Monday, 2017-05-01

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RPseebs: I did wonder about a NAK disconnect command where the client actually disconnects. That way we're read anything left in the socket before closing it? or if a client disconnects immediately after a FASTOP, does that get lost?07:50
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MarcWehi im trying to build a cortexa8thf-neon system but when i build it with qt my fails. when i debug the file and print the gyp_config after it set the arm_neon bit and arm_FPU make config it is not showing the neon settings in the printed string09:45
MarcWesorry ignore last questing09:50
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riz_Has anyone experienced any issues with your image or toolchain trying to build packages that were not included in your image? I am having this issue with qtwebkits and qtscript. I never included them yet I am getting build errors for them.14:09
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riz_I get a bunch of undefined reference errors in the log file14:15
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riz_All the errors seem to be related to javascriptcore if that helps...14:33
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seebsThe problem is that if a client has sent a fastop message, which the server missed because of a race condition, the NAK would come in in response to the *next* command. So the fastop would still be lost.14:46
seebsBasically: You can't have reliability and fastop simultaneously.14:46
seebsHonestly, I think it probably makes more sense to raise open files limit if you need to be able to run large numbers of clients.14:46
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gdghi, I successfully compiled petalinux (meta-xilinx); with poky I was used to generate the SD card image with wic create sd-image-bootpart -e core-image-minimal; with petalinux I do not know how to generate the SD card image15:27
gdgI can still see all of my files in tmp/deploy/images/zc702-zynq7/ though15:28
gdgdo you have any suggestion?15:28
Crofton|workwhat files are there?15:29
gdgBOOT.bin                                                             fsbl-2017.1+gitAUTOINC+3813f14966-r0-zc702-zynq7-20170428230125.elf            uEnv.txt15:31
gdgcore-image-minimal-zc702-zynq7-20170429004550.rootfs.cpio            fsbl-2017.1+gitAUTOINC+3813f14966-r0-zc702-zynq7-20170428232410.elf            uEnv-zc702-zynq7.txt15:31
gdgcore-image-minimal-zc702-zynq7-20170429004550.rootfs.cpio.gz         fsbl-zc702-zynq7.elf                                                           uEnv-zc702-zynq7-v2017.01-xilinx-v2017.1+gitAUTOINC+92e3dd638b-r0.txt15:31
gdgcore-image-minimal-zc702-zynq7-20170429004550.rootfs.cpio.gz.u-boot  modules--4.9-xilinx-v2017.1+git0+68e6869cfb-r0-zc702-zynq7-20170428222418.tgz  uImage15:31
gdgcore-image-minimal-zc702-zynq7-20170429004550.rootfs.manifest        modules-zc702-zynq7.tgz                                                        uImage--4.9-xilinx-v2017.1+git0+68e6869cfb-r0-zc702-zynq7-20170428222418.bin15:31
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gdgsorry I was kicked out15:32
gdgdid you see the list of files?15:32
kergothuse a pastebin if you're pasting more than a couple lines at a time15:33
gdgBOOT.bin, *cpio*, *u-boot, *elf, modules*, *bin, uImage*, uEnv.15:33
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gdgso I have the bunch of files necessary to create a SD image, I can manually copy them, but I assume that there should be a way to automatically generated the SD image15:33
kergothhow you do so is completely dependent upon the bsp in question.15:34
kergothread the documentation for the layer15:34
gdgok, nobody here from meta-xilinx?15:35
nrossigdg: no idea what petalinux has anything to do with anything... but you can use wic with meta-xilinx to create sd images (like you mentioned)15:36
gdgnrossi: I am a n00b obviously15:37
gdgI took the doulos class (Simon Goda) that shows, and I assumed that the sequence of command for SD card image generation were the same15:39
gdgbut now I am assuming I have to follow this instructions15:41
gdgnrossi: if I use the standard command "wic create sdimage-bootpart -e core-image-minimal" ( I get the following error: Error: exec_cmd: install -m 0644 -D /home/giuseppe/research/projects/zynq/yocto-xilinx/build/tmp/deploy/images/zc702-zynq7/boot.bin /va15:53
gdgr/tmp/wic/build/boot/boot.bin returned '1' instead of 015:53
gdgthere is not boot.bin but BOOT.bin15:53
nrossigdg: oh your using the broken 'xilinx' branches of meta-xilinx from Xilinx's GitHub. I don't know if they work properly outside of petalinux.15:57
gdgnrossi: what do you mean with broken?15:59
gdgI was in some rush to wait for the May 5th release and I used the manifest
nrossigdg: Xilinx makes 'rel-v...' branches which are modified for petalinux. They rely on forked poky versions. If you are using a standard poky/oe release use the same named release branch of meta-xilinx otherwise you will likely hit issues.16:05
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1222 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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rizDoes anyone have any idea why a build of an image or toolchain might try including packages that were not included in the configuration? I have qtscript and qtwebkit throwing many errors however I never included them in my build21:29
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bluelightningriz: bitbake -g your-image and have a look at the resulting files (in particular
bluelightningnote that you'll need to examine it with a text editor or grep, regular dot viewers will choke on the size of the file21:31
rizSo, the image actually build fine, it is the toolchain that actually has error which is odd. I will try that now though and see21:34
rizWhat is even more odd is that I built the toolchanin and image many times before with no errors21:35
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mivondI'm having trouble with CMake in a yocto recipe21:58
mivondI am building/installing ok21:58
mivondbut I want to create a directory at /var/log/ from CMakeLists.txt21:59
mivondbut I keep getting an error21:59
mivondany ideas?21:59
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khemmivond: how are you trying to do it ?22:06
khemit could be CMake specific issue rather than yocto22:06
mivondkhem: I've tried multiple ways:
mivondperhaps it could be due to some error with FILES_${PN} in the bb recipe?22:08
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mivondkhem: Right now I'm trying add_custom_target(...) and am getting 'Error creating directory: /var/log/myCustomDir'22:13
rizbluelightning: I checked all dependencies and qtscript and qtwebkit are nowhere to be found yet I get build error for those when building the sdk with populate_sdk22:16
bluelightningriz: can you pastebin the error?22:17
rizThat is the log file. A bunch of undefined references until qtwebkit eventually just fails22:19
rizAnd what is even more odd, is sometimes it is qtwebkit, then other times qtscript. I wipe out the tmp directory in between and cleanall22:20
bluelightningriz: if you run bitbake -g -c populate_sdk your-image there surely must be a reference to qtwebkit in the file22:20
rizOK. Ill try that now22:20
mivondkhem: if I try to mkdir /var/log/myCustomDir from the bb recipe do_install() then it says Permission Denied22:23
khemmivond: files in /var/log are better created at runtime or post install time22:24
mivondkhem: Any suggestions how? I really don't want to worry about setting up anything on first boot. I'd much rather do this stuff from the CMake, but I can't get it to work from either22:25
kergothmivond: /var/log is often redirected into volatile paths,  you really should be using volatiles or tmpfiles.d for that, as khem indicates22:26
rizbluelightning: I do see dependencies now. It says qtquick1 and packagegroup-qt5-toolchain-target.do_package_write_ipk depend on qtwebkit22:26
rizBut how would I exclude it? Do I have to go into the individual recipes?22:26
mivondkergoth: hmm ok I'll have to research this22:28
kergothor just create what it needs on demand at runtime, on an as needed basis22:30
bluelightningriz: I just looked at those recipes22:31
bluelightningriz: for qtquick1 you'll need to set PACKAGECONFIG_pn-qtquick1 = "" to exclude the webkit dependency22:31
khemmivond: kergoth set the value via a .conf file and then create the file during your daemon init is one way22:32
bluelightningriz: for the toolchain packagegroup you can probably just set USE_RUBY = "" (but that'll cut out a bunch of other stuff, see the recipe for details)22:32
rizAhh ok. If I just include qtwebkit in my image would that fix the error?22:33
bluelightningriz: no, qtwebkit itself is failing to build... no idea why exactly22:33
bluelightningI'm assuming you just want to exclude that rather than fix it ?22:33
rizI would rather exclude it, yes. But now the other side of me wants to fix the qtwebkit issue in case I need it down the road.22:35
mivondkhem: so it's discouraged to write anything to /var/* during the bitbaking process? Due to redirection to /var/volatile?22:35
rizbluelightning: For now I will make append files to exlude it from the recipes though22:35
rizbluelightning: Thanks!22:35
kergothmivond: run and log in particular are the issue, but yes, best not unless there's no other option22:38
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khemmivond: its not specifically discouraged by yocto but by FHS22:52
khemOE build system being a cross build system you have more specific errors which you will get by not noticing when doing native builds22:53
khemsince the persistent volatile dirs like /var/log are already present and populated22:53
mivondok thanks22:54
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khemzeddii: I am seeing a new thing on qemumips64 kernel 3.10 with gcc 7 ( may be its there with gcc6 too ) sometimes kernel crashes sometimes it doesnt23:00
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*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto23:01
khemzeddii: there must be some love between gcc and kernel which is being exposed here dont know who is to blame23:01
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