Monday, 2017-08-21

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_nobody_RPhalstead: I think the issue is we barely have master working with fedora26 and probably tumbleweed so we've not even looked at making pyro work there :(07:14
_nobody_RP, halstead. I compiled both core_minimal and core_sato in F26.07:15
_nobody_It does work for me.07:15
_nobody_So, Fedora 26 does work as Development environment for Yocto.07:15
_nobody_The latest I have compiler is Morty 2.2.2 core_minimal07:16
_nobody_[CORRECTION] RP, halstead. I compiled both core_minimal and core_sato (for Pyro 3.2) in F26.07:16
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_nobody_[Added smurray] I will download the latest pyro: YP Core - Pyro 2.3.1git clone -b pyro git:// and compile it for core_sato (since I have genuine interest in DNF as pm). :-)07:20
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_nobody_smurray: Where I can find the documentation how to use DNF in YOCTO (Pyro)? Thank you very much for the tips!07:21
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mckoangood morning07:43
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PinkSnakeHi all someone here knows how to configure opencv to choose only some features in Yocto ? I need to add a configuration file ? Because the outuput image is really really big ( ~120Mo) thx :)09:19
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JaMaPinkSnake: check available PACKAGECONFIG options for opencv09:27
PinkSnake@JaMa thx but i don't understand how Yocto parse this configuration, it's out from any function so i cannot remove packages already set in the .bb right ?09:31
JaMaPACKAGECONFIG is basically for passing different options to configure09:34
JaMaread the docs about how this variable works09:35
PinkSnakeok thx i will try to overwrite basic configuration with my own :)09:35
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halsteadRP1, Heading out of office. Feel free to unpause Fedora26 if you think it should work. There aren't any known problems with it.11:21
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RP1halstead: thanks. I think its fine except for use with pyro11:38
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halsteadRP, I'm headed out of office for eclipse watching. I gave joshuagl an update.11:40
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RPhalstead: thanks, enjoy!11:42
halsteadWill do.11:45
* halstead waves.11:45
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_nobody_RP1, I just made all the way core_minimal with Pyro 2.3.1 (using F26, kernel 4.12.5)11:50
RP_nobody_: right, but then try using those sstate artefacts on another older distro :/11:51
_nobody_This I did not do.11:51
RP_nobody_: I mean that we know that breaks with f26 :(11:52
_nobody_Well... I have 500GB HDD, plenty of space, and fast net.11:52
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smurray_nobody_: wrt dnf see , there is some info there12:18
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zero_notehi guys, googling about a libzinnia recipe ( doesnt show useful results, has any of you some info about an existing recipe?13:12
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bguthroPerhaps this is covered in a doc somewhere - but I was unable to find it. How is DNS handled during a BB/Yocto build? I have a recipe pointing to a local Atlassian server, that is OK if I specify the IP address, but errors out with "Name or service not known" when specifying the SRC_URI by fqdn. I suspect this is a misconfigured resolv.conf, but I'm not sure where the binding from the host system occurs.13:25
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bguthroIf this is covered elsewhere, I'm happy to go do some reading up - I just need to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any pointers.13:28
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TafThornebguthro: I would have expected it to just sit on the systems networking stack.  I cannot give an authorative answer though.  Does ping <fqdn> and dig fqdn work OK?13:29
LocutusOfBorgzero_note, the debian rules file is quite standard (except for useless old dh manual calls, meh)
LocutusOfBorgand build-dependencies talks about nothing interesting (python/autoreconf and nothing more)
bguthroTafThorne: from the host system? Ping does not (I think it is blocked) - dig does return a CNAME alias, and the ip address13:31
LocutusOfBorgso maybe you can package and send the patch to meta-oe? :)13:31
LocutusOfBorgso,  you want to do OCR into an embedded system? this sounds interesting13:32
* LocutusOfBorg afk13:33
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zero_noteLocutusOfBorg: well...yes, I should have enough time to do it :)13:33
zero_noteyou know, customer's requestes could be weird sometimes13:34
zero_notebut I wouldn't go too deep here :)13:35
abelalmorning all13:35
zero_noteanyway, thanks!13:35
TafThornebguthro: yes the host system.  I would hope that ping being blocked did not matter.  Dig working suggests most of the name resolution should be OK.13:35
abelalwhen I try to run gdb on one of my targets I get "Python Exception <class 'ImportError'> No module named 'imp':"13:36
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abelalshouldn't gdb have an RDEPENDS on the python<version>-importlib?13:36
LocutusOfBorgfiletype:bb zinnia returns nothing on google13:36
LocutusOfBorgabelal, did you configure it with --with-python?13:38
abelalLocutusOfBorg: yup13:39
LocutusOfBorgoh so you have an override13:39
abelalLocutusOfBorg: ?13:40
LocutusOfBorgmeta/recipes-devtools/gdb/ seems to take care of the sdk python libraries13:40
bguthroTafThorne: does do_fetch run in a chroot, or something similar? The error output (if helpful) can be seen here:
abelalyeah that's the sort of thing I guess should be done for the target side as well13:40
abelaldon't you think?13:41
LocutusOfBorgabelal, probably you are right, just add an RDEPENDS with a conditionalize on PACKAGECONFIG[python]13:41
TafThornebguthro: I do not know that.  I do know that DNS names that end in .local are forbidden!13:41
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abelalLocutusOfBorg: great I'll try and then send a patch13:41
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abelalLocutusOfBorg: thanks!13:42
TafThornebguthro: mostly because my current office network uses one internally.  Those are handled by mDNS and there are strange things you have to do to Ubuntu (and possibly other Linux OSs) to tell it to let DNS try and handle things instead of mDNS.13:42
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LocutusOfBorgabelal, the fact that no recipes are rdepending on it means: 1) it is automatically available by default on the target 2) nobody ever cared about enabling python on gdb13:43
bguthroTafThorne, Ugh. OK. I've run into that in past jobs. Unfortunately, I don't control DNS. So - what do you do in your setup? Do you just use IP addresses?13:44
LocutusOfBorgI would contact the recipe maintainer, or do a git log -p to see who enabled the python binding13:44
TafThornebguthro: I had to edit /etc/nsswitch.conf on my PC so that it no longer had an [NOTFOUND=return] after the mdns4_minimal but before the dns entry.13:44
bguthroTafThorne - OK, good tip - thanks!13:45
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TafThornebguthro: That will cause a delay in lookups to the names that end if .local.  To work around that I changed the line in my file from `hosts:  files myhostname mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns` to `hosts:  files myhostname dns mdns4_minimal` which is a bit wrong but works.13:49
TafThornebguthro: none of this might be your problem of course.  Let me know if it helps.13:50
bguthroTafThorne: Yes, I've had to make a similar change to other systems in the past...but needed a reminder (thank you very much) - and this does indeed solve the problem. Much appreciated!13:51
TafThornebguthro: glad top help.  It trips us up every time we handrole a new system here too.  To be fair, the use of the forbidden name here pre-dates the RFCs that Ubuntu now follows.13:53
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bachpDoes anybody have experience with a shared sstate cache (rw) across multiple machines via glusterfs?14:40
bachpIs it even recommended to have the same sstate dir on a network directory writable from multiple machines?14:41
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kergothbachp: nothing wrong with that imo, but it likely depends on the capabilities of the fs15:12
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bachpkergoth: I ran into issues that the build was stuck at random tasks, I'm now verifying that is really caused by the shared sstate and then probably try again with nfs first15:22
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majukCan someone help me understand what exactly bitbake is looking for when it throws the error "$PACKAGENAME not found in the base feeds"?17:00
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ferry__I am having trouble building a specific U-Boot version. My host is x86_64, the target is core2 with tune=core-64. Without  64bit tune U-Boot fine. With it can not link, appearently because it needs lbgcc.a18:39
ferry__I attempted to add multilib, but although that immediately exposed bugs in other recipes and actually adds libgcc.a, it does that for the target sysroot18:40
ferry__And for some reason, U-Boot is built with the native gcc (x86_64-linux), and multilib does not add libgcc.a there18:42
ferry__So, how do I add multilib to -native, preferably only to -native and not to the target, as the target has not further use for it?18:43
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ferry__Strangest things is; in u-boot.inc19:52
ferry__But my log file:19:52
ferry__NOTE: make -j8 CROSS_COMPILE=x86_64-poky-linux- CC=x86_64-poky-linux-gcc  ......19:53
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majuklol, every example I've found to get startup scripts in a build has resulted in new, exciting errors. Please hit me with hammers.21:00
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RPbachp: I can confirm we use nfs on the autobuilders and that is known to work21:29
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khemRP: I posted a followup v3 for db which should fix the issue you saw with v223:54
khemRP: lib32-mesa built successfully on my machine. So I still need to recreate the AB like env to reproduce it23:56

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