Monday, 2017-07-31

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khemRP: ok.02:21
khemRP: I think once 5.0 releases we might think of using tarballs02:21
khemRP: hopefully it built successfully thereafter02:25
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RPkhem: build mostly looked ok but oe-selftest went mental. Not sure why as yet06:51
bboozzoois it possible to run `devtool modify <recipe>` but skipping do_patch?06:53
RPbboozzoo: not sure but you could just pop the patches back off?06:53
bboozzooRP: i was hoping there was some hidden no-patch switch06:55
bboozzoodevtool extract will also try patch, right?06:56
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RPbboozzoo: bluelightning would probably know offhand07:09
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megastallmanHi guys! Trying to build Yocto pyro, both from tarball or the latest git. After running "bitbake core-image-sato", perl-native do_configure step fails, saying "Cannot build with both -Duserelocatableinc and -Duseshrplib". How can I resolve it?08:04
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bluelightningRP: bboozzoo: what's the question?08:18
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bboozzoobluelightning: i was wondering if there's a way to skip do_path when doing `devtool modify` (or devtool extract for that matter)08:19
bluelightningbboozzoo: hmm, I thought there was but it seems not08:20
bluelightningbboozzoo: are you wanting to skip it because it's failing or because you just want the unpatched source?08:21
bboozzooi'm integrating with another layer, and the patch fails to apply08:21
bboozzooso i figured, why not try devtool and apply the patches manually, fixing the ones that fail08:22
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bboozzoowhich i'm doing just now, just that i had to temporarly skip all patches from that other to get the source extracted and set up to build with08:24
bluelightningbboozzoo: hmm, I don't think we've designed it with that use case in mind unfortunately, but we could certainly look into it08:24
bboozzoonot a big problem, just something that might be nice from ux perspective08:25
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xpeteHi! I have a recipe to build that was working with morty but after updating to pyro i get the error "/lib/ No such file or directory". It's looking fot the file in the wrong place. I already read the release notes and can't anyting that could have created this problem. How can I fix this?10:50
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LetoThe2ndrburton: good luck!13:18
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* rburton wonders what for13:18
LetoThe2ndrburton: mr. icecc13:18
LetoThe2ndrburton: i tried, failed, and decided to > /dev/null13:19
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yateswhat is the difference between morty, krogoth, jethro, etc?14:09
fraysee the documentation and the change notes14:09
yatesare these different releases of yocto proper?14:09
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yatesi hope every question i ask is not answered with "see the documentation" ...14:12
fraywhen it comes to version differences most likely it will be14:12
shaunoI struggle to remember which name is which version number, so I'd likely do the same thing.  it helps to know the recent releases are in alphabetical order, however.14:14
yatescareful about your presumptions. as you can see already, my question was a "meta" question - i didn't even know these were various versions of yocto. i am brand new to  yocto.14:15
fraymost of the people in this channel work on the in-development version or one of the last two stable versions.. outside of that you are likely on your own or need a more commercial support solution where they can answer those questions14:15
yatesi think i'll be working with morty14:15
yatesshauno: that's good to know.14:16
fraymorty is 2.2, which will be EOL (from a community perspective) this fall..14:16
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frayfrom a commercial perspective, there are more then one company using morty and expecting to continue to support it for many more years.. (my employer being on of them)14:16
fray2.3 is pyro and will be EOL next spring..14:16
fray2.4 is in development14:16
fray(will be named Rocko unless something changes)14:17
frayseebs -> 'see'14:18
yateswhat is the "4.1.15" version i see here:
yatesis that the varascite version of that project?14:18
fraythat would be there specific code...14:18
fraynothing to do with the YP.14:18
yatescool. thanks.14:19
zero_noteyates: I think it is related to the linux kernel version (the freescale patched one)14:19
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frayit's an odd code too.. since it looks like it could be date derived, but it's not14:19
frayzero_note, ahh so they're not using the morty kernel but their own.. ok.. that would make more sense14:19
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yatesso each YP version is tied to a specific kernel version?14:20
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zero_notefray: here you can find "Release version: morty-fslc-4.1.15-mx6ul-v1.0"14:20
yateszero_note: did you mean me?14:20
frayThe YP includes a reference kernel source (usually more then one) that includes tooling, patches and other things to help make it easier to maintain, configure and build the kernels..14:21
zero_notewhich gives you info about yocto version, kernel version and machine type14:21
fraysome vendors produce their own kernels (some continue to use the tools, some do not)..14:21
zero_noteyates: indeed, sorry :)14:21
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fraynot using the Yocto kernel can cause issues as you are more or less on your own when dealing with the kernel.. the community members won't know how to help you..14:21
bbee_hi all. i want to set PR programatically and I use python __anonymous to write timestamp to /tmp/timestamp and set PR from this. but how can i remove the file after the package was built? is there a way to get the task name in __anonymous function or how to addtask after last task to remove the timestamp file?14:21
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fray(The YP kernel tooling is designed to manage multiple patch sets, configurations and boards all in one configuration.  Some object to this added complexity because they are only targeting one board...  but if you are working in an environment with multiple configurations, especially multiple processor types it is -really- useful)14:22
yateswhat is "poky"?14:23
frayyou would have to define a task to run -after- the build.  The 'rm_work' task can be used as a model for that14:23
fraypoky is the default distribution configuration from the Yocto Project14:23
yatesyou don't know how much answers to these basic questions help. thanks !14:23
fraybee_ BTW instead of using an __anonymous chunk for PR values, it would be better to write your own PR service14:24
pagioshi anyone got ruby sinatra working on yoctow?14:25
fraythe PR service interface is -very- simple.. and likely have everything you need in it to generate what you want14:25
fray(it's a simple XMLRPC interface to a remote server that includes the hash and version information for various things...)14:25
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fraythe code fo rthe exisitng server is located in: bitbake/bin/bitbake-prserv and bitbake/lib/prserv14:26
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frayyou could easily make your own version14:27
bbee_fray: thank you very much!14:27
fraythen no changes to the core system will be required, you would just run your custom server and point your conf/local.conf to it14:27
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frayit would be in the advanced YP Dev-Day slides from probably Berlin, and Dublin14:28
fraynope.. not berlin14:29
frayAhh was in San Deigo 2016 slides14:30
fraystart on page 46 for an explanation of how the PR server works14:30
bbee_fray: thank you again :-)14:31
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yatesdid freescale tie their morty release to a specific linux version because of updated/added drivers to support their i.MX6? (and are slow/unwilling to propagate these to subsequent linux releases?)14:31
frayif you find that you want/need more information that is normally passed to the PR service, please start a discussion on either or bitbake-devel@lists.openembedded.org14:32
frayexplain what information you think is missing and why you need it..14:32
fraywe designed the system to be expanded with custom PR servers... but so far that is the only one I know that has been written (outside of some playing around I've done)14:32
frayyates, often that is the reason.. they have a specific driver that they don't want to port around..14:33
frayhowever, sometimes it's either 'higher versions are better' (i.e. I want a newer version number then someone else, even though there is no real technical reason)14:33
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frayand sometimes it is just laziness, as I mentioned before not wanting to deal with the overhead of enabling easier configuration and related14:34
yatesisn't there a process for submitting such driver changes to the linux kernel developers and get them included in future versions automatically?14:35
yatesi'm asking because, if we're going to change yocto versions (e.g., pyro) and kernels, now would be the ideal time, but i wouldn't want to if the drivers are an issue.14:37
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xpeteHi! I have a recipe to build that was working with morty but after updating to pyro i get the error "/lib/ No such file or directory". It's looking fot the file in the wrong place. I already read the release notes and can't anyting that could have created this problem. How can I fix this?14:40
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frayyates, yes.. preferred is working w/ to get things upstream, and then once they do they naturally flow into the YP approach..14:49
frayin the case where that does not happen.. the changes can also be directly submitted to the YP kernel...14:49
frayand where that does not happen, you can manage your own drivers, but still use the YP kernel fairly easily..14:49
frayso there really isn't a good excuse (long term) for this behavior..14:50
yatesi see14:51
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rburton_khem: | ../mesa-17.1.5/configure: line 22355: test: : integer expression expected <-- sorry15:28
rburton_khem: with the latest patches in master15:29
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto15:33
rburton_morning jefro15:33
*** rburton_ is now known as rburton15:34
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PokymonHello! I am trying to resize  a partition in Arago. I had a 1.8GB partition of ext3 type which I pulled the journals off of , then deleted and recreated larger in fdisk. then I attempted to use resizepart /dev/mmcblk1 2 350000000016:32
Pokymonthis was supposed to tell Linux/Arago that it has a new root file system partition that is now 3.5GB... it did not complain, but it did not update either, I still see 1.8GB when I df -h at the command line16:34
kergothyou can't just resize the partition, you have to resize the filesystem16:34
kergothgoogle for how to resize ext316:34
kergothresize2fs, iirc16:34
Pokymonif I remember right, Arago did not have resize2fs in it... which I why I thought resizepart would perform the same function. Was this an incorrect assumption?16:36
kergothresizepart is, again, for resizing the partition, or more specifically telling the kernel about the resized partition16:36
kergoththat has nothing to do with the filesystem that's actually on the partition16:37
PokymonYeah, there's no resize2fs binary in Arago16:37
kergothright now you just have a lot of empty space after the end ofthe filesystem16:37
kergoththen you'll need to install e2fsprogs16:37
PokymonI see: e2freefrag  e2fsck      e2image     e2label     e2undo16:37
Pokymondoes that mean a recompile of the system to get the e2fsprogs installed... or are these the correct components to the package listed above?16:40
kergoththat's a small subset of e2fsprogs16:40
kergothobviously, as i just told you about a tool that's not installed, but comes from e2fsprogs :)16:40
rburtondoesn't arago have a feed you can use to install the bits from?16:40
kergoththat's what i was going to suggest, whether you have to re-run bitbake to get it depends on what arago provides, not very familiar with that distro16:41
kergothif they have an irc channel, that may be a better bet16:41
fraystupid thing..16:41
* paulg_ logs into fray 's bank16:42
frayluckily not my bank password..16:42
fraynot even my WR password.. ;)16:42
PokymonYeah that is part of the issue with Arago- you have to bitbake everything into it because the feeds are only intended for bake/time... not run time modifications :(16:43
Pokymonhe he16:43
PokymonThanks to all16:44
* fray notes if this damned thing didn't require a password refresh after 5 minutes of inactivity --- and the xterms didn't periodically just decide to take focus.. it wouldn't be an issue..16:46
frayohh well..16:46
fray(which is why I don't use a common password on that machine -- too damned likely to type it into the wrong place)  :P16:47
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khemrburton: you have to help with some debugging, I cant see this error on 3 different linux flavors I have16:55
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khemfray: 2-factor authentication helps ;)16:56
ant_workkhem, any alternative armv5 toolchain to test?16:57
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-yjfqywonmqvduwhe> has joined #yocto16:57
ant_workI couldn't find any at linaro16:57
ant_workonly gcc616:58
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khemant_work: try free electron one17:03
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ant_workkhem, thanks17:09
ant_workkhem: unfortunately no gcc7 for armv5-eabi (not surprising)17:11
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ant_workbtw, have you read about these gcc7 userspace issues reported in the answer to my msg on LAKML?17:12
ant_workI'd say it does not happen with our toolchain, I only have issues with kernel afais17:13
*** ka6sox is now known as zz_ka6sox17:14
ant_workI plan to learn arm asm oneday but it will take some time :)17:14
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denixrburton, kergoth: we don't publish binary feeds due to some legal concerns...17:31
* kergoth nods, been there17:31
denixnot sure I understand this statement - Yeah that is part of the issue with Arago- you have to bitbake everything into it because the feeds are only intended for bake/time... not run time modifications :(17:33
denixif you built your images yourself, you do have a feed with packages, from where you can install e2fsprogs-resize2fs package...17:35
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yatesis there a separate bitbake channel, or is this good?18:06
yatesis there a prescriptive form of the bitbake manual? the one here seems descriptive, i.e., a long series of "if you want to ... do this ..."18:08
yatesfor example, if i have a file, is mybb the "packagename"?18:09
yatesotherwise i don't understand the "bitbake foo" example in
*** WillMiles_ <WillMiles_!> has joined #yocto18:09
yateshow are tasks specified inside a .bb?18:12
yateswhat is the syntax?18:12
yatesthe manual states that the default task is "build", but there is no string "build" in a sample .bb file i'm examining.18:12
kergoththe bitbake user manual explains the task syntax18:12
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!> has quit IRC18:12
kergoththere doesn't need to be, because base.bbclass and bitbake.conf define the defaults18:12
yatesif you were squirreled down in a subdirectory, how would bitbake know where the base.bbclass and bitbake.conf files were?18:16
kergothcurrent path doesn't matter18:17
kergothclasses and config files are found via BBPATH, which is etiher defined directly in the environment, or more often nowadays bitbake searches up from $PWD to locate conf/bblayers.conf, which defines BBLAYERS, and parses conf/layer.conf in each specified layer, which adds itself to BBPATH18:17
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yatesare "recipe" and "target" synonymous in bitbake terminology? (i.e., the name of a PROVIDES)?18:50
*** morphis <morphis!> has quit IRC18:50
kergothyeah, that's accurate18:50
kergoth"package" tends to be ambiguous. generally we try to stick to using it to refer tot he binary packages emitted by the recipes, but there coudl be remnants18:51
yatesthat helps unconfuse me.. thx18:51
kergothtechnically the recipe is the .bb file, which may provide any number of things, including itself18:52
kergoth"target" as the name of something from PROVIDES or PN is likely best18:52
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yateskergoth: what other thing would a file provide other than itself (for example)?19:16
rburtonkhem: will replicate tomorrow. have you tried with /bin/sh->dash?19:19
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto19:21
khemrburton: I haven't dont want to mess with this machine19:24
rburtonwuss ;)19:24
rburtoni'll look tomorrow :)19:24
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khemrburton: probably a ubuntu VM should be able to reproduce it as well.19:24
khemlet me check19:25
yateskergoth: i guess you mean other targets? (other PROVIDES)?19:25
rburtonsh->dash is standard debian19:25
khemwhat I have on this machien19:25
khemrburton: are you having soething like
khemthen we have same stuff19:26
khemmy ubuntu box has sh->bash19:27
khembut its a shared box so I dont want to mess others up19:28
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rburtonkhem: LLVM_VERSION_MAJOR isn't set in that block20:08
rburtonguessing it doesn't get set properly in llvm_set_envronment_variables?20:08
rburtonbut now, time to logoff20:09
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