Friday, 2017-07-07

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1185 of nightly-ppc is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1135 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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maelcumhello. meta-qt5 still requires building "meta-toolchain-qt5", right? why does it not work with -c populate_sdk <image name>?02:28
maelcummeta-toolchain-qt5 is a pretty gross hack imo... how does it know what to include if you don't tell it the image name? does it just take whatever build artifacts are around from a previous image build?02:30
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hamdyaeaHow can I add or modify the yocto screensaver ?06:17
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pohlyRP: I'm currently struggling to understand why do_rootfs gets executed again. 1.0-r0.do_rootfs.d9e41ef4370dd370ddd2cf647f734468 under "stamps" is the same each time, it just gets created anew/07:44
pohlySo it is not a task signature change which triggers the re-execution.07:44
pohlyWhat else is bitbake looking at?07:44
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pohlyIn addition to do_rootfs, do_prepare_recipe_sysroot also runs again.07:45
pohlyBut like do_rootfs, there's no signature change for it.07:45
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pohlyI'm not seeing this when just calling "bitbake <image-recipe>:do_rootfs". Could it be that some of the additional tasks "invalidate" the sysroot and/or rootfs?07:47
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pohlyIt is the "stamps" directory which records which tasks were already executed, right?07:50
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pohlyHmm, do_image modifies the rootfs (for example, by creating /etc/build, which includes the BUILD_ID). But can that influence whether the do_rootfs task gets run again? Probably not.07:54
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pohlyRP: to make it even worse, I can't reproduce it with plain "bitbake", only when invoked via oe-selftest.08:03
RPpohly: You're right that stamps should control this and it shouldn't rerun if its run once unless the config changes08:15
pohlyRP: any suggestion for how I can debug this further?08:16
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RPpohly: this happens even with the single oe-selftest?08:19
pohlyRP: just a single selftest runs. It creates the .bb, adds it to BBFILES, and calls bitbake.08:20
RPjoshuagl: still SDL issues on opensuse423 :(08:20
pohlyBut the .bb file always has the same content, so except for re-parsing I'd not expect anything to change.08:21
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pohlyI'm currently experimenting with a version of the selftest that uses a "normal" .bb in the layer.08:21
RPpohly: If the stamp sigs file is the same I'm equally puzzled :/08:21
pohlySomehow "dynamically create .bb" does have an effect :-/08:22
pohlyIt works as expected when using a fixed recipe a la meta-selftest.08:23
pohlyI was hoping to avoid creating such a layer for meta-refkit-core testing, thus the attempt to create additional recipes inside the test itself.08:24
pohlyRP: I can probably create a simple selftest that exhibits this in Poky. Do you think you can have a look when I file that as a bug?08:24
RPpohly: All I can say is that in theory I think it should work...08:25
joshuaglRP: ack08:28
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joshuaglfor some reason opensuse423 is running VNC on display 3, IIRC we expect display 1 ?08:38
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RPjoshuagl: I believe we do, yes08:41
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janhoHi, What is the bes method to integrate a project with cascading Makefiles overriding CFLAGS and other variables. I'm lost with EXTRA_CFLAGS , EXTRA_OEMAKE, CFLAGS variables during the compile process.09:28
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janhoany link would be welcomed !09:29
zero_noteHi guys, could someone explain what exactly means "not found in the feeds" message during do_rootfs? From where comes up the question: I'm currently install dev-pkgs into my image, but I have some -dev packages which are empty, so the "pkg-dev not found in the feeds" message during do_rootfs. My starting point was to add ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN}-dev = "1" to those package's recipes, but nothing changed.09:30
bluelightningzero_note: ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN}-dev is already set to 1 by default09:31
bluelightninghence why it didn't do anything09:32
bluelightningbasically this situation comes up when a recipe claims it will provide a package and then doesn't09:33
bluelightningis the error actually about a -dev package or something else?09:33
zero_notebluelightning: actually about a -dev package and 2 -dbg others09:33
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bluelightningzero_note: do those packages exist under tmp/deploy/ipk ?09:36
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zero_noteadding more details: the -dev package simply fetch a tar.gz from git , unpack it and install the extracted files09:40
zero_notebluelightning: I have no tmp/deply/ipk directory09:40
bluelightningzero_note: hold on a sec - do you have a recipe named something-dev ?09:41
zero_note(I dont use IPK)09:41
zero_notebluelightning: nono, recipe's name is HmiFiles, but the warning is about HmiFiles-dev09:42
bluelightningzero_note: don't know if it's causing the issue here, but I would strongly recommend using lowercase characters for the recipe name, uppercase will cause problems09:43
zero_notebluelightning: sorry, in fact I meant "the package simply fetch a tar.gz from git , unpack it and install the extracted files"09:43
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rburtonzero_note: use 'oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files -p HmiFiles' to show what packages are generated and what is in them09:44
bluelightningas an aside, we really need a QA check for that09:44
bluelightningI may have filed a bug, can't recall09:44
zero_notebluelightning: really glad you pointed it out! Is there some filed bugs or documentation about uppercase named recipes problems?09:45
zero_noterburton: I've done it already, and everything seems as expected: PN installs the extracted files, PN-dev and PN-dbg are empty09:46
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yoctiBug 11592: enhancement, Medium, 2.4 M2, ee.peng.yeoh, NEW , Add QA check for uppercase recipe names09:46
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zero_notebluelightning: oh, I am already subscribed to that bug :)09:49
zero_notefrom the description I can read: "uppercase characters in recipe names cannot be supported due to their reliance upon overrides including the name"09:50
zero_notedoes it mean that every use of ${PN} in a recipe with uppercase in its name could lead to problems?09:53
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LocutusOfBorgfixing that 11592 bug will increase the overall love for yocto as a whole ^^09:58
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bluelightningzero_note: not necessarily, only if it appears in an override10:09
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bluelightningthe package name overrides may still work as well thinking about it, since they may not be treated as overrides - I haven't checked the code10:10
bluelightningwell, as in FILES_ etc.10:10
bluelightning_pn- overrides with PN containing uppercase definitely won't work anymore10:10
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rburtoned2: should all of ed/wip be good for merging?10:15
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rburtonincluding the efi bits10:15
zero_notebluelightning: thats really interesting, I'll fix recipe's names and do a rebuild of that packages to see what happen10:16
ed2rburton: no, it's not good. it still contains generic EFI changes waiting for Saul approval.10:16
rburtoni *think* sgw said we can merge and improve later10:16
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ed2rburton: and then he refused to take rmc patch. I reassigned generic EFI bug to him yesterday. He promised to look at it, but probably not in M2 time frame.10:17
rburtoncan you split the efi patches out?  the other patches depend on them, so i can't merge one without the others10:17
rburtoneg error: could not apply c1ab5f6f84e... image_types_wic: set default WKS_FILE_DEPENDS10:18
ed2rburton: I'll split them and rebase on the latest master.10:18
ed2rburton: after lunch if you don't mind.10:18
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zero_notebluelightning: after a clenall of HmiFiles, renaming it as hmi-files, bitbake the image the "not found in the feeds" error has gone11:03
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braingainhi there im new to yocto. ive got your image on an imx6sx board, dhcp and need some packages to build gstreamer-imx. im really stuck11:15
LetoThe2ndbraingain: ok, so what is the actual question?11:16
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braingaini need package management somehow11:17
LetoThe2ndsorry, but things dont work like "i just want to copypaste these two things and then you've got package management somehow"11:17
LetoThe2ndit works like: set up your build environment, and then create a image that contains what you need.11:18
braingainthanks for clarification11:18
ChrysDbraingain : Do you have any yocto materials given by the vendor?11:19
LetoThe2ndso usually the board you have comes with some documentation on how to set up the fitting environment11:19
braingainChrysD: yes11:19
LetoThe2nde.g., which layers and configuration items you need.11:19
ChrysDbraingain : are you using "meta-freescale" or meta-vendor11:19
braingainits an udoo-neo board11:19
ChrysDbraingain : to be very brief. If you only want to do a job of integrator, you need to check first what is the linux kernel used and which version. Because depending of that you can't use gstreamer-imx11:21
ed2rburton: done. ed/wip contains all my pending patches11:21
braingainChrysD: good heavens how did you know this?11:21
ChrysDbraingain : when I mean " you can't", i mean, if you just only want to do a job of integrator. Otherwise you will need to go in deep.11:21
LetoThe2ndbraingain: go moan at the vendor: the yocto image seems to be download only and nowhere documented on the web page, it seems11:22
ChrysDbraingain : have you already setup the board and launch a kind of "demo" image?11:22
ChrysDgod my english is so bad11:22
LetoThe2nd(as long as they don't provide proper documentation and metadata, the yocto image is totally useless)11:23
braingainyes ive been through a few built images. i know how do build kernels but i prefer not to. goal is to get gstreamer-imx to accept VADC analog video input and stream it via network11:23
ChrysDbraingain : so you are looking to put gstreamer-imx if it was a linux system such as " apt-get install" ?11:24
ChrysDbraingain : Because it can't be magical like that11:25
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braingainwell i need an older version stored in github on
LetoThe2ndbraingain: my personal advice would be to use their ubuntu ripoff. the yocto image is useless and undocumented, and their github account doesn't seem to provide anything related to it.11:25
braingaincant i build gstreamer-imx-plugins on another arm system and put binaries to yocto?11:28
LetoThe2ndnot that easily, no.11:28
ChrysDbraingain : Is it mandatory to use yocto?11:28
LetoThe2ndit will at least take a lot more effort than taking ubuntu and hammering it long enough to compile whatever you need on the thing itself11:29
ChrysDbraingain : One other think. even if you success to put gstreamer-imx into your board, you are not sure that it works as you need maybe the freescale driver to make it working.11:29
ChrysDbraingain : if you use a old linux kernel version with a CODA driver you can't use gstreamer-imx for example.11:29
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ChrysDbraingain : and I see on meta-udoo that the config of the kernel is using CODA...11:30
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LetoThe2ndah right,
LetoThe2ndtheres some docs11:31
LetoThe2ndfunny they need to hide it under some non-corporate nickname11:32
ChrysDyou have also the readme of the meta-udoo which give some documentation11:32
ChrysDbut it's very light11:32
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LetoThe2ndso basically it should be, set up your build environment according to that getting started page, and then add your needed packages11:33
ChrysDWhen you use the UDOObunto 2.0 you can use gstreamer-imx11:33
LetoThe2nd-> ubuntu ripoff11:34
* LetoThe2nd sighs and is off into the weekend!11:34
ChrysDkeep cool ahahah11:35
ChrysDI never said to not use udoobuntu, i just wanted to say that even if he have gstreamer-imx, maybe it won't work :)11:36
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LetoThe2ndit sounds like it would actually make a lot of sense to use it for that specific case.11:36
LetoThe2ndhaving said that, time to leave.11:36
ChrysDHave a good week end leto =)11:37
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christia3What MACHINE setting should I use for a regular PC? Such as an i5. I tried the genericx86, but bitbake tells me its an invalid setting12:33
*** ash_charles <ash_charles!~acharles@2607:fad8:4:6:c8a6:17d:5ad6:1157> has joined #yocto12:35
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christia3Supposedly the meta-intel layer should support generic86, but it doesn't seem to include the .conf files12:41
CTtpollardchristia3: intel-corei7-6412:44
christia3CTtpollard: Ill try that one and see how it works12:45
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braingainwhen I am going to install Freescales imx-vpu i get to choose a Platform as in PLATFORM=IMX6Q. what is the short form of i.Mx6Solox?13:03
rburtonchristia3: you need to add the right BSP layers to bblayers.conf.  genericx86-64 is in meta-yocto-bsp, but a better one for you would be intel-corei7-64 from meta-intel13:03
*** yann <yann!> has joined #yocto13:03
braingainI am following build instructions from where they ask me to install the correct for my platform13:05
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alkinohi o/13:55
alkinoI'm looking for a help bbclass for luarocks13:55
alkinodo you heard about it?13:55
alkinois there any documentation to make my own class for luarocks13:56
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braingainwhats imx-vpu?13:59
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christia3rburton: Ah ok, I tried the i7-64 image from meta-intel and it works in my virtual machine with an .iso created with NOISO="0"14:05
christia3I cannot see any hard drives though. Do I need to include a SCSI driver somehow?14:05
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christia3I fixed my problem by changing the hard drive type on my virtual machine to IDE instead of SCSI14:28
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dl9pfquestion on uninative ... so is there a way around the universal / universal-4.8 / universal-4.9  if you want to build-up a sstate-mirror for multiple hosts ?15:11
dl9pfand do task hashes differ between a universal vs. universal-4.8 vs. universal-4.9 build ?15:11
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CodeMaster_So, Im trying to add support to a parallel CSI camera with a custom module on linux. Any tips on adding support for V4L2?19:00
CodeMaster_I'm having a hard time figuring out which part of the ov driver is initialization, internal configuration, and v4l compatibility19:00
*** onoffon <onoffon!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto19:00
CodeMaster_Do any of you know a minimal, no configuration driver ?19:00
jpewCodeMaster_: This is probably the wrong IRC channel for that question19:03
CodeMaster_Any channel you might recommend?19:04
jpewSome kernel channel maybe? I wouldn't know19:04
CodeMaster_I'm back to freenode after several years lol so I've los a little track19:04
CodeMaster_thanks jpew19:04
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nathani_I'm making this recipe for a cmake project. The file executable in the build directory, but in my images rootfs, it's read only20:32
nathani_i've been looking at the bbclass and the cmakelists, but can't seem to see what I'm missing. Can anyone point me in the right direction?20:33
CodeMaster_I've used chown on do_install() but i don't know if that is what you are looking for.20:35
CodeMaster_mayble chmod works too20:35
*** Argylelabcoat <Argylelabcoat!> has joined #yocto20:38
nathani_yes, i did try chmod, but then i got a bunch of errors because it tried installing all the source files in the package20:39
nathani_not sure why it would do that.20:40
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nathani_i was trying to just append the do_install20:47
nathani_but I see quite a few recipes that completely define do_install themselves, so maybe I should just do that...20:47
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CodeMaster_yeah i was referring to implement your own do_install20:51
onoffonchmod via a bbappend is best here20:52
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