Friday, 2017-09-01

bluelightningyahiafarghaly: certainly00:03
bluelightningdo_configure is itself a shell task, so that's easy00:04
bluelightningmoving files to locations in the image wouldn't be part of do_configure though, the earliest you can really consider on-target layout is do_install00:05
yahiafarghalyok,thanks i will try00:09
yahiafarghalyi have another question, i want to execute apt-key add <public key file> , so the key is added to the target image. it gives me errors when i put this command inside do_install00:10
yahiafarghalybluelightning: it doesn't work00:16
bluelightningyahiafarghaly: I don't think it can work that early... I think you will need a rootfs postprocessing command for that:
bluelightning(define a function, put your desired command in it, and then the function to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND followed by a semicolon and a space)00:24
bluelightningthis would go in your image recipe in case that's not clear00:24
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yahiafarghalyyou mean in the image recipe which install packages,..etc not in a seperate recipe ? or it doesn't matter00:28
bluelightningyahiafarghaly: not in a separate recipe no, it has to be in the image recipe00:30
bluelightningyou can use a pkg_postinst function from a separate recipe but that is more complicated and probably not what you want for something like this00:31
yahiafarghalyok, any documentation about writing a custom function in image recipe ? i haven't seen it before00:33
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yahiafarghalydo i write it by the python way ?00:34
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bluelightningyahiafarghaly: just like a task function00:37
bluelightningmyfunc () {00:37
bluelightning # do something here00:37
bluelightning(well, the only difference between a task function and this is that you wouldn't typically use the do_ prefix here)00:38
yahiafarghalyok thanks, but it doesn't work also it gives me this error00:45
yahiafarghaly| DEBUG: Executing shell function empty_var_volatile | DEBUG: Shell function empty_var_volatile finished | NOTE: Executing addkeyfile ... | DEBUG: Executing shell function addkeyfile | /home/yahia/Desktop/elinux_dev/bake_factory/poky-pyro-17.0.1/build/tmp/work/qemux86_64-poky-linux/apt-image/1.0-r0/temp/run.addkeyfile.12587: 108: /home/yahia/Desktop/elinux_dev/bake_factory/poky-pyro-17.0.1/build/tmp/work/qemux86_64-poky-linux/a00:45
bluelightningyahiafarghaly: I think the line was too long, I can't actually see the error - I'd suggest using or similar00:45
yahiafarghalyand this is recipe which transfer key00:47
yahiafarghalyand the image recipe00:48
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #846 of nightly-mips64 is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1231 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1222 of nightly-multilib is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests_4] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1200 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests_1 Running Sanity Tests_4 Running Sanity Tests_6] Build details are at
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yahiafarghaly bluelightning: I am back if you still there02:59
bluelightninghi yahiafarghaly - yes I'm here03:00
bluelightningso if you can't run apt-key then there's a native dependency missing somewhere, presumably it isn't part of our standard apt build03:00
bluelightningI don03:01
bluelightningI don't know if it's a separate package or the result of something being disabled in our apt build03:01
yahiafarghalyapt-key needs gnupg package . so you will notice i have added it to the image recipe but this for the target machine not when the yocto do building stuff03:02
yahiafarghalynative dependancy ? you mean on my machine which is not related to yocto ?03:03
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jonteIf I use the update-alternatives class, and I set the ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY of one package higher than another, shouldn't I be able to assume that the higher prio one is selected as the default on first boot?06:03
jonteNow I am seeing, on first boot, that the alternatives file is correct (the prios are what I set them to) - but the symlink in the rootfs is to the lower prio alternative.06:06
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gaurangi have defined PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_rpm", can i compile any package of meta-debian layer ?06:49
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rgchmsI have updated my "oe-core" layer on Pyro from "81246ed classes/staging: change fixme debug message from note to debug" (Jul 20) to "cf1099b connman: Fix for CVE-2017-12865" (Aug 30) and the build breaks. I get: "ERROR: When reparsing <my recipes>/, the basehash value changed from <hash1> to <hash2>. The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed."07:17
rgchmsRebuilding fixes the issue, but the first clean build always fails. Any ideas on how to start debugging this?07:18
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PinkSnakeHi all, someone knows the best way to give parameters to a recipe ? i tried to add a file in topdir and parse the file during do-install function but the recipe is not rebuild even if the file has been changed. I think do_install[nostamp]"1" should work but it's a litle dirty isn't it ?07:26
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gaurangi have defined PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_rpm", can i compile any package of meta-debian layer ?07:33
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mcfriskAre you sure yocto wants to host every single kernel release tar ball on it own at ? downloading one gigabyte blobs isn't really useful is it...10:30
mcfriskfor example
mcfriskI would host a single git tree for all kernels there, and preferably host it as a git tree instead of a tar ball..10:30
rburtonmcfrisk: <-- tell zedd, he has different repos for each major kernel release10:40
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rburtonand that tarball is a tarball of a git repo, as it is the mirror10:40
mcfriskyes, I know. I was just suprised after update to my local poky master branch started downloading gigabytes of data from there. I just built the tree few weeks ago and local caches must have been more uptodate..10:41
rburtondue to a new major version, probably10:42
tasslehoffThe KERNEL_DEVICETREE in imx7dsabresd.conf has a lot of entries. Does/can the kernel actually use others than the one passed by u-boot and the ones that one includes?10:42
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tasslehoffI removed all except imx7d-sdb.dtb, and it still boots. That's something :)10:56
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mcfriskrburton: I guess this is the right approach, a wish list bug:
yoctiBug 12027: minor, Undecided, ---, saul.wold, NEW , Merge linux-yocto git trees to a single one to reduce download times and mirror sizes11:02
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devaI am running yocto 2.2.2 on an iMX6UL, trying to get a PAN1026 bluetooth module working through UART2.11:22
devaI am running yocto 2.2.2 on an iMX6UL, trying to get a PAN1026 bluetooth module working through UART2.Can't init device hci0: Invalid request code (56)"11:23
devaDamn scrollwheel... sorry about the spamming11:23
devaI have gotten as far as to get it initialised through the hciattach command using the "any" driver, but when I try to "hciconfig hci0 up" I get the error: "Can't init device hci0: Invalid request code (56)"11:24
devaDoes anybody have any hint to where to start looking?11:27
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devaCould it perhaps be because the bluez5 tools doesn't work with the imx 4.1.33 kernel as supplied by NXP?11:39
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zuribosthi! a little help to fetch data files from perforce to use in my recipe? (always i am trying to get a proyect *.pro)11:43
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zuribostHi everyone, someone with time to help a bit?11:51
bachpzuribost: Depends on your question ;)11:52
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zuribostI am creating a recipe which needs take data files from perforce repositoy and deploy "as are" in my image. Currently I know how to deploy data from my folders and also I know how to take code from perforce to compile and deploy it11:54
bachpI also have question: Is there a way to have wic create an extended partition even if there are only 4 partitions? I'm asking because in 2.1 it created the 4th partition as extended and to keep backwards compatibility I would like to keep it that way.11:55
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bachpThe change that introduced that change was:
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rburtonbachp: ed21 is the maintainer but it looks like partition 4 being extended was a bug12:10
bachprburton:  Maybe but as it was like this in krogoth we now expect it to be that way and it would break our update process12:12
bachpI can understand that not putting partition 4 into the extended partition is the better default but I'm hoping I can somehow configure it to still put it into the extende part without writing our own imager plugin :)12:13
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sveinseHi. Does anyone know how to execute a task right before reboot/shutdown/halt with systemd (in krogoth)?12:21
Willy--I am trying to get my first built attempt to work on a Orange-pi-zero. The image doesn't boot although it built without any issues. I looked at the boot.scr file on the SD card (with vim in the debain VM it was built with) and there is a few lines of ASCII jibberish before the normal text that you would expect to be there. Is it supposed to be there or is that not a correct way to view the file?12:22
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BubuIICIs there a way to display the dependencies of a particular task in bitbake?12:37
rburtonBubuIIC: -g will dump a .dot file for you12:40
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BubuIICrburton: so if the resulting is empty I did something wrong specifying the dependencies.12:45
BubuIICThat at least confirms my suspicions, thanks12:45
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armpitRP ping14:27
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RParmpit: pong14:28
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armpitRP, has the latest pyro been run on the AB?14:29
RParmpit: yes14:29
RParmpit: all green14:29
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RParmpit: I tested peter's changes, dropped texinfo, retested and merged14:29
RParmpit: looking forward to testing your morty fix14:30
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armpitI am planning on firing off a build this weekend unless you queued on up14:31
armpitthere are a few more patches ( security) I need to merge14:32
RParmpit: fine by me. halstead will be doing maint, then you can use autobuilder.yp.org14:32
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RPI'm running a -next on the other one having spent all day chasing a nasty corruption causing logic error or two :(14:32
armpitwho do I make requests for patchset system ie allowing to change states14:32
RParmpit: lamego may be able to help?14:33
RPor lsandov14:33
armpitI can login and all but would like to use the other features14:33
RParmpit: or paule but I think the others are more likely to be around shortly14:34
lamegoarmpit: Are you talking about editing patches/series from the patchwork UI?14:37
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armpitnot editing, but allowing state changes. new to other state14:38
*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto14:39
armpiti can create bundles14:39
lamegoarmpit: that is a permissions case. By default, a patchwork user can edit only patches submitted by himself. from others if he/she has maintainers permissions for a given patchwork project (for example, oe-core).14:40
lamegoarmpit: Do you want to change status for patches submitted fby other user?14:41
RPlamego: armpit handles some of the stable branches so I suspect the answer is yes14:42
armpitit would be nice. would help me in my maintenance process for core and meta-oe14:42
lamegoarmpit: RP: then I can give you such permissions for the patchwork projects that you prefer. What would those be?14:44
lamegoarmpit: oh! I just saw your answer14:44
lamegoarmpit: I 'll work on that in a moment and get back to you.14:45
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* kergoth yawns15:06
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RPkergoth: some of the errors we're seeing with BB_SERVER_TIMEOUT scares me :/15:23
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RPhalstead: there is a master-next ready for testing after the current one on Assuming you'd like to do the weekly maint before that one starts though.16:51
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halsteadRP, I can do it after lunch meetings. I say go ahead and queue it up now.17:07
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RPhalstead: ok, thanks17:11
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tcpdumpHello everyone!18:16
tcpdumpHappy Friday!18:16
tcpdumpI have nginx installed, as well as a working config.  How do I set the nginx service to start automatically? I tried   systemctl enable nginx to my  recipe, but it failed.18:17
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neverpanictcpdump: did you see
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tcpdumpOK - cool!! I found the same thing but elsewhere.18:19
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tcpdumpSo would  it be  SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE nginx= "enable"  ?18:21
*** rubdos_ is now known as rubdos18:21
neverpanicSYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_nginx = "enable", if anything. Depends on how your recipe looks like, though.18:21
neverpanicif you use the nginx recipes from meta-webserver, it should work this way18:23
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armpitRP you still around?19:11
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yateswhy am i getting a "Parsing recipes..Traceback"... when I devtool modify -x linux-variscite src/linux ?19:53
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yatesthe tool should NEVER crash like this20:03
khemit should not can you provide more information about crash ?20:04
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yateskhem: does such a crash generate a .log somewhere?20:09
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khemyates you might check tmp/logs/cooker21:03
ant_homekhem, hi, giving a try to gcc 7.2 vs armv5te right now21:06
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khemant_home: ok. I am sorry I dont have much data to help you21:21
yateskhem: ok, thanks.21:23
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ant_homekhem, new binutils as well21:34
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RParmpit: back now, back again in a bit21:43
armpitRP, there was an issue with uninative in pyro, is there a version I should update to?21:46
armpitah, just say your email21:47
RParmpit: the latest basically21:48
armpitk, will do21:49
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armpitRP have a good weekend21:52
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* armpit hmm uninative is latest22:20
Snert__uni native  ... hmmmm.....22:24
Snert__1 native.22:24
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* armpit launches morty-next build22:45
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RParmpit: they may have tested before the last upgrade22:50
armpitmaybe. I notice you pull in the latest on july 30th22:55
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RParmpit: I'm not sure when it got pushed though, may have lain in -next for a while23:04
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