Monday, 2017-08-28

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sebowitschHi all, I am having issue when building with QT5 since upgrading to Krogoth. I always run into errors similar to this: QA Issue: Qt5Qml.pc failed sanity test (tmpdir) in path /home/jenkins/jenkins-root/workspace/nSDK-stream800-yocto/build/.build-yocto/tmp/work/cortexa8hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/qtdeclarative/5.6.2+gitAUTOINC+c1d726fe19-r0/sysroot-destdir/usr/lib/pkgconfig [pkgconfig]08:27
sebowitschThe thing is, this only happens if the TMPDIR var is NOT set. If I set the TMPDIR var to something outside of my project root dir it is working fine.08:28
sebowitschI fixed the error for the qtxmlpatterns package by adding the following line via a bbappend:08:28
sebowitschsed -i 's@-L${STAGING_LIBDIR} @ @g' ${D}${libdir}/pkgconfig/Qt5XmlPatterns.pc08:29
sebowitschI know this is a hack and it actually didn't resolve the issue, because after that the build failed for the Qt5Qml package with the same error08:29
sebowitschI believe there must be something wrong in my config, because I couldn't find anyone having the same issues. Anyone here that has an idea what could be the problem? Thanks08:30
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yahiafarghalyhi, can someone provide a guide about how to add a package manager in a linux image in yocto ? i use the recent version of poky-pyro08:54
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yahiafarghalymelonipoika thanks , i will try it09:05
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pagios hello community, i am trying to install sinatra on yocto getting this error: gem install sinatra /usr/bin/ruby: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ruby/2.2.0/arm-linux-gnueabi/ undefined symbol: getipnodebyname10:34
pagiosruby --version10:44
pagiosruby 2.2.1p85 (2015-02-26 revision 49769) [arm-linux-gnueabi]10:44
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pagiosanyone got ruby working on yocto?10:58
pagioshow can i report a bug to yocto?11:06
JoiFAre you installing ruby from a OE layer?11:07
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JoiFpagios: Then I think, if you have found a bug, you should report it to OE  :)11:50
pagioshow do i report it11:50
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melonipoikapagios what about
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yahiafarghalywhat is the package-index in bitbake package-index ? and how to create a .deb file from compiled binary such as exist in linux distro ?13:03
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top22is it possible to combine the output of image-buildinfo which produces the file /etc/build with the output of buildhistory that has all the packages, with versions, for a given image ? And put all of that in /etc/build13:24
top22I would like bitbake to generate a file that contains the revisions of all the packages and place it in the rootfs13:25
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vbaneaHello everyone, I've noticed that " bitbake -c fetchall <image> " doesn't fetch all sources needed for " bitbake -c populate_sdk_ext <image>". Is there a way to pre-fetch all sources needed for the command "bitbake -c populate_sdk_ext <image>"?14:01
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sgwMorning all, a quick poll (will also send to arch list):  Who is still using ELF style images (if anyone)?14:42
sgwCrofton|work: for system images IMAGE_FSTYPES14:46
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sgwCrofton|work: the reason I ask is we have an incompatibility with binutils now and it appears that mkelfimage was removed from coreboot almost 3 years ago in favor of cbfstool!14:49
Crofton|workYeah, I figured something like that14:49
Crofton|workSend email see who replies14:50
Crofton|workor listen to crickets14:50
sgwyup, that's the plan, just wanted to see if there was any knee-jerk adverse reaction here.14:51
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yateswhere can i find the dtc ?15:09
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yatesabelloni: thankyou15:17
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pagiosquestion, i am trying to get my ipk on a yocto 2.3 running imx6 getting this error:
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pagioshow can i compile for 32bit15:35
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kergothRP: would you mind quickly summarizing why the bitbake fetcher insists on knowing the branch that a given rev resides on?17:41
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pohlykergoth: isn't that something that can be disabled? I always assumed that it is just a sanity check.17:42
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tcpdumpconf/../../layers/meta-qcom/recipes-devtools/python/ unparsed line: 'SUMMARY = "Flask plus marshmallow for beautiful APIs'0617:54
tcpdumpWhen I do a build I get this...  Any idea whats wrong with that?17:54
khemtcpdump: you might have to escape that '17:55
tcpdumpthat was it...17:56
khempagios: it seems the tune arch changes in between can you try to see whats it for installed packages ? may be opkg info will show it17:57
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CircuitsoftHello - is there a variable I can expand in a recipe to get tmp/work/my_platform/my_package/package_vers/deploy-my_package?18:46
kergothin what context?18:49
nrossiCircuitsoft: you mean this one?
CircuitsoftI have an image recipe I'm trying to port from krogoth to morty. I wrote my own build_fat_img, which I kinda hack around to actually make a cpio.gz archive.18:50
kergothsounds like you should read image.bbclass and/or image_types.bbclass18:51
CircuitsoftIn morty, it errors on do_bootimg, unable to stat tmp/deploy/images/platform/myroot.squashfs-xz18:51
CircuitsoftI have, some. I suppose I should diff them between krogoth and morty to see what changed.18:52
CircuitsoftOkay, so IMGDEPLOYDIR.18:53
CircuitsoftCool. I think I have everything else figured out now, I just need to figure out where ipxe is getting confused.18:55
CircuitsoftError log - coming up.18:57
Circuitsoft - "Error: missing or invalid displacement expression" -
Circuitsoftclbin has the bitbake recipe18:58
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majukLooking for general opinions: We'd like to have a general storage area for our Yocto build environment so we can attach it to an arbitrary host VM, clone it, etc. My attempts at hacking around the issues generated by using an NFS are not making it very far, certainly far short of a functional image. Anyone have a clever solution they've applied to make their build environment [semi-]portable?19:25
majukAny questions or comments appreciated.19:26
Circuitsoftmajuk: Does sstate-cache not solve this?19:26
kergothyeah, i see no point to share tmp at all, and it's safe to share anything else..19:26
majukOk, I'll look into the functionality of the intermediate build folders. Thanks.19:27
majukCircuitsoft: It may, I am far from confident or capable with Yocto. :D19:28
Circuitsoftmajuk: Put SSTATE_CACHE on an NFS folder that everyone shares, but still have everyone build their own. It'll speed things up tremendously with no dangers.19:29
majukCircuitsoft: Ah, fancy. I like it. Thanks for the input.19:29
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pagioskhem, ping20:27
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RPkergoth: offhand I'm struggling, did you look at the commit history?21:37
RPkergoth: I have a feeling we needed branch to make work21:40
RPkergoth: some things used to be surprisingly hard in older git versions and it may be better now...21:41
kergothwhy do we need to check for ancestors at all? is it just to ensure that the user gets a branch checkout rather than rev checkout?21:42
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RPkergoth: we used to have horror stories where the fetcher returned "success" but in reality something had gone wrong and we didn't have what we asked or thought we had21:46
RPkergoth: adding in a double check was therefore a very good thing21:47
kergothif all we care about is whether the fetch gave us the rev we need, then rev-parse on the rev should do21:47
kergothso if it's only to double check, i think there are better ways to make sure we have what's needed.. or just verify that need_update() now shows no need to update anymore21:47
RPkergoth: I doubt rev-parse existed then21:47
*** jmcruzal <jmcruzal!~jmcruzal@> has joined #yocto21:47
kergothpretty sure rev-parse has nearly always existed..21:47
kergothit's how git parses its arguments21:47
RPkergoth: well, I don't think you could use it back then to validate a revision was correct21:48
kergoththat's the whole point of rev-parse21:48
RPkergoth: hence the comments in that commit about mergebase and all kinds of other commands21:48
kergothit resolves refs and expands short revs21:48
kergoththat's why it exists, to sanitize committish arguments..21:48
kergothbut regardless, i'll add a minor note to look into it at some point21:49
kergothworking on the rewritten gitsm as a sideproject :)21:49
kergothjust marking the submodules as nobranch, i think that makes sense anyway, since it's git doing the checking out, not us.. bare, nobranch21:50
RPkergoth: right. I'm sure there was a reason for this, I just don't remember :(21:52
kergothyeah, i figured as much, was just curious if you knew offhand21:52
kergothno worries21:52
RPkergoth: even 4 years ago there were things like
RPi.e. we couldn't tell if something was a branch, tag, revision etc :/21:53
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kergothconsidering we don't even need to check out a branch to be able to build, only to develop, that's a lot of complexity. the only reason we really care about branch or tag at all, as far as i can tell, is to determine what AUTOREV should do, and whether we need to map a tag name to a revision or not21:58
kergothsomething to mull over21:58
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khempagios: yes22:44
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