Friday, 2017-09-29

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User__After I configured with bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel and save, I did bitbake virtual/kernel, but after a few seconds the operation is finished without errors.  However it did not seem to have recompiled my kernel. Anything wrong?00:36
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bodangly_Excuse me if this is inappropriate. But I am looking for a young junior dev, maybe still in college, who is a Linux enthusiast and looking to get some hands on experience and training with a Yocto build in production. There would be compensation for it.01:24
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User__When I update to a new branch for poky or other meta, how do I make the changes to take effect when I do bitbake image ?02:13
aehs29User__: changes will take effect next time you build an image02:20
aehs29User__: after doing the bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel changing something and saving the file, the config file should invalidate the shared state so when yoiu ask it to rebuild it should "know" something changed and rebuild the whole thing02:21
aehs29User__: you could do bitbake -c cleansstate virtual/kernel and then rebuild which would basically force it to rebuild, however I would investigate further the issue of saving the file, since when you rebuild it will probably wont have the changes you asked for (since it would have invaidated the shared states)02:22
aehs29User__: so, check that you are saving the file, and where you're saving it to02:23
User__aehs29, I just save to default, when choosing save button, it shows .config, I press enter02:24
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aehs29User__: what you can do, is save that new .config file somewhere else, and use that as a defconfig02:30
aehs29User__: IIRC basically you put it on your kernel recipe directory, name it defconfig and modify your kernel recipe to add the defconfig file on SRC_URI02:31
aehs29User__: now that file will be used as your base configuration for the kernel02:31
aehs29User__: you may want to check the Yocto kernel dev manual02:32
aehs29User__: look for defconfig02:32
User__so the .config just created by menuconfig is not used to build the kernel?02:34
aehs29User__: it should be, Im just proposing a solution in case its not02:36
aehs29User__: but it should be used without you doing anything else other than saving it02:37
User__I see. Just confused why there is .config and defconfig02:37
aehs29User__: the .config is created from the defconfig02:38
aehs29User__: in case you specify it02:38
aehs29User__: so if the bitbake finds a defconfig it will use it as base to create .config and it will then build the kernel using the .config file it just created02:39
User__I just tried to bitbake the new image (after modifying with menuconfig, and issuing bitbake -c cleansstate virtual/kernel).  It took a few minutes, but when I verified the images, I looks the same as before (same size, but with updated current date and time)02:43
User__I think the kernel was not rebuilt with the new config file?02:44
aehs29User__: it whould rebuild once you modify your .config, idk why its not doing it, if you use it as defconfig you would force the changes02:50
User__aehs29, How to use it as deconfig?02:56
User__aehs29, Is there a procedure to do to "use it as deconfig"?02:57
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User__I mean defconfig02:57
aehs29User__: what I just mentioned above, you add it on SRC_URI on your kernel recipe file and copy it to the directory03:04
aehs29User__: on the kernel dev manual says how to do it\03:05
User__aehs29, Ok. thanks.  Just was not sure if what you said before was optional03:07
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frank_878Hello has any of you experieced the SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED on a yocto built image?07:49
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frank_878I have successfully included openssl and PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-openssl= " perl" to enable the c_rehash function, but there is no sign of the c_rehash function...07:51
frank_878I believe the problem lies there...07:51
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lukmaGood morning,08:18
lukmaIf I may ask - is there any description/documentation about the OE build system caching ?08:19
nayfethe sstate-cache magic ;)08:22
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lukmanayfe: yes :), exactly08:27
lukmaThe arcane..... part of OE08:28
lukma(and when some strange errors show up - remove caches :D )08:28
FabKnaHey, is there a solution to layer multiple overlayfs?08:28
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User__Is hob commonly used to build with poky?09:45
rburtonnot really09:46
rburtonit was never really finished, had bugs, and has been removed for quite some time09:47
User__I see09:52
User__I'm reading open embedded linux with yocto project and there is mentioning of hob09:53
User__sorry, embedded linux development09:54
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mckoanlukma: sstate-cache is not perfectly working, depends on your scenario10:12
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mckoanUser__: have a look at Toaster10:14
User__mckoan, Will I be getting toasted?10:16
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mckoanUser__: :-)10:18
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lukmamckoan: I would like to have better understanding of it10:19
lukmahence I'm looking for some documents to read10:19
lukma(probably for some non OE expert)10:19
User__mckoan, I would like my image black please, both sides.10:20
nayfeFabKna: did you read ?10:21
User__mckoan, while the kernel still moist..10:21
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LetoThe2ndhas there been a change lately to the yocto ML in terms of moderation?10:23
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lukmamckoan: thx10:26
LetoThe2ndmeh, no moderation change, local postmaster tricked me.10:31
* LetoThe2nd manages to look like an idiot on the ML. hooray!10:32
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cornelis there a way to tell fetch() to produce debug output?10:43
cornelwould -DDD do this ?10:43
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rburtonyes, in the logs11:00
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cornelthank you rburton11:45
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ramcqrburton: soooooooooooooo....12:19
ramcqrburton: all of this rocket science to change gcc and binutils around to use a different target prefix12:19
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ramcqit doesn't actually work very well, because everything else is still in the old prefix... ;)12:20
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ramcqso gcc can't find libgcc. immediate fail.12:20
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ramcqI'm actually wondering if it wouldn't have been quicker to just smash TARGET_SYS to the value I wanted and mop up the damage after all12:22
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FabKnaI want multiple partitions in my sdcard image. How to do this?12:47
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rburtonramcq: yeah you might be right :/13:30
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TartarusIs Ed Bartosh around?13:50
nayfeFabKna: with wic, you can specify multiple partitions13:55
nayfeexample here:
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eduardas_mhello, I have run into a strange error after trying a new machine configuration file instead of the vendor one:
eduardas_mhow do I even start debugging this?14:10
eduardas_mthis is my machine configuration:
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mckoaneduardas_m: looks like you are running on an existing build for a different machine, try the simpler version is you're advised to wipe out tmp and rebuild14:39
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FabKnanayfe: Ty!14:54
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peacememorieshmm, my linux-xlnx build fails with "permission denied" while trying to run `fixdep`14:56
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sgwarmpit: around?  I am looking at the morty lsb failure and want to see the AB log itself, do you have a pointer to that one?15:01
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eduardas_mmckoan: thank you for the advice, but even wiping tmp and sstate-cache did not help15:15
eduardas_mgot same error15:16
rburtoneduardas_m: ti-compat-wireless and fod-som-linyx-variscite both have the same files and your build has them both in15:17
rburtoneduardas_m: you need to decide what one you want and how to stop the other being pulled in15:17
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eduardas_mrburton: is it because in linux-variscite recipe there is only COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "(var-som-mx6|imx6ul-var-dart|imx7-var-som)" and that does not include my machine fod-som?15:24
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eduardas_mI get it that my machine includes ti-compat-wireless via MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS, however I can not understand where from the same files come15:26
eduardas_mhow do I know what is the second recipe that wants to include the same files?15:27
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rburtonthe message tells you15:27
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rburtonti-compat-wireless-wl18xx and fod-som-linux-variscite15:28
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eduardas_mrburton: I somehow missed that, thank you15:30
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ramcqrburton: thus far every package I've found with ARM_INSTRUCTION_SET="arm" (to disable thumb) has built OK with thumb turned back on (like every Linux distro does for armhf)15:40
*** bodangly <bodangly!~bodangly@> has quit IRC15:41
ramcqrburton: I think some of this might be from like, gcc 2.9 on armv4 in 2004 or something15:41
*** kmorrow <kmorrow!81c4e2a4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC15:42
*** vdehors <vdehors!> has joined #yocto15:43
rburtonramcq: some maybe, some were removed and re-added recently15:44
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto15:46
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*** clevernickname <clevernickname!cc3624f5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:48
clevernicknameDoes Yocto produce any config files as part of the target image that can be viewed?  For example, if I wanted to see how it was config'd on a running system, is any of that info there?  Or is it only available on the host machine that produced the image?15:50
rburtonclevernickname: nothing like that goes onto the target by default, no15:52
kergothdid bitbake's order of operations change recently? I'm adding to BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST in a ConfigParsed handler. this used to work, the vars there were set by the time SanityCheck ran, but that's not the case anymore15:56
clevernicknamerburton: Thanks.  I know the kernel has the option of including .config... and was wondering if Yocto did anything similar.15:56
kergothoh, wait, i see, nevermind15:58
kergothi'm blind15:58
* kergoth rolls eyes at self, obviously it's BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE i need. insufficient caffeine15:58
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rburtonclevernickname: iirc we don't ship the config in a package but it should be trivial to do if its not already an option16:00
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rburtonhalstead: are you working on the ABs today?16:44
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rburtonhalstead: dinner is ready so i'm off.  if you need to shut down the autobuilder can you restart nightly against ross/rocko and ross/mut please  :)16:51
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halsteadSorry I missed you rburton. I snuck in an did updates on Wednesday. There were some urgent ones. So I won't need to interrupt anything.17:15
kergothah, this fc-cache hang only happens on x86_64. wonder if its a qemu or fontconfig bug17:18
kergothanyone else try a qemux86-64 build with fontconfig installed in an image recently?17:18
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rburtonkergoth: ab, often.17:52
kergothi'm hitting the hang every time, poky distro, qemux86-64, only meta-sourcery added. digging further17:54
rburtonactual hang?17:56
kergothyep, the qemu-x86_64 fc-cache process has been running for an hour, and interrupting the bitbake leaves that process behind. i have a handful i had to kill -917:57
* kergoth removes meta-sourcery and meta-mentor-staging to try fully stock17:58
malinusI'm having trouble with a python recipe I've made. The dependencies are python-future and python-lxml. Both build just fine. However when building my recipe fails with "No module named future". Even though python-future is in RDEPENDS and has been build with no problems.17:58
*** zeddii_home <zeddii_home!> has quit IRC17:58
malinusIt's like the path hasn't been added or something. Am I missing something?17:59
rburtonwell build depends should be DEPENDS not RDEPENDS18:00
kergothand if you want the native python to see them to run the build tools, you'll want to depend on the native variants18:00
rburtonand if its trying to *run* code at build time using future then you need to inherit pythonnative and DEPEND on python-future18:00
rburtonerm, python-future-native18:00
rburtonhuh, my good for rocko rc2 branch is failing rather badly18:01
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC18:01
rburtonhalstead: WARNING: The free inode of /srv/autobuilder/ (systemd-1) is running low (58.453K left)18:01
sgwarmpit: around?18:02
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rburtonphew its the ab dying!18:02
rburtonhalstead: really off now, can you restart those nightlies when the ab is back?18:02
malinusrburton: thanks a bunch18:03
halsteadrburton, Sure.18:03
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halsteadrburton, I'm not sure what's up since there are 4177271K inodes left on that volume not 53K. Looking into the disk space monitor now.18:14
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frayoverflow problem?18:31
halsteadfray, Perhaps. We've had this many inodes available before with no issues. Maybe the used value (47754741) is overflowing? It has certainly grown.18:34
*** peacememories <peacememories!> has joined #yocto18:35
peacememorieshey everyone. is there a structure for multi-layer yocto projects you recommend?18:40
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peacememoriesmy ideas so far are git submodules, the google `repo` command and that's about it^^18:41
rburtonpeacememories: both good choices18:46
peacememoriesit still feels kind of brittle in terms of keeping everything in sync18:46
rburtonhow?  submodules etc are designed to keep stuff in sync...18:48
*** paulg <paulg!> has quit IRC18:48
rburtonjust telling your users to grab random SHAs or track a specific branch manually would be brittle18:48
*** paulg <paulg!> has joined #yocto18:49
FabKnaI try to create a not mounted partition with wic (wks) file. How to achieve that?18:51
peacememoriesalso making sure that all layers land in bblayers.conf would probably require duplication18:52
FabKnanot mounter is not correct. It should be empty.18:52
peacememoriesi'm not saying it's not workable, i just wish there was a clear "this is a good way to do this" method18:52
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clevernicknamerburton: I don't suppose the DISTRO used for a Yocto build is put any where on the target either?19:03
peacememoriesa propos distro. i don't quite get what a distro actually is in yocto, and in which case i would want to create my own19:04
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clevernicknamepeacememories: I do NOT have firm grip on things myself, but I believe DISTRO == build policies for the image.19:06
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rburtonpeacememories: we don't mandate a method, you can pick.  some use repo, some use submodules, some combo-layer.  your choice.19:28
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rburtonpeacememories: yeah basically policy in the loosest possible sense.  what machines, what image, what configuration, what recipes.19:28
rburtonpeacememories: if you're using yocto for something non-trivial you should make a custom distro. its trivial.19:29
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kergothlovely. fc-cache hangs under qemu user emulation only when built by the sourcery toolchain. it runs fine under qemu system emulation, or when built by the oe-core toolchain20:16
kergothfun fun20:17
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peacememorieshmm, are there any guides on creating a custom distro, (and when it makes sense)? googling seems to only give me results using "distro" in the classical sense (a la "create a custom distro with yocto" ^^)20:49
kergothpoky is a fine example. just copy meta-poky/conf/distro/poky.conf to your own layer with your own distro name and modify however you want20:52
kergothor base on one of the many other distros, really your call20:52
kergothor create a new one, and see defaultsetup.conf for vars that might be of interest20:53
kergotha distro is just a config file that sets variables that control how things are built, what package manager is used, etc20:53
kergothoverarching policy, generally20:53
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peacememoriesokay, thx20:59
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FabKnaI try to configure read only rootfs with overlayfs with . However, it does not work. Does somebody has a bit experience with that?21:07
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