Thursday, 2017-06-01

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tasslehoffI've created my own image/machine and have two issues. 1. When I compile the image, u-boot is not built (it is for the image/machine I based my files on). 2. The kernel-image-uimage recipe is empty.06:38
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mckoantasslehoff: would be better to have a look at your code, but...07:17
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mckoantasslehoff: in the machine.conf you need EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS += "u-boot"07:18
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mckoantasslehoff: 2. what kernel-image-uimage recipe is?07:18
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mckoantasslehoff: do you know yocto-bsp command?07:19
tasslehoffmckoan: linux-variscite_4.1.15.bb07:19
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tasslehoffmckoan: stripping var-som-mx6 from PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot_var-som-mx6 and PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader_var-som-mx6 seems to have made it build u-boot. does that make sense?07:21
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tasslehoffmckoan: no, I don't know that command.07:21
tasslehoffI come from the past. Have been stuck on a HW that only would run Dylan.07:22
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tasslehoffThings are so much better now :)07:23
tasslehoffOooh. And the hostname of my work pc is Pyro, so I need to run that release :)07:24
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tasslehoffhm. harder to figure out why the kernel-image/kernel-image-uimage package is empty08:23
tasslehoffkernel, kernel-image and kernel-image-uimage are all empty08:26
tasslehoffkernel-modules as well, but kernel-modules-*, kernel-dev and kernel-vmlinux are populated08:26
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mckoantasslehoff: what do you mean with 'kernel-image' ?08:30
tasslehoffmckoan: that is one of the rpm's produced by a kernel build08:30
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mckoantasslehoff: and do you have the kernel binary image in the images directory?08:32
tasslehoffmckoan: yes08:32
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tasslehoffmckoan: oh h*ll08:38
tasslehofflinux-variscite.bbappend has a do_install_append that deletes the image from /boot....08:38
mckoantasslehoff: they are famous for doing weird things ;-)08:39
tasslehoffmckoan: hehe. as long as I can figure out what :)08:39
tasslehoffIf I create a do_install_append. will that override theirs, or will both run?08:39
tasslehoffeasy to test :)08:40
mckoantasslehoff: if your meta-custom has higher priority shoult be taken into account08:40
tasslehoffmckoan: it does. thanks08:41
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tasslehoffmckoan: but both do_install_append functions will be ran?09:14
tasslehoffI have to run the "opposite" or comment out this from their do_install_append: rm -rf ${D}/boot/${KERNEL_IMAGETYPE}-${KERNEL_VERSION} || true;09:16
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tasslehoffyeah, so I have to find an opposite command to put it back, if I do not want to change their layer.09:17
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tasslehoffsent a pull request to remove the bbappend09:37
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jkuhmm, cursor keys seem to not work in qemu on wayland09:55
jkuwayland (gnome-shell) host, I mean09:56
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jose__I using SRCREV  = "${AUTOREV}" and PV = "3.7.0+git${SRCPV}" what should I put in PREFERRED_VERSION to always build the last commit10:00
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T_UNIXHi! What's the supposed way to use USERADD_PACKAGES as part of an image?10:19
T_UNIXI moved the USERAD_* stuff from an application's bb to an image's bb with the result being that the functions are not executed :-/10:19
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jkuT_UNIX: it specifies the packages that require extra users... logically it belongs to the recipe of the app that needs the users10:22
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mckoantasslehoff: do you mean that both do_install_append are run?10:24
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maxinT_UNIX: as jku mentioned, extrausers class should be used at image level:
T_UNIXjku: okay. Can I leave the instructions in the image's bb and just set the correct PN value(s)?10:37
maxinT_UNIX: for extrausers class usage, please have a look here:
T_UNIXno login free browsing? :-/10:39
maxinT_UNIX: ah, sorry -
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lukmaIf I may ask:10:58
lukmaI do experience following error :
lukmaMaybe somebody had a similar issue?10:59
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tasslehoffmckoan: yes, seems they accumulate11:15
T_UNIXmaxin: so I'm supposed to use extrausers class instead of USERADD_ stuff?11:15
T_UNIXeven to initially add a user?11:16
maxinT_UNIX: yes, we need to inherit extrausers, instead of useradd class-
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maxinT_UNIX: depending upon the use - in a package recipe( useradd) or in an image (extrausers)11:20
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vchonghi, does anyone knows the purpose of specifying a patch file and not apply it? e.g. file://foo.patch;apply=no13:03
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rburtonbecause you'll do something with it later, maybe apply it manually13:07
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tasslehoffI did inherit core-image and added the stuff I figured I need. My machine works, but I have no networking/eth0. This is a freescale machine.13:15
tasslehoffAny obvious packagegroups that I may have forgotten?13:16
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rburtontasslehoff: connman?13:16
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tasslehoffrburton: hah. indeed :)13:20
tasslehoffwonder what dragged that into fsl-image-qt513:20
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MarcWehi, im having some troble with binutils-cross-canadian-arm and gdb-cross-canadian-arm13:36
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vchongrburton: ok, thanks13:50
MarcWehow can i find which recipe includes a pakage13:53
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nanotehow can I add a layer (BBLAYER) condionated to be using specific release version, i.e. add meta-foo layer if morty15:14
nanotei.e. BBLAYERS += meta-foo if morty15:15
nanotewhat's the correct syntax for the above?15:15
rburtoni wouldn't expect a bblayers.conf to work between versions like that to be honest15:17
kergothyeah, would not recommend that approach at all15:18
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rburtonwanted: someone who likes boost15:24
*** Artox <Artox!~Artox@2a01:8740:1:ff05::1> has joined #yocto15:25
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jose__What package I need to install for nfsv4 client?15:25
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has joined #yocto15:27
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jose__DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " nfs" ?15:29
kergothrburton: good luck15:31
*** mappy <mappy!25a5f0a1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC15:32
rburtonkergoth: worth a go15:32
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kergothRP: friendly reminder to take a gander at shallow this week :)15:33
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto15:33
RPkergoth: thanks :)15:34
RPkergoth: It is in -next to remind me :)15:34
RPkergoth: equally I'm swamped. In the triage meeting we just talked about rising bug counts and nobody to work on them :(15:35
berndhsRP: if some company would hire me to chase down bugs, i would happily do it15:36
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nanotethe problem I have is that I get the following error with newer releases: ERROR: Layer 'networking-layer' depends on layer 'meta-python', but this layer is not enabled in your configuration15:40
nanotemeta-networking has LAYERDEPENDS_networking-layer += "meta-python"15:42
nanoteif I did not need that in previous releases, in a newer release would be fine to disable as in comment that out?15:43
RPberndhs: being hired solely for that would be nice but its sadly not a priority for most companies :(15:44
RPnanote: presumably its there for a reason. I guess if you disable it, you might find out15:45
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federico__Hi folks15:52
federico__I'm tring to build a yocto image, but today bitbake hang on fetching15:52
federico__do you know if there is some issue on yoctoproject server side ?15:54
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rburtonfederico__: fetching what16:00
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federico__0: eglibc-initial-2.19-r0 do_fetch (pid 55352) 1: openssl-native-1.0.1j-r0 do_fetch (pid 55354) 2: eglibc-2.19-r0 do_fetch (pid 55353)16:03
federico__I'm stuck there from hours with no progress16:03
rburtonthey're not fetching from yocto servers16:03
federico__I've tried to clean and restart but nothing change16:03
rburtonsome eglibc recipes did a git pull of the repo which is huge, check ps for a wget or git process and check that its still doing stuff16:04
rburton(newer releases have progress feedback during fetches, if you're using eglibc then you must have a fairly old release)16:04
federico__yes I'm on old daisy16:06
federico__but I cannot upgrade16:06
federico__we've some dependency16:06
*** jairglez <jairglez!~jairdeje@> has joined #yocto16:06
federico__what should I check?16:07
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rburtondaisy :o16:08
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nanoteanother question I got is that I have a recipe that inherits qt4 stuff, but for newer released version I need to move it to qt5.. is there an equivalent for inherit_morty ?16:17
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nanoteso, for previous release I need 'inherit qt4e', for new release 'inherit cmake_qt5'16:23
nanotecan I somehow keep both?16:23
kanavinnanote: that's what git branches are for16:24
nanoteyes, but I want to keep all in one branch, as development still happens for both releases16:25
kergothand? you can't develop on multiple branches?16:26
nanoteso, for new feature I need to push to new and old branch, instead master?16:26
nanoteI'd prefer to keep a single master branch, instead old and new16:27
*** toanju <toanju!~toanju@> has quit IRC16:27
kergothit's not generally a good idea to try to support multiple yocto releases with a single branch, I don't think anyone would advocate such a thing16:28
nanotebut, if there is no other way around it, I guess that's what it is16:28
kergothyou could certainly hack something, i.e. use inline python to decide which to load16:28
kergoth${@'foo' if something else 'bar'}16:28
kergothexactly how you want to try to figure out what version of oe-core you're using would be your call, i doubt anyone wants to support such a thing :)16:29
nanotehow can I check for release version with inline python?16:29
kergothI'm not going to encourage this by implementing it for you. it's python, it can do whatever you want it to do16:29
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has quit IRC16:30
nanoteso you discourage that use16:30
nanotenot sure why I had in mind that layers should try to keep compatible across releases16:30
kanavinnanote: making a branch for each yocto release is an established practice everywhere in yocto. I recommend you follow that, develop new features in the master branch, and then backport them to older branches using 'git cherry-pick' or any other way you prefer.16:31
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nanotethanks for the suggestions16:32
*** zeenix <zeenix!> has joined #yocto16:32
pohlyIn qemu user mode networking (aka slirp), can the guest make outgoing TCP connections? I found existing documentation on that vague and confusing.16:33
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kergothnanote: The thing is, the differences between branches might be small in most cases, but they diverge more and more. some older recipes won't even parse with current bibake, or vice versa. it's more trouble than it's worth to head down that road, IMO16:34
pohlyI know about hostfwd, which is for accessing the guest. Works for ssh for me.16:34
pohlyI've also found guestfwd, but that just connects the guest to a specific program or device, not some IP port on the host. Hmm, the netcat example probably would work.16:35
pohlyIs there really nothing simpler?16:35
nanotekergoth: I see, thanks16:37
pohlyrestrict=on|off seems to imply that there is routing to the outside world.16:37
pohlyBut is the default on or off?16:37
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pohlyHmm, I guess it should just work, but somehow doesn't for me,16:44
*** Jefro <Jefro!~josiermi@> has joined #yocto16:45
pohlyOh, it was working - just my test for it was broken. Thanks for listening ;-}16:46
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aehs29rburton: can you take a look at 11513 Im a little confused, I wrote some comments17:58
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vm_hi, when i want to use a .scr boot file , i need to set UBOOT_ENV="boot" and UBOOT_ENV_SUFFIX="scr"   and the file which mkimage should use to create this boot.scr file is called myboot.txt, From where does bitbake know how this file is called/19:06
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ythlWhich recipe to I modify to patch this file:19:59
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ythlI found this:
ythlBut it's not quite clear to me how to find the recipe that is in charge of that file20:01
lsandovythl: which kernel are you using?20:03
lsandovythl: this is kernel/kernel modules, so some recipe inside meta/recipes-kernel/linux20:04
lsandovythl: that is a stable release, not a kernel20:04
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ythllsandov: I'm not sure how to tell which kernel poky is going to pull, but when I run it in QEMU it's 4.4.5220:08
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lsandovythl: one way to figure out is to boot that machine with runqemu, then type uname -a20:08
lsandovythl: sorry, I see what you mean20:09
lsandovso it is 4.4.X the kernel version20:09
ythlSo basically I need to make a patch from the 4.4.X option.c and then add it to SRC_URI20:10
ythlsomewhere in meta/recipes-kernel/linux20:10
ythlI'm guessing I need to create linux-yocto_4.4.bbappend20:13
lsandovythl: right20:14
ythllsandov: Cool, I'll try it out20:14
lsandovythl: one one to figure out the recipe name that needs to be change is by: bitbake -e | grep PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kerne20:14
ythllsandov: Thanks for your help!20:15
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cru01_hey guys i am new to yocto and the smart package manager and I was wondering if I can ask someone a couple of simple questions22:59
seebsin general, for IRC, just post questions and wait a while (like, possibly a day or longer)23:00
cru01_ah ok23:00
cru01_I was wondering does anyone know how to use smart package manager to add a channel and install a package I have on the hdd?23:01
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