Wednesday, 2017-10-11

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kergothtyler-baker: i use .netrc for https fetching with bitbake on a regular basis, for what it's worth01:53
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tyler-bakerkergoth, thanks, I was able to get it working. It was an error in our build env, the .netrc was being deployed for the incorrect user.01:55
tyler-bakerall is good now01:56
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tyler-bakerthanks for the help!01:56
kergothah, good to hear, np01:58
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wouterstreamitI have a board with a chip of which I only have a binary driver - how can I have yocto use this driver (stored in kernel/drivers/.../[chip name].o in the compilation?07:11
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rheagarHi , when i try enable read-only-rootfs feature, i meet a warning on "lib32-gio-querymodules: Invalid ELF image for this architecture", seems some module use lib32-glib, when do update_gio_module_cache-lib32 failed , does anyone has some idea on this ? thanks07:48
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rheagarfor read-only-rootfs, any modules can not configured offline will lead to fail.07:49
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wouterstreamitI am trying to use openbox instead of matchbox, I can install it fine but matchbox still starts. If I change /usr/bin/x-session-manager to start openbox instead of matchbox it works. How can I not install matchbox and configure /usr/bin/x-session-manager to start openbox instead?12:13
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cpfhello. I would like to add a file in the rootfs. (lets say in /home/user1/) Where do I have to specify or copy the file ? Do I have to write something in the local.conf ? Is it the same thing if I want to copy a firmware file for a USB dongle ?12:15
cpf(this is considering that I am building an core-image-base..)12:16
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LetoThe2ndwouterstreamit: find out what pulls in matchbox? like, inspect bitbake -e $YOURIMAGE12:20
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wouterstreamitLetoThe2nd: matchbox comes from packagegroup-core-x11-base - I think it is included by a line IMAGE_FEATURES += "${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'x11', 'x11-base', '', d)}" in my base image12:26
LetoThe2ndwouterstreamit: there is the possibility then that it gets pulled through something like virtual/windowmanager or such, then you can override it. otherwise you'll have to rip out that packagegroup and manually replace it with your own selection12:27
wouterstreamitSo if I manage to not install matchbox, is the openbox recipe smart enough to autostart instead of it?12:30
LetoThe2ndno idea12:32
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open-nandrahi all18:52
open-nandraI' building small system based on pyro18:52
open-nandraI've added few python3 custom programs  + dependencies18:52
open-nandrasome of python dependencies was from 2.718:52
open-nandrawhen I run program it cannot import some packages as IMO they are not in python3.518:53
open-nandrais there any was how to workaround this?18:53
open-nandramaybe some pythonpath poking?18:53
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lsandovopen-nandra: but how can you expect that python3 process will take python2 code?  I believe you need to create the python3 versions of those dependencies19:00
open-nandralsandov: Idon't want to hear that :), but thanks19:00
open-nandrawill do19:00
rburtonopen-nandra: py2 and py3 are only compatible if the code is very carefully written19:01
open-nandrarburton: I need to use python-daemon for which exist recipe19:01
open-nandraso I probably need to create python3-daemon version19:02
rburtonassuming its been ported to py3 upstream, that's mostly trivial19:03
open-nandrarburton: ok thanks I'll look19:03
open-nandrarburton: ok but I have also rpi-gpio19:04
open-nandra+ python-serial19:04
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lsandovopen-nandra: migrating modules are easy, the hard part are the interpreters19:07
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open-nandralsandov: ok I'll try19:11
open-nandrathanks for all info19:11
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majukSo I am using dropbear and I need sftp. I see references to openssh-sftp-server as if it were a recipe [at least around the time of the fido release], but I can find no evidence of that recipe. Any pointers here?20:52
majukMy alternative path is dissecting the openssh recipe which is gonna get ugly in a hurry.20:52
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malinusmajuk: try searching here
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majukmalinus: Yea, only get openssh and it's package group21:17
majukWhich makes me think it wasn't actually a package.21:17
majukThanks though.21:18
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kergothmajuk: there's an sftp package that comes out of hte openssh recipe, you can install it alongside dropbear afaik21:24
majukkergoth: Thanks. That's gonna be the road I hoe when I decide if this is a viable solution.21:27
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Tartaruskergoth: Sanity check please?  What's done in results in WESTONSECTION (and in turn a number of other variable-with-flags) not ending up in the signature state.  This is a 'feature' and the resolution is to use do_...[vardeps] to track them in turn, yes?23:37
TartarusOr is there something I'm missing / some better way to do that?23:38
Tartarus(Setting aside the merits of making a weston.ini file that way)23:38
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