Saturday, 2017-04-01

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #742 of nightly-mips64 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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sveinseIs it possible to do shell-outs or python in a global context, e.g. from local.conf?08:35
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sveinseWe have a global scheme, a through a program, for getting the next appointed product and application version in a build. It must call call "increaseversion" only once per build (and we call bitbake multiple times for multiple machines), and it must use this version as PV for the main application08:39
sveinseI'm considering if I need to build all this logic outside bitbake alltogether and have these variables injected into local.conf, but it would be awfully nice if bitbake could handle this from within08:40
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gtristanOk so looks like builds still failing in new morty branch08:56
gtristanas was never applied08:56
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gtristanYep, verified that patch fixes it for new gcc 6 in morty, this trying to configure libgcc at the same time as building all-gcc just consistently fails, only for aarch64 host & target09:22
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RPgtristan: it was never applied since it seems like there is a bug in gcc that needs fixing and nobody else seemed able to reproduce that issue14:37
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khemgtristan: I never ran into this issue on aarch64 build host, thus far myself. What target to you build for ?15:41
khemRP: I am playing with runit have you used/played with it for init system ?15:42
khemRP: it seems a good alternative to sysvinit and not a size hog like systemd15:42
RPkhem: I've not tried it...16:22
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* gtristan pops in at 4:20am... dont really mind, I know that A.) this is consistently reproducible targeting aarch64 on the aarch64 build host I have (but *not* reproducible when targeting armv7a)... and B.) the cost of not building configure-libgcc and gcc-all in parallel, is much much less than the cost of developer hours trying to coerce gcc build scripts to behave the way we *think* they should behave19:25
gtristanalso, since I went through this last year, I can tell that maintaining a downstream patch to yocto is cheaper in developer hours than trying to convince people and demonstrate that it is indeed a reproducible bug19:26
gtristanso, meh19:26
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RPgtristan: by that argument, any time we find a bug, we just hack around it and hope for the best. If we did that as a project, I can bet you'd have a much worse experience as a user of it...21:44
RPgtristan: I know I have probably spent *months* trying to keep the gcc recipes comparatively simple and worked hard to fix things upstream where possible21:45
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