Thursday, 2017-07-20

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robstais there a meta-intel-iss yocto layer publically available?08:53
krysDoes anyone know where to report bug or feature request for meta-qt5?08:53
krysqtcreator requires the python json module for  GDB scripting08:54
krysand meta-qt5 doesn't include python-json in it's SDK08:54
krysrobsta: Wha't the 'iss' for in meta-intel-iss?08:55
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robstaIntel System Studio08:59
robstait has kernel drivers for profiling tools08:59
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kanavinSon_Goku: yes, I'll try to do it09:54
kanavinSon_Goku: that kind of thing tends to end up last on the priority list for most of us, unfortunately09:54
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Son_Gokukanavin: that's not good11:41
Son_Gokuit should be one of the *first* things you do, rather than *last*11:41
Son_Gokua lot of people have a poor attitude of you guys because you always say things like "Upstream Status: Pending" and whatnot and never do it11:42
kanavinSon_Goku: on one hand, there are always more pressing issues for us. On the other, sending even a trivial patch upstream is a lot of work that does not get rewarded or recognized, and may end up in an energy-sapping argument with the upstream maintainers. Between those things, it ends up low on priorities list. You cannot change this basic effort vs. reward situation, certainly not by saying that this is "not good".11:45
kanavinSon_Goku: that said, I'm creating pull requests for rpm/dnf patches right now11:45
Son_Gokuas well as librepo?11:45
kanavinSon_Goku: yes11:46
Son_Gokukanavin: all I ask is that the PRs be made11:46
Son_Gokuwhether they fail is another problem altogether11:46
Son_Gokuit doesn't look good if not even the most *basic* effort isn't taken11:46
kanavinSon_Goku: if you care about this, do help us out :)11:46
Son_GokuI have "stolen" a few of your patches in the past and upstreamed them :)11:47
Son_Gokuwhy do you think your patchset for rpm 4.13 isn't as big as when you had rpm4 before :)11:47
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kanavinthanks :) everyone would appreciate this more than you simply getting upset about our priorities :)11:49
Son_Gokukanavin: what I'm upset about is spending weeks trying to fix a problem in something, only to find out in my quarterly crawl of your stuff that someone fixed it quite a while back...11:50
TafThorneWhat happens after I email patches to oe-core or or-devel?  Should I see some emails back about them or anything?  Do they just sit in some people's inboxes for a while until they look important enough to get examined in detail?11:51
kanavinTafThorne: they quietly get pulled into the patch queue by ross or RP, if something fail you will hear about it, if nothing fails, you will eventually see them in master11:52
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kanavinTafThorne: I understand this is not great for keeping you informed, but at the moment it's like this11:52
TafThornekanavin: Thanks.  I just wanted to know if I should have seen any status updates about them.  If they are probably working their way through the pile/queue that is fine.11:53
RPTafThorne: you can watch for the patches in the master-next and poky-contrib/ross/mut branches11:54
kanavinSon_Goku: libcomps/rpm/dnf/createrepo_c/libdnf done11:55
kanavinSon_Goku: so that leaves librepo I guess, which I'll do now11:55
Son_Gokukanavin: one of the reasons I prefer you do it is so that authorship can be preserved11:55
Son_Gokuand it improves the general view of Yocto with the outside world11:56
Son_Gokuyou feel very much like Debian (in a bad way) right now11:56
TafThorneRP: I'll try to have a look in there sometime.11:56
kanavinSon_Goku: I should probably have used my address then, or otherwise made sure this is coming from Yocto11:57
kanavinSon_Goku: I tend not to pay too much attention to what email those patches have, could be gmail11:57
Son_GokuDebian does something similar where their dumbass DEP-8 headers for patches are supposed to indicate upstreaming, and they rarely forward changes even though Policy says they should11:58
kanavinSon_Goku: you can totally preserve authorship if you use 'git am' to apply someone else's patches11:59
Son_GokuI'm aware11:59
Son_Gokubut sometimes, people just make patches with gendiff or git diff :(11:59
Son_Gokuand it sucks11:59
kanavinSon_Goku: all of *my* patches are made with git :) you're right that Yocto does have a few of those though12:00
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rburtonSon_Goku: the state of Pending patches is known to be bad, personally i'm rejecting some patches where pushing upstream is trivial and obvious, and WR have been doing good work recently of trawling through recipes and submitting patches12:23
rburtonSon_Goku: anyway we all know that every distro is equally bad at this...12:26
Son_Gokuyeah, all distros are varying degrees of bad at this12:29
Son_Gokubut it seems "worse" when you have "upstream status" declarations with the assumption that changes *do* go upstream12:30
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kanavinrburton: high-five? :)12:31
rburtonSon_Goku: where is the assumption that they go upstream?12:31
rburtonkanavin: \o12:31
Son_Gokukanavin: o/12:32
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Son_Gokurburton: the usage of "Upstream-Status" and similar things in the patch metadata implies that is supposed to be part of the process12:32
Son_Gokuas opposed to being an afterthought12:32
rburtonthe Pending state is explicitly "need to do something about this"12:32
rburtonwhich means i can produce a nice chart of how many pending patches we have as leverage12:33
* Son_Goku shrugs12:33
rburtonPatches in Pending state: 840 (49%)12:33
Son_Gokuthat's... not a lot of patches12:33
rburtonPatches with malformed Upstream-Status: 1 <-- goddamnit12:35
Son_GokuI think Debian's "Not-Forwarded" state for patches is 4x that of your Pending one12:36
rburtondebian is a lot larger, so are you comparing percent or absolute numbers12:36
kanavinI've seen some horrors in Fedora too12:37
kanavinlike, a .spec file with over 100 patches in it12:37
rburtonwas it elfutils which is basically a fedora fork?  cant remember12:37
kanavinI think it may have been openssl :)12:38
kanavinor openssh?12:38
Son_GokuI hope elfutils isn't, because mjw would be horrified12:38
Son_Gokuopenssl *was* only forked slightly to purge encumbered algos and have a stable soname12:39
Son_Gokuthat was still done in less than a dozen patches12:39
Son_Gokuthere are packages like that though12:39
Son_GokuI think cdrkit is that way12:39
Son_Gokuthough upstream is dead :/12:39
Son_Gokuhmm, still not that many patches...12:40
kanavindo cdr tools serve any purpose anymore?12:40
kanavinthe medium is basically dead12:40
rburtoni was wondering that just last week12:40
Son_Gokuapparently, they're quite popular and useful outside of Western Europe and North America12:40
Son_Gokugo figure12:41
kanavinI can imagine there are parts of the world where discs still beat the internet in terms of bandwidth12:41
Son_Gokuone thing I've been meaning to make time for is porting my livecd-tools from cdrkit to xorriso12:43
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rburtonkhem: new glibc fails in glibc-locale12:49
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TafThornekanavin: cdrtools includes Blue-ray too?13:02
TafThorneand DVD13:02
ChrysDTafThorne : yes13:03
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MarcWewhats the best way to patch a target configuration file using .bbappend13:06
ChrysDMarcWe : what you mean by " the best way"?13:06
MarcWemost commen13:07
TafThornebest way and most common are usually not the same :-P13:07
MarcWea oke13:07
ChrysDbecause I don't really understand what you are asking really.13:08
ChrysDBut the way I patch13:08
ChrysDis going to the git directory of the package in tmp folder13:08
ChrysDdo git add <modified_file>13:08
ChrysDgit commit -m "the commit message"13:08
ChrysDgit format-patch -1 for doing the patch13:09
ChrysDthen you have your .patch produced13:09
ChrysDI guess devtools should have a system for patching also13:09
MarcWecant do the git thing sins the aldusted thing is only for my target13:09
MarcWeso i want to keep the aldusted config in my own layer13:09
ChrysDyeah and?13:10
MarcWeI'm still getting the old file when i generate the config file13:10
ChrysDin your bbappend you need to tell the patch you use13:10
MarcWei have a bbapend with a sub dir that contains the "new" config file13:11
ChrysDyeah so you have a13:11
ChrysDSRC_URI... your patch13:11
ChrysDAnd what's the problem with it?13:12
MarcWei have a SRC_URI13:12
ChrysDWhen you say config file, you mean something that is like in /etc  or you mean a "kernel config" ? A file with a ".cfg" extension13:12
MarcWeyes in etc13:12
ChrysDAnd have you done the patch?13:13
ChrysDif not do what I said.13:13
MarcWeI was tring to remove the org file and replace it by installing my13:13
ChrysDor use devetools13:13
ChrysDgo to tmp/work/<system_target>/<package_name>/<package_version>/git/13:15
rburtonif its easier to replace the file entirely then thats actually simplier13:15
rburtonadd the new file to SRC_URI, then do_install_append() { cp the file into ${D} to overrrite the original}13:16
MarcWeK that was kind of what i was doing exept i used install  instead of cp13:19
MarcWei prob do some basice stuff wrong13:21
MarcWetnx btw13:21
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joshuaglrburton: the old/prod cluster could really use a restart of the AB at some point RSN15:02
joshuaglrburton: could you let me know when your build is done?15:02
joshuaglpohly: this looks like a valid error in refkit with ross/mut ?15:03
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pohlyjoshuagl: I'm not sure how you are hitting that. Nothing in refkit adds "hddimg" as IMAGE_FSTYPE.15:05
joshuaglpohly: suspect it's this change in master: ?15:06
pohlyjoshuagl: FYI, current refkit master was broken when updating glibc in 2.9.50. In 2 hours we should finally have an update which works again - see
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pohlyjoshuagl: quite possible. But why is there no command for it?15:07
joshuaglpossibly refkit-image-minimal doesn't inherit image?15:08
pohlyIt does.15:08
pohlyPerhaps our IMAGE_CLASSES += in refkit-image.bbclass overrides the default IMAGE_CLASSES?15:09
pohlyAnyway, it looks like once again OE-core + refkit is broken :-/15:10
pohlyWe really needs this AB testing going to detect such issues earlier.15:10
joshuaglhmm, you have IMAGE_FSTYPES_remove = "live"15:11
pohlyYes, that's because we didn't want the "live" type.15:11
pohlySo we could remove "hddimg" the same way. But that does not explain why it does not even work.15:11
joshuaglAB testing should be in place now to detect these issues ahead of time15:12
pohlyIt could be a class inheritance issue again, where inheriting a class depends on variables that change over time.15:12
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pohlyjoshuagl: let's look at this from the other end - how is "hddimg" normally implemented?15:15
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joshuaglpohly: image-live is conditionally inherited in image.bbclass by the build_live function15:19
joshuaglhddimg logic is in image-live15:20
pohlyjoshuagl: and it seems to also provide the "hddimg" type.15:20
pohlyI bet the logic in build_live(d) ends up not including image-live.bbclass.15:22
joshuaglthat's the conclusion I was also drawing15:23
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pohlyjoshuagl: I'm just nor sure why that is.15:26
pohlyI'll update OE-core and debug.15:26
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joshuaglpohly: do you expect something different if this had been caught before the change landed in OE-core?15:32
opticronok, so now that my brain is properly melting I'll ask here: I have two image recipes. Each one needs its own kernel device tree, but otherwise the same kernel, packages, hardware, etc. what's the best way to select a different kernel device tree from the image recipe?15:35
joshuaglpohly: IMAGE_TYPE_live="image-live" here, so the build_live() function seems to work as expected15:35
opticronmy current thought is to add a .bbappend to the kernel with a fetch_append to overwrite the device tree given particular PACKAGECONF settings15:36
opticronbut that feels like the wrong tool for the job15:36
pohlyjoshuagl: I would have expected that the problem gets flagged when it hits master-next.15:36
pohlyNot when it hits master.15:36
joshuaglpohly: sure, but then what?15:36
pohlyAnd then we discuss whether it's refkit which needs to adapt or the patch needs to be done differently.15:37
joshuaglwould likely still require some cloning of oe-core master to investigate the failure?15:38
pohlyThe traditional approach was "OE-core gets updated and everyone else has to adapt later when there are breakages". When making refkit a first-class citizen in Yocto, the scope has increased and breakages need to be dealt with before they enter master.15:39
pohlyjoshuagl: I've update refkit with latest OE-core master.15:39
pohlyThe commit is in master, right?15:39
pohlyAh, not yet!15:39
pohlyScratch that, it is. I had copied the Poky commit ID.15:40
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!> has joined #yocto15:41
pohlyjoshuagl: hmm, I am not hitting it locally.15:43
*** fitzsim <fitzsim!> has quit IRC15:44
pohlyBut I'm also using a slightly different refkit.15:45
pohlyCan you reproduce the issue interactively?15:45
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has joined #yocto15:48
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pohlyed2: why is e2fstools-native not listed in WKS_FILE_DEPENDS_DEFAULT? Isn't that needed when building images with ext4 partitions?15:50
pohlyI suppose gparted-native is always needed and thus not expected to be listed?15:51
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has quit IRC15:52
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto15:52
pohlyI meant e2fsprogs-native...15:53
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TafThorneGood afternoon, I am trying to use the rpio recipe.  It builds OK but when I run it on the target I get a message about executable not existing when it does (I can ls it).15:54
TafThorneAs it is a Python script I tried running it with `python /usr/bin/rpio` and that said that 'logging' was not available.  Looking around in suggests that meta-cloud-serices/meta-openstack might the place to get the python logging module from?  When I try to include that I then get a bitbake error about ERROR: ParseError atmeta-cloud-services/meta-openstack/recipes-support/c15:57
TafThorneAm I getting the wrong end of several sticks?15:58
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has joined #yocto15:58
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pohlyIs it perhaps time to rename It's no longer a "minimal" initramfs, but rather implements quite a bit of advanced functionality.16:02
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has quit IRC16:03
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bluelightningI guess it was the basic initramfs image we provide, paralleled with core-image-minimal16:04
bluelightningpohly: ^16:04
bluelightningbut probably wasn't a good name in the first place16:04
bluelightningI think we could safely rename it if a better name were proposed16:05
pohlybluelightning: indeed. "" would be more fitting.16:05
bluelightningTafThorne: I think you may just be missing a standard python package - the logging module is part of the python standard library16:06
pohlyI find it surprisingly hard to build an image *without* that live install functionality :-(16:06
pohlyOne has to unset quite a few variables which try to add that to an image.16:06
*** jpew <jpew!cc4da337@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:06
bluelightningTafThorne: python-logging or python3-logging would be the *package* name (produced by the python or python3 recipe respectively)16:07
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC16:14
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*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has joined #yocto16:19
*** b00t <b00t!> has joined #yocto16:20
pohlyjoshuagl: I'm still not sure how you ended up getting this error in the AB. I can't reproduce it locally. But pulling in image-live.bbclass has undesired implications, like also having to build core-image-minimal-initramfs and grub, so I'll extend the IMAGE_FSTYPES_remove to cover also hddimg.16:22
b00thello. i'm trying to cut down the size of the yocto work directory being created by building a ti sdk image. right now, i'm seeing multiple ABIs in the work directory, one for our hardware target and another for armv7 as a whole. any suggestions on where to start looking for cutting this down?16:23
*** ant_work <ant_work!> has quit IRC16:24
*** Kakounet <Kakounet!> has quit IRC16:25
*** diego__ <diego__!> has joined #yocto16:27
joshuaglpohly: OK, thanks for investigating. Apologies, been in back-to-back meetings so failed to keep investigating. Sounds like we have bugs in the nightly-refkit AB setup still.16:27
*** diego_r <diego_r!> has quit IRC16:27
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto16:29
TafThornebluelightning: the python package is already installed though?  Or at least I have a python executable.16:29
kergothTafThorne: that doesn't mean anything. tons of modules are packaged into independent packages that aren't installed by default16:29
TafThornekergoth: my point was that bluelightning's answer was to install the python recipie.16:32
kergothhe said you need the python-logging or python3-logging package16:32
TafThorne"produced by the python or python3 recipe respectively" is the bit I wanted to ask about16:33
kergoththe 'python' recipe emits tons of packages16:33
kergothincluding 'python' and 'python-logigng', which are two completely different packages16:33
kergothyou're mixing up 'recipe' and 'package'16:33
TafThorneprobably python-logging too ;-)16:33
TafThorneSo somehow I have to get the python-logging package into my system16:34
kergothif you want all the python modules in the standard library, you can install 'python-modules'16:34
kergothotherwise you can install the individual module packages16:34
TafThorneSo is there some bitbakey way to do that already or do I write a bitbake recipie that copies a python package into my system somehow?16:35
TafThornethe package that may or may not already exist somewhere in my yocot work area build system thingy?16:35
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has quit IRC16:35
kergothbitbake is a build tool, not a deployment tool16:36
kergothdevtool provides some commands in that area, i've never used any of them16:36
TafThorneI think I do not know enough about what you mean by those words to understand.16:36
kergothif you don't undersatndt he difference between building something and copying something to your device, you need to read up some more16:37
TafThorneThe way I copy something to my device is using a .bb recipie though.16:37
kergothrecipes emit binary packages, image recipes emit a disk image you can put on your device16:37
TafThorneWell... squash it into a filesystem that then ends up as an sdimage that then ends up on an sd card which ends up in my system.16:38
kergothnone of those copy anything to your device themselves16:38
kergothif you just want to put another package into your image and rebuild the image, use IMAGE_INSTALL, and see the yocto project documentation for how you add packages to an image16:38
*** Guest5994 <Guest5994!~kevin@> has quit IRC16:38
kergothadding a package to your device without reflashing the image is something else netirely16:38
*** zero_note <zero_note!~zero@> has quit IRC16:39
kergothso it really depends on how you want to proceed16:39
*** richardD <richardD!> has quit IRC16:40
TafThorneSo when I did `IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " python-logutils"` i was trying to add the wrong thing.  I should not have looked in I should have known some how that a python-logging recipie... or something like that exists somewhere else.16:40
kergothlogutils is a completely different python module that you can find on pypi, not stock16:40
kergothi don't know if the layer index has info about binary packages or not, offhand16:40
TafThorneYer, it was just the closest match to the search term python logging16:41
kergoththe issue here is what you want was the module, and didn't know or care what recipe provided it, whereas the layer index recipe search searches for recipes16:41
kergothi don't know if the layer index provides a way to search for packages rather than recipes, if not that's a clear lack16:42
TafThorneWhat I want was the `prio` executable.  Not caring that it was python.  Hoping that it would require whatever dependencies it had.16:43
kergothit should, if it doesn't that's a bug in its recipe16:43
TafThorneAdding RDEPENDS_${PN} = "python-logging" might solve that.16:44
TafThorneThough I tihnk it probably needs a threading one that is not there too based on the script code.16:44
TafThorne(I do not do much python ever so I am not sure how things are meant to hang together.  If it was Ruby I would know it hangs together loosley via gems)16:45
TafThorneI do not know how it worked, but that RDEPENDS seems to have worked.  Something, somewhere magically generated/found a python-logging recipie.  I'll be back soon to say if that resulted in a logging python package16:46
kergothbitbake knows what packages will be emitted by what recipes16:47
kergothit saw the rdepends and looked for recipes that list that in PACKAGES, RPROVIDES_<pkg> for each pkg in PACKAGES, or PACKAGES_DYNAMIC16:48
*** vdehors <vdehors!> has quit IRC16:48
TafThorneProgress.  Now I cannot import a module named threading instead.  I can predict what lines I need to add for that.16:54
TafThornekergoth: thank you for your help in getting me this far.16:54
TafThornebluelightning: thank you for your suggestion.  It started me down the right track.  I did not know that there was a python recipe able to generate the python pacakges already in my setup,16:55
kergothnp. it's admittedly a pain to figure out the python module package list. there's a pythondeps script in oe-core that'll scan python scripts or modules and dump a list of the modules they depend on, but it doesn't handle mapping that to actual package names16:55
TafThorneI can grep this script.  It is only short16:56
TafThorneSo I guess this is a bug on the meta-raspberrypi layer that contains the recipie.  I can look about in that directory to see who the maintainers are to send a patch to once I work out all the missing bits.16:57
TafThorneMy day is over.  TTFN.  Once again thank you for the help.16:59
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pohlyIs there some sstate cache expunge script (for example, based on last access time) or do I have to role my own?18:05
*** garbados <garbados!~garbados@2601:1c2:303:6b0:cd4c:c80:d4b5:e0a4> has joined #yocto18:05
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tgoodwinHas anyone ever seen an autotools recipe result in a config.log with one set of variables, and then different variables in bitbake's log for configure, compile and install (i.e., like all of the variables found in config.log were ignored)?18:21
kergothwhat do you mean? what varaibles would be in bitbake's log?18:22
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has quit IRC18:23
tgoodwinIn the recipe's S, I can see the output of running configure, the config.log.  In it, the prefix variable resolved to the desired value as expected.  However when we go through the whole process to install, the installed location within WORKDIR/image is not the same prefix (it's the default, /usr)18:27
tgoodwinGoing over the various logs, like log.do_configure, etc. they're all showing usage of prefix=/usr, so I'm just stumped a bit on how to fix this.18:27
tgoodwinFirst time I've seen part of a config get disobeyed, if you will.18:28
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tgoodwineven when I set EXTRA_OECONF += "--prefix=something_else" it doesn't get reflected in the other logs.18:30
tgoodwinonly config.log.18:30
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pohlyjoshuagl: let's hope that restores building with OE-core master also in the AB.18:47
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tgoodwinIs there a way to remove arguments from the configure command (so it's not setting --prefix, --libdir, etc.)?19:59
tgoodwin(I know I can use EXTRA_OECONF to add more, but setting them to new values seems to have no effect at all.)19:59
kergothwhy would you want to do that?20:00
tgoodwinTesting a theory that having all the defaults passed to this particular recipe's configure is what's throwing off things.  When I clear everything out and let it just attempt to install however it sees fit, I get some things in *my* prefix directory, but libdir and includedir are no longer tied to prefix (or eprefix)20:01
kergothjust override do_configure or oe_runconf in the recipe20:02
kergothread autotools.bbclass20:02
*** ash_charles <ash_charles!~acharles@2607:fad8:4:6:252f:67b3:f11c:3d56> has quit IRC20:03
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tgoodwinalright, I'll check that out.20:06
tgoodwinthanks kergoth20:07
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nathani_I have this package that I'm creating a recipe for. I have the target part done, but it also has a tool that needs to be run natively to create some databases...20:12
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nathani_How do I install the output databases from the native part onto the target system?20:13
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nathani_Normally I think I would make the target recipe depend on the native one and then use the tool from the native recipe in the do_install in the target?20:18
nathani_but the files are generated in cmake... and built in tree to boot...20:20
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khemnathani_: you can install the tool into native sysroot20:34
khemand tweak the cmake20:35
khemto adapt to 2 step process20:35
khemyour approach is right20:35
b00tis there any way to get a full dependency chain starting with a particular image/bb file?20:35
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nathani_ahhh, yes. tweak the target cmake to look for executable in sysroot instead of build directory.20:37
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto20:37
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nathani_Thanks khem20:37
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b00tmore specifically: is there any way to build a list of buildtime and runtime deps starting with a particular layer, image, or bb file? i would like to customize an image but i need a list, preferably with head deps, before i can really start20:43
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khemb00t: btibake -g20:53
b00tkhem: hey, thanks :D20:56
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