Wednesday, 2017-04-12

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m4tkhem: yes that's as far as i've gotten. even after setting DEB_BUILD_HARDENING=0 before running bitbake, i want to say that env variable is dropped somehow by the time host gcc is called. with that set to 0 and hardening-wrapper still installed, the builds continued to fail with Werror=format-string. i uninstalled the hardening-wrapper package and the build succeeded. not sure what's going on there...00:04
khemDEB_BUILD_HARDENING=0 is when you are using debian build system to do builds which OE doesnt00:05
m4tit affects standalone calls to 'gcc' as well, from what i can tell. since gcc is just a symlink to hardening-wrapper on the host filesystem, it affects anything that uses gcc.00:06
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khemhmm IIRC we called out to /usr/bin/gcc directly but you are saying thats a wrapper ?00:07
m4tyes debian/ubuntu uses dpkg-divert and moves it to gcc.real or similar00:07
m4t(only with the hardening-wrapper package installed)00:07
khemhmm, why cant they harden the toolchain default options00:08
khemlike gentoo00:08
khemin anycase, we should try to fix these packages00:08
khemonce for all00:08
kheminstead of bypassing these compiler options IMO00:08
m4tthere are 2 patches in the patchwork queue that fixes gettext00:09
m4tbut yeah it's more than just that apparently..00:09
m4t and
m4tbtw khem this is what hardening-wrapper does when it's installed, if you're curious:
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khemyeah no worries I got the idea how its working00:13
khembut one could modify gcc defaults to enable certain options by default00:14
khemwhich they dont seem to have done00:14
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m4ti was able to get it working with the wrapper installed and enabled by adding this to /etc/hardening-wrapper.conf: DEB_BUILD_HARDENING_FORMAT=0. so ssp etc is still there but just not the -Werror=format-string.00:20
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m4ti guess bitbake strips environmental variables at some point before gcc is called? that'd explain why it was still failing before00:21
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khemyes it flushes defaults00:41
khemyou can add them to whitelist00:41
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m4tah, thanks. i'll look into that.01:01
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #831 of nightly-world-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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piotr_I would like to have two different toochains for different architectures available and build selected recipies using this specific toolchain. What is the best/proposed way to do this?05:52
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LetoThe2ndpiotr_: inside a single build, you mean?06:01
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piotr_i have a special SoC, which has 3 CPUs, dual A9 and CM306:07
LetoThe2ndpiotr_: care to explain the usecase a bit? like, compiling and bundling in firmware?06:07
LetoThe2ndah well a9 and cm3 are no different arches, but only tunes :-)06:08
piotr_the default tune is cortexa9, so the SDK and apps are build using this tune06:08
LetoThe2ndexcept maybe if the cm3 need none-eabi, hmmm.06:09
piotr_in my case what i need to do is to build a CM3 SW, and include the binary in the A9 rootfs06:09
piotr_and i would like to build it using one command, like bitbake my-image06:10
piotr_and at the same time i would like to have an sdk from CM306:10
LetoThe2ndi see. my first idea would be to see if you can leverage something from
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LetoThe2ndbecause thats basically what you just described: building firmware (in that case, zephyr) for some simpler SoC06:11
LetoThe2ndthe rest should be just packageing and dependencies in my understanding06:12
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piotr_hmm, maybe i could just change the default tunes for the CM3 recipe?06:21
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piotr_and add dependency to the new cross compiler just like it is done in zephyr?06:22
LetoThe2ndpiotr_: i don't know the inner workings all too well, sorry. it was just my first thought.06:23
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TamisIf I want to submit a patch to poky. What's the official way? Is this guide valid?
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nrossiTamis: you don't submit to poky, you will need to submit to one of the sub-projects (bitbake, oe-core, meta-yocto)07:04
nrossi(well they are not sub-projects, but poky is just a git repo which is a merge of those three projects)07:04
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Tamisnrossi: ok I think I found it. I have to submit oe-core07:10
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Tamisnrossi: Thanks a lot. I will search of how to do it there, first.07:12
nrossiTamis: There is a nice wiki page that describes how to go about it
RPnrossi: did you manage to send that patch? I have someone else with that issue :/07:14
nrossiRP: i sent both out yesterday, even Cc'd you on both :)07:14
Tamisnrossi: Thanks a lot again!07:15
nrossiRP: bitbake one ->
nrossiRP: oe busybox one ->
RPnrossi: I'm pleased I asked as I have no record of these in my email :/07:16
nrossiRP: hmm odd, they didn't get put in your spam folder ?07:17
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RPnrossi: literally no mention of these even in my mail logs on the server :/07:20
nrossiRP: let me send you an email directly, let me know if you get it.07:22
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RPnrossi: I can see if on my mail server but its deferred, not sure why. Something isn't right :(07:30
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nrossiRP: sounds odd, if you get any more info let me know. If it matters I am using gmail for smtp07:32
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RPnrossi: it did come through in the end, unlike these list emails which I can't find08:07
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mcfriskHi, is there a way to detect recipes which have do_compile[noexec] = "1"? I run some static analysis tools over all recipes in our build and would like to skip all which don't have a do_compile task. grepping 'bitbake -e' output for every recipe feels a bit wrong..08:25
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JoiFI modified a dtsi and I'm trying to do a rebuild..11:02
JoiFBut it won't  :/11:02
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JoiFSo I'm wondering what I need to "touch" or do to make it rebuild?11:09
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jkuJoiF: you modified source code in workdir? "bitbake -C compile <recipe>" will invalidate the compile stamp and run default task11:46
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jkuah "dtsi". I should really start reading whole lines. That was the 3rd time responding without reading the whole thing today...11:48
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jkuis this really the cleanest oneliner for this purpose:11:52
jkuEXTRA_OECONF_append_class-target = "${@['', ' --disable-gettext '][(d.getVar('USE_NLS') == 'no')]}"11:52
jkuI'd like to do pretty much that but that line makes my head hurt11:52
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pohlyjku: ${@ ' --disable-gettext ' if d.getVar('USE_NLS') == 'no' else '--enable-gettext' }11:59
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pohlyOr empty  string instead of --enable-gettext, as in your array.12:00
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jkupohly: thanks, that looks much more reasonable12:00
pohlyI think the array trick pre-dates the if ... else construct in Python.12:01
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phako[m]what would you recommend as a beginners guide to yocto?12:20
LetoThe2ndphako[m]: the yocto quick start :)12:21
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yourfateif I want to compile a device tree for a dev board, do I need to use a dtc specifically for that board or can I use any?13:07
RPjku: Can I squash into your nativesdk distro_features change?13:14
*** cmoore33 <cmoore33!> has joined #yocto13:15
jkuRP: sure13:16
RPjku: that fixed issues the AB tests identified13:16
*** zeenix <zeenix!~zeenix@> has joined #yocto13:17
jkuRP: out of interest, what was the issue that needs libc-locales et al?13:20
jkuor is that just because it's sensible13:21
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC13:21
RPjku: nativesdk-glibc-locales won't build without it13:23
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto13:25
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RPpohly: why the long list of hardcoded tasks in the compat script?14:02
pohlyRP: because determining them at runtime is harder.14:03
RPpohly: why do we need a list at all?14:03
pohlySo that the tool knows that it should look at do_fetch before do_compile when both have signature differences, and then can prune do_compile entirely if the machine tuples are the same.14:04
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pohlyIn other words, start looking for a relevant difference at the start of building a recipe.14:04
RPpohly: I don't like having a hardcoded list like this at all, especially if it encodes relationships between the tasks :(14:05
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has quit IRC14:06
pohlyRP: it's not crucial to have the list absolutely correct. If a task isn't found or the order is slightly off, then it just won't pick the best task to look at.14:07
pohlyThe alternative is to pick one machine, generate the depgraph, and derive the current list from that. Doable.14:08
RPpohly: I think that sounds better, I have a very strong dislike of maintaining two sets of the same information14:08
*** zecke <zecke!~ich@> has joined #yocto14:08
pohlyCan we treat that as an enhancement for 2.4 in Bugzilla, with me as owner so that we don't forget?14:09
RPpohly: We can certainly do that but I don't think I can take the current patch14:09
pohlyCan you take it without the hard-coded list?14:09
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has quit IRC14:10
RPpohly: yes14:11
RPpohly: signature change stuff looks good, passed the tests and is merged btw, thanks14:11
pohlyI can see how much work it is to create the list dynamically. What's my deadline for such a patch (besides me "going on vacation on Friday")? If I don't get it done, plan B is to fall back to sorting alphabetically (not very developer friendly, but better than nothing).14:11
RPpohly: it depends how long it takes to get the fixes for runqemu really14:12
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pohlyRP: "fixes for runqemu" = running in commands via serial console fails? That's that I'm currently seeing.14:52
pohlyin oe-selftest14:52
ed2pohly: in which branch?14:53
*** ChrysD <ChrysD!500c1b54@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:53
pohlyed2: master from yesterday14:54
pohlyI haven't looked at it in detail.14:54
ed2pohly: I'll check it out. I'm working on it anyway.14:54
pohlyFor me, it'14:54
*** jmcruzal <jmcruzal!~jmcruzal@> has joined #yocto14:54
ed2pohly: any details on how exactly it breaks?14:55
pohlyrun_serial fails to execute a command, leading to:14:55
pohlyAssertionError: 1 != 0 : Failed to run command "findmnt / --output SOURCE --noheadings":14:55
pohlyApparently "t" is the output that it got.14:56
pohlyI also have the "command: not found" error when logging in manually. Perhaps that's it.14:56
pohlyIs that fixed in current master(-next)? RP pointed it out on the list, at least, so it is a known issue.14:57
pohlyEither way, I need to update before investigating.14:57
*** majuk <majuk!> has quit IRC15:01
ed2I looked at runqemu code today. it looks like when runqemu runs from bitbake, it still tries to use global sysroot. I don't know how does it work at all.15:01
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1209 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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RPSaur: Any idea on timescales on the useradd issue? I'm getting a bit worried about when I can run the release build as this is looking like the blocker :/15:22
Saur RP: I worked on it all through the night, and made some progress. But I still have a hard time to untangle all combinations of prepare_recipe_sysroot, populate_sysroot, various setscene tasks, etc...15:24
pohlyRP: FYI, I'm about to send a revised patch series with the task list determined dynamically.15:25
*** ed2 <ed2!Adium@nat/intel/x-hqzsshptpgulnlpa> has quit IRC15:25
SaurRP: There is code in useradd_sysroot_sstate() to create a ${RECIPE_SYSROOT}${bindir}/postinst-useradd-${PN} file. I tried to create that as ${SYSROOT_DESTDIR}${bindir}/postinst-useradd-${PN} from SYSROOT_PREPROCESS_FUNCS instead and that improved things a little. Then I had to get an hour of sleep...15:26
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has quit IRC15:26
SaurRP: I have pushed what I have to pkj/fix_useradd on
SaurRP: I split your commit in two since I really liked what you did with regardless of the other matter.15:31
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*** zecke <zecke!~ich@> has joined #yocto15:31
SaurRP: I have fixed some minor problems and renamed the two split_ functions to give them more appropriate names.15:32
RPSaur: makes sense, you can see where I was going with it15:33
SaurRP: Not really, actually. :) To me, having a postinst-useradd-${PN} file in the sysroot for all recipes that add users/groups and running them after copying ${datadir}/base-passwd/passwd.master to ${sysconfdir} should do the trick, as  long as it is done in all possible situations where the sysroot is setup...15:36
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RPSaur: hmm, I'm just looking at this all again and I think I'm misremembering details :/15:39
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has quit IRC15:39
RPSaur: I'll spend a few minutes on this, see if I can get anywhere15:39
RPSaur: I'd forgotten that useradd now creates those postinst files15:40
SaurPlease do, I will not have any time to work on it today anyway.15:40
RPSaur: having those available helps a lot15:40
SaurRP: But I have not been able to see them being used, at least not until I added my code to create them in ${SYSROOT_DESTDIR} instead of ${RECIPE_SYSROOT}...15:41
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SaurRP: Btw, another thing. AFAICT, with the current implementation, users/groups created in a dependency are never being made available in the sysroot for the recipe with the dependencies. This is a change compared to before. However, personally I like it as I think each recipe should be responsible for creating all users/groups it needs, but others may disagree. Anyway you need to decide whether this is how it should be or not...15:43
RPSaur: your change looks right. How this works at all I'm also not sure :/15:45
SaurRP: Well, that's kinda the problem. It doesn't work as it was. ;)15:46
*** rajm <rajm!> has quit IRC15:47
SaurRP: But even with my change, things are not working as I expect them to. I can see the postinst function of a recipe I depend on being run, but still the users it creates do not appear in the passwd file of my sysroot...15:47
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SaurRP: Unfortunately I have to run now to drive my son to floorball practice.15:49
SaurRP: But if you make any more findings, keep me posted.15:49
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RPSaur: will do15:56
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RPSay recipe A creates a user and recipe B depends on A. We can make recipe B create recipe A's users in it sysroot but we need the useradd tools. We don't want to have to markup up every recipe which indirectly depends on a recipe which uses adduser. So how do we solve this in an RSS world? :(16:50
RPSaur: ^^^16:50
frayDoesn't recipe B have a depednency on the useradd tools?16:51
RPfray: no, why would it?16:54
RPfray: A does the user creation and B may or may not care about that16:55
fraySorry then A..16:55
frayIf B requires A, and A has to add a user.. then A needs a dependency on the useradd tooling16:55
RPfray: so the tools are in the RSS for A, however when we create the sysroot for B, we need the tools16:56
RPthey are not in the RSS for B, nor is there a dependency to pull them in16:56
yoctiBug 7724: major, Medium, 2.4 M1, leonardo.sandoval.gonzalez, NEW , useradd.bbclass users cannot be safely referred to by dependent recipes due to sstate-induced race with base-passwd16:56
frayThe tools for adding users is small enough, why can't they be available to all RSS?  Since we know that all RSS will need at least minimal users being created (base-files), if not more.16:57
frayDependency inheritance of certain types is really needed for these types of host tools that are not generally available otherwise16:58
RPfray: there is no such mechanism and you'd have to remove circular dependencies16:58
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has quit IRC16:58
RPfray: the dependency chain turns out not to be so small either iirc16:58
frayI realize there is no mechanism -- but requiring Package A, that has a need for some tool as part of a postinstall script.. is pretty standard behavior.....  adduser of course is the most common that we have where this is needed, but it's a general problem elsewhere..16:59
RPlsandov: indeed, I remember that. The patch I have may help fix things16:59
fraythe alternative is that each package that uses a 'non-standard user' (not sure even how to define that) would need to have their own addusers..16:59
fraythis will cause a lot of extra overhead on the package install side16:59
RPfray: well, postinsts were meant to be used at all for these reasons in the rss/sstate context16:59
*** rajm <rajm!> has joined #yocto17:00
RPmeant not to be17:00
fraythen there has to be an alternative way (for rss) to setup users.  The values are known, could they be put into an sstate-cache control file and inherited/executed that way17:00
RPfray: without writing our own script version of useradd I'm not sure how to do that17:04
frayDoesn't rss populate the items based ont he sstate-cache files?17:05
RPfray: it currently stores the same useradd commands as would get used on target or when creating the sysroot originally17:07
frayyes, but couldn't you store something that says "I need the useradd tooling... after installing that into the rss, now run this script'?17:07
fraythen the adduser class can set whatever values are needed to write that special depednency into the sstate control file(s)...17:08
frayit does mean there will be a dependency that is not known at dep processing..17:08
RPfray: and that is the problem, we can't have deps we don't know about17:09
RPI think I know how we can make a gross hack and avoid most problems17:10
frayin this case, what is the problem having a (native) dep that isn't know during early processing?17:10
fraysince we know we have to install A to build B.. and A already will have a dep on the (native) useradd.. we can assume it exists17:10
*** jairglez <jairglez!jairdeje@nat/intel/x-irvjhvkhyaprksoq> has joined #yocto17:10
RPfray: we can't since A may come from sstate and not have it deps extracted17:12
*** t0mmy <t0mmy!> has joined #yocto17:13
frayEither B has to inherit A's deps (on select items) or we have to make sure that the tool is always avaialble to be loaded..17:13
frayI can't think of any other option17:13
RPfray: as I said, I think we can actually make this work in a reasonable way17:14
RPfray: only add users if the tools are available17:14
fraybut if we don't add the users, then the resulting packages won't have the users in them and we've got non-deterministic behavior17:15
RPfray: packages don't matter here its about sysroots and the behaviour is entirely deterministic17:15
fraythe package is generated from 'B' (which required A, which needed the adduser).  How will 'B' do a chown if it doesn't have the users..  if it allows that to fail then we've got non-deterministic package gen17:16
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RPfray: we make the assumption that B doesn't change ownerships to non-default users/groups unless it inherits useradd17:27
*** blueness <blueness!~blueness@gentoo/developer/blueness> has joined #yocto17:28
fraydo we have a verification in insane on that?17:29
RPfray: not sure17:29
frayif you inherit useradd, but don't actually set any users -- I thought that errored17:29
RPfray: well, it would be enough to add a depends on the useradd/groupadd tools17:29
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RPfray, Saur:
frayI don't see anything obviously wrong with it.   It should trigger faults if a package tries to chown w/o the user being there.. and also prevent implicit users/groups17:43
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RPlsandov: care to try the above patch with that bug you mentioned?18:31
lsandovRP: sure, let me try it18:34
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halsteadnrossi, Can I get your help troubleshooting an e-mail issue?20:12
halsteadnrossi, Could you forward me the original message, [PATCH] lib/bb/{data, siggen}: Don't warn on SkipRecipe exceptions, from your sent mail?20:13
*** lolsbor__ <lolsbor__!> has joined #yocto20:13
halsteadnrossi, Forward to if you could. Thank you!20:13
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majukSo I built a wandboard image based on Morty, and it appears that ALSA is hanging at startup.21:59
majukNot sure where to go from here. Any questions or suggestions appreciated.21:59
majukI say ALSA is hanging, but it could be the next thing in the boot process. Not sure what that might be.22:03
majukUBoot's bad CRC warning doesn't inspire much confidence either.22:04
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majukSo next step in the boot process should be mounting the file system.22:08
majukAccording to a working system compiled on Krogoth, anyhow.22:08
Crofton|workCRC warning is OK, run saveenv and it will go away22:08
majukCrofton|work: rgr, thanks.22:09
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Crofton|workI don't have any ideas about the real problem :)22:10
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majuklol, nuts.22:10
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