Thursday, 2017-08-24

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lukmaIf I might ask07:54
lukmaI do have one meta layer supporting one board07:55
lukmaWhat is the recommended way to support another board (with the same SoC, and 90% of packages)?07:55
lukmaShall I define in <build_dif>/config/conf/local.conf new MACHINE ?07:56
lukmaor is there any other (better) way07:57
lukmaThe only tweaks would be with kernel and u-boot recipes08:00
lukma(to adjust the patch for the remote server repo)08:00
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lukmagrrr... first look (grep) then ask ;-)08:06
lukmaPREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ?= "linux-yocto-custom"08:06
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crazy_impi'm trying to build code for the zedboard (zynq7020), currently, with a custom receipe, it fails to compile the code, complaining with: arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-g++: error: unrecognized argument in option '-mtune=generic10:31
crazy_implooking at the compiler call, -mtune was not set at all10:32
crazy_impwhat would be the right way to set the flag? putting it into the receipe is imho wrong, since the receipe should not be tied to this platform10:33
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JoiFcrazy_imp: nrossi is the meta-xilinx expert11:18
JoiFnrossi: He normally seems to wake up when I mention is nick..  :P11:19
* nrossi rawwwrrr11:19
nrossicrazy_imp: is the makefile/etc for you recipe setting '-mtune=generic' if so, it's probably doing it wrong. Those flags should come from the tune config (e.g.
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nrossicrazy_imp: also for arm, '-mtune=generic' is invalid, you see to specific the with a "-<arch>" on the end, see
crazy_impnrossi: i did not set it, nor was it in the compiler parameters. see
nrossicrazy_imp: what version of OE/yocto you using? and is the feature-extraction recipe private or public?11:27
crazy_impprivate. poky DISTRO_VERSION    = "2.2.2", morty branches11:28
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nrossicrazy_imp: you sure the error is for the exact same command and not that of a different thread/job?11:35
crazy_impyes, was only rebuilding my receipe, all other stuff was already build at that point11:36
nrossicrazy_imp: i mean within your recipe... e.g. if your building with PARALLELL_MAKE = "-j<something>"11:37
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crazy_impnrossi: yes, i'm sure, patched my receipe to add the correct do_compile and it blew up afterwards, so there were no other receipes involved at this point, deps were already build11:40
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aratiuin meta-oe/recipes-support/openldap/ there is LDFLAGS += "-pthread" which fails the build of openldap-native (simple openldap recipe works fine) because pthread is not searched for at link time, however if I replace it with LDFLAGS_append = " -pthread" then it works... looking at the run.do_compile of openldap-native, LDFLAGS += "-ptrhead" does not append to LDFLAGS, only LDFLAGS_append + " -pthread" does11:42
aratiucan someone explain to me the difference between LDFLAGS += vs LDFLAGS_append =11:43
nrossicrazy_imp: so the only command running is the g++ one in your log? theres no makefile or other g++ commands being run by your recipes do_compile?11:43
aratiuI tried searching the manuals, but didn't find anything concluding, maybe use BUILD/TRAGET_LDFLAGS in the openldap recipe?
nrossiaratiu: 3.1.6 and 3.1.8 (specifically the last note)11:47
crazy_impnrossi: it calls some other makefiles, but all those files do, is to generate some more soucre files out of binary data (which runs fine and succeeds). next up it to build my code, that's what was in the pastebin.11:47
crazy_impalso tried it again now, the buildlog says, the output is from the receipes do_compile, so it's not from another source11:48
aratiunrossi: thanks a lot, the relevant info in that manual I think is that _append happens after parsing, so in my case during prasing something overwrites the LDFLAGS variable for the native recipe11:50
nrossicrazy_imp: tbh its a weird error, since your not passing an -mtune option. It might be a bug in gcc. Add "-mtune=cortex-a9" to CFLAGS/your command and see if it resolves it.11:52
nrossiaratiu: If this is a -native recipe, it might be that something setting LDFLAGS_class-native or similar. Your can see the applied values and how its being set with bitbake -e11:52
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nrossicrazy_imp: if forcing mtune doesn't help, you can try and track down where the arg is introduced by using -verbose on g++, it will show gcc sub processes11:55
crazy_impinterestingly, the error comes from the lto-wrapper, so maybe disabling -flto will do the trick12:01
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aratiunrossi: I think I found the root cause: native.bbclass sets $LDFLAGS to "${BUILD_LDFLAGS}" after the openldap-native recipe appends to it, here's the relevant log from bitbake -e:
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crazy_impnope, that's not the issue :|12:14
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fberghello guys.. I have one question. I have a custom application that must use "libmosquitto1" which is rprovided by mosquitto12:16
fbergSo in my custom app recipes I've added RDPENDS_{PV}="libmosquitto1"12:17
fbergthe problem is that when I try to compile I got the following error: ld: cannot find -lmosquitto112:18
fbergwhat can I do ? any suggestions ?12:18
smurrayfberg: you still need "DEPENDS = mosquitto" in the recipe so it'll be available for building12:19
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crazy_impalso, there's a typo12:20
aratiufberg: RDEPENDS_${PN} not PV12:20
crazy_impit should be RDEPENDNS12:20
crazy_impnot RDPENDS (missen E)12:20
aratiuthat adds a runtime dependency for a specific package, you need a build dependency, use DEPENDS as smurray suggested12:21
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aurelehi everyone12:21
fbergadding mosquitto to DEPENDS= doesn't solve the issue. I've got the very same error. I Have also corrected PV to PN, reguarding RDEPNDS it was a typo !12:22
crazy_impnrossi: added the -mtune option and tried to build it by hand, still the same...12:29
jkufberg: which mosquitto recipe?12:33
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fbergit's very strange12:37
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jkufberg where does "-lmosquitto1" come from?12:38
jkuI would have expected -lmosquitto12:39
fbergwhen I try to build my application that needs the mosquitto library12:39
fbergI've a cmake directive that add it when compiling12:39
jkuright but are you sure it's correct? does it come from pkg-config or something?12:40
fbergI thoughtn as usual.. so i've dumped the lib prefix and added the -l to the library12:41
jkutry "-lmosquitto" that looks to match what the recipe packages12:44
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jkualso if you're linking to it, you don't need any RDEPENDS_${PN} at all, DEPENDS is enough12:45
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nrossicrazy_imp: mmmm i'm out of ideas, try removing all your custom optimization args and see if that resolves it, then slowly add them back one by one12:48
fbergty jku ! your hint fixed the problem12:48
fbergreally appreciated !12:48
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #64 of nightly-refkit is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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aureleI need to set a setgid bit on a directory, where multiple packages install files, I know I can add a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND, but does anyone knows a better way?13:09
aureleand obviously I need to set a specific group which is not root...13:10
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tcpdumpWhats the best way to search for pre-included recipes for packages?  Specifically, I need my project to include the following: Flask, Flask-HTTPAuth, flask-restful, flask-sqlalchemy, flask-migrate, flask-marshmallow, marshmallow-enum, marshmallow-sqlalchemy, flask-script, flask-cors, gunicorn13:13
tcpdumpHow can I find the ones that I can just include?13:13
aureletcpdump,  you want to know where to find the recipies for flask and other things?13:15
crazy_impnrossi: should i expect to see -mtune in env if i dump it inside the do_compile function?13:17
aureletcpdump, usually i'm using : but maybe it is not what you are looking for ;)13:17
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jkutcpdump: oe-pkgdata-util is useful for digging info on packages that have been do_package'd already... but really layerindex is easier for finding recipes if you can guess the name13:18
nrossicrazy_imp: nope (at least in oe-core), for arm -mcpu is preferred as it is more specific13:19
crazy_impanother piece of hope gone...13:19
tcpdumpaurele: I think that may be what I want.  Thanks!13:20
yatesafter doing a devtool modify/build/finish cycle, if i do not push my local git changes up (because i don't own the parent repo), will devtool do the right thing if i do a fresh devtool modify/build/finish and the append and patch files are left in the layer from the initial modify/build/finish?13:21
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tcpdumpjku: Yea, it seems like that should work out pretty good.13:23
tcpdumpIt looks like that's a pretty extensive repo.13:23
yatesi.e., i'm adding more changes to the src files in the second finish13:23
jkutcpdump : layerindex is v. useful as long as you remember that layers have varying levels of maintainership (in other words review before using new layers)13:27
tcpdumpjku: makes sense.  Thanks13:27
tcpdumpSo, if they're in here all I need to do is add them to my .bb file?  ex: IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " gunicorn"?13:28
jkutcpdump: assuming you've "git cloned" the layer, checked out the correct branch, and added the layer dir to BBLAYERS in conf/bblayers.conf (and done the same thing to any layers that the new layer depends on)13:32
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CoLa|workhow can I deploy a *-native package to my SDK? I noticed that TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK does not work...13:42
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yatesif i do a "make menuconfig", make a change, save changes, and exit, what is changed? is a new file created?13:46
kergothCoLa|work: you can't do that. you can add nativesdk packages to it, however.13:46
yatesi'm seeing .config,; some are symlinks. this is under yocto. so i'm not sure who's doing what how/when.13:46
yatesand i don't see any .config in my linux src when doing a yocto "devtool modify -x kernel-recipe src/linux"13:46
kergothyates: .config in the build directory of the recipe, that's all. build dir != src dir13:46
aureleCoLa|work, kergoth maybe with "TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append" ? I added a package to my toolchain with this one13:48
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CoLa|workkergoth: I see that the wayland package is deploying wayland-scanner to the sdk's x86_64 sysroot, so there must be a way to do the same with qtwayland-scanner, or not?13:48
yateskergoth: but isn't the Makefile that runs "make menuconfig" a makefile supplied by the linux kernel? why would it know anything about a recipe?13:48
kergothCoLa|work: agian, add nativesdk packages rahter than native recipes to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK13:48
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CoLa|worknativesdk just adds the ARM binaries that I cannot use when cross-compiling from the host machine13:49
kergothyates: oh, i see, i misread, thought you ran bitbake -c menuconfig, which is the better idea. make menuconfig will almost guaranteed be wrong, unless you're passing in the right env varss.. are you in devshell?13:49
kergothCoLa|work: no, nativesdk is host binaries targeted for sdkmachine13:49
kergothexcatly the same as native, just for sdkmachine rather than the current build machine13:50
kergoththe two are generally compatible, however13:50
CoLa|workOK, then I might have some configuration problem, thanks13:50
kergothnote that nativesdk packages are prefixed rather than suffixed like -native. i.e. nativesdk-foo, not foo-native13:50
jkuCoLa|work: laso note the BBCLASSEXTEND you need for nativesdk (see the wayland recipe for example)13:51
yateskergoth: if by "devshell" do you mean have i run ". oe-init-build-env build-dir", then yes, i think so13:51
yatesi'm in an xterm that's running bash (i think) after running the oe-init-build-env13:51
yatesvery likely i'm totally hosing up the intended process13:52
kergothyour best bet is to just use bitbake -c menuconfig, it'll run things in the correct environment and pass the correct vars along. you can even do a bitbake -c diffconfig afterward to generate a kernel configuration fragment of the changes you made13:53
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yatesif i am in a devtool modify cycle with source in src/linux, and i modify the kernel config in src/linux, won't devtool finish generate the appropriate patch for the config file?14:03
kergoththe config file isn't part of the source tree at all, at least once configure runs14:04
kergothas i said earlier, it ends up in the build directory, which isnt' the same as the source directory at all in this case14:04
kergothso nope, won't work with the samew orkflow as source modifications14:04
kergothnow, once you have a new config file, if you're using a defconfig that lives in the source tree at all, which not all bsps do, then you could copy the new one into the correct path in the source tree and thereby patch it, but patching a defconfig is a pretty messy way to handle updating a kenrel configuration, you're better off using an out of tree defconfig, or using kernel config fragments if your recipe supports it14:05
kergothof course, linux-yocto handles this differently, using fragments in the meta repository14:06
yateskergoth: how would you go about it if you had srctree changes to implement (e.g., in arch/arm/boot/dts/somefile.dts), and also needed to update the kernel config file?14:09
yateswould you run devtool modify/build/finish first, then do the bitbake -c menuconfig?14:10
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yates..then of course finally bitbake image-recipe..14:11
yatesor am i still confused? sorry if i am not hearing you. some of what you suggested (e.g., defconfig) went over my head.14:12
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JaMaDo we have some script to find unused .patch and .inc files (or even .bbclasses) in the metadata?14:25
yatesby "defconfig" do you mean a default ".config" file?14:25
JaMaI think I've seen something like that on ML or somewhere, before I write something to cleanup after meta-oe removals14:25
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khemRP: I have sent a v3 for db here few days ago give it a try when you can14:28
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RPkhem: I know, I've had to prioritise other things, sorry. Will include it next along with the exploding python patches14:30
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khemRP: thats why I said when you can :)14:33
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khemRP: I am trying to build core image sato with clang and currently only 5 packages are forcibly built with clang and db is one of them. This will fix it14:35
khemothers are pulseaudio, busybox, tcp-wrappers, elfutils, pixman14:35
khemonce I get this then we will have pure clang based sato image14:36
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tcpdumpanyone know of a way to nuke all connections on nmcli?15:12
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samyinDoes anybody happen to know how to remove a configure option?  I'd like to configure gdb with the "--with-python" flag but the "--without-python" flag is appended by default.16:47
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lsandovsamyin: the easiest would be to include it in your local.conf, i.e PACKAGECONFIG_gdb += " python"17:31
kergothand even then you probably want _append_pn-gdb, not _pn-gdb +=17:32
kergothotherwise you're removing every other config and replacing it with python17:32
lsandovkergoth: correct17:34
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samyinlsandov: Thanks much, that did the trick!18:00
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lsandovsmartin: great. take a look at bbappends, that would be the best place to include your statement. In the latter case, just remove the pn-gdb part, because you are already in the recipe context18:59
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crazy_impwhat is the correct way to fix "No GNU_HASH" QA issues?19:21
JaMacrazy_imp: fix the component to respect LDFLAGS from environment19:23
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crazy_impthanks JaMa :)19:34
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CircuitsoftHello - has anyone built a Krogoth-based system on Debian Stretch(9)? I'm getting module 'bb' import errors trying to run bitbake, even though the python version hasn't changed.20:12
CircuitsoftWell, only python revision change. 2.7.9->2.7.1320:15
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sr105When building my sdk, the HOST python installation is incomplete (it's missing the json module). How do I fix this?20:30
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sr105I have an incomplete python3.5 installation only in the HOST side of my sdk sysroot.20:31
lsandovCircuitsoft: log?20:34
lsandovCircuitsoft: I know that master branch works as expected20:34
lsandovCircuitsoft: which of course, is python320:34
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CircuitsoftMaster and Pyro work, but they deprecate packages that I need (xf86-video-nouveau)20:36
CircuitsoftKrogoth is the challenge.20:36
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lsandovCircuitsoft: no idea. it would be good if you file a bug20:39
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lukmaIs there a way to make part of recipe conditional execution if MACHINE = XXX and the other part when MACHINE = YYY.21:28
lukmaI can add suffix to variables and bash functions, but this is a lot of writing.21:28
lukmaI could also make large if and embrace with it the block of code for one machine and another21:28
lukmaWhat is the preferred way ?21:28
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aehs29lukma: I think the preferred way would be to add usffix to variables in bash21:59
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lukmaso group the parts for XXX and YYY and extend them with suffixes?22:00
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