Monday, 2017-05-29

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berndhsblack_13: there is also this page
black_13berndhs: thanks00:06
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black_13berndhs: would you know how to use the meta-qt5 layer00:24
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berndhsnot really. I know you can do stuff like bitbake qt-core00:29
berndhsto build rpms00:29
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berndhsand I find the rpms in this directory:00:32
black_13berndhs: do you have an example of qt-core use ?00:32
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berndhsam i diconnected?00:33
berndhshere /home/bernd/dawork/yocto/poky/rpi-build/tmp/deploy/rpm/cortexa7hf_neon_vfpv400:33
berndhsah, a bug in my client, if input starts with a / it takes it as a command00:34
berndhslike /join or /part or /whois00:34
berndhsshould do that, shoi;d ask probably00:34
berndhsblack_13: qt core is just bawsic doe, right?00:35
berndhsI haven't managed to build qt-creator, just started yesterday00:35
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berndhsblack_13: for your enjoyment:
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berndhsmy build seems to hang on the part 0: glib-2.0-1_2.50.3-r0 do_package - 7401s (pid 19900)01:52
berndhswhy would it hang there?01:53
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bluelightningberndhs: that's unusual02:03
bluelightningberndhs: perhaps you can look in the task log for some clues?02:03
berndhslet me check there02:06
berndhsi will just tail the next one over night, see what the end sayd02:11
berndhsI think it has been hanging like that 2nd half of today, didn't matter much what I was building02:11
berndhsas if it is runnign out of soemthing, but I can't tell what02:13
berndhsplenty disk space, enough memory, all is there02:14
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bluelightningwell, it would be interesting to see where the log ended for the one currently running (or that was running, if you already stopped it)02:38
berndhsi whacked it already. Will report anything unusual on the next one, probably people want to know02:39
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CostinCmorning all05:53
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mckoangood morning06:42
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top22I'm using the krogoth branch of yocto and after adding systemd to my distro, udhcpc is not started automatically; I guess ifupdown used to do that but now /etc/network/interfaces does not exist anymore08:25
top22what is the right way to launch udhcpc with systemd ?08:25
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ChrysDtop22 : you certainly need to do a service08:43
top22networkd is not provided by default, right ?08:43
top22I saw somebody do a bbappend for systemd to enable netword (
ChrysDtop22 : let me see for myself08:44
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ChrysDtop22 : in my case I have a systemd-networkd.service on my board, maybe i can check for the recipe08:47
top22ChrysD: cool, thanks :)08:47
ChrysDtop22 : But certainly you will need a service for udhcpc08:48
ChrysDtop22 : somewhere i have that
ChrysDtop22 : I mean that PACKAGECONFIG ??= "sysusers lz4 kmod networkd resolved"08:49
top22ChrysD: if I have netword and udhcpc.service, networkd is for bringing the interface up and udhcpc.service is for getting an ip?08:51
ChrysDtop22 : I'm not familiar but I guess yes + the configuration of the interface08:51
ChrysDtop22 : you should see documentation about networking and systemD08:52
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ChrysDtop22 : Because you will certainly need .socket also08:53
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top22ChrysD: ok I'll check that out; but it's strange, I would have thought it would be really straightforward as with ifupdown :)08:54
ChrysDtop22 : Maybe is also straightforward, but in a different way as you are not used to08:55
ChrysDtop22 : I checked, and you have some files like "" in /etc/systemd/network08:56
ChrysDtop22 : and it seems that /etc/systemd/network it's like the /etc/network/interfaces08:56
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ChrysDtop22 : So i guess if you enable systemd-networkd, you will have everything needed, you will have to provide .network files to set up the interfaces and also a service for you uhdcpc08:58
top22Yes, I'll give it a shot, one more question; Shouldn't the networkd and resolved but added in the distro ?09:00
top22Or should I just do a bbappend of systemd in my layer ?09:00
ChrysDtop22 : you mean for adding the networkd?09:02
ChrysDtop22 : maybe a systemd_%.bbappend09:03
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ChrysDIs there anyone familiar with barebox here?09:28
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ChrysDtop22 : have made a test, in /lib/systemd/network I putted a file and it configure my wlan009:31
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ChrysDtop22 : I made a test09:34
ChrysDtop22 : i have put a file like wlan0.service in /lib/systemd/network09:35
ChrysDtop22 : and it worked in my case09:35
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top22ChrysD: thanks for the info; I added networkd but the start fails with result 'exit-code'09:39
ChrysDtop22 : how did you add it?09:40
top22using a bbappend in my layer09:40
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ChrysDtop22 : and what was the error09:49
top22the systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service fails to start now because there is an unknown user 'systemd-network'09:50
top22so I should probably add that in the do_install_append09:50
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top22ChrysD: My new bbappend with the creation of users:
ChrysDtop22 : i don't know if it is mandatory, but on lot of files i checked that there is "number " before the file. Like 10-eth0.network10:01
top22I think you're right10:02
ChrysDtop22 : so i don't know if it is just a name, or if there is a script that check for name file and the number specify a kind of priority or whatever10:02
ChrysDtop22 : I'm not the best that can help you... I'm new in yocto, new in systemd.. new in lot of things ahahah10:03
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top22ChrysD: thanks a lot for your help; I got the network  working10:25
top22however, I'm under the impression that there is a dhcp client integrated in systemd as I dont need udhcpc to run to get an ip10:26
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ChrysDtop22 : Have you checked into some files?10:52
ChrysDtop22 : like /lib/systemd/network10:52
ChrysDtop22 : or /usr/lib/systemd/network10:52
ChrysDtop22 : how to configure it on systemd10:53
ChrysDtop22 : maybe you have it directly10:54
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ttllkkHi I am trying to comiple a OpenSSL engine with Yocto11:02
ttllkkcould anyone help me with that?11:02
ttllkkI am not sure if I should do that in the OpenSSL recipe, or in a new one. The Engine code seems to use header files from the openssl source code (internal ones, not only the ones exposed in the SDK)11:03
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phako[m]what is  IMAGE_FEATURES[validitems] for? Specifiying the features that I can set with IMAGE_FEATURES?11:17
RP1phako[m]: yes11:18
RP1ttllkk: if it uses internal headers from openssl you'd probably have to modify the recipe to install them somewhere the other recipe can find them11:18
phako[m]RP1: thx11:19
RP1phako[m]: its there so the code can check the options specified are valid11:20
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ttllkkRP1 which recipe, the openssl one?11:28
ttllkkyou mean modifying that recipe so that the interal headers used also go to the SDK?11:28
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RP1ttllkk: yes11:41
RP1ttllkk: needing headers which aren't installed is usually a bad sign though :/11:42
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pohlyWhy do several recipes in OE-core reference license files as file://${COREBASE}/meta/... ?12:31
pohlyIs that the right fallback when nothing in the component's source code specifies the license?12:31
pohlyTo me it seems that such LIC_FILES_CHKSUM entries defeat the purpose of the variable.12:31
pohlyWell, at least the "checksum" part.12:32
pohlyIt still ensures that there is a valid license text, in case that someone wants to gather those.12:32
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RP1pohly: I think that is used when there is no license text, e.g. a packagegroup?13:01
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pohlyRP1: yes, it seems to be some kind of fallback. I just wonder whether using this approach should be discourage and instead the authors of the code should add proper license declarations.13:03
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pohlyI've been "guilty" (?) of using the COREBASE license for initramfs-framework modules.13:03
RP1pohly: it certainly does get scrutiny, I don't really see the point of copying a MIT text into lots of directories though13:04
*** RP1 is now known as RP13:04
pohlyRP: but a licensing comment in the source code would be suitable, right?13:04
RPpohly: if there are sources, yes13:05
pohlyNow that I think of it, my initramfs-framework modules don't have source code - the small scripts are generated by the recipe.13:05
RPpohly: that would indeed be preferable13:05
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Crofton|workIt is a holiday guys!13:07
florianhi Crofton|work :)13:08
ttllkkRP1 I know, unfortunately this openssl engine is not written by me =(13:10
ttllkkThanks for your help!13:10
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Crofton|workflorian, Hi!13:13
Crofton|workI hope things are well13:14
Crofton|workHoliday here, so having a barbecue, going to be a long day :)13:14
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florianAh very good... I could need some day off as well.13:18
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1120 of nightly-mips-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
rj_Is there any way to tell a recipe in what sysroot the usr/include folder is located? Currently a file called "x86_64-poky-linux-g++" looks in the "x86_64-linux" sysroot for header files. But it has to look in the "genericx86-64" sysroot13:20
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ChrysDWhat does it imply to configure network interface on Barebox directly?13:31
ChrysDDoes it create files like .network files automatically once in the rootfs?13:31
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RPCrofton|work: I could quite fancy a bbq but the weather here isn't right13:51
RPrj_: are you passing the --sysroot= option to the compiler?13:51
*** Bunio_FH1 <Bunio_FH1!> has joined #yocto13:53
rj_RP: I don't, at least not that i know of. However when compiling it does show --sysroot= being set to the genericx86_64 directory. But when checking the libtool program, it has the wrong sysroot13:53
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC13:55
rj_RP: I'm currently rebuilding the programm with "--with-libtool-sysroot=Path/To/Sysroot" passed to the configure script13:55
*** ash_charles <ash_charles!~acharles@2607:fad8:4:6:5aac:892e:cbe9:f7fc> has quit IRC13:55
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rj_RP: Which results in the same error sadly...13:57
RPrj_: did you reautoconf it?13:58
rj_RP: how would i do that?13:58
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto13:58
RPrj_: run reautoconf?13:59
rj_RP: well, i deleted the full tmp folder before, so it is pretty much a clean build13:59
*** AndersD <AndersD!~anders@> has quit IRC14:00
rj_RP: The thing is, everytime the recipe can't find stdlib.h even though it is there14:01
*** adca <adca!~adca@> has joined #yocto14:01
RPrj_: if its looking in the wrong sysroot, that isn't surprising14:01
RPrj_: My question was about whether your do_configure runs autoreconf or libtoolize (assuming its an autoconf based recipe)14:02
RPIf it doesn't run those, it may not be finding the correct libtool version for example14:02
*** ttllkk <ttllkk!424dae7b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:02
rj_RP: i don't have a do_configure in my recipe14:03
rj_RP: i inherit autotools-brokensep14:03
RPrj_: ok, so it should be being reautoconf'd already14:03
RP(the autotools class handles it)14:03
rj_Ah alright ^^14:03
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1168 of nightly-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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berndhsthis isn't right, i see bitbake rpi-test-image fail because of15:43
berndhsNOTE: make -j 4 install DESTDIR=/home/bernd/dawork/yocto/poky/rpi-build/tmp/work/cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv4-poky-linux-gnueabi/libtalloc/2.1.9-r0/image15:44
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berndhsfor those that are interested and awake
*** jku <jku!> has joined #yocto15:46
berndhsthat is the script giving, eventually, the "no rule to make target install"15:47
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berndhsNOTE: make -j 4 install DESTDIR=/home/bernd/dawork/yocto/poky/rpi-build/tmp/work/cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv4-poky-linux-gnueabi/libtalloc/2.1.9-r0/image16:15
berndhsfor those that are interested and awake
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barry_scottAnyone available to help a beginner?16:42
barry_scottI've built an image (core_image_base) for a Beaglebone Black, and put it onto an SD card with dd16:42
barry_scottbut U-Boot sits at "Trying to boot from MMC1"16:43
barry_scottIt is using the SD card because the date U-Boot prints is todays16:44
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paulgcan you intercept u-boot before it tries to auto boot and run some mmc commands manually?16:58
berndhsno i cant see anything, monitor is not working17:00
berndhswrong resolution probably17:00
berndhssorry wrong window17:02
*** aehs29 <aehs29!aehernan@nat/intel/x-itlmfihlkpyywseg> has joined #yocto17:03
paulghow are you cureently set up?    3.3V USB to serial adapter, or ... ?17:04
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barry_scottI've got an FTDI cable on the J1 header of the Beaglebone, and I'm using minicom to receive the text17:17
barry_scottall that I receive from the board is:17:18
barry_scottU-Boot SPL 2017.01 (May 29 2017 - 14:20:46)17:18
barry_scottTrying to boot from MMC117:18
barry_scottto get that I plug it in with button S2 pressed17:19
paulgok, so  it isn't that it fails to boot a kernel ; it fais to load u-boot itself.17:19
barry_scottah right17:19
barry_scottwhat do you think would cause that?17:19
paulgit could be a regression in u-boot that hasn't been noticed yet ; it could be a slightly crappy SD card....17:20
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has quit IRC17:20
barry_scottis the text I see from the first stage of U-Boot, which is then failing to load the second stage?17:20
barry_scottI'll see if I can hunt down an alternative SD card to try17:21
paulgI'm not 100% sure on the boot sequence of the BB.17:21
barry_scottOK no worries17:21
barry_scottthanks for your help so far :)17:21
paulgbut chances are it tries to load a small chunk to then run and continue loading more.17:21
*** vm_ <vm_!> has joined #yocto17:22
paulghere is what I was thinking of  running mmc commands manually, if you ever get u-boot to bootstrap itself...17:24
vm_hi, i wrote a own layer with recipes-bsp/u-boot/   set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader ="u-boot-mydistro"  in build/conf/local.conf   and run  bitbake -c devshell u-boot-mydistro     and in the new shell i run  make mydistro_defconfig   and then  make   but then i get an error about   bad value -march=armv5       the arm version for the build seemed to be armv7-a17:26
vm_whenn i run bitbake u-boot-mydistro it runs without errors  but in the tmp/work dir is no binary17:28
barry_scottThanks paulg17:29
barry_scottI was expecting some kind of console for U-Boot, as that's what I've seen before17:29
paulgbarry_scott, no prob ; next step might be to get a known valdated image (with u-boot) for that board and put taht on your card.17:30
paulgrule out the card vs.  u-boot itself being borked.17:30
barry_scottYeah that's a good idea17:32
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has joined #yocto17:32
barry_scottI think I have a spare SD card I can try too, but I'll try a different image first17:32
berndhshow can I restrict packages locale? I don't want to spend the time up front to support everything in 129 different languages17:44
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paulgberndhs, I believe you can put something like ...18:01
paulgin one of your conf files.18:02
paulgshould at least give you something to google for.18:02
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barry_scottSo I downloaded the Debian Jessie IoT image from here:
barry_scottcopied it to the SD card with dd19:13
barry_scottand it behaves exactly the same as my Yocto image19:13
barry_scottso I guess either my SD card or Beaglebone is faulty19:13
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lsandovbarry_scott: double check the memory address you are using to flash kernel into memory19:24
paulglsandov, he isn't even getting that far ; u-boot itself isn't managing to post.19:29
paulgbarry_scott, on the bright side, it is probably easier to buy another cheap/small u-SD card than it is to try and bisect u-boot.  :)19:30
lsandovpaulg: I see. Agree, bisecting uboot is not the best approach.19:31
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barry_scottThanks for the advice, I'll try a new SD card and see what happens then :)20:17
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berndhsi'm seeing a recurring problem in building libtalloc22:34
berndhscomes down to calling make, and no make install label defined22:34
berndhsthat seems really wrong22:34
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bluelightningberndhs: are you using the libtalloc recipe in meta-networking ?22:44
berndhsprobably, i'm not sure wehre it comes from. Should I not use it?22:45
bluelightningno, I guess I was wondering if you'd written your own perhaps22:45
berndhsno this is all stick stuff right now22:45
*** nemunaire <nemunaire!> has joined #yocto22:45
berndhsjust want to make a minimum thig for raspi22:45
berndhsthen add things as needed, to keep things minimum size and complexity22:46
bluelightninghmm, well it looks like make install is expected to work there22:46
berndhsoh i'm sure of that too, i just dont know where it went22:47
*** ant_home <ant_home!> has quit IRC22:47
berndhsmakefile got lost perhaps,  but how would i know?22:48
berndhswhere is the Makefile for that in any case? or is it built on the fly ?22:50
berndhsi think it's built on the fly22:56
bluelightningit is, you'll find it in the build directory for the recipe22:57
bluelightningbitbake -e libtalloc | grep ^B=22:57
bluelightning(according to the recipe, it's using waf to build so I guess waf is producing the makefile)22:58
berndhsI went into the tmp directory, with a find i blew away everything called libtalloc*23:01
berndhsto make it rebuild that library23:02
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bluelightningberndhs: it's much safer to do bitbake -c cleansstate libtalloc23:21
*** majuk <majuk!> has quit IRC23:24
berndhsok will do that. That rebuilds only that target from scratch?23:25
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berndhsi need to find out how to supress wayland and romanian ant turkish support. I don't need any of that, and its dozens of packages23:48
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