Monday, 2017-07-24

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bachehkarajiI want to replace the default vsftpd.conf file with my own file!04:48
bachehkarajiMy bitbake file looks following:04:49     DESCRIPTION = "Configuration and extra files for TX28"     LICENSE = "CLOSED"     LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = ""          S = "${WORKDIR}"          SRC_URI += " \         file:// \         file://vsftpd.conf \         file://nginx/nginx.conf \         file://init.d/"          inherit allarch          do_install () {         install -d ${D}${sysconfdir}         install -d ${D}${sysconfdir}/nginx04:49
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mckoangood morning06:53
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RPed2: around?07:38
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ed2RP: yep, here07:44
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gaurav_I want to build some of the packages in my yocto build as 32 bit rest 64 bit while the machine for which i am building is 64 bit. What changes should be required in yocto build for my requirement ? Should i need to have 32 bit as well as 64 bit toolchain as well ?08:59
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rburtongaurav_: look up multilib in the manual i guess09:04
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mcfriskhow do do_rootfs tasks know when not to rebuild images? for everyone else the answer is sstate and signature checking, I guess09:47
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rburtonyes, that09:52
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aratiuis there any way I can disable gobject-introspection globally?12:16
aratiu(it fails because my kernel is too old on ARM and I don't need it, but lots of recipes depend on it in Pyro...)12:17
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tgoodwinI'm getting a strange QA warning where it says recipe X RDEPENDS on some Y and suggests I add Y to X's DEPENDS.  However when I dump the environment for X, Y isn't in X's RDEPENDS at all.  X has no dependency on Y at all.12:30
tgoodwin(runtime or otherwise)12:31
tgoodwinI've tried cleanall for the recipes in question as well, but I still get this QA warning.12:31
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neverpanictgoodwin: Dependencies are auto-generated from linking information12:32
neverpanicChances are Y provides a library and X links against that library12:32
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tgoodwinneverpanic: How would I be able to verify that according to bitbake?  Because I know X and Y both depend on another separate package and link against that package, but they do not link against one another (or ...shouldn't, I suppose is a better way to say that)12:35
tgoodwin(and neither X or Y provide that other package)12:35
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rburtonaratiu: DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED = "gobject-introspection-data"12:45
aratiurburton: I just found that by searching the web a few minutes ago, I'm compiling now and was ready to write about it here once my build passed (2130 of 2023 tasks currently)12:46
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aratiulooks like it works, great!12:46
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neverpanictgoodwin: you can check pkgdata for the generated packages, it should contain the automatically detected dependencies12:52
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1174 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
tgoodwinneverpanic: thanks13:37
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tgoodwinneverpanic: I'm still at a bit of a loss for how this is happening, but the new sanity check is helpful.13:39
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neverpanicIn my experience, this check is very helpful.13:43
tgoodwinneverpanic: PEBKAC.  Thanks to that check, it was actually identifying that I was *missing* dependencies and runtime dependencies in my recipe def.13:49
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tgoodwinmany, many thanks.13:49
tgoodwinThe way that warning is worded, it sounded like somehow I would find it in my recipe's RDEPENDS if I view the environment (-e), which of course it doesn't show up there pre-compile.13:51
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signo-Hey, I was wondering if anyone was familair with adding users to a yocto image? I tried adding the example users to CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL in my local conf but the users don't exist when I flash my board. Is there something I'm missing?14:30
aratiusigno: what I do is I have a custom recipe which adds my users and it inherits useradd.bbclass14:32
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aratiuthen any other recipe that depends on those users depend on shadow-native and pseudo-native14:33
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aratiuand I just include the recipe which adds the users via RDEPENDS_${PN} in the image recipe14:34
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otavioIs someone building a SDK with Go support?14:45
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LostInPXEDoes anybody know how one might go about setting things up to produce an "image" for PXE booting?  I would like to end up with 3 files: vmlinuz, root.squashfs & initrd.gz.  I am attempting to chain boot my Yocto image from iPXE that's booted in UEFI mode.14:50
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signo-aratiu: I was using this to just add whatever users as ssh users
signo-That recipe should take care of installing them and updating the etc/passwd file if i'm understanding it correctly14:54
signo-Hmm so I guess CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL is the wrong place to add it to get it to build into the image14:56
signo-I'll try what you mentioned and see if it works14:56
signo-Thanks for the help!14:56
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signo-aratiu: I added RDEPENDS_${PN}=useradd-example and they still don't appear in /etc/passwd. Do I need to do a cleansstate or something else to get it to go through?17:13
signo-Been banging my head against the wall on this for the past 2 days, starting to drive me mad. The example SHOULD just work lol17:14
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kergothgitsm fetcher downloads submodules into clonedir in DL_DIR, but then doesn't even use them in unpack()17:45
kergothit ends up fetching submodules from upstream in do_unpack17:46
kergothhmm, wonder if it depends on git version?17:46
*** juvenal <juvenal!~juvenal@> has joined #yocto17:48
kergothnope, it's just broken17:48
kergothamusingly, it works  with shallow, since shallow bypasses the usual unpack mechanism, but still includes modules17:49
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nathani_this cmake package places a file in /usr/bin/ when I try and relocate it to /usr/lib I suddenly get a bunch of QA error about unshipped files in /usr/src/debug17:54
*** Snert__ <Snert__!~snert_@> has joined #yocto17:54
kergothinsufficient information. exactly where did you do the relocation, why is its filename so screwed up, and what is the exact error message?17:55
kergothalso, what uses it, and why did the upstream package put it there in the first place?17:56
nathani_when i try to add them to FILES_${PN}-dev I get an exception from do_package.17:56
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nathani_sorry, it's I rename to and create symbolic link libsxe.so17:57
nathani_doing relocation in do_install_append()17:58
kergothis its SONAME correct?17:59
kergothjust renaming the file wont' change the library's knowledge of its own name17:59
kergothand our packaging uses that information17:59
nathani_how do i check that?18:01
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*** jkridner|pd is now known as jkridner18:03
nathani_what is recommended in this instance? i would like to do things right. but i don't want to rewrite the cmake any of the source if possible18:05
nathani_*but i don't want to rewrite any of the source if possible18:05
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nathani_i guess, just leave in /usr/bin/, gives me a QA issue (wrong location), but it seems to work...18:16
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kergothwhat's recommended would be to patch the upstream buildsystem to behave sanely. dropping a shared library in /usr/bin/ violates the FHS and just makes no sense all around :)18:22
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nathani_yes, from what i've read, you should not do this, so I was attempting to fix18:23
* kergoth nods18:24
kergothobviously whatever works18:24
nathani_from link.txt "-soname,"18:25
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kergothRP: I'm wondering if we could teach bitbake to use user namespaces for its tasks, flag anything but fetch as a new network namespace, blocking network connectivity for non-fetch tasks entirely.. CLONE_NEWNET..19:20
kergoths/user //19:20
* armpit bitbake-ai19:26
kergothRP: would also have the potential to play with the mount namespace, i.e. we could bind mount TMPDIR to a predictable location with a short absolute path..19:27
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otavioHello folks; we need to start a command on oe_terminal but it should wait until it is finished to continue the execution flow ...19:48
otaviodoes anyone knows how this is possible?19:48
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lsandovotavio: like -c menuconfig19:53
lsandovotavio: ?19:53
lsandovotavio: I am actually dealing with a bug on that area. look at the cml1.bbclass19:54
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signo-Hopefully a silly question. Does anyone know why my .bbappends are being applied to tmp/sysroot and not to the files in /tmp/work. I'm trying to patch OpenSSH19:58
otaviolsandov: do you have any suggestion how to handle it?20:01
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otaviolsandov: the point is most of my code is done in shell so I'd like to spawn it but hold until it exits to continue20:02
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lsandovotavio: there was an old issue with new gnome terminals20:03
lsandovotavio: which terminal are you using?20:04
lsandovotavio: basically it avoided to spawn processes but I do not remember the root reason20:05
lsandovsigno-: it all depends on the name of the bbappend file20:07
aehs29lsandov: new versions gnome-terminal work on a client-server model, it refused to spawn on different processes for that reason, one way was to monitor ps to check when the process had finished, but RP posted a different fix for it to wait to finish, I;m unsure if that could be used in this situation20:11
otaviolsandov: i have a tmux installed but i need to do a general fix so I am looking for a way to 'wait' for terminal to be exit20:11
otavioaehs29: a way to wait? this might work for my case20:12
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aehs29otavio: take a look at
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aehs29otavio: aand
*** ash_charles <ash_charles!~acharles@2607:fad8:4:6:2d25:fe95:1713:d9ca> has joined #yocto20:17
aehs29it was the other way around actually, it spawned different processes so we had no idea how to check when it ended, but anyway it might help20:17
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otavioaehs29: it should work for my case as well; it is ugly but should do the trick20:23
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aehs29otavio: awesome, kudos to lsandov for remembering about it20:48
kergothmeh, forgot those clone flags need CAP_SYS_ADMIN, that's not ideal20:49
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kergothah, right, just need a new user namespace too21:12
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kergothmeh, we really need to rewrite gitsm entirely22:01
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