Monday, 2017-09-25

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User12345678bitbake kernel/virtual -c menuconfig,  I get nothing provides error02:11
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bluelightninglearningc: try virtual/kernel instead of kernel/virtual03:52
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bluelightningthough you may have figured that out by now perhas03:53
learningcbluelightning, Yes I tried and works now. Is virtual/kernel a path or like I first thought of the backslash as OR ?03:59
bluelightninglearningc: no, "virtual/kernel" is just a name that all kernel recipes provide04:00
bluelightningthe "virtual/" bit is a convention to allow dependencies on certain things that might be selectable without specifying any selection04:01
bluelightningconveniently it also allows you to build the selected item without having to know what the configuration has selected for it04:01
learningcbluelightning, I see. Is there a way to see the name of all those kernel recipes referenced by virtual/kernel? Like on imx6 board, the instruction calls for linux-imx04:02
bluelightninggood question - actually I don't think there is a way currently, other than "git grep virtual/kernel" on each of your layers04:03
bluelightningone way of finding the currently selected one is to run bitbake -e virtual/kernel | grep ^PN= (or ^FILE= to get the path to the recipe file)04:04
learningcbluelightning, Thanks.  Seems to work. I get PN="linux-renesas"04:06
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bluelightningright - FYI you can find out where that's been selected by running bitbake -e | less and then searching (with /) for ^PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel04:08
learningcbluelightning, I see. Good to know. Thanks04:10
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top22Hello, is there a way to tell yocto to keep only the last image in the tmp/deploy folder ?06:58
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LetoThe2ndtop22: should be default behaviour anyways since morty, IIRC07:34
top22LetoThe2nd: I'm actually using krogoth :(07:40
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pi4Hi, is there any way somehow get the compiled image recipe name during a package/recipe compilation? Concretely I'd like to adjust 'hostname' in 'base-files' recipe according to the name of compiled image. Thanks!07:50
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learningcAfter I generate the .config file for my new kernel, what should I do? Do I rebuild the image with bitbake myimagename ?08:11
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BBoylearningc: You have to make a .bbappend file for your kernel with .config -> defconfig name... It is described in the bitbake manual here:
BBoylearningc: Actually it is not bitbake manual it is kernel development help for Yocto Projects, sorry.. :)08:24
BBoylearningc: After this when you will rebuild your image kernel will be recompiled according to your defconfig file.08:25
learningcBBoy, I see. Thanks.08:26
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BBoylearningc: You're welcome.08:38
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JaMaDoes anyone know which boards will be available at Yocto Developer Day Europe 2017? doesn't say09:07
* LetoThe2nd guesses: cardboards.09:07
LetoThe2ndmaybe also whiteboards.09:08
LetoThe2ndbored boards.09:08
JaMaadd snowboards and I'm in09:08
bluelightningemory boards09:09
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JaMahmm the registration form also doesn't show the options09:15
JaMathen not on board :)09:15
LetoThe2ndi'm only there for the coffee.09:17
* LetoThe2nd looks over to stack of boards gathering dust09:17
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ChrysDHi All. Does some people have trouble with the freescale git ? thanks.12:31
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ChrysDThe server was down i think but now it works thanks.12:41
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eduardas_mhello, I am trying to build core-image-minimal with Freescale community BSP Pyro release + vendor layer... I get a strange error:
eduardas_mthe message about update-alternatives bbclass not being able to link something really confuses me13:44
malinusHello. I'm a bit confused about the 'emacs' recipie. It's not on the but I can see it in the 'meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-support/emacs' directory.13:45
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eduardas_mcould anyone provide any suggestions as to how I might fix this issue?13:45
malinusRight beside nano, which I have no problem adding13:45
eduardas_mmalinus: seems to be blacklisted in latest release...
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malinuseduardas_m: ah I see. Thanks13:53
crazy_impis there a nice way to pass the current git rev for a source repo to the build process? i've got some code using cmake (so it's only using "inherit cmake") and the recipe always gets the latest code (SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}).13:53
eduardas_mmalinus: considering how important emacs is supposed to be to the open source community, that is actually surprising to me13:54
CTtpollardcrazy_imp: what exactly are you trying to pass the sha to?13:56
crazy_impCTtpollard: i want it set as -DGIT_VERSION_INFO=.... or such, so i can use it in the code13:57
crazy_imp(so it would be passed to the compiler)13:57
eduardas_mcrazy_imp: just write the SHA1, like SRCREV = "1ab938fa4bd2a75b6f44f565ac877f3c5b428521"13:57
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eduardas_mcrazy_imp: sorry, had to re-read that13:59
CTtpollardcrazy_imp: maybe "EXTRA_OECMAKE += -"-DGIT_VERSION_INFO=$SRCREV""14:00
CTtpollardwithout that rogue -14:01
crazy_impCTtpollard: ok thanks :)14:01
CTtpollardnot sure if that should be before or after the inherit14:01
CTtpollardbefore probably14:01
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crazy_implooks like i found a better version, allowing me to use the same without bitbake around :)14:14
crazy_impexecute_process(COMMAND git describe --dirty --always --long --all --tags OUTPUT_VARIABLE REPO_STATE OUTPUT_STRIP_TRAILING_WHITESPACE)14:14
crazy_imp(for the CMakeLists.txt)14:15
crazy_impah, wait14:15
crazy_impWORKING_DIRECTORY ${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}  that's missing form the execute_process14:15
malinuseduardas_m: is there any file with the blacklist? Because I've checked out Morty, and it definetly has the file in there. However I still get an error when trying to build it14:16
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crazy_imp(the most important part since bitbake doesn't create the build dir inside the sources dir, thus git fails to get the rigth repo)14:16
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wouterstreamitI am using devtool to modify chromium. Building chromium from scratch takes ~5hrs on my machine. Sometimes, when I make changes to the recipe, yocto automatically clears my build directory which triggers a complete rebuild. Is there any way to get a confirmation/warning before this happens? For instance, now I just changed the DEPENDS variable which I think should not trigger a full rebuild but it did14:28
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rburtonof course that causes a full rebuild.  use devshell and yu can run make directly.14:35
wouterstreamitWhy should adding 1 dependency trigger a full rebuild? Also I would not really mind that but I want an option to get a confirm Y/N thing before it throws away my work (so I can do the full rebuild during the night)14:37
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rburtonbecause the contents of the sysroot changed so the input to configure would be different14:38
eduardas_mmalinus: what is the error?14:42
malinuseduardas_m: "ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'emacs-23.4'" I've also tried with 'emacs'. Like I've said, I have it in "meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-support/emacs" right beside "meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-support/nano". And I'm building nano just fine.14:44
JaMamalinus: did you include meta-oe layer in bblayers.conf?14:45
malinusJaMa: yes, I wouldn't be able to build nano otherwise I think.14:46
JaMamalinus: ok and which branch are you using now?14:46
JaMa./meta-oe/recipes-support/emacs/[emacs] ?= "qemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - core dumped"14:47
JaMait's blacklisted there14:47
JaMaif you do bitbake emacs it should show you the blacklist reason14:47
malinusthanks a lot!14:47
JaMaand in master it's completely removed, so don't get too used to it14:48
JaMaunless you're willing to step up and fix the issues in it14:48
malinusJaMa: just fix it and submit :P14:48
JaMaI'm not interested in emacs and nobody else sent fix in couple years, that's why I've removed it14:49
malinusemacs-nox + screen. How do people do without?! :P14:50
JaMavim to rule them all14:50
eduardas_mmalinus: with vi :D (personally)14:50
JaMavim still works, which clearly shows that vim users are more capable than emacs users :)14:51
malinusI think people are worried it would replace 99% of the recipes :D14:52
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malinusJaMa: ERROR: Task (poky/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-support/emacs/ failed with exit code '115:17
malinusI can see there are some issues, yes.15:17
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malinusI keep getting "/lib/ No such file or directory" while trying to build a recipe I've generated from a git repo with devtool. All just autools. I can see that the library is in my work directory.16:58
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bodangly_is there a good example recipe to look at that shows me how to make one that can find the headers for <asm/arch/whatever.h> ?17:13
bodangly_or documentation somewhere?17:13
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bodangly_I see the file I am looking for in my tmp/work-shared/<board>/kernel-source directory17:14
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aehs29malinus: I believe the issue might have to do with the fact that were cross-compiling, perhaps its looking for it at  /lib/ld-linux-arm... instead of $WORKDIR/lib/ld-linux-arm...17:16
aehs29bodangly_: what are you trying to achieve?17:17
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bodangly_I am trying to create a recipe to build a simple C program that includes <asm/arch/mxcfb.h>17:19
bodangly_its a C program to send an ioctl to an framebuffer17:19
aehs29bodangly_: I think you may want to check the module.bbclass, probaly not inherit it but you can take stuff from it17:22
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bodangly_aesh29: thanks I'll check it out17:23
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bodanglyugh I am a newb... I tried a very simple recipe but I am getting errors even after modifying my includes.19:27
bodangly${CC} -I ${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}/include/linux ../fbalpha.c -o fbalpha19:27
bodanglythats my do_compile19:27
bodanglystddef.h:4:31: fatal error: uapi/linux/stddef.h: No such file or directory19:27
bodanglythats the error I get now19:27
bodanglyit finds the <arch/asm/mxcfb.h> file19:27
bodanglybut then chokes on an include from another system <> include19:28
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bodanglythe file should be found here: -I ${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}/include/uapi/linux19:31
bodanglybut I still get the same error19:32
bodanglyeven if I add that dir19:32
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kergothbodangly: if the path is include/uapi/linux, then you need -I${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}/include, not -I${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}/include/linux19:41
bodanglyI feel like this should be a lot easier than it is, what am I missing?19:41
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kergothit looks for the path relative to the specified include paths. so you're having it look for ${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}/include/linux/uapi/linux/stddef.h19:42
kergothwhich is unlikely to be correct19:42
bodanglyif I jjust do /include not /include/linux then it chokes earlier though: asm/arch/mxcfb.h19:43
kergothasm/arch/ is relative to include, not include/linux. that is, the 'asm' dir lives in the include directory, not linux19:44
bodangly${CC} -I${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}/include  ../fbalpha.c -o fbalpha is the recipe right now19:46
bodanglyand it still fails to find asm/arch/mxcfb.h :(19:46
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bodanglyand in fact, nowhere in my tmp directory is there an mxcfb.h that is in asm/arch, only one is in uapi/linux/mxcfb.h or linux/mxcfb.h19:48
bodanglymaybe I goofed with my include19:48
kergothsounds like it19:50
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ircsriAnyone here who has built console-image for raspberry pi3? I'm unable to download bcm2835-bootfiles-20170530-r60 because of checksum error. This seems an upstream issue.21:52
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kergoth.. bitbake just said it started the bitbake server, and then started the pr server, and then reconnected to the bitbake server. reconnected to the server you just started?23:10
kergothah, right, forgot i'm still using old layers23:10
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