer to this as a bug in the kernel and I couldn't resist fixing it23:07
RPpaulg: in the end I had to use a different solution as waiting for everyone to fix their kernels wasn't going to work for me23:09
RPpaulg: has more info23:10
RPpaulg: Still can't decide whether to send that upstream or not (the kernel fix(23:10
* paulg returns and reads23:11
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* RP -> Zzzz23:17
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1099 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests BuildImages_1] Build details are at
paulgRP, yah, we'll continue this tomorrow.23:18
*** yettt <yettt!~yettt@> has joined #yocto23:24
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