Monday, 2017-07-17

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #941 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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jkupohly: WRT the glib/shared-mime-info issue: is the primary issue that the mime detection is wrong (claims text/plain when it's not) or that it needs to figure out what .gz means?07:37
pohlyjku: the result is text/plain when it should be gzip.07:38
pohlyAnd then code which relies on the type detection to do on-the-fly decompression fails.07:38
pohlyI ran into that with appstream-glib.07:38
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pohlyOne could of course argue that the type detection is on a best-effort basis and thus cannot be relied upon for anything besides perhaps informing the user. <shrug>07:40
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jkuright. I think depending on shared-mime-info is the correct call in the end but that's what I was weighing... we could just try to fix the bug where it claims "text/plain" when it's not -- but that wouldn't really help you07:42
pohlyjku: for appstream-glib to work, both gzip and XML must be detected. So you are right, just distinguishing between text/plain and binary would not be enough.07:45
pohlyjku: see
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ed2pohly: RP: #11767 looks similar to what's discussed here:
ed2pohly: RP: Just wondering how that is supposed to work. It used to work somehow, right?08:32
pohlyed2: I suspect that it worked before tmp/deploy/images was put under sstate control: all output for the current recipe went directly to it, and due to race conditions (or perhaps even explicit task ordering), functions like this do_image_elf found the expected files.08:34
RPed2: Ah, so the issue is that its referencing the image in the final deploy directory08:34
RPpohly: I agree :)08:35
RPed2: the images only have one deploy point. If they reference something which the images themselves are deploying, they need to reference it in the "pre-sstate" directory, not the post sstate one :/08:35
pohlyed2: the fix for do_image_elf should be to make it depend on do_image_cpio and let it look for the output in IMGDEPLOYDIR08:36
ed2pohly: isn't it the same as Alejandro was trying to do and you're against it?08:37
pohlyed2: depends on which recipe provides the .cpio.08:38
pohlyIf it is always the same as the one where do_image_elf, then such a task dependency is okay,08:38
pohlyHaven't checked the bug in detail. But you might be right, if the cpio can also come from some other recipe, then we have the same problem.08:39
ed2pohly: I think it's the same recipe. will try to add dependency as you've suggested and see if it works.08:40
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ed2RP: pohly: looks like dependency is already set: $ grep do_image_elf |grep do_image_cpio08:46
ed2"core-image-minimal.do_image_elf" -> "core-image-minimal.do_image_cpio"08:46
RPed2: in which case its just looking in the wrong place since the deploy dir under sstate changes08:47
ed2RP: pohly: changing --initrd=${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/${IMAGE_LINK_NAME}.cpio.gz -> --initrd=${IMGDEPLOYDIR}/${IMAGE_LINK_NAME}.cpio.gz seems to fix the build.08:47
ed2RP: pohly: thank you!08:47
lukmaHas anybody had any experience with running winehq @ OE?08:50
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ant_workah, what is that now, db fails to build because libtool does not pass tag? This building qemuarm after armv5te09:14
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ant_workRP: armv5 / armv5e are deprecated by gcc7. Building core-image-base I see that three packages (icu, gmp, glib) end up under /armv5e-oe-linux-xxx even if I set ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET = "thumb" in machine.conf. In fact these recipes set it to 'arm'. Are the feeds okay like that?09:22
ant_workI suspect there are issues with thumb code because the successive build for qemuarm failed: db fails for that strange libtool error. I see the db recipe is also patched for armv5....09:24
ant_workfwiw JaMa forces 'thumb' for armv5 doing world builds09:27
ant_worknodistro does not09:27
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RPant_work: armv5 is totally deprecated or only non-thumb mode?09:53
rburtonnrossi: there?10:02
nrossirburton: I am, just sat down10:04
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rburtonnrossi: looking at the libgcrypt patch to sent to meta-mingw last year. it has a submitted tag, was that a patch on the list or a bug entry?10:08
rburtonbasically wondering if we can drop it, or push it into oe-core to avoid pain on every upgrade10:08
rburton*looks* like its still broken but i haven't tried using meta-mingw10:09
nrossirburton: it was a patch on list, The maintainer was going to solve it differently (which was done for libgpg-error). I guess a nudge is needed to get it resolved :)10:09
ant_workRP: not yet totally afais10:09
ant_workwill be removed in a future GCC release.10:10
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ant_workabelloni, yes, qemuarm builds fine10:10
ant_workat least it runs in qemu, built with gcc710:11
ant_work(lot of sprintf() warnings around, though)10:11
abellonigood to know10:13
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rburtonnrossi: thanks10:18
rburtonnrossi: would you be able to prod again?  i can see the changes he meant in gpg-error10:21
nrossirburton: yep, just searching for the email chain to reply to10:21
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jkurburton: any idea if you can split intltool-translated xml files into locale specific files somehow? e.g. shared-mime-info would become 200K instead of 2.2 MB...10:51
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CruX|hello, is there a way how to build multiple kernels within one yocto build for one board ?10:55
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jkueww, shared-mime-info is even worse in practice: It gets split into 800 tiny xml files. Everyone of them takes a block of course11:32
jkurburton: this is RE -- is there an issue with adding 3.6MB  of RRECOMMENDS to glib?11:35
yoctiBug 11792: normal, Undecided, ---, jussi.kukkonen, NEW , glib: RRECOMMENDS shared-mime-info11:35
rburtonits a bit of a pain that its 3.6mb11:36
rburtonwhy isn't there a cached form11:36
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ant_workabelloni, even known-good 4.4.8 does not boot if compiled by gcc712:42
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ant_worknow adding  PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc-cross-${TARGET_ARCH} ?= "6.3%"12:42
ant_workjust that, no other toolchain changes12:43
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ant_workthen it boots13:20
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TafThorneI do not suppose anyone here has got a Yocto build with the work area generated by (Gerrit) repo running under a Jenkins pipeline job have they?  Not sure if I have hit some issue in that side of things or the creartive way that Phabricator (or rather Diffusion) handles git repos.13:21
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rburtonlots of people use gerrit to schedule yocto builds13:24
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rburtonsay what the problem is and people might be able to help.  its probably unrelated to gerrit or git :)13:24
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TafThorneThe setup above results in repo init -u ssh://git@<url of internal server>/diffusion/g/GitRepo.git -m repo/my_manifest.xml13:35
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TafThorneThen I see a failing job with `get ssh://git@url of internal server>/diffusion/g/GitRepo.git Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).13:36
TafThornePermission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).13:36
TafThornefatal: Could not read from remote repository.13:36
TafThorneNow when I use a Git repo as the SCM type I can choose credentials from the drop down menu that allow access to the files.  I cannot find that setting for the repo SCM  manifest fetching bit.  I am guessing that not having the credentials setup is blocking access to the manifest file.13:37
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kanavinkhem: SECURITY_NOPIE_CFLAGS vs SECURITY_NO_PIE_CFLAGS gives me a headache14:14
kanavinkhem: can you remove one of them please? :)14:14
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joshuaglrburton: bitbake-selftest failed on ross/mut in bb.tests.fetch.GitShallowTest — any ideas? do you think that's the git upgrade?14:32
rburtonno thats kergoth's broken shallow fetcher14:32
rburtonthere's a bug somewhere14:32
rburton'broken', it fails on the AB "sometimes"14:32
joshuagloh, hooray!14:33
joshuagltransient failures are my least favourite14:34
* joshuagl goes to find the bug14:34
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joshuaglhmm, lots of checkuri failures on morty. Do we want bugs for those?14:38
joshuaglno armpit in here :-/14:38
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rburtonjoshuagl: replicate on your own box, and if they still happen file a bug for them all?14:40
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joshuaglrburton: sure, seems sane14:42
joshuaglalthough my box has caching proxy :-/14:42
joshuaglI shall try and setup something without right now14:42
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TafThornerburton: think I'll try looking in some Jenkins/Pipeline areas for help.14:50
mcfriskanyone else having problems with poky master and harfbuzz?
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mcfrisksomething in Ubuntu 14.04 isn't compatible with harfbuzz in master, installing things from doesn't help.15:11
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kergothjoshuagl: ugh, sorry about that, I'll see if I can find the time to dig into that today15:41
joshuaglkergoth: thanks! Now I know it's a known issue I can ignore/update the correct bug as appropriate15:42
* kergoth nods15:42
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rburtonsgw_: why does your pkgconfig patch need to use the pkgconfig binary with the arch in the name?16:13
sgw_rburton: take a look at sgw/pkg_wip, I have a new version yet again16:13
sgw_I was about to send v4!16:13
rburtoni'll stop testing then ;)16:13
sgw_rburton: yeah, I wonder how switching to pkgconf will work with pkg-config16:15
rburtonin theory just port whatever hackery you do16:15
*** mdnneo <mdnneo!~umaucher@> has quit IRC16:20
sgw_rburton: v4 sent!16:20
rburtonsgw_: does it match was is in the branch i just pulled?16:20
sgw_rburton: this one has really had it's challenges!16:20
rburtontweaking the behaviour in one very specific place withuot breaking anything else is fun isn't it16:21
sgw_minor tweek to commit message16:21
*** kanavin <kanavin!~ak@> has quit IRC16:21
sgw_rburton: I think this version address rp's concerns.16:22
*** kanavin <kanavin!~ak@> has joined #yocto16:22
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:23
sgw_rburton: you looking at Haris's multi kernel patch?16:25
rburtonsgw_: i haven't yet but also note that zedd hasn't commented on it16:26
sgw_rburton: that a good or bad sign?16:26
rburtonlol not sure16:27
sgw_rburton: I was testing with an older version, I will check v4 now, it seems to be a reasonable solution16:28
rburtonzeddii: prod about haris's multi kernel patch on the list16:28
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has joined #yocto16:29
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pohlyrburton, RP: can you expedite the merging of "[PATCH 01/30] oeqa/core/loader: Switch method definition for _make_failed_test"? It fixes a regression that prevents updating refkit to current OE-core master.17:37
pohlyI've not seen it in master-next, nor ross/mutt.17:38
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has quit IRC17:41
rburtonpohly: just 1/30?17:41
pohlyrburton: yes. It's independent of the patch series.17:41
pohlyHmm, looking further I'm not actually sure whether it's enough. alimon said that it would fix the issue that we were seeing in refkit, but we had the commit that is getting fixed by that patch already in refkit before, without it causing problems.17:43
pohlyProbably the code was never called, and it gets called. That's something that I'll also have to look into.17:44
pohlyEither way, merging the fix should be fine - it just doesn't help as much as I had hoped.17:44
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*** top23 <top23!5d1ae61b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto18:22
top23I'm trying to compile automake-native 1.15.1 but it keeps failing because help2man cannot find --help for automake-1.1518:23
top23I'm using krogoth revision18:23
top23And I have no idea how to fix this issue18:23
top23Also I'm using arch linux18:23
*** zeenix <zeenix!> has joined #yocto18:31
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto18:33
top23any ideas ?18:33
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto18:34
*** garbados <garbados!~garbados@2601:1c2:303:6b0:4c72:9315:9bcd:42de> has joined #yocto18:35
otaviorburton: mesa 17.1.5 stable release is out; it fixes some known issues and merges one of patches. Bump is sent18:42
pohlyrburton: please don't take alimon's patch, it still isn't correct.19:05
rburtonpohly: ' Switch method definition for _make_failed_test'?19:05
pohlyrburton: yes19:05
*** vbanea <vbanea!18258172@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto19:17
alimonpohly: my patch only makes visible the real exception into the test case19:19
alimonpohly: can you show me the error log?19:19
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vbaneaI have some philosophical questions about storing the config/bblayers in SCM for reproducible builds. Is it bad to store the build/conf folder directly in git (and link it via submodules/repo tool/ or similar to the exact version of the layers) ? I know about the template directory method, but I don't like it because it requires testing via "local.conf" then updating the template, committing it, wiping the build/conf dir (such that the19:41
*** Argylelabcoat <Argylelabcoat!> has joined #yocto19:42
pohlyalimon: I sent an email. You need to handle yet another variation in Python 3.5.19:49
vbaneaI also looked at how autobuilder manages this: it's basically printing the auto.conf based on yet another format of config file that's stored in git. Wondering if that's really necessary...19:50
*** HavoK <HavoK!> has joined #yocto19:50
alimonpohly: :S, i see19:50
rburtonvbanea: your line got truncated, but yes its best not to put layers/config in scm.  template files are the solution, yocto-autobuilder generates large chunks of config for us based on a few variables.19:50
*** HavoK is now known as Guest8586219:50
alimonpohly: i have been found this kind of non-compatibility in python sys libraries19:50
pohlyalimon: you are overriding an internal Python method. It's not surprising that this breaks from time to time.19:51
pohlyYou probably should add a unit test for this particular aspect, otherwise it'll cause problems again for the next developer who accidentally triggers the loader exception with a future, modified Python version.19:52
vbanearburton: I'm not convinced about the template approach, because modifying templates and committing them would not update already existing configuration in build directories.19:53
alimonpohly: other thing is why the default behavior in python unittest is to report this errors in runtime,19:53
rburtonvbanea: how do you propose to handle the requirement for absolute paths in bblayers.conf if you commit it to git?19:53
rburtonthe ideal for local.conf is that the only content in it is DISTRO=mydistroname19:53
rburton*maybe* machine if you support many machines and you can't just set that in the distro too19:54
vbaneaIt's useful to me to know the absolute paths issue.. is this the only reason that you know about?19:57
rburtonwell what's wrong with a template bblayers, and then move all your configuration to where it should be: your distro conf19:57
kergothrburton: absolute paths is pretty easy to address if the path is relative to where bblayers lives19:57
*** ash_charles <ash_charles!~acharles@2607:fad8:4:6:e864:8061:541c:448> has quit IRC19:57
kergothi've done it before, just use TOPDIR, and set TOPDIR relative to bblayers.conf, if needed19:58
kergothbut template is still better19:58
vbaneaWe added layers to bblayers.conf and our build machine does incremental builds19:58
pohlyalimon: probably because then errors in the tests or test classes end up in the usual test result reporting.19:58
vbaneaso the build broke and people went nuts and want a solution19:58
pohlyBoth approaches have their merits.19:58
kergothIMO keeping the same build dir across multiple automated builds is a recipe for pain, too easy for some change to leak in if you aren't starting with a clean slate. if you want incremental builds, just use sstate19:59
kergoththat's what most do, afaik. it's certainly what we do, daily builds from sstate and weekly/release from scratch19:59
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vbaneaSo the recommended approach would be for the build machine to recreate its build dir for every build, while pointing to a peristent downloads path and sstate-cache path. Do I understand correctly?20:00
vbaneathank you very much, that's very valuable information20:01
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rburtonbuilding from sstate is a valuable code path to exercise, if the AB always does incremental builds then it won't exercise that path at all20:01
alimonpohly: yes may be but that kind of errors are development related because isn't execute the real test, and for us is better to know when something is very wrong like a typo when importing certain module or something20:02
*** HavoK__ <HavoK__!> has joined #yocto20:02
alimonbut yes i will add the other case and a unittest inside oeqa/core/tests20:02
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HavoK__hi, so I added udev-extraconf to my image so that the usb can auto mount. plugged in the USB and i can see it making /run/media/sda1 and there is nothing insides the folder. I run the mount command and the device isn’t mounted. But the script /etc/udev/scripts/ keeps saying successfuly mounted everytime and remove and plug the usb back in.20:04
HavoK__It will mount successfully though when I run the mount command manually for the same directory20:04
*** clopez <clopez!> has joined #yocto20:08
vbaneaWe're a very small team maintaining our yocto recipes, and we've had the build work with "rm_work" active and fail with "rm_work" not active. While I realise that the root cause might be a badly written recipe, I need to track changes such as that in the build configuration.20:08
*** stefan___ <stefan___!> has joined #yocto20:08
vbaneaWould I put that in the distro conf?20:08
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rburtonvbanea: failing with rm_work disabled but working enabled is the strangest error.  but yes, that could be distro conf.20:11
rburton(usually its the other way around, rm_work deletes stuff that other recipes were reading from the work directories)20:12
*** luc4 <luc4!> has joined #yocto20:13
vbaneaI know! Didn't investigate that yet, but I was just as surprised.20:13
vbaneaIf you had customers with different software needs from multiple upstream layers, would you just pile the layers for everyone or have different template dirs per customer? Adding layers would basically risk changing the output for an old machine/image i was thinking..20:22
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HavoK__how can i change systemd-udevd.service. I want to change a value in there. Should I do it as a pkg_postinst or is there a better way?21:50
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rburtonHavoK__: patch it22:04
rburtonin a postinst is a horrible way :)22:04
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1166 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests BuildImages_1 Running Sanity Tests_1 BuildImages_2 BuildImages_3 BuildImages_4 BuildImages_5 BuildImages_6 BuildImages_7 BuildImages_8 BuildImages_9 Running Sanity Tests_2 BuildImages_10 Running Sanity Tests_3 BuildImages_11 Running Sanity Tests_4 BuildImages_12 Running Sanity Tests_5 BuildImages_13 Running Sanity Tests_6 BuildImages_14 Runni22:13
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garbadoshey, so, poky can be used both to build your own distributions, but is also a reference distribution unto itself?22:31
garbadosi have been told this and i'm not sure i understand. i figured a distro is something you could dd into an image and flash onto hardware. i'm not sure that i could dd poky and get anything useful22:32
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kergothno, that's not what a distro is for linux in general, and it's really not in oe context22:42
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garbadosyocto docs call poky a "reference distribution" and i'm not sure what that means
*** yann <yann!> has quit IRC22:59
smurraygarbados: it serves as an example; you can use it as is (potentially with some tweaks), or just as a reference for creating your own custom distribution23:04
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garbadossmurray, ah, ok. so it's a reference distro in the sense that to make my own distro, i might fork poky and build onto it?23:07
smurraygarbados: yes23:08
garbadossmurray, that makes sense, thank you :)23:09
smurraygarbados: np23:09
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