Friday, 2017-05-26

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khemkcroot: whats the error message ?00:39
khemblack_13: you can use bitbake-layers add-layer cmd00:40
khemfirst clone the matching branch e.g. git clone git:// -b pyro00:40
khemthen cd into poky and use bitbake-layers add-layer <relative path to meta-qt5>00:41
black_13does the follow instructions make sense
black_13khem where do clone into the poky directory?00:43
khemit doesnt matter but yeah into poky is ok00:47
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #900 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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stdintI have tried the the latest poky from git, I found the populate_sdk won't include the pc files of the pkgconfig anymore05:59
stdintshould I use the Extensible SDK?05:59
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1114 of nightly-mips-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1238 of nightly is complete: Failure [failed BitbakeSelftest] Build details are at
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janiAnyone has any clues: i have a project which recently migrated to morty, in the process the build broke in ci which explicitly uses source mirroring from a https host which also required authentication.. SOURCE_MIRROR_URL was set to "https://user:pass@host/path/" format, which failed in do_fetch phase. After getting rid of user:pass, fetching works again.08:01
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CostinChi all09:44
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hattzyHi. If i have an autotools based recipe, is it possible to install aditional files along with the ones installed by autotools? (i have an autotools application and i want to add a systemd service for it, but when i add a do_install_append task the QA complains that i have installed files not in any package)09:49
rburtonwhich means you need to set FILES_${PN} or whatever package you want the files to be in09:50
rburtonalso note there is a systemd class which helps with systemd bit09:50
hattzycan i append files to FILES_${PN}? (i assume that autotools adds files to FILES_${PN} and that when i try to add my files to it i overwrite the variable)09:52
rburtonyes, use +=09:52
hattzyWill try that now09:52
rburtonif you use = then yes, you'll be overwriting09:52
rburtoni suggest you read the docs on how recipe syntax works09:52
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pohlyrburton: is my impression correct that OE-core's meta/class/sanity.bbclass oecore_update_bblayers() contains code that is only applicable to the Poky distribution?10:07
pohlyHmm, not quite. It is specific to OE-core's meta/conf/bblayers.conf.sample.10:10
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pohlyBut the end result is the same: the class doesn't do the right thing for other distros which happen to reach lconf >= 4.10:11
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pohlyFor example, in refkit I now get a "Your conf/bblayers.conf has been automatically updated." although the necessary changes have not been made at all.10:11
pohlyHow have other distros dealt with that?10:11
pohlySurely we are not the first to hit this?10:11
rburtonmaybe other distros haven't been using layer versions10:14
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pohlyrburton: the code which runs after the initial version comparison must be taken from the same place as local.conf.sample. Any suggestions on how to do that?10:18
rburtonnothing simple comes to mind10:19
pohlyPerhaps via local.conf.sample + INHERIT.10:19
pohlyAnd the in the inherited class provide the additional code.10:19
rburtonyeah that should work10:20
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pohlyI just suspect that it is too late for refkit: current build configurations will be handled incorrectly because local.conf won't have such an INHERIT.10:24
CostinCis there a place in the mega-manual where the syntax for variables like this:10:26
CostinCUBOOT_CONFIG ??= "emmc sdcard"10:26
CostinCUBOOT_CONFIG[emmc] = "myBoard_emmc_defconfig,,u-boot-with-spl-pbl.bin"10:26
CostinCUBOOT_CONFIG[sdcard] = "myBoard_sdcard_config,,u-boot-with-spl-pbl.bin"10:26
CostinCis explained ?10:26
CostinCi don't really understand the list like syntax and how it impacts the build system10:26
CostinCI'm trying to separatelly build U-boot without bitbake10:27
CostinCand try to fing out all dependencies10:27
CostinCin other words, do a reverse engineering of the build process10:28
rburtonthats specific to the uboot recipe so you'll want to read that.  looks like its doing the same sort of thing as PACKAGECONFIG, ie UBOOT_CONFIG selects options (emmc and sdcard) and then the values in [emmc] and [sdcard] are used10:28
rburtonthe recipe is the only place that will tell you what those values actually mean10:28
CostinCi'll have a look on it10:29
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CostinCis there a way to find the location of a recipe exept doing a find in the location indicated by BBLAYERS?10:35
CostinCe.g. i want to see where is located10:35
CostinCfrom within bitbake  doing something like bitbake -e a | grep ^somevar=10:36
CostinC... if this is the right way10:36
rburton$ bitbake-layers show-recipes u-boot -f10:37
rburton=== Matching recipes: ===10:37
rburton(-f is —filenames)10:37
CostinCnice ... forgot about this one10:37
CostinCthanks Ross10:37
janianyone here done change requests from gerrit to yocto builds ? Top level layers are easy as i can just do a checkout just before the build but for recipes which do git checkouts its a bit more troublesome ..10:44
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pohlyrburton: do you understand how the oecore_update_bblayers() code is meant to work? Does it get called repeatedly? For example, the code for "if current_lconf == 4 and lconf_version > 4" just does one change and bumps from 4 to 5, then returns.11:56
pohlyAlso, is that code really still working? The code for "current_lconf == 5 and lconf_version > 5" calls "status.addresult()" but "status" is undefined in the oecore_update_bblayers() function.11:58
pohlyLooks like the code was copied from elsewhere - check_sanity() perhaps.11:58
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Ox4hello guys, is it correct recipe if I use several repositories in one repo? What value SRCREV should contain in this case?13:02
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lsandovOx4: what do you mean by several repositories in one repo?13:04
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lsandovOx4: you should use only use just one repo per recipe13:04
lsandovOx4: in case of many, not sure which will pick....13:05
Ox4in one recipe*13:05
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Ox4the SRC_URI contains several git repositories13:06
Ox4and I want to use particular commit for each source code13:06
lsandovOx4: but why do you want several repositories? one recipe one source tree, that is the common situation13:06
lsandovOx4: create multiple recipes, each with one pointing to a specific repo and commit ID, that is the safest13:07
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Ox4lsandov: because this application has dependencies13:08
rburtonOx4: name them and you can set srcrev per-repo13:08
Ox4hm, ok13:08
Ox4thank you13:08
rburtonsee cross-localedef-native.bb13:08
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rburtoned2: around?13:13
lsandovrburton: but in that case, recipe is just changing the SRCREV but the SRC_URI remains static13:13
rburtonwell setting a single srcrev in a recipe with many git clones is meaningless13:14
rburtonthe rev= bits can be removed and replaced with a series of SRCREV_name assignments13:14
rburtonOx4 may then want to look up SRCREV_FORMAT to control what happens to the version13:15
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neverpanicAnd make sure your values for name are prefix-free w.r.t. to each other if you use SRCREV_FORMAT. Don't try app_a and app_a_libs together in SRCREV_FORMAT...13:26
neverpanic(Not sure if that was fixed meanwhile, it was broken a while ago)13:27
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Ox4rburton: what do you mean?13:48
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JPEWhackerIs it OK to have non-alphanumeic characters in a recipe name (i.e. "dbus-c++")?14:17
JPEWhackerarchive.bbclass fails in this specifc example, but I wonder if that is a bug or expected14:17
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC14:18
neverpanicJPEWhacker: No, + in specific doesn't work due to variants14:19
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neverpanicErrr, nevermind, wrong packaging system.14:20
neverpanicJPEWhacker: Pretty sure ++ in recipe names work, we have common-api-c++-dbus.bb14:21
JPEWhackerOk, thanks. I will submit a patch.14:22
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Ox4neverpanic: can I skip SRCREV_FORMAT at all?14:30
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neverpanicProbably, if you have one default-named source, in which case that default source will be used.14:34
neverpanicThere may be a sanity check that forces you to set it, though.14:35
neverpanicI would recommend setting it.14:35
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Ox4neverpanic: what value should be set?15:05
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neverpanicOx4: That depends on what you want the version to look like. For SRC_URI = "url1;name=name1 url2;name=name2" SRCREV_FORMAT="name1_name2" and SRCREV_name1 = "abc", SRCREV_name2 = "def", it will be "abc_def"15:07
neverpanicIf there's a hierarchy between your different sources, sort in order of descending importance15:07
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Ox4neverpanic: understood, thank you15:08
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Ox4hm, I have got an error :-(15:22
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rburtonMarex: can you resend the u-boot openssl patch with all the correct headers?  missing signedoff and upstream-status.15:29
rburton(your sob in the patch header, and they're either Submitted or Accepted depending on whether you grabbed them from the list or if they're in the repo already)15:30
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Marexrburton: sure, I plan to do that15:59
Marexrburton: I saw your email, I'll process that in bulk15:59
Marexrburton: can you at least apply the u-boot 2017.05 and qemu updates ?15:59
*** lexano_ <lexano_!> has joined #yocto16:00
rburtonyeah they're all in mut now16:01
rburtongoing to hit the AB shortly16:01
Marexrburton: super, I'll wait for them to be pushed, then rebuild and retest16:01
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khemrburton: sent couple of patches one of them is for glibc16:15
khemin preparation for glibc 2.2616:15
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rburtonkhem: bets on how much the hardening will break stuff?16:28
rburtonie is it worth running that on the AB standalone to isolate any breakage16:28
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kergothwe should really make bitbake's better_compile/better_exec actually be better17:51
kergothwhen the failure is in python, it's inferior to the default exception traceback. doesn't show the failed line, doesn't show the column it failed on, etc17:51
kergothRP1: ^17:52
kergothhad to add a logger.exception() to actually find the cause of my exception17:52
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dl9pf_is it possible to build the esdk with meta-qt5 ?!18:24
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RP1kergoth: I agree fwiw20:43
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berndhswhere do I specify the IMAGE_FEATURES ? what file does that go in? it says it can fo local.conf but that it's a bad idea. WHere does it go?22:49
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berndhsI search for where to set IMAGE_INSTALL and IMAGE_FEATURES, it only tells me where NOT to set them23:03
berndhsi would like to know where to set them23:03
kergothjust create your own image23:04
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #901 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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