Friday, 2017-06-30

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berndhshi folks, is the ROS operating system still supported by yocto?01:25
* kergoth has no idea what that even is01:27
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berndhsRobot Operating System01:28
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berndhsevidently kergoth doesn't support it :)01:31
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kergothwic seriously doesn't let you switch bootloaders for a pcbios-style image?02:52
kergothit hardcodes stuff in so many places, it's mind-boggling02:52
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olanikergoth: I actually did bitbake formatting for pygments a while back, never got around to pushing it upstream.  It's probably a bit out of date now, no support for unset for instance.  We used the pygments support for markdown syntax highlighting.  I'll see if I can push a branch somewhere.09:07
olanirburton: emacs multi-mode for bitbake: , elpa packages from my personal repo : (add-to-list 'package-archives '("coan" . ""))09:12
pevMorning..! Im writing a bunch of scripts for automating deployment of images generated by yocto ; I can see that oe-init-build-env sets a few variables, but I cant seem to inherit useful things such as DEPLOY_DIR etc... Is there a quick and easy way to get these into a shell script?09:12
olanirburton: Unfortunately it is not very good at indentation. No folding support I'm afraid.09:13
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LetoThe2ndpev: basically, the env gets filtered by BB_ENV_WHITELIST. you can add things through BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE, but usually there are reasons (mainly reprocutibility) why things are filtered out. so you have to use it with care (and not complain later about unexpected behaviour)09:16
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abelalpev: you can probably run "bitbake -e <your-image>" and then grep for DEPLOY_DIR in the output09:18
pevLetoThe2nd: Ah, thanks. Looking under scripts there's a load of python scripts that seem to be a lot cleverer things such as wic having a get_bitbake_var() function. Is that to be preferred?09:19
pevabelal: Yeah, I can do that happily, it's more about automating deployment for multiple boards...09:19
LetoThe2ndpev: i'm not competent in those areas, sorry. our approach is a little different, as we automatically set up the build, run it, copy the artifacts that we want out, and then delete it again.09:21
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joshuagl"SendErrorReport Sending error reports ( running 8 hrs, 3 mins, 35 secs )" - YIKES!10:53
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eddiHallo. I have a problem in do_populate_sysroot with several packages. The message: The recipe *** is trying to install files into shared area ... I don't know what I can do. I tried the mentioned solutions in the error message. But this doesn't solve my problem. As example zlib: There is only one recipe. I don't know what conflicts here. It want to install and the symlink In the mentioned manifest these two file11:01
eddiFirst in: ../sysroots/dra7xx-evm/lib11:01
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eddiSecond in: ../sysroots/dra7xx-evm/usr/include/glibc-locale-internal-arm7ahf-neon-linux-gnueabi/lib11:02
eddiis this the conflict? And how I could solve this?11:03
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kboHello guys, is there a way to install an ipk file to the built image ?11:46
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kbothis is in case I can't install it from a package feed server11:47
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mckoankbo: yes, copy it manually and run opkg12:04
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kbomckoan: Ok I was hoping to find something already included in some bb class12:10
kboor function12:10
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MarcWehi, if upgraded my kernel but now the splash screen shows tux with blue feet and my gui application is also showing blue and red invers12:28
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peacememorieshello everyone. i'm trying to get a yocto build running in docker and have run into a bit of a problem12:36
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peacememoriesbitbake execs some child tasks, and in the process tries to access /proc/$pid/io, which is not found. i think this has to do with dockers process namespacing, but i'm not sure12:37
peacememoriesthis is the error output:
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peacememoriesseems to be the  buildstats system trying to access the processes to measure progress. is there a way to disable them?12:40
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janhoHi, I try to integrate an executable to my image. Recipe by Recipe, everything works fine, but when comes the time of building the image do_rootfs complains with an error Computing transaction...error: Can't install capector-0.1-r0@cortexa9hf_vfp_neon: no package provides
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janhoMy first idea was to add a udev.bbappend linking to
janhowith FILES_{PN] += "${libdir}/" and the link in do_install_append13:12
janhodoes someone know Why is not found ? or where bitbake search !13:13
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khemudev provides this library13:17
khemMarcWe: it probably needs debugging what went wrong13:18
janhomy udev provides not 1 and the binary I have to integrate is linked with the .113:18
khemoh its libusdev ?13:18
janhono sorry, it's a typo, libudev is the good one13:19
janhoMy question is more : How to force yocto to recognize the link to that I've created.13:21
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fberghello guys.. does anybody know why systemd is always trying serial-getty@ttyS0.service without success ?13:30
fbergit's filling every inch of the syslog13:31
fbergit says /dev/ttyS0 is not a tty and continuosly repeat13:31
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mdnneofberg: this is just what you get if you include poky/meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd-serialgetty but seems like in your system there is no ttyS0 so it just always restarts the service13:37
fbergYes, but if I do a "$ls /dev" I can seed ttyS0 listed13:38
fbergform the # Use the upstream systemd serial-getty@.service and rely on13:38
fberg# systemd-getty-generator instead of using the OE-core specific13:38
fberg# - not enabled by default.13:38
jpewWould it be possible to get in master? read-only-rootfs + systemd + openssh is broken without it.13:39
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mdnneois there a way of do the stuff yocto is doing for the package-split "outside" of yocto? is it just some script or how is this done?13:47
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jpewmdnneo: Most of that is burried in package.bbclass, what are you trying to do?13:59
mdnneojpew: try to misuse this to create packages via cmake ;) ... the plain cpack is not working like I would expect14:00
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mdnneojpew: but ok than maybe its not that easy14:01
peacememoriesaand i've hit another snag, mpfr fails to build. the error is basically the same as this post:
ChrysDHi =) How is the best way to really clean up a total build ? The reason why is I guess i di'nt do it properly so that i've a broken build as for exmeple ipk packages already on deploy/ when doing bitbake.14:06
*** mappy <mappy!b9691ff9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto14:06
ChrysDrm -rf tmp/ sstate-cache/ deploy/ is a good start?14:06
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jpewChrysD: Ya, you can start with that14:18
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arkomCan I override .bbclass file?16:38
kergothwell, yes16:41
kergothmisread, htought you were asking about appending16:41
kergothbut yeah, just put it in your layer in classes/ and put your layer before the other layer in BBLAYERS16:42
*** Jefro <Jefro!~josiermi@> has joined #yocto16:42
arkomthx, I knew that way. I want to make sure there is no better way16:44
kergothnot sure what you'd think would be better16:44
kergoththat's how you override any config file or class16:44
kergothactually any file that's found relative to BBPATH..16:44
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arkomI want to modify way ubinize.cfg file is generated. It is done by function inside image_types.bbclass file16:47
kergothokay, so create your own bbclass that inherits image_types and then defines your own function of that name, replacing it with your version16:47
kergoththen set/add your class in IMAGE_CLASSES16:48
kergothno need to override the class as a whole if all you need to do is replace one function16:48
*** royalpurple <royalpurple!> has joined #yocto16:48
kergothat least for something like this16:48
arkomThx, I'll try that16:49
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royalpurpleHey guys - anyone got some tips for debugging kernel hangs?16:57
royalpurpleAside from sprinkling printks all around the place?16:57
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khemany one familiar with testimage tests here ?17:13
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khemRP: good news is that I am able to reproduce the error seen in AB with hardening patchset17:45
khemRP: Looking at it it seems its flagging it wrong17:46
khemsince same error is in syslog in passing case17:47
khemso its possible that its faulting on something else17:47
khemand reporting something else17:48
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kergothin case anyone else would find it handy,,
kergothlittle thing, but was annoying me18:23
kergotherm, obvious littel bug there, fixing18:24
kergothstill :)18:24
royalpurplechecking it out now18:27
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* kergoth has to relocate appends and whatnot all the damn time and got sick of mkdir -p + git-mv18:34
royalpurpleindeed. Any time I find myself typing a command more than once/hour I script it18:37
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nathani_Hey guys, I'm making a recipe for a package that has CMakeLists.txt in the root folder, how do I tell cmake where to look?19:40
nathani_*that DOESN'T have19:40
nathani_sorry, i just thought to search the IRC logs... OECMAKE_SOURCEPATH19:42
nathani_wasn't having luck with the manual or google. Thanks IRC!19:43
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khemnathani_: look at cmake.bbclass20:39
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1180 of nightly-ppc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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kergoththis is odd, when i build with one local.conf, ovmf builds fine, with another, it  fails, but bitbake-diffsigs -t after doing a -S on both shows no differences20:55
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jpewis that because of some variable being ignored by BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST (or some other more fundamental flaw)?21:02
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kergothah ha, the ovmf failure is a race, crank make jobs up to 48 and it explodes21:15
kergother, 6421:16
jpewThat must be a nice problem to have :)21:17
royalpurpleHey - I'm building for a board based off the NXP Sabre colibri iMX7d21:17
royalpurpleI get into u-boot fine, and the kernel gets up to the point of "starting UTP"21:17
royalpurplethen it just stays there.21:17
royalpurpleI tried disabling everything having to do with UTP in it, but it's still happening.21:18
royalpurpleDoes anyone have some insight into how I should troubleshoot this, or what is going on?21:18
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royalpurpleUTP appears to only be used in by the usb mass storage gadget, so I disabled usb gadget support altogether but it's still happening :(21:20
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kergothhuh, weird, i just noticed /var/volatile/tmp/tmp is a symlink pointing to /var/tmp which in turn is a symlink pointing to /var/volatile/tmp. how very circular21:27
paulgtmp/tmp ?  that is kind of lame21:29
jpewI've noticed those when symlinks are made by volatiles (from /etc/default/volatiles)21:31
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jpewi.e. we run tmpfs on /var/run, but redirect /var/run/crash to a persistent location (e.g. /opt/crash) via a volatile. Invarible that ends up with an extra symlink /var/run/crash/crash -> /opt/crash21:36
kergothhuh, yeah, sounds like a bug in the volatiles script for sysvinit builds then21:37
jpewya, its been that way since at least 1.6, but it hasn't bothered me enough to track it down21:37
* kergoth nods21:37
kergothminor annoyance21:37
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royalpurpleSo I discovered that uuc is a standalone program that handles UTP type stuff22:20
royalpurpleI don't find it anywhere in my rootfs, so I'm assuming it's in the initramfs. Is that true? And if so, how do I build that? I don't see it in my images dir in yocto22:21
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