Monday, 2017-08-07

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ranran Is it possible to disable /sys (sysfs) in image ?05:49
LetoThe2ndranran: possible? certainly. will the system still work? probably no :-)05:54
ranranLetoThe2nd: how should it be done in yocto ?05:55
LetoThe2ndranran: disable it in your kernel config, see what happens05:56
ranranbut there is also a mount command in the startup script, right ?05:56
LetoThe2ndit should be part of the fstab.05:56
ranranhow should I update fstab ?05:57
LetoThe2ndum, just remove the line that mounts the sysfs?05:57
LetoThe2ndbut why would you want to do that?05:57
ranrando you mean, find & update the recipe for fstab ?05:58
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LetoThe2ndi would just try it on the target first. my bets are on "system will not work anymore"05:58
ranranit is embedded small linux, we've done it in other disctributions (not in yocto).05:59
LetoThe2ndthen just do whatever you did in the other distributions here too. openembedded is no different06:00
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ranranLetoThe2nd , thanks.06:06
ranranWhat is the difference between IMAGE_INSTALL & IMAGE_FEATURES ?06:07
ranranAren't both responsible for adding a package into image ?06:07
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LetoThe2ndranran: image_install lists packages to be installed. image_features are, well.. think more general image funktionality. like, all debug images, or all docs. see the dev manual, it has an extensive list of all available image_features.06:09
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ranranHow can I know the exact package name to be specified in IMAGE_INSTALL, for example tftp server/client , How to find its package name ?06:12
LetoThe2ndranran: start searching at https://layers.openembedded.org06:14
LetoThe2ndranran: usually the package name is the recipe name (but there might be special cases)06:14
ranranLetoThe2nd, thanks!06:17
ranranLetoThe2nd, I will need to make a minimal linux, initramfs, with custom init, is the best approach will be to make image changes by append core-image-minimal recipe ?06:19
LetoThe2ndranran: close. we also have a "core-image-minimal-initramfs" :-)
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ranranIs it also possible in do_install to remove binaries from rootfs ?06:32
ranransort of cleanup06:32
LetoThe2ndthat is more like a rootfs post process. but why would i need to remove anything? just do not install it earlier :-)06:36
bluelightningmorning all06:38
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ranranDoes "image" in yocto terminology means building rootfs, or building the final image (for example hdd image) ?07:21
ranranfor example ROOTFS_PREPROCESS_COMMAND image is before building the rootfs or before building the final image ?07:22
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LetoThe2ndranran: "image" mwans the contents of the image, e.g. in the vast majority of cases the rootfs. tar.gz, extX, any kind of binary blob is an IMAGE_FSTYPE then07:23
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ranranLetoThe2nd, thanks !07:27
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ranranI am a bit confused between ${D} , and IMAGE_ROOTFS. Is it the same thing ? (ROOFS /)07:32
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jkuranran: D is the _recipe specific_ installation directory07:36
Amynka   /win 1207:36
ranranLetoThe2nd, Thanks,  that really help me to clear some uncertainties !07:39
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jkuhmm, there was a "rpm: add explicit dependency on bzip2-replacement-native for native builds" patch in june but I still just saw that failure -- rpms debugedit fails to load because it's not in sysroot08:30
jkurerunning the task succeeds :/08:33
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sveinseWhat can cause glibc-dbg to get installed into the image, when its manifest does not mention it?09:09
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LetoThe2ndsveinse: imagefeature debug, in the simplest case09:15
sveinseI have to admit I had expected that it would reflect on the manifest09:16
LetoThe2ndhm. good point.09:17
LetoThe2ndis glibc the only dbg package being installed?09:17
sveinseLetoThe2nd: I think so. Difficult to tell when the manifest isn't reliable :(09:18
LetoThe2ndsveinse: you could inspect the dependency thing of the image09:18
bluelightningright, enable buildhistory and it'll give you the dep graph for the image09:21
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sveinseI might have been a little quick. The manifest /does/ mention libc6-dbg. I was confused by the naming of glibc vs libc it seems09:25
sveinse...which is good. Having an inconsistent manifest kind of scared me09:26
sveinseA small poll: What pkg class do you guys use? ipk, deb or rpm?09:29
LetoThe2ndipk, no runtime package managemenger :)09:30
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sveinseIsn't it common to disable installation of rrecommends at all in Yocto? In full fledge debian systems, you can configure it to never install recommends on a global level. The manual rather hints at specifying individual packages with BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS, NO_RECOMMENDATIONS and PACKAGE_EXCLUDE09:47
sveinseIf you're building a minimal system, you'd want to minimize the inclusion of rrecommends, right?09:48
bluelightningsveinse: NO_RECOMMENDATIONS does exactly that, disables all RRECOMMENDS09:53
bluelightningif the manual isn't clear on that we should probably improve it09:54
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jkuif I modify a libinput so the main package no longer includes binaries, the package gets automatically renamed (libinput -> libpinput10). I thought in this case I'd have to handle RPROVIDES/RREPLACES/RCONFLICTS but my patch in June 1 wasn't merged...10:45
jkurburton: remember if there was some other problem or have I misunderstood?10:46
jku(also: hi, I'm back from vacation)10:47
rburtonjku: huh.  ping the patch please :)10:48
jkurburton: oh that one is no longer valid. I'll send a new one10:49
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fadewayreplying to mailing list threads defaults the ¨TO:¨ field to the sender´s address, should I change it to the mailing list address?12:59
fadewayprobably yes13:00
rburtonfadeway: correct behaviour is to sender, cc list13:00
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rburtonhm wish runqemu wouldn't blast all over the selftest log13:15
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soltyshi is there possibility to have one lib in few versions in one layer and have some images that depends on different versions of that lib? example i need mylib in versions 1.0 and 1.1 and i have imageA that depends on mylib 1.0 and imageB that depends on mylibB13:26
soltysexetyrhing should be in one layer and if possible on the same branch13:26
rburtonwrite two recipe, one for each version.  *assuming* you can install them in parallel, i.e. no file names that clash.13:30
soltysrburton: mylib in both versions provides the same files but the content differs13:33
rburtonin theory with the latest release that *might* work13:33
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rburtonwell, no13:33
rburtonbecause you can't do versions in build dependencies13:33
rburtonfix the library so you don't need two versions?13:34
rburtonif you need both versions as there was a massive API change then the version of the library should have changed, so the files won't conflict13:34
soltysrburton: the problem is that because of api change I cant use the same  lib in both images13:35
soltysatleast for some time13:35
rburtonapi change should mean soname version change should mean filename change13:35
rburtonif they didn't do that then whoever wrote the library needs to be told to do it properly13:36
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soltysrburton: ok thanks, I hoped that some hack in layer will be sufficient for this..13:38
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ythlDoes anyone know what controls the size in wordsize.h when generating a toolchain with bitbake meta-toolchain?14:03
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kergothRP: any ideas on this?
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sveinseThe manual states that NO_RECOMMENDATIONS only is supported for ipk and rpm, but not deb. What this imply for deb? That is installs every RRECOMMENDS for deb, or that is doesn't?14:59
RPkergoth: Is libgcc-external in PACKAGES? Might it not be seeing the RDEPENDS leading to a build race?15:01
RPsveinse: that it does install every RRECOMMENDS15:02
sveinseRP: thanks15:02
kergothRP: it is, yeah, though iirc it's renamed with PKG_15:02
kergothgood thought, though, maybe i'll drop the package renaming bits to see if that's a factor15:02
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* kergoth also checks for task ordering issues, could be the pkgdata wasn't yet populated, and my examining the files was after they all run15:10
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LetoThe2ndbtw, rumour is that YPDD on oct 26, right?15:12
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dl9pfdenix: is there a pyro-branch in meta-ti ?15:18
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sveinseIf I want some functions and variables set in the global scope of bitbake, but does not want to clutter local.conf, where is a natural location and/or naming for it?16:20
rburtonin your distro config, or a class that you inherit at the distro level16:21
sveinseSpecifically, it contains scripts for getting the central CM controlled info such as fetching the release version number16:21
sveinserburton: thanks16:21
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sveinsewhat is "uninative" poky releases?16:25
kergothso, someone patched diffutils recently to no longer use its internal copy of getopt if it can't find a good one, yet we don't set gl_cv_func_getopt_gnu=yes in our siteinfo, which means it always assumes we don't have a valid gnu getopt, which causes the build to fail16:29
Crofton|workThe better question is what is uinative16:30
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*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto16:31
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rburtonsveinse: uninative is just a rebuild glibc that can be used to abstract the host os if you want to share sstate between many distros.16:32
rburtonsveinse: poky uses it so the autobuilder cluster can share native sstate16:33
roundandroundfor ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY, is a higher or lower value prefered when update-alternatives runs?16:34
roundandroundThe best I can tell is that higher trumps lower based on
kergoththink that's correct, yes16:39
sveinseI wonder if bitbake -e files can be sourced by sh safely16:39
sveinseAt first glance it seems so16:39
rburtonsveinse: yeah the format was designed to be shish16:40
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*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto16:41
kergothsveinse: note he said sh *ish*. it also emits the python functions for reference, which won't be valid. so some of it, yes, the entirety, possibly not16:43
sveinseshish apparently. bash doesnt like the empty syntax like DISABLE_STATIC_pn-nativesdk-openssl=""16:43
sveinsefails with command not found :(16:43
kergothempty is irrelevent16:43
kergothit's the dashes16:43
kergothdash isn't valid in shell variable names16:43
sveinseah, right, yes16:44
rburtonnot sure i want to know why you're running -e into a shell ;)16:45
rburtonif you want to grab some values then the format is sh like so its trivial to parse16:45
*** gtristan <gtristan!> has quit IRC16:46
sveinseI'l tell you anyways :) Its our CM's pre-build setup scripts. Rather than duplicating settings in the CM config, its better to fetch them from yocto's local.conf & co.16:47
sveinseParsing the -e output is trivial, no worries16:47
*** yann|work <yann|work!> has joined #yocto16:50
kergothcan also just grep out the particular vars you need and eval just those parts17:13
sveinsekergoth: not too fond of eval, so I grep and sed it into a variable. But essentially the same thing, yeah17:14
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roundandroundDoes anybody know when/how should I run depmod when adding recipes for out-of-tree kernel modules to an image?18:03
*** Snert_ <Snert_!~snert_@> has joined #yocto18:12
kergothjust inherit the appropriate classes (generally 'module') and its hould be done for you by setting up a postinst to do it when the package is installed18:14
kergothafaik anyway18:14
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto18:18
roundandroundhmmm, strange.  I inherit the module class, but no modules.dep is generated for the final image so maybe I need a different class or I borke things somewhere18:19
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sveinseI have an overgrown local.conf, and are planning to move most of it into a custom distro. Are there any guidelines on what parameters belong in a distro and what should be left in local.conf?20:14
kergothlocal.conf is meant to be local to that particular build, likely not source controlled, and is intended to be easy for the user to modify. i'm assuming you mean what should be left in a local.conf *template*, and the answer there depends on what you want to make easy for the user doing a build to be able to change, or what you want to be very visible to the user, rather htan hidden away in the distro20:16
sveinseright. I understand. In our context, the purpose of the builds is not to prepare for generic use, but to build and replicate exact product builds. So the concept of user is somewhat moot. And because of this our local.conf is version controlled.20:20
sveinsebecause of precisely this, the local.conf has grown to host settings that does not belong there20:21
rburton_in an ideal world local.conf changes are limited to setting DISTRO (and actual host settings such as DL_DIR), and distro can be set via a local.conf template in your layer20:22
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sveinseIn that context, the sample local.conf is quite elaborate. Or can be made quite elaborate.20:27
rburton_the word you're looking for is "sample" :)20:27
rburton_its part of the documentation20:27
sveinseBut I suppose what a distro image is varies from user to user. E.g. some tweak on a distro like Poky (most users?) and other, like us, want to build a fixed image.20:28
rburton_i hope most users are not tweaking poky via local.conf20:28
rburton_that would be doing it very wrong20:28
rburton_(they're not)20:29
sveinseuhm, there is a reason I'm making a distro right now. *cough*20:29
rburton_you should have a distro that sets the global variables, and your own images which are possibly constructed from your own package groups20:30
rburton_the only things in local.conf should be host settings (site.conf exists for a reason...) and per-build tweaks.20:31
rburton_(for the normal use, obviously my job is testing the patches so my local.conf is about 400 lines of commented out tweaks)20:31
sveinseyocto or bitbake (or toaser) never writes or changes auto.conf, right?20:35
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto20:37
rburton_no, nothing writes to auto local or site.conf20:38
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_jrsharphey all21:23
*** scottrif <scottrif!> has joined #yocto21:23
_jrsharpwhat would this error message ("ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES ''") indicate when attempting to set up and build a yocto image?21:24
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC21:27
RP_jrsharp: something is depending on '' but nothing is providing it. The system doesn't do that by default in our testing so it has to be something you've added or configured21:28
RP_jrsharp: I can make the system do that if I type "bitbake ''"21:29
*** Amynka <Amynka!~frozen@gentoo/developer/amynka> has quit IRC21:30
_jrsharpok... well, what would the empty string indicate, then? That one of my .bb/recipe files is referencing an empty string? if I had a name, I could track it down, but with an empty string, what do I look for?21:31
RP_jrsharp: You could try the -k option, see if that gives any more hints21:37
*** Amynka <Amynka!~frozen@gentoo/developer/amynka> has joined #yocto21:40
sveinseIf bitbake throw a DISTRO 'sp-poky' not found at me, how can I debug what it's complaining about?21:41
sveinseI have a layer with conf/distro/sp-poky.conf in it21:41
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*** yates <yates!> has joined #yocto21:43
yatesplease bear with a basic and/or stupid question...21:43
rburton_sveinse: is the layer in bblayers?  does the layer.conf say there are files in conf/?21:43
yatesi'm using Varascite's yocto imx6ul project as a starting poitn for our project21:44
rburton_sveinse: you're probably missing a BBPATH assignment in the layer.conf21:44
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4001:9ea0:2c74:fedb:e59f:1991> has quit IRC21:44
yatesi want to modify the GPIO1_IO03 muxing, so I searched on that string under <yp>/sources21:45
yatesand i only got hits on it under <yp>/sources/poky/build_x5/tmp/work-shared/...21:45
yatesthis confuses me.21:46
yateswhere do these .dts files originate from?21:46
_jrsharpthanks RP21:46
RP_jrsharp: when you find it I'd be interested to know how to trigger that and see whether we can make the cause more obvious, that might be worth a bug if/when you find it21:47
RPyates: kernel source I'd guess (which is placed in a shared work directory)21:47
yatesand i only got hits on it under <yp>/sources/poky/build_x5/tmp/work-shared/.../imx6ull-var-dart-common.dtsi, for example.21:47
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yatesRP: ok. so if i want to modify something in that source, i need to generate a .patch ?21:48
RPyates: yes21:49
sveinserburton_: it was, thanks21:49
yatesthere are several files with this string in the kernel-source/arch/arm/boot/dts/ directory which could be used, e.g., imx6ul-14x14-ddr3-arm2.dts, or imx6ull-14x14-ddr-arm2.dts, for example. how do i know which one the project is utilziing?21:50
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yatesRP: is there a document that describes how to generate such a patch file? would it go in my custom layer somewhere? is it applied prioer to the files getting "generated" info the /tmp/work-shared folder?21:54
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4001:9ea0:5d66:ef51:bce1:efa4> has joined #yocto21:54
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_jrsharpyates: btw, there is a webinar scheduled tomorrow: Demystifying Device Tree for NXP i.MX Processors21:56
rewittyates: The dts should generate a dtb file, so in my limited knowledge, I *think* you could just find the dtb file that gets generated21:56
rewittyates: And if the dts file is in tree for the kernel, just patch that corresponding file21:57
sveinse_jrsharp: Is it open to anyone? Do you have an URL to it?21:57
yatesrewitt: right, but a) how do i know which files in the kernel source tree are getting pulled in (as I asked previously), and b) even knowing how to generate a .patch file, where exactly does it go in my sources ?21:59
* _jrsharp looks for URL...22:00
yatesi know these are basic,, i don't know how elswe to be begin. i've done some reading of the yocto reference manual but haven't seen the answer (yet)22:00
_jrsharpHere it is:
yatesthanks _jrsharp22:01
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yatesi've also tried to parse the dev-manual - nye onto impossible!22:02
yatess/nigh onto/damn near/22:03
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_jrsharpRP: my empty string issue was related to RECOVERY_INITRAMFS_IMAGE not being set... looks like I wasn't specifying the DISTRO appropriately22:06
*** Guma <Guma!> has joined #yocto22:12
yates_jrsharp: do you know specifics on the imx6ul/imx6ull processors?22:13
yatesnamely, where does the REF_CLK_32K come from in GPIO1_IO03 mux? i don't see it in the reference manual22:13
_jrsharpI'm fairly new to the imx6, but am working with the imx6q/imx6dl cpus on a project presently22:13
_jrsharphave you looked at the relevant .dtsi files in your kernel source? (arch/arm/boot/dts) ?22:15
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yatesyes, i am looking ther enow22:16
_jrsharpit may also trace back to an included header file, in the case of the pin mux options...22:17
yatesregardless of what is in those .dts[i] files, how can you select a non-existent mux?!?22:18
_jrsharpI don't know about that signal specifically, but I recall having to peel back several layers before I found all of the alt-function pin mux options22:18
_jrsharpyeah... that's strange if not in the manual22:18
_jrsharpI know the ul parts differ a fair bit from the q/dl parts22:19
yateswhat is a "keeper"?22:19
*** berndhs <berndhs!> has joined #yocto22:20
yates_jrsharp: see 33.6.10 of the rm. do you see a mux mode ALT3?22:21
yatesthat's what they're selecting (according to the scehmatic) for REF_CLK_32K22:21
sveinseyates: generically speaking, and given I understand the context right, many SoC has a bus-keep function. It ensures that the pin won't float, but stay either high or low to prevent excessive current consumption22:23
sveinseIts an input, not low Z driven output22:23
yatesbasically they connect a resistor network for a logic low or high?22:24
yatesas an input ..22:24
yatesdamn cmos. gimme the good-ole days of LS-TTL...22:25
yatesand wire-wrap22:25
sveinseNo, its a little more refined than that. If left floating it will, say low. If you drive it high, it will stay high after you've removed the driver. A kind of schmitt trigger into positive feedback22:26
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_jrsharpyates: good luck, signing off...22:28
_jrsharpthanks all!22:28
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