Wednesday, 2017-09-27

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behanw2 weeks ago at the Open Source Summit I was wandering around the showcase floor and came across the WSL (was Bash-for-Windows) exhibit at the MS booth02:55
behanwFor fun I asked if I could try to build poky (to see if it would work since it was claiming to be Ubuntu 16.04 it might work!)02:55
behanwIt got a really long way with "bitbake -k core-image-minimal"02:56
behanwSadly it died on 2 systemcalls (one in m4 and another forking patch later on)02:56
behanwSeems like it uncovered 2 likely kernel bugs in their Linux compatibility systemcall implementation. ;)02:57
behanwPity though. I was wondering whether runqemu was going to work...02:57
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bluelightningbehanw: heh, interesting experiment :)03:06
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behanwbluelightning: The really interesting thing to me is that Windows users would be able to trivially work on or use OE and/or YP03:54
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pohlyHow can I get C.UTF-8 enabled as system default? IMAGE_LINGUAS and GLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES are unset.06:44
pohlyWhich recipe provides locale data? tmp-glibc/work/corei7-64-refkit-linux/glibc/2.26-r0/package/ has no /usr/lib/locale at all.06:44
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pohlyrburton: ^^^06:56
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pohlyI've set IMAGE_LINGUAS = "en-US C" but nothing gets installed into the rootfs. Nor do I get an error message.07:05
pohlyIs there some other variable which controls which locales are packaged?07:08
pohlyI checked a few examples, but none of them had locales. For example, packages-split/bash-locale is empty for bash.07:09
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pohlyHrrrm, refkit-image.bbclass overrides IMAGE_LINGUAS. Now that I have en-US added properly, I get:07:16
pohlyopkg_prepare_url_for_install: Couldn't find anything to satisfy 'locale-base-en-US'.07:16
pohlyWhere should that package come from?07:16
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JeenaHi, is there a way to monkey patch bitbake during runtime like you can do it with rails?
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JeenaI know I can open up python classes but I'm not sure where to put my code so it gets evaluated before it gets run07:19
LetoThe2ndJeena: out of pure interest, whats the usecase?07:20
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Jeenawe have a patch for one move function which we already sent upstream and we assume that it will be merged, but untill then we need that patch applyed locally and in our CI07:26
Jeenawe can run the patch and patch the files before we run bitbake, but it's always one additional manual step which many people forget to do07:27
LetoThe2ndthanks. was just curious, and despite having no idea if it works or even if its a good idea, it sounds kinda interesting :)07:29
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pohly# localectl set-locale de_DE07:42
pohlyFailed to issue method call: Invalid Locale data.07:42
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Jeenaen_US is the way to go when you're a programmer ;)07:44
pohlyFWIW, IMAGE_LINGUAS = "en-us de-de" has an effect (localectl list-locales shows en_EN and de_DE), but they seem to be unusable on the device (qemu).07:44
pohlySame error for "localectl set-locale en_US".07:45
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pohlyHmm, looks like "LANG=en_US.UTF-8 <some command>" does have an effect. My initial test was with fwupdmgr, which did not show localized messages because (for some reasons) it was looking for .mo files under /home/root/share.08:07
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pohlyLocalized messages worked in util-linux commands like "kill".08:07
pohlyIs there already a way to set up /etc/locale.def in an image? Or do I need a custom ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS command?08:08
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ChrysDHi all, i tried to read the mega manual about kernel-modules but i didn't understand the purpose of it. What does the line " kernel-modules" means when putting into IMAGE_INSTALL? Thanks.08:13
neverpanicEntries in IMAGE_INSTALL are names of packages that are going to be added to the image08:14
ChrysDneverpanic : Yeah08:14
ChrysDIn the mega manual08:14
ChrysDit says :08:14
ChrysDTarballs that contain all the modules built for the kernel. Kernel module tarballs exist for legacy purposes and can be suppressed by setting the MODULE_TARBALL_DEPLOY variable to "0". The deploy/images/machine directory can contain multiple kernel module tarballs for the machine.08:14
neverpanickernel-modules hence is a package generated by your build somewhere, presumably in a similarly-named recipe (or in the case of kernel modules, your kernel recipe)08:14
behanwChrysD: It essentially installs the modules from your kernel into the image08:15
behanwOtherwise they aren't added to the image.08:15
ChrysDbehanw : the modules that was choosen by the menuconfig?08:15
ChrysDbehanw : i understand now thanks08:16
behanwOr otherwise in you config file08:16
neverpanicChrysD: The section you quoted is unfortunately about a different 'kernel-modules', it's not a package, but a folder in deploy08:16
behanwneverpanic: True. He's mixing the 2 things up.08:16
behanwBut that doesn't matter.08:16
ChrysDok thanks08:16
behanwIn this case it just installs the modules for the kernel which is what he cares about.08:16
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ChrysDOk so it's more about the class08:17
behanwChrysD: Basically the old way and the new better way08:17
behanwConcentrate on the new way. Don't worry about the old way08:18
ChrysDbehanw : yeah thanks btw. i was in the wrong section of the mega manual.08:19
behanwChrysD: I figured. ;)08:19
behanwThat manual is good. But bloody huge...08:19
ChrysDbehanw : yeah so i've done a simple "CTRL-F" and was unlucky to find the same name for other thing even if it was for the same application ahahah.08:20
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rburtonpohly: there's an outstanding bug to make all this a bit better to use08:58
pohlyrburton: that probably would be very useful. Do you have a bug number?09:00
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btoothhi.. anyone knows how to get docker with yocto?09:09
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LetoThe2ndbtooth: a docker container to do your builds? read up on
wooosaiiiihi guys... I have base-files_%.bbappend to change my /etc/fstab.... but when looking at the rootfs my custom fstab is not there... I checked with bitbake-layers show-appends | grep base-files and it is there09:17
wooosaiiiihowever another layer provides the same bbappend09:17
wooosaiiiihow to set priority?09:17
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btoothLetoThe2nd: no, I want to have in my image09:20
btoothto be able to run docker images on my target09:20
btoothLetoThe2nd: thanks! do you know this works on armv8 (64bit)?09:21
LetoThe2ndbtooth: i would expect, but not guarantee it.09:22
btoothokay i will try09:22
btooththanks again09:22
LetoThe2ndhave fun09:24
nayfewooosaiiii: did you put FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:" in bbappend ?09:31
nayfewooosaiiii: layer priority are in meta-x/conf/layer.conf BBFILE_PRIORITY_X09:33
wooosaiiiinayfe: my bbappend looks like this...09:33
wooosaiiiiFILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:"  SRC_URI += "file://fstab"09:33
nayfenot sure SRC_URI is needed as file already exists in .bb09:34
wooosaiiiiok I changed my layer priority to higher number...09:36
wooosaiiiiI believe it will work now...09:36
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ChrysDDo you know if there is some recipe or a package to add the unit_tests for I.MX6 ?09:49
ChrysDthanks by advance.09:49
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ChrysDoh god, so stupid, wrong manual again. I found. For people who may be interested in, add the package : imx-test. I will try09:51
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baali1I am writing a recipe for console/utility and after successful compilation during packaging process I am getting the error, "do_package_qa: QA Issue: -dev package contains non-symlink .so"10:15
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baaliI am not sure, which part of recipe should I be looking at to debug this?10:17
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rburtonbaali:  the -dev package has a file /usr/lib/lib<something>.so which isn't a symlink.  either the library isn't versioned at all (bad library) and you need to fiddle FILES_ to put stuff in the right place, or the install is broken.10:50
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baalirburton: Thank you for the insight. So I am not trying to install a library with this recipe, I just want to compile a github repository...
rburtonbaali: well something is installing a library10:53
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rburtonbaali: no need to write your own do_install as the cmake class does that10:53
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zeenixin GDP, we have PV = "1.3+snapshot-${DATE}" for naming the image11:32
*** morphis <morphis!> has joined #yocto11:33
zeenixhowever, because of the date changing (like everyday), we get task hash mismatch errors on subsequent rebuilds11:33
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zeenixdoes anyone know a solution to this issue?11:34
*** zero_note <zero_note!> has joined #yocto11:38
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rburtonremove DATE from the task hash with vardepsexclude11:44
rburtonah by putting it in PV you're skirting around the existing exclusion i guess11:44
rburtonPV[vardepsexclude] = "DATE" should work11:45
*** aragua <aragua!~aragua@2a00:8c40:243:232:747a:bb68:a210:2610> has joined #yocto11:45
rburtonpresumably you're putting PV back into IMAGE_NAME as by default it isn't in there11:46
rburtonso this isn't a problem11:46
rburtonmeta/conf/bitbake.conf:IMAGE_NAME = "${IMAGE_BASENAME}-${MACHINE}-${DATETIME}"11:46
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wouterstreamitI am trying to use OpenGL/GLX but "glxinfo" from recipe "mesa-demos" reports an error "Couldnt find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig", does anyone know what I could be doing wrong?12:28
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto12:29
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btoothLetoThe2nd: i get abort: '' does not appear to be an hg repository12:40
btoothany idea?12:40
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rburtonwouterstreamit: missing drivers? what does the xorg log say12:44
wouterstreamitrburton: I am getting a bit further, apparently my GPU (rk3288) does not support glx. But I am trying to use chromium and even with the --use-gl=egl flag, it uses the ANGLE library which still tries to get a glx backend for some reason12:45
LetoThe2ndbtooth: well what recipe does throw this error? maybe it is outdated? and, are you sure you are not mixing branches?12:46
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btoothLetoThe2nd: meta-virtualization/recipes-devtools/go/ on fido branch12:48
btoothif i do: hg clone -- i get the same error12:48
*** msvb-lab <msvb-lab!> has joined #yocto12:49
LetoThe2ndbtooth: fido? are you serious?12:49
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC12:52
btoothLetoThe2nd: yes :/ i am forced to use fido12:53
*** Sir_Gallantmon <Sir_Gallantmon!King_InuYa@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto12:53
LetoThe2ndbtooth: i guess then you are in for a lot of manual backporting12:53
btoothokay.. i will forward this to my manager :)12:54
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LetoThe2ndbtooth: given the fact that meta-virtualization and docker are quite active (see and the last commit on fido was 2015-05-13, i suspect a lot of things might be broken there already.12:55
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Costin1hi all13:06
Costin1there was a command to find the location of a recipe13:07
Costin1bitbake something13:07
Costin1for a specific target13:07
Costin1eg. bitbake u-boot13:07
Costin1where is
* rburton uses find :)13:07
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rburtonCostin1: bitbake-layers show-recipes -f u-boot13:08
*** marka <marka!> has joined #yocto13:08
Costin1thanks ross13:09
Costin1Ross sorry13:09
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ramcqso I'm doing some ugly stuff, CONFIGURE_machine := "${@d.getVar("FOO").replace("--bla=${TARGET_SYS}", "--bla=other")14:33
ramcqit looks like even though I pass False to getVar, and this is an immediate assignment, my replace is not doing anything14:34
ramcqbecause ${TARGET_SYS} has already been expanded in the setting of CONFIGUREOPTS14:34
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kergothramcq: first, depending on bitbake version, that getVar() without passing ,True will still default to True. second, yes, that ${TARGET_SYS} is expanded before that inline python is run. i'd suggest using getVar() without expansion on that if you want both getvars to be on the unexpanded value, otherwise expand both15:20
ramcqright, expanding all the way :)15:28
ramcqalso realised I changed some stuff like15:28
ramcqFOO := ... getVar("FOO").mangle()15:28
ramcqto FOO_machine := getVar("FOO").mangle()15:28
ramcqexcept, there were two15:28
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ramcqspot the error... :P15:28
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sgwkhem: Morning, got a MUSL / Go issue possibly16:12
*** zero_note <zero_note!> has joined #yocto16:13
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sgwkhem: when TCLIBC = "musl" and MACHINE = "qemux86-64" then we get some undefined references when building go-helloworld and go-dep, in linux_amd64_dynlink// to __libc_{malloc, realloc, stack_end, free}16:16
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ramcqkergoth: the inline python doesn't seem to be getting it's ${VARS} interpolated before running18:42
ramcqat least my recipe is pretty hosed still :/18:42
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #2 of eclipse-plugin-oxygen is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
* ramcq just getVar... looks more hopeful18:48
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kergothramcq: inline python gets ${} expanded, but only if the variable is defined, anonymous python does not. it'll choke if you try to use a ${} that isn't set, so if necessary define a fallback default19:38
rburtonramcq: use d.getVar("FOO") in python, ${FOO} doesn't get expanded in py19:43
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kergoththat's not actually the case for inline python19:48
rburtonshould we change that? :)19:48
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kergothyeah, if only because we have no way to escape it and prevent the expansion, and to improve consistency19:56
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kergothwe should really add a way to escape expansion though regardless19:56
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bluelightningkergoth: yes, I know the lack of that has bothered a few people19:57
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sobczykcan openembedded generate windows SDKs? (with crosscompiler & binutils that run on windows)21:23
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alimon-sobczyk: i don't think so21:27
JaMasobczyk: check
JaMabut I've never used it21:29
sobczykisn't mingw supposed to compile for windows?21:30
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JaMaisn't that what you wanted?21:31
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sobczykI want to compile on windows for linux21:31
sobczykso, a cross canadian build of gcc or clang21:32
sobczykand binutils21:32
sobczykI'll just have to try it I guess21:32
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JaMawould be easier to just use VirtualBox21:44
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