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aureleHi, I have a recipe "webinterface" which creates 3 packages, webinterface, webinterface-www, webinterface-extra07:38
catch22Is is possible to change local recipe variable from local.conf?07:38
aurelein my image I would like to add webinterface, and webinterface-extra but not webinterface-www07:39
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aurelecatch22, yes : with the variable name, and did you ever tried to fix a package version ? SRCREV_pn-glibc = "b8079dd0d360648e4e8de48656c5c38972621072"07:41
catch22Yeah I seen examples like this, but can't seen anything in the docu that talks about it as a general mecanhism07:42
catch22Does this work for all local variables?07:42
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aurelecatch22, I have variables in my custom recipes to handle global URL and branches (to change branch or tag for a build for every recipe)07:44
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catch22aurele: yes this would be handy07:45
catch22aurele: I'll go play, thanks for the hint07:45
aurelecatch22, I never tried to play with "_pn-package_name" with a custom variable07:47
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aurelecatch22, I'm just a user, maybe there is more documentations and hint in bitbake or openembedded documentation but I never needed to read those ;)07:48
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catch22aurele: appreciate the help09:36
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hnjeare there any way standard way of checking if an override is set?10:29
hnjes/any way standard/any stadnard way/10:31
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jkuwho should I assign/CC issues wrt (the git service itself)?10:44
jkuto my surprise bug 12040 seems to be reproducable10:45
yoctiBug normal, Undecided, ---, jeffrey.osier-mixon, NEW , git server hung up unexpectedly after 1.00GiB10:45
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rburtonjku: reassign to halstead10:56
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ramcqRP: hey, I think rburton was just talking with you about bug #139 and the on-target GCC not inheriting the same defaults/tune/etc as the cross & SDK compilers11:12
yoctiBug enhancement, Low, Future, raj.khem, NEW , Set default gcc instruction generation to TARGET_ARCH on target11:12
ramcqRP: it's causing a bit of grief with the flatpak SDK, which (for better or worse) uses the target GCC11:13
ramcqwe're specific to GCC 6.2 at the moment - is there a way we could bodge this with a .bbappend or something? :)11:14
RPramcq: I'm just looking at the gcc code to try and figure that out11:17
FabKnaHeyho, I have managed to use pkgconfig in my layer. However, Im wondering whats the best workflow for my application developer as he doesnt gets in touch with recipes. We ware using CMake. It is recommended to use different CMakes and project structures for application developer and yocto integration?11:17
RPramcq: I think setting TARGET_CPU_DEFAULT and mabe TARGET_FPU in the gcc recipe would likely help11:17
RPramcq: its slightly complicated by the fact that the gcc sources are shared...11:17
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ramcqRP: TARGET_CPU_DEFAULT seems not to be used by the gcc recipes - might be TARGET_ARCH? where are the tunes expanded into their different bits?11:34
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RPramcq: its used in the gcc sources11:37
RPramcq: just trying to figure out a magic incantation11:38
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ramcqRP: ah, ok - cool. thanks!11:39
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RPramcq: still working on it sorry, gcc is convoluted :/11:50
ramcqno worries11:50
ramcqthis is a good thing to catch and fix as it means we kinda have to rebuild all of the armhf binaries we ever built for flatpak so far11:51
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RPramcq: care to try an experiment?12:05
RPramcq: I think you may need to patch gcc/config.gcc in the sources to comment out the "target_cpu_default=" line, then add export target_cpu_default = "arm946e-s" to gcc-target.inc12:07
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ramcqRP: I can, but I have to forewarn that, I've never built this, and I dont have access to the box that Alex builds them on, and he's off sick today it seems12:07
RPramcq: replace arm946e-s with a suitable armv7 machine you want to default to12:07
RPramcq: as far as I can tell, the above tweaks gave me a gcc that would have the right target settings for the qemuarm machine I targetted12:08
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ramcqso it might be just as quick / quicker for you to check out freedesktop-sdk-base and built it on one of the 128-core magical mystery boxes you no doubt have handy...? :)12:08
RPramcq: not sure if you might have to do something with the armhf piece too, depends if it was neon or hf causing you issues12:08
RPramcq: I'm nested X deep in other issues :(12:09
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RPramcq: the other option may be --with-arch= and/or --with-cpu options to gcc configure. I'm not 100% sure what that would do with the output...12:17
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RPramcq: couple of things to try anyway...12:17
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JaMakhem: have you ever tried cross-localedef-native/2.25-r0 on host system with glibc-2.26?12:27
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JaMakhem: it's choking on it's own locale_t but more difficult to resolve here when it mixes host's headers from glibc-2.26 with glibc-2.25 code12:29
JaMaI'll probably use LOCALE_GENERATION_WITH_CROSS-LOCALEDEF to bypass this, but it there is a plan to support Pyro on more recent hosts than this should be resolved as well12:32
JaMatoghether with backport of icu and qemu-native fix from master12:32
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ansierchDoes anybody know what package includes the modinfo utility?14:22
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aratiuansierch: try kmod?14:25
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ansiercharatiu: kmod was it, thanks much!14:25
rburton$ oe-pkgdata-util find-path \*/modinfo*14:25
rburtonkmod: /sbin/modinfo.kmod14:25
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ramcqRP: hey, so I'm getting access to an ARM box to try the build, because this bit of the SDK at least has only ever been tested native->native15:03
ramcq(maybe it would work as cross? maybe not? I don't want to find out now)15:03
ramcqRP: is it possible to influence that variable with a bbappend or is that "too late"? yocto is incorporated as a submodule so patching it is, er... tricky15:04
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AnticomHi all. I've added gtest as a dependency to my recipe in order to get gtest-native in my SDK. However looking at my host.manifest it's not listed in there. It's been aeons since i've last worked with bitbake so I'd be glad if someone had a hint for me.15:25
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away15:39
RPramcq: yes, just set the export in the bbappend15:39
ramcqRP: ok, cool15:39
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JaMaRP: I've noticed that you have just pushed few changes to morty to fix build on glibc-2.26, at least the qemu-native one is missing in pyro, should I send pull-request or is it already staged somewhere?16:00
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RPJaMa: I was just about to look at that, needed to get morty running as a build and that was the last issue16:02
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has quit IRC16:03
JaMaRP: cross-localedef-native works for you on that host?16:04
RPJaMa: it seemed to?16:04
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@unaffiliated/mihai> has quit IRC16:06
*** bodangly__ <bodangly__!~bodangly@> has joined #yocto16:06
JaMaRP: ok, pull request for pyro sent16:07
RPJaMa: ah, I just fixed it!16:07
JaMafor pyro as well?16:08
RPJaMa: yes16:08
*** t0mmy <t0mmy!~tprrt@> has quit IRC16:08
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RPJaMa: I've merged the other patches but there is a difference in that I was only tweaking them to work with native glibc newer versions16:14
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto16:14
*** bodangly_ <bodangly_!> has joined #yocto16:14
JaMasame here16:15
RPJaMa: interesting. I guess there is native usage in meta-oe which core doesn't trigger :/16:15
*** sgw_ <sgw_!~sgw_@2600:380:8067:24ac:f7ac:6d7:3b0:b32b> has joined #yocto16:16
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JaMathere is still that cross-localedef-native issue, I'm surprised you're not seeing it, but maybe you don't have binary locale generation enabled?16:17
JaMabut just building cross-localedef-native explicitly should reproduce it16:17
RPJaMa: we should be using binary locales...16:20
RPJaMa: I'll keep an eye open for it...16:20
*** vdehors_arc <vdehors_arc!> has joined #yocto16:20
RParmpit: I've fired a 2.2.2 build, I figured out fixes for qemu and python-numpy16:20
JaMaRP: what host distro is this?16:21
RParmpit: I've also ensured the patches are in pyro (and some from JaMa)16:21
RPJaMa: opensuse tumbleweed16:21
armpitRP, k, thanks16:23
*** boucman_work <boucman_work!~jrosen@wesnoth/developer/boucman> has joined #yocto16:26
* armpit time to rebase16:26
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*** ioanb7 <ioanb7!524fd7d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:47
ioanb7anyone online?16:47
*** sgw_ <sgw_!sgw_@nat/intel/x-rujkvzfzaxhauiuz> has joined #yocto16:49
*** sgw_ is now known as sgw16:50
ioanb7I am trying to get wxpython working. It compiles successfuly after days of work, but I have to run 'python install' so it's seen by python as well. Is there a command or something that I can run or should i just run python install?16:51
*** sgw <sgw!sgw_@nat/intel/x-rujkvzfzaxhauiuz> has quit IRC16:56
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rburtonioanb7: always check the layer index:
ioanb7that's broken17:30
ioanb7i fixed it17:30
ioanb7i fixed wxwidgets17:31
ioanb7and now im trying to fix wxpython17:31
ioanb7im one step away17:31
rburtonyou need to install, yes.  the distutils class will do that for you17:31
ioanb7because it doesn't do that currently17:31
ioanb7should i just do ${STAGING_BINDIR}/python install ?17:32
ioanb7is that gonna work?17:32
*** jku <jku!> has joined #yocto17:32
ioanb7this is my code so far17:35
*** bodangly <bodangly!> has joined #yocto17:37
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ioanb7i dont actually know where i would have to call python setup.py17:47
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has quit IRC17:47
ioanb7the library compiles the C++ bit of it in about 4-5 minutes, though. so it does something17:47
ioanb7the recipe *17:47
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xthunderheartxDoes anyone here have experience managing system power states? Specifically handling loss of power or low-power conditions?18:00
xthunderheartxI have an application where the system will regularly have power cut with no warning.  Super caps will provide about 4 seconds of power after the main goes dark.18:01
xthunderheartxI think I could just have a process register for SIGPWR and then just call shutdown with -h now.18:02
xthunderheartxAm I in the weeds on that?18:03
ramcqxthunderheartx: might have some stuff?18:04
ramcqit's about system reliabiliity in an automotive IVI system18:04
*** majuk <majuk!> has quit IRC18:05
*** majuk <majuk!> has joined #yocto18:05
xthunderheartxThx ramcq. Very apropos as that's essentially our problem space. Data collection on HDX vehicles.18:06
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ioanb7can somebody give me an example of python library using distutils automatically running ? :)18:09
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rburtonioanb7: just use the distutils or setuptools classes (depending on whether the pacakge uses distutils or setuptools)18:18
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ramcqrburton, RP: so, er, can you .bbappend an .inc?18:42
ramcqor should I .bbappend the real .bb that the .inc goes into18:43
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rburtonramcq: the latter18:57
ramcqrburton: so RP told me to patch a config.gcc file I don't have :O19:01
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tlwoernerif a recipe has a "" version and a "" version and the "_git" version is 'DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1"', how do I request the "" version anyway? 'PREFERRED_VERSION_$pn = "git"'?19:48
rburtonyou'll need to fiddle the version to be what the git recipe sets PV to, but yes19:48
rburtonyou can use % as a wildcard19:49
rburtonie PREFERRED_VERSION_glib-2.0 = "2.51.0+git%"19:49
rburton(for the git version of glib that i have locally)19:49
tlwoernerrburton: perfect, thanks! :-)19:50
RPramcq: gcc/config.gcc ?19:56
FabKnaI have a recipe for a libA and a recipe for BinaryB that uses libA. However, I get undefined reference error when linking the binary. Im using CMake and pkgconfig. The include files are in libA-dev package. Is this working or do I have to put the include files in libA package?19:58
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bluelightningFabKna: if the issue is at link time, include files aren't the issue20:04
bluelightningFabKna: you may be missing a -l or the -l options may be in the wrong order perhaps20:05
FabKnabluelightning: Ok, I will look in my target_link_libraries than.20:05
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FabKnabluelightning: Dump Question: I only have to link the binary not libA if libA depends on libC? So in the end I link binaryB with libA and libC?20:12
bluelightningFabKna: I think both have to be linked but I'm not too sure to be honest20:13
bluelightningthis is where pkg-config can be helpful since it gives you the linker arguments needed for a library20:13
FabKnaYeah I use the libA_LIBRARIES variable but the pkgconfig does not help with the order?20:14
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FabKnabluelightning: It was indeed wrong ordering. FYI: linking libraries in CMake is not needed but possible and sometimes recommended as explained here:
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CircuitsoftHello - with qtwebkit embedded, and qtbase-fonts no longer being a thing, how can I determine what fonts qtwebkit is looking for? I've installed ttf-dejavu-sans, and running fc-match on any CSS rule on my web page returns it.21:42
Circuitsoft(This broke switching from Krogoth to Morty)21:42
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pevHey all - Ive got a recipe I've added based off another (simple) recipe. There's nothing clever beyond SRC_URI= S= and inherit setuptools. However it appears to run setuptools locally on the dev machine to install into the rootfs which then fails as it inherits smbus which isn't on my dev machine. I'm not sure what the "proper" way to do this is? Can I disable checks like this (I cant see a way) or should I just bodge the recipe to copy files to inte21:46
pevded locations and leave it at that?21:46
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theoremyocto linux !23:07
theoremdoes anyone know how to set the proper mteric for new routes in yocto ?23:07
theoremall or my interfaces get a metric of 023:08
theoremI'd like to make these higher because I'm dealing with routing problems23:08
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