Monday, 2017-10-09

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GroundhackAnyone here able to answer a quick question?01:25
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GroundhackIm building an embedded system which I want to start right into a GUI program, i used yocto to make an image for my rPi all the hardware works find but i dont know where to go now to start developing an app to boot into. Are there certain languages already supported by poky or do I just add the libraries with a package manager or something?01:29
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open-nandraI did check release table for poky and for rocko it says fall this year, do we have some mo specific date (I would like to bump my current morty to rocko). thx07:25
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LetoThe2ndopen-nandra: usually end of oct, begin of nov, around ELCE and YPDD07:34
LetoThe2ndgive or take some days/weeks07:34
open-nandraLetoThe2nd: ok thanks a lot. So i'll use current rocko branch and wait for official release :+1"07:34
open-nandraLetoThe2nd: ok thanks a lot. So i'll use current rocko branch and wait for official release :+1:07:34
open-nandraLetoThe2nd: oh great thanks a lot07:38
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ChrysDHi all, do you know how you can load a kernel module except using :  /etc/modprob.d ,  udev  ,  KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD. It's because i have a kernel module that is loaded automatically and i would like to know how. Thanks !08:01
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btoothhi all.. i have a special request to create packages dynamical depending on a variable. so, if variable is set to SOLUTION-A or SOLUTION-B i want to deliver package PN-$SOLUTION. Right now i use eventhandler to set PACKAGES variable, please see here:
btoothcan someone please review and tell me if this approach is okay, or if there is a better solution for this?08:38
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rburtonbtooth: you can use python inside assignments by doing ${@some python here}08:43
rburtonor, just put both packages in the PACKAGES variable, and only actually put files in them depending on the variable08:43
rburtonempty packages don't get generated by default08:44
btoothrburton: thanks. but do you think it is okay to go the way using my eventhandler? are there any doubts?08:57
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joshuaglRP: was just looking at the BuildLog but I see that the patches from master-next were all merged?09:16
RPjoshuagl: yes, I just did that09:18
RPjoshuagl: I doubt AB failures were due to them09:18
rburtonbtooth: the event handler way is massively overcomplicated09:18
joshuaglRP: agreed. The only one that worries me is the "oe-repo has incorrect checksum" on nightly-x86-6409:20
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RPjoshuagl: we have seen that once before a long time ago. I could never reproduce09:21
RPit did have a bug entry09:21
joshuaglRP: ah, OK. Good to know. I'll try and dig up the bug. Thanks!09:21
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btoothrburton: how to use multiple python lines inside assignments09:32
rburtonbtooth: write a function, call it.09:32
rburtonif you've a variable you just want to look at then you don't need multiple lines09:33
rburtonie see all the use of bb.utils.contains()09:33
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LocutusOfBorghello, is having a sad week?09:45
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nayfeHi all, anyone using Asterisk here? I'm having trouble with and bundled pjproject12:03
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ChrysDnayfe : no but what is your problem?12:04
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wouterstreamitIm trying to build a program that depends on libdrm, but xf86.h in libdrm includes a file <drm.h> which exists but is in /usr/include/libdrm/drm.h, while gcc only looks for drm.h in /usr/include - why is this the case and how can I fix this12:06
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nayfeChrysD: in configure step, asterisk main ./configure tries to call ./configure from third-party bundled pjproject, and it fails with "aconfigure: error: cannot run C compiled programs If you meant to cross compile, use `--host'12:07
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rburtonwouterstreamit: afaict the libdrm pkgconfig file sets the include paths, so it sounds like you're not doing that.  gcc won't look in a subdirectory unless told otherwise.12:18
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ChrysDnayfe : can't help sorry. Be sure you have everything compatible.12:28
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nayfeChrysD: np, i'll try to fix it, or take the external pjproject solution ...12:31
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paulbarkerpatchtest doesn't like me. Is "Upstream-Status" supposed to be case-sensitive?12:41
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wouterstreamitrburton: how would I make yocto use that pkgconfig file then?12:48
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joshuaglpaulbarker: I fear it is12:52
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paulbarkerjoshuagl: Is that intentional though? If so I'll re-submit my patch. If not I can send a change for patchtest-oe to make it case insenstive12:54
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joshuaglpaulbarker: I believe it's intentional, it has definitely come up on the list before12:57
paulbarkerok cool. I wonder if we can make patchtest-oe more helpful here then. Could it issue a warning if it spots "Upstream-status" with instruction to change the case? I've not really looked at what's possible with the framework12:58
paulbarkerIf it's possible I don't mind taking a go at the change later in the week12:59
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rburtonwouterstreamit: its not yocto, its what you're building.  yocto is just running make or whatever.13:19
rburtonpaulbarker: the messages could definitely be better.13:20
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eduardas_mhello, could someone recommend a build server specification for a company that wants to do Yocto project CI?13:21
eduardas_mis anyone out there using Xeon-based rack servers for their builds?13:21
eduardas_mor are people most often doing the builds on their desktop workstations?13:22
rburtoneduardas_m: as much as you can afford13:22
rburtoneduardas_m: the autobuilder farm is lots of Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2697 v3 @ 2.60GHz13:23
eduardas_mrburton: that is not very specific...lets say I can afford up to 4000 USD... how far can that take me?13:23
rburtongo to, spec a system13:23
rburtonyou've a budget so build up to that.13:24
eduardas_mrburton: for example: I do not even know what is better: two socket xeon system or one xeon with same amount of cores?13:24
eduardas_mand what is better to invest in: a more powerful processor, SSDs or lots of RAM?13:25
rburtonall of them ;013:26
eduardas_mI have no prior experience with server or workstation grade hardware13:26
rburtoncompilation is CPU intensive, benefits from lots of memory for caching, and you'll want lots of disk space if you intend to keep build artifacts for a long time13:26
rburtonpersonally go for more ram so you can do builds in tmpfs and only persist what you want to keep on a real disk13:27
rburtonmy workstation has 64G of ram,  half of which is the build tmpfs13:27
rburtontwin socket will give better peformance as you can't run all the cores at full speed on a single processor13:28
eduardas_mrburton: I have checked the size of my temporary directory (tmp) and its size is 76 GB... does that mean I have to aim for 128 GB RAM?13:30
rburtonno, you use rm_work to remove the bits that are already built13:30
eduardas_mI build a lot of Qt related stuff, etc.13:30
rburtonor just use a real disk.  swings/roundabouts.  tmpfs builds are a little bit faster but not incrediby.13:31
eduardas_mdoesn't rm_work mean I won't be able to inspect the intermediate build files... checked out and configured, patched source for example?13:32
eduardas_mfor example if my build stops at an error?13:34
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rburtonit only deletes when the build is successful13:35
eduardas_mrburton: that is good to know... thank you for the useful information13:36
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wouterstreamitrburton: thank you, I have found out was was wrong13:50
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eduardas_mrburton: I would like to ask you what processor or processors is your workstation using? Is it a consumer processor or a dual-Xeon workstation? how long does it take for you to compile core-image-sato for x86-64 from scratch when using tmpfs?14:52
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rburtoneduardas_m: i have a Xeon E5-2690 system, sato from scratch takes about 40 minutes or so? haven't timed it for a while.15:03
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eduardas_mrburton: thank you for answering15:09
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nayfeChrysD: For the record, it was a known bug of asterisk version, after updating it, it works like a charm.15:27
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rburtonkhem: can you resend gcc: Backport fix for a segfault on riscv with the missing SOB fixed?15:32
frayI do like 'SOB' as the acronym.. ;)15:32
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DvorkinI have two configs: conf.armA/conf/local.conf and conf.armB/conf/local.conf. How can I specify the same TMPDIR and SSTATE_DIR without absolute path? TOPDIR is reffering to conf.arm<N>/...15:36
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rburtonuse a relative path such as ../../build/?15:40
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rburtonor use absolute paths.  this file isn't going into git or anything right?15:40
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Dvorkinrburton, no, it's not going to git. But relative paths are too ugly.15:46
Dvorkin../ looks strange also.15:46
rburtonso use an absolute path15:46
Dvorkinmaybe there is something like OEROOT exported ?15:47
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Dvorkinproblem: 'libsdl-native is set to be ASSUME_PROVIDED but sdl-config can't be found in PATH. Please either install it, or configure qemu not to require sdl"16:27
Dvorkinbut : [dv@dvpc conf.tpp (pyro)]$ sdl-config  Usage: sdl-config [--prefix[=DIR]] [--exec-prefix[=DIR]] [--version] [--cflags] [--libs]16:27
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nayfeI'm trying to use swupdate for my BSP. For now, I'm only trying to boot the swupdate-image generated ramdisk. Someone's using it ? should I load kernel/DTB/ramdisk separatly, or put those files into one using mkimage -T multi ?16:32
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kergothnone of that has anything to do with swupdate. swupdate is a way to deliver content to your device and your configuration stored in the swupdate compound image controls hwat's done with each piece of content. what you want where is up to you, and depends on how your hardware boots16:38
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nayfekergoth: indead, i was giving context, and you're right, there is no standard here, everyone's doing it's own way ;)16:45
rburtonDvorkin: basically, don't set libsdl-native in ASSUME_PROVIDED. it probably won't work anyway.16:54
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khemrburton: done19:59
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ant_homekhem, hi there20:14
ant_homekhem, having solved most other kernel issues I would like to sort out the gcc7 vs aarmv5 miscompilation issue20:15
ant_homedo you have any other report?20:15
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ant_homekhem, it looks in some ways related to the current thread20:44
ant_home[PATCH] ARM: compressed: discard ksym/kcrctab input section20:44
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khemant_home: hmm have you tried this fix ?22:33
ant_homenot yet, read today22:34
khemanyone seeing ssh connections being refused to a rpi3 running master/rocko opnssh server ? dropbear works ok22:34
khemssh to itself works ok too its just that other machines cant ssh22:34
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