Wednesday, 2017-07-05

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hamdyI need to have MxDateTime module for python on my Yocto image. When I try to install it. I have the error that i need python.h. How can I install python-dev package in yocto ?07:23
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hamdyI need to have MxDateTime module for python on my Yocto image. When I try to install it. I have the error that i need python.h. How can I install python-dev package in yocto ?08:01
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robstais anyone using yocto in a CI environment auto-updating the git references in the recipes automatically?08:24
robstaat least for a pre-merge gate or something?08:24
robstawe are building such a system and I'm wondering if it would make things easier to have all the git references in one central file, and just refer to variables from the recipes08:25
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LetoThe2ndrobsta: not sure if i understand you correctly. you mean that you want to have a ci running, that you just feed a bunch of git hashes and then it runs the build08:27
robstayes, kind of08:27
robstawhen a new commit comes into one of the repos holding the code, i need to run a build/test cycle before merging08:28
robstaa file-format that is easily machine editable and holds the git revisions for each recipe would help08:28
fherrHey, someone has experience with building python packages on yocto, i got one package (python-kivy) wich has dependencies to python-cython, but wenn i try to build on my machine  its always says "Cython is missing, Its required to compile Kivy." , building it outside of yocto is working ...08:29
LetoThe2ndrobsta: ah ok. nah, then what we are doing is something different08:31
hamdyI need to have MxDateTime module for python on my Yocto image. When I try to install it. I have the error that i need python.h. How can I install python-dev package in yocto ?08:31
LetoThe2ndfherr: chances are that the cython detection of this kivy thing is broken for crosscompilation08:31
fherrok, i will look deeper into that08:33
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LetoThe2ndfherr: guess you are basing the recipe off something like
fherryes right, and added python-cython to rdepends and denpends08:35
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robstaLetoThe2nd: do you feel it would be a wild violation of the bitbake concept?08:37
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LetoThe2ndrobsta: i don't see how it would violate the bibake concept. in fact it would *use* bitbake. you'd have to automatically create some staging area in which the test build is set up and done by bibake08:40
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robstaLetoThe2nd: yes, ok, well, it would take info away from the recipe and centralise it08:41
LetoThe2ndrobsta: well the way how you create your layers and recipe files is totally up to you, i personally don't see a problem08:42
robstacool, thanks08:42
LetoThe2ndrobsta: nobody says that the layer has to be a repo of its own. you can certainly have some kind of meta-layer thats just a bunch of magic to create the recipes. it probably will complicate artifact reuse (-> sstate cache) but i don't see no algorithmic argument against it.08:44
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robstawe have one repo per layer fwiw08:44
robstabut i'm looking for a machine-rewritable way of setting git refs08:45
LetoThe2ndone repo per layer is the classic and most wdely used approach of course08:45
LetoThe2ndbut nobody says that the layers that bitbake sees have to be maintained by humans.08:46
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robstamaybe the recipe could default to building git master, but then that could overwritable with a variable from a central conf file08:51
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LetoThe2ndrobsta: its only software, everything is possible. the question is just, how far you want to go in breaking sstate or reproductibility for your case.08:54
robstabut we are already using a variable SRC_URI in a .inc file for each recipe08:56
robstadoes it not expand the value when checking for sstate cache matches?08:57
LetoThe2ndit should08:58
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LetoThe2ndit just means you'd lieft the automated generation out of the recipes into the conf file.08:59
robstashall try09:00
robstacheers LetoThe2nd09:00
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rburtonuhoh robsta is here09:54
robstajust like last few months? :)09:55
rburtonhere and asking ;)09:55
rburtonrobsta: for 'latest and greatest' CI style building you can set SRCREV to ${AUTOREV}09:55
rburtonwhich goes to the git repo and gets the latest HEAD09:55
robstahm not sure we want that09:55
rburtonyou can do that through a conf file, so your layers can have SRCREV=12345 for the known good, but the CI system can override with latest HEAD09:56
LetoThe2ndrburton: thats what i would have mentioned if he had said "sure, i totally want to break reproductibility"09:56
rburtondefinitely putting AUTOREV in an actual recipe is a capital punishment09:56
rburtonif you have the hashes in advance you can override srcrev the same way09:56
robstarburton: do you have a recipe/project online where i can look at it?09:57
rburtonjust set SRCREV_pn-recipename = "the hash" in a configuration file somewhere, ie your CIs local.conf09:57
rburtonthats part of poky-bleeding, a fairly unknown poky variation that does builds of git tip09:58
robstarburton: still not 100% sold because we want to build a branch in CI and merge if tests good10:00
robstathat would make a point for doing it with actual hashes10:00
rburtonthen you may need to rewrite the SRC_URI anyway as there is hash/branch validation10:00
rburtonoh that example was using autorev, but if you replace autorev with a real hash then its the same10:01
rburtonit was an example of how to do what you were asking10:01
rburton*but* if you want to build a different branch then you'll hit the branch/hash validation, which checks that the sha you say is actually on the branch you asked for10:01
robstais it really SRC_URI and SRCREV?10:04
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rburtonah you can set nobranch=1 in the SRC_URI if you want to disable branch validation, you could do that in the layer always and then just fiddle SRCREV to change what you build10:07
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robstathanks rburton guess i have to ask you a bit more about it some time10:12
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rburtonyou know where to find me ;)10:12
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rburtoned2: did you see my mail last night?10:37
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rburtonoh you replied sorry :)10:37
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ed2rburton: yes, I did and answered. Can you show me the link to the build?11:08
ed2rburton: I'll try to reproduce it.11:08
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fbergHello guys ! Does anybody know how to include a package which is RPROVIDE by as a RDEPENDS of ?11:15
fbergI've tried RDEPENDS="package_name" in recipeb but bitbake doesn't like it11:15
zero_notefberg: note that should be RDEPENDS_${PN} += "pkgname"11:16
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fbergty zero_note11:18
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jkubug 11751 really shows how you never know with performance. Patch that switched to multi-threaded xz has been flagged for perf regression...11:36
yoctiBug normal, Undecided, ---, leonardo.sandoval.gonzalez, NEW , Performance regressions detected on core-image-sato and virtual/kernel at 2.4M1 rc111:36
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ed2rburton: is it this build?
ed2rburton: mips and arm builds were failing, right?12:05
ed2rburton: btw, the log shows incorrect environment: IMAGE_FSTYPES=tar.gz12:05
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rburtonthe selftest failed a few wic tests too
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ed2rburton: looks like you took more than this patchset into ross/mut:
rburtongoing to rip out and try again :)12:22
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ed2rburton: that explains failing oe-selftest, but doesn't explain image_tar failure. I'm trying to reproduce it.12:23
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clementHi everyone, do you know if it is possible to make a fetchall for a populate_sdk task?12:34
rburtonwhat are you trying to do?12:37
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clementi would like to populate sdk with no network12:46
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rburtoni'd be a bit surprised if just fetchall on the image didn't get enough12:47
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clementok, i may make a mistake but i just tried it, it was missing some stuff, thank you12:49
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clementjust one example, it was missing chrpath12:51
rburtonyou could try fetchall on buildtools-tarball too12:54
clementrburton: ok thx12:54
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phako[m]is there some documentation for opkg.cnf flying around somewhere?13:17
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zero_notehi guys, is bitbake-env something currently under development?13:29
* rburton wonder what bitbake-env is13:31
zero_noterburton: I was refreshing some bitbake commands, reading , at the bottom of the page you can find it under "Additional bitbake-related commands" (not sure how much reliable it is)13:34
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zero_noteand kergoth should know something about :)13:34
rburtondepexp is now taskexp13:35
rburtonwell the bitbake-env link doesnt work so i guess thats a no?13:35
zero_noteok, found my answer
zero_noterburton: indeed, thx for checking13:37
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RPkergoth: I'm tempted to add that to bitbake itself, maybe as "bitbake-var" as users probably see this as variables, not an environment. Any thoughts on that?14:02
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nathani_I'm trying to make a recipe for a package that uses cmake. Unfortunately this project builds in the source path and then directly links to a library in the build output.14:32
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto14:32
nathani_I've patched the cmakelists so that it now builds in the build directory, but I'm still getting an rpath error during packaging14:33
LetoThe2ndnathani_: look at the autotools-brokensep class14:33
LetoThe2ndits not optimal, but often its easier to just build in-tree instead of doing the big patching thing.14:34
*** ntl <ntl!> has joined #yocto14:34
nathani_LetoThe2nd: thanks for the advice14:36
LetoThe2ndIIRC its not much more than B = S14:38
nathani_yeah, i see that :)14:38
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nathani_still getting rpath error
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nathani_I can see the -rpath,/foo/foo/foo in the link.txt, but am unsure how to track this down as I don't have much experience with cmake14:45
nathani_or do I just -DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH and everything will be fine?14:46
neverpanicnathani_: does your CMakeLists.txt have an install rule for the binary?14:47
neverpanicOr are you, by chance, writing your own do_install() that just copies the file from the build directory?14:47
nathani_no, cmakelists installs14:48
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ed2rburton: I can't reproduce it :(14:59
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kergothzero_note: bitbake-env went away in favor of a subcommand (show) of the 'bb' experimental sub-command based utility, which is currently broken and not yet fixed due to changes in tinfoil (bitbake's library used for external utilities). also neither of them supported the new variable tracking mechanism. but yes, i think15:09
kergothRP: it's not a bad idea. I'd still like to prototype integration of a sub-command based cli ui, but that can always be a future step, it's clear bitbake-env/bb-show provides value on its own, bitbake -e | grep is common and quite ugly15:10
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zero_notekergoth: ok, thanks for the explanation15:16
RPkergoth: agreed on a cli, I still have around as a partial inspiration for that and this wouldn't preclude that15:17
kergothzero_note, RP: I was never 100% happy with the interface of that tool, for what it's worth. for scripting, you really also want the ability to see *just the value* of the variable, rather than having to sed out the quotes and whatnot, but then what's the behavior if you set that and pass multiple variables? could just error, but that doesn't seem super clean.. also it would need variable tracking support added, and desperately needs the ability to15:19
kergoth accept FOO[bar] syntax to see specific flags rather than having to look at all flags for a specified variable..15:19
*** slips <slips!> has joined #yocto15:20
zero_noteimho, bitbake -e recipe | grep become usable only after several times of usage, when one knows how to customize the grep reg expression15:20
RPkergoth: some kind of stripped output or value only shouldn't be too difficult and yes, those other things are valid issues15:20
kergothzero_note: yeah. you can write a shell function to semi-automate it, but only for the common case, it doesn't scale well, and is rather brittle15:21
kergothwould also be nice to be able to get the unexpanded value without having to grep out the commented section, and a better way to extract the varaible tracking data for a particular variable in a more script-friendly format..15:25
kergothbeing limited to the shell-like output bitbake -e provides isn't ideal — there's a reason we did it that way, but..15:25
kergothat any rate, i do think we should integrate such a script, but i'd like to see a discussion about the details15:26
*** bavery_fn <bavery_fn!~bavery@> has joined #yocto15:26
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kergoththe upside to the current behavior is the output is nearly in bitbake metadata format. that's a possibility, too, for the variable tracking — it could optionally emit the multiple bitbake format lines that led to the final value, rather than the final assignment itself15:27
* kergoth shrugs :)15:27
kergothI used bb-show often enough that I ran into the weaknesses as often as its benefits15:28
zero_noteI'd be glad to see a discussion about too, as junior dev I don't think I can give any help on the dev side, but as yocto user maybe could be worth15:29
RPkergoth: real world usage is invaluable...15:29
kergothzero_note: that's a valuable perspective, and we'd appreciate it. It's not always easy to see things from a beginner perspective once your'e not a beginner anymore15:29
kergothi know I suck at it15:30
RPkergoth: I used to be better at it :(15:30
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joshuaglI recently realised that it's one of the many things that requires time to stop and think15:32
* RP was just thinking lack of time doesn't help15:33
joshuaglI took time to think on the train this morning, it was wonderful. Made me remember why I like this career15:33
kergoth comes to mind15:36
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zero_notekergoth: from my point of view, in 90% of cases my yocto problems comes when I don't understand completely how yocto works in its single components, eg: how and when some variables being expanded, or how the sstate really works15:40
zero_notestuff like this15:40
kergoththat's fair, there's a lot going on15:40
*** alimon <alimon!~alimon@> has joined #yocto15:40
zero_noteand it these scenarios "grepping" around becomes my (slow but) favourite tool15:41
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lsandovrburton: patchtest will start catching (finally) metadata issues, line checksums changed without reason on the commit description, all thanks to tinfoil16:21
lsandovrburton: just need to update the guest machine used to exec patchtest. Hopefully early next week16:21
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khemRP: do we care to update gcc6 to 6.4 in master ?17:43
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otavioRP: considering my tests here, it seems multiconfig has problems when you build two different tunes for same arch in same tmpdir (e.g armv5 and armv7a)19:15
otavioRP: different arches seems fine19:15
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mortderireI can't seem to select SystemD as my runtime manager?20:01
mortderireAny clues?20:01
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libby1Does anyone know what has happened to Jeffro? I see him off line but in vacation planner he does not appear.20:29
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jpewmortderire: is that from your local.conf?20:33
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RPotavio: I'll have to see if I can reproduce. There is something odd going on...20:55
otavioRP: likely20:56
otavioRP: I am building qemuarm and imx6qsabresd for test20:56
RPotavio: I don't have  imx6qsabresd handy but I guess beaglebone (armv7) should do it20:56
*** sgw_ <sgw_!~sgw_@> has quit IRC20:56
RPI can quickly try that after meetings20:57
otavioRP: I guess so20:57
otavioRP: right; it is not urgent but getting multiconfig working should speed up builds and tests20:57
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otaviorburton: I sent a stable backport for mesa 17.1.4 that fixes an issue for etnaviv.21:37
jpewAnyone know of a utility to flatten a bitbake file by expanding all the includes and requires in place?21:37
*** rob_w <rob_w!~rob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC21:38
otaviojpew: bitbake-layers has it, IIRC21:39
jpewk, thanks!21:40
lsandovjpew: also bitbake -e target can do the job21:41
lsandovjpew: but it has much more that the recipe itself21:43
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RPotavio: I only get one set of sigs for beaglebone and qemuarm21:46
RPotavio: meta-freescale doesn't work with master? Are you testing against pyro?21:49
RPotavio: so using meta-freescale,  imx6qsabresd and qemuarm also gives the same sigs.21:51
RPotavio: what else are you including layer wise? a specific distro?21:51
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jpewYa, I was looking to flatten my machine.conf file so I could send it to a 3rd party easily, but I realized that I only included things from poky, which they should have anyway, so it was unnecessary. bitbake -e wasn't quite what I was looking for :)22:01
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