Monday, 2017-10-23

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jctan93Hi, does anyone know what's wrong with my generated core-image-minimal? Basically udevadm info isn't getting all the properties of an image overlay in QEMU. Here are the differences  between running the command in core-image-minimal and a regular debian image with the same image overlay Any idea how I can fix this?06:35
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eduardas_mhello, how do I have a core-image based image that uses rpm as packaging system, but does not include dnf as a tool? I am planning to use swupdate instead of dnf to install packages, so how do I remove the dnf and libdnf packages from final image?07:51
eduardas_mThis is on Yocto Pyro07:51
eduardas_mGetting a systemd failure for dnf-makecache.service is kind of annoying and inappropriate, so I would like to get rid of dnf alltogether, but not sure how it really gets included07:52
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nayfeeduardas_m: you want to use swupdate to install rpm ?08:01
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eduardas_mnayfe: both for fully overwriting rootfs (major updates) and installing (or updating) rpms (minor updates), yes08:03
eduardas_mnot sure how much that makes sense, but the ability for swupdate to do that is there08:04
nayfeeduardas_m: for my inderstanding, swupdate is not meant to handle packages08:04
nayfeeduardas_m: may I ask why you don't want dnl ?08:08
eduardas_mnayfe: I just did not see a reason why an rpm could not be added to a software collection and installed via script added to swupdate package08:09
joshuaglassuming your image inherits core-image then remove package-management from DISTRO_FEATURES to prevent the package manager from being installed08:09
eduardas_mnayfe: it kind of does not make sense to me to have two update mechanisms: both swupdate and dnf08:10
nayfeeduardas_m: well image update and pkg update is really different kind of things :)08:10
eduardas_mjoshuagl: I want both the packages and rpm tool, I just don't need dnf specifically08:11
eduardas_mbecause there won't be a cloud-accessible rpm repository to maintain if I distribute the rpms via swupdate software collections08:12
eduardas_mmy resoning might be severly flawed, but that is my trail of thought08:12
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eduardas_mnayfe: so how would you go about it if you need both?08:13
nayfe"and installed via script added to swupdate package" => for me this script should be dnl ?08:13
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joshuagleduardas_m: remove package-management from IMAGE_FEATURES and add rpm to IMAGE_INSTALL ?08:13
eduardas_mjoshuagl: ok, will try that... thank you08:14
joshuaglthe package-management feature maps to the ROOTFS_PKGMANAGE variable, in rootfs_rpm that's = "rpm dnf" :-)08:15
eduardas_mnayfe: if I leave dnf after all, how do I appropriately prevent dnf-makecache.service from failing... it fails because there are no external repos08:16
eduardas_mError: There are no enabled repos.08:17
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eduardas_mdnf-makecache.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE08:17
joshuaglmask or remove the service?08:17
eduardas_mjoshuagl: yeah, my first thought was to simply disable it... was not sure if that was entirely appropriate though... thanks for your opinion08:20
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eduardas_mthe recipe has some systemd units enabled by default. Is it approprate to disable them via a bbappend? if so, what would be the proper mechanism to do that? the point is that I need those units disabled the first time I boot the image08:49
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nayfehum strange thing, got two identical DTS, making fitimage with 2 configurations with those 2 DTS, same kernel, one is booting, the other hangs, anything am I missing ?09:48
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eduardas_mnayfe: just out of curiosity... documentation says "kernel-fitimage class provides support to pack zImages"... what does that even mean? was unable to google anything meaningful on the topic09:53
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nayfeI'm not using kernel-fitimage, but it means it will package zImage with DTB files and optional ramdisk into a FIT image09:54
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eduardas_mnayfe: this is interesting... haven't heard about those before... any specific motivation for using a FIT image?09:59
nayfeto ease and secure updates10:00
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btoothhi.. how to call in image recipe a python function from variable expansion like: python my_set_cflags_release_switch() {  return "-DTEST" } TARGET_CFLAGS   += "${@my_set_cflags_release_switch()}10:28
btoothi get "NameError: name my_set_cflags_release_switch' is not defined."10:29
btoothit works using @oe.utils.ifelse10:30
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btoothor, how to add own lib/*.py scripts to path used by bitbake?10:48
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styler2go_Is there some cool trick to show only the vars i needs with bitbake -e? something like bitbake -e -filter "IMAGE_FSTYPES"11:03
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joshuaglgrep ? :-)11:05
osseI'm writing my first recipe and used devtool add as a starting point. The recipe is for a python module. According to the commets it could not find map standard stuff like 're' and 'collections' to a recipe. Is this common?11:05
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styler2go_I still couldn't fix my wic dependency problem :(11:25
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eduardas_mstyler2go_: what is the exact problem? could you elaborate? I also use wic...11:28
styler2go_Sure! I have the problem that i want to use wich but wic executes simultanously with do_hddimg, do_bootimg etc. and thus it fails because it cannot find the file11:29
styler2go_i always have to execute bitbake 3 times until all image types are created11:29
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btoothping rburton11:29
btoothhi rburton: do you know how i can add python scripts to my layer in lib/ so they can be found by bitbake and to be used inside ie local.conf?11:31
btoothlike the one from poky in meta/lib/oe11:31
eduardas_mstyler2go_: I assume you have some final image that has IMAGE_FSTYPES = "wic"? And you want to have some components in deploy directory to use with wic before final image creation?11:32
styler2go_eduardas_m, well, if i don't have the iso file it fails with an error: exec_cmd: cp /mnt/upboard/build-recovery/tmp/work/up_board-poky-linux/recovery-image/1.0-r0/recovery-image-1.0/hddimg/EFI/BOOT/* /mnt/upboard/build-recovery/tmp/deploy/images/up-board/recovery-image-up-board-20171023112547/build/hdd/boot/EFI/BOOT returned '1' instead of 011:33
rburtonbtooth: yes, put them in lib/11:33
styler2go_eduardas_m, i somehow need wic to wait until do_bootimg is done11:34
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styler2goeduardas_m, i've now set do_image_wic[depends] += "xxx:do_bootimg" and now it works11:36
eduardas_mstyler2go:  I am not exactly sure about your usecase, but can you not separate out any artifact creation you try to do during do_bootimg into separate bitbake recipe and then add a DEPENDS to final image recipe..... that is how I go about artifact creation11:36
styler2goHmm i don't do anything special.. I just build an ext4 for my sdcard11:37
styler2goAnd now i found out about wic and i would like to use that, but wic executes before hddimg is done11:37
eduardas_mstyler2go: you have a separate ROOTFS for recovery?11:37
styler2gobitbakes creates everything on it's own11:38
btoothrburton: in my local.conf i do:_ TARGET_CFLAGS   += "${@testme.testmefunc()}" and in my lib/ folder i have with def testmefunc() --> I get: NameError: name 'testme' is not defined11:38
styler2goit creates the rootfs11:38
eduardas_mstyler2go: what does hddimg do in your case? why do you need it?11:39
styler2gowic needs it11:39
eduardas_mstyler2go: not necessarily, depends on usecase11:39
styler2goi am using predefined mkefidisk if that's important11:39
eduardas_mI use wic without it11:39
styler2goIn my case it produces the error above until the hddimg exist11:40
rburtonbtooth: did you import testme?11:40
eduardas_mstyler2go: so you are trying to work with a system that uses EFI?11:41
btoothrburton: where should i do the import? i can not do inside local.conf right=11:41
styler2goif i add the line above it works now.. but it still creates 4 files: ext4, hddimg, iso and finally the wic file11:41
eduardas_mstyler2go: I am sorry. If that is the case, I won't be able to help you. My usecase is an ARM system with u-boot.11:41
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styler2goeduardas_m, no problem! but thanks for your help anyway11:42
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rburtonbtooth: right.  probably easier to make a class which has a function in, then you don't even need to drop pure py into lib/11:50
btoothrburton: okay i will try this, but i am wondering how poky sets path for bitbake to find scripts in lib/oe.. so would be good to know.. if you have any idea please let me know11:51
rburtonbtooth: python include path includes lib/ in each layer11:52
rburtonyou can probably do the import inside the ${@11:52
btoothrburton: is there a way to doublecheck this?11:52
btoothokay good idea11:52
btoothi will try11:52
rburtonmeta/classes/base.bbclass:    sys.path[0:0] = [os.path.join(dir, "lib") for dir in bbpath]11:53
rburtonthere you go ^11:53
btoothrburton: sorry, but how to call import: ${@import testme testme.testmefunc()} ?11:55
rburtonput a ; in between the import and the call11:56
rburtonits just standard python11:56
rburtonRP1: 'sstate.bbclass: sstate_hardcode_path(): fix for multilib' <-- leaving that for you to review :)11:56
btoothrburton: i get "SyntaxError: invalid syntax" with: TARGET_CFLAGS   += "${@import testme; testme.testmefunc()}"11:58
rburtonprobably limitations on what the inline py can do11:59
rburtonas i said, use a class to define a function11:59
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btoothrburton: thank you, the paste to base.bbclass helped me, i can set OE_IMPORTS += "testme" in local.conf and now my function is executed12:12
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RP1rburton: ok, not now though :)12:31
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JPEWhackerDoes anyone know if there is a registration fee for OEDAM if you are already going to the ELC?14:10
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joshuaglOEDEM/OEDAM are free14:15
joshuaglOEDEM was yesterday in Prague14:15
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peacememorieshi everyone14:25
peacememorieshmm, since today i have a weird problem. when i try to run bitbake it stalls at 99% parsing recipes and when i try to stop it the bitbake server is not responding14:25
peacememoriesi've reduced the test project to just a vanilla poky:pyro14:26
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rburtonsounds like you need to call ghost^W^W^W^W^W strace14:26
JPEWhackerjoshuagl: Ya, I was specifically wondering about the North America conference. Thanks!14:27
*** ntl <ntl!> has joined #yocto14:27
joshuaglJPEWhacker: np, just wanted to make sure :-)14:27
peacememorieshuh, killing the process, manually killing the bitbake server, removing the lock file and then starting it again apparently works14:30
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fberghello guys. I have a problem using "repo". I have several git repos that are at different levels in the main project. I want to archive them all aloong with their position from the root directory of the project. to do so I ve used the following command:   repo forall -c 'git archive --format=tar --prefix=$REPO_PATH/ HEAD > P.tar; tar --concatenate --file='`pwd`/all.tar' P.tar; rm P.tar'. By the way it seems to add only the first level git15:22
fbergrepos. Does anibody know how to solve the issue ?15:22
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sveinseIs it possible to merge sstate and download dirs from two machines? Would it work with a plain rsync?15:27
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rburtonsveinse: yes15:38
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tronthi guys16:06
trontdo we have some maintainers here?16:06
trontany blockers on getting this one to the pyro branch?16:07
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trontrburton, maybe?18:17
Adam_Hello all! How do I quickly find out who or what sets an environmental variable with bitbake? the -e only shows the values18:18
rburtonAdam_: any reasonably modern bitbake will show what recipe assigned the values in -e18:18
*** t0mmy <t0mmy!~tprrt@> has quit IRC18:19
*** nrossi <nrossi!uid193926@gateway/web/> has quit IRC18:19
Adam_rburton, -e output is long. And if I grep for the variable of my interest, it only shows the final value..18:21
rburtonAdam_: pipe through less and then search using / and scroll up18:21
rburtongrep is no good as it will *only* show the assignment and not the lines before it18:21
*** jku <jku!> has quit IRC18:22
Adam_rburton, ah Ok. I was hoping to find a more convenient mechanism, but that will do!18:22
rburtonAdam_: patches welcome for a "just this variable" mode18:22
Adam_rburton, I will see if I can put something together ;). Thanks for the opportunity18:23
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*** laplante <laplante!~laplante@> has joined #yocto18:35
laplanteCan anyone here please tell me what is the status of the external-linaro-toolchain recipe (and associated tcmode conf file) in the meta-linaro-toolchain layer? As far as I can tell it's broken in a number of ways (e.g. claims to provide glibc, but doesn't actually ship a TCLIBC configuration file).18:37
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto18:40
Adam_laplante, TI's SDK use external toolchain and it is building fine for me -;a=blob;f=meta-arago-distro/conf/distro/include/;h=fd0397d2827d0a6b6dcef96d3406e6020eb4b31b;hb=HEAD18:42
laplanteAdam_: Thanks! As luck would have it, I've already incorporated their toolchain inc file into our project, which does seem to get at least target builds working. Should also mention I'm using the 7.1.1 release of Linaro (gcc 7).18:45
laplanteAdam_: The main thing broken for me right now is lack of nativesdk support.18:46
Adam_laplante: np! -c populate_sdk doesn't work for you?18:46
*** kscherer <kscherer!> has quit IRC18:47
*** kscherer <kscherer!> has joined #yocto18:48
laplanteAdam_: Unfortunately not. During the preamble to my image builds, Yocto complains: "NOTE: preferred version linaro-7.1% of nativesdk-libgcc not available (for item nativesdk-libgcc) \nNOTE: versions of nativesdk-libgcc available: 5.4.0 6.2.0 linaro-4.9 linaro-5.2 linaro-5.3 linaro-6.2"18:48
laplanteAdam_: Which makes sense I think - I don't see anything in the external Linaro stuff to indicate that they've inherited from the nativesdk class.18:49
Adam_laplante: Ah I see. I am still stuck with GCC 6.2. Sounds like linaro-7.1 is doesn't supoprt -native build..18:49
laplanteAdam_: That's unfortunate :(. Do you use any kind of TCLIBC conf file to choose external-linaro-toolchain as glibc provider? Or do you build glibc and friends from the built-in recipes (i.e. you just use the external toolchain for the binaries, and use those to generate the actual sysroot)?18:51
Adam_laplante: I use the tool-chain provided by TI (which appears to be Linaro's). It's packaged binary. No building from scratch.18:54
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has quit IRC18:55
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Adam_laplante: but, I am trying to build another set of toolchain using the external toolchain (Cross-canadian..?)18:56
laplanteAdam_: I think I'll have to clone the TI stuff and see how they do it. The external Linaro support in meta-linaro seems incomplete... which makes me wonder why Yocto bothers including it.18:58
*** jhatch2008 <jhatch2008!417e5a02@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto18:58
laplanteAdam_: Ah, yes. AFAIK cross-canadian is a sort of synonym for native SDK. So, your "SDK machine" is the third machine (along with host and target), making it a "Canadian cross".18:59
Adam_laplante: Take a look at the TI's setup. Keep in mind it's not as bleeding edge as gcc-718:59
laplanteAdam_: Will do! Thanks so much for your help.18:59
Adam_laplante: I see. Canadian's a culturally diverse I heard...18:59
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laplanteAdam_: lol indeed.19:01
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laplanteAdam_: Ah-HA! meta-arago indeed messes a ton with the external Linaro stuff to get it to work:;a=tree;f=meta-arago-extras/recipes-core/meta;h=f0e329146d1630713b8bf6cdf71fa827b78e2fb9;hb=HEAD. The meta-arago-extras layer itself defines cross-canadian support for external Linaro.19:12
jhatch2008I don't know if this is the right forum or not, but our local builds have been failing to pull meta-java and meta-mono for several days now.  Does anyone have an idea of what may be going on?19:12
*** toanju <toanju!> has joined #yocto19:13
laplantejhatch2008: Where is it trying to pull from? e.g. github, openembedded.org19:14
Adam_laplante: haha ya, they definitely put a lot of work on it to get their ext-toolchain to work19:15
Adam_laplante: in other words, you can get yours working too... with some effort :)19:15
laplanteAdam_: That's pretty annoying... those changes should just be in meta-linaro itself. I'll write to the mailing list to ask why...19:15
Adam_laplante: Sounds good. Btw, where is meta-linaro mailinglist?19:16
laplanteAdam_: Yup, I've spent almost a week hand-tweaking it, and so far have only been able to get it to "kind-of" work.19:16
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC19:17
Adam_laplante: Sounds like it's about time you raise an issue ;)19:17
laplanteAdam_: Looks like openembedded@lists.linaro.org19:17
Adam_laplante: ah ok19:17
jhatch2008Trying to pull from 'git://'19:17
laplanteAdam_: Certainly will. Google is full of people with issues like those I encountered, but barely any solutions. Turns out those solutions were hiding in meta-arago, of all places.19:18
jhatch2008laplante: Trying to pull from 'git://'19:19
Adam_laplante: Glad you found it. TI did a good job on getting their external toolchain together.. although I am not 100% sure if that was necessary to begin with..19:19
*** jku <jku!> has joined #yocto19:20
jhatch2008laplante:  Keep getting the following error: fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=Connection timed out19:21
laplantejhatch2008: What happens when you just try to ping
*** yann|work <yann|work!> has joined #yocto19:24
jhatch2008laplante:  I'll double check but that was timing out on our Jenkins server.  I have not seen the problem from my PC, but other people have been seeing it here.  Give me a minute to check the server.19:24
*** luneff <luneff!~yury@> has quit IRC19:25
jhatch2008laplante: ping fails, though DNS is working:  jenkins@jenkinsdm1:~$ ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. ^C --- ping statistics --- 5 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 4032ms19:28
jhatch2008laplante:  I get the same thing from my PC.19:28
sveinseisn't it common to block ICMP? So ping might not be a reliable test if the service is present19:29
sveinsejhatch2008: I'm able to clone the meta-java repo from, btw19:31
laplantesveinse: Good point19:31
jhatch2008sveinse:  I agree, however telnet to on 443 just hangs also19:32
laplantejhatch2008: Can you wget the homepage?19:32
LetoThe2ndhalstead: ping19:32
halsteadLetoThe2nd: pong19:33
LetoThe2ndhalstead: see above19:33
sveinseif it's you're referring to, then that service is up from here19:33
halsteadOne sec19:33
jhatch2008laplante: no I can't wget either https or http19:33
sveinsejhatch2008, laplante: wget works here19:34
halsteadsvalan, I'm here to help troubleshoot.19:35
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laplantejhatch2008: Sounds like a firewall/network issue then19:35
jhatch2008sviense: Could you do me one small favor an let me know if it's the same IP that you're going to:
sveinsejhatch2008: hang on19:35
halsteadsveinse, Can you test a unencrypted page as well like,
laplantejhatch2008: That's the IP address I'm getting19:36
sveinsejhatch2008: yes, the same IP and it does reply19:36
jhatch2008laplante:  Thanks, I think it is local to us.  I'll be visiting our IT.19:37
sveinsehalstead: yep, is working here too19:37
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LetoThe2ndhalstead: thought you are the guy to look into this.. .and sorry for the naked ping, mind is being rather slow by now19:38
*** lamego <lamego!~jose@> has joined #yocto19:38
laplanteLetoThe2nd: ha, I just assumed that was a bit you two had with each other :)19:38
halsteadI am :)  LetoThe2nd, no problem. I just didn't have the full history in that client.19:39
sveinsehave you tracert'ed it to see how far off this thing is blocked? ICMP is apparently ok with this server19:39
LetoThe2ndlaplante: nah. but when i read something that i can't help with but think i know the person who cen, then i... well, ping him/her19:39
sveinseLetoThe2nd: perhaps he has a ICMP-block installed? :P19:40
LetoThe2ndsveinse: to be honest, i don't have the slightest clue at all.19:40
sveinseLetoThe2nd: (last one was a terrible joke)19:40
LetoThe2ndsveinse: you see how clueless i am when it comes to networking, i don't even get the jokes.19:41
halsteadjhatch2008, So both  "git clone" and "git clone git://" timeout for you?19:41
sveinsehalstead: if relevant and for reference, both works from here19:42
halsteadThanks sveinse. That is helpful. I'm not having trouble from multiple DCs. Maybe there is a bad route for jhatch2008?19:44
LetoThe2ndi can offer checks from prrague and munich if needed19:45
halsteadLetoThe2nd, Sure. Thank you. If my pong back was impolite I apologize. It was a common thing in another community.19:46
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LetoThe2ndclones from munich work fine too19:55
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LetoThe2ndand prague is fine too19:58
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jhatch2008halstead: Yes, both.  I believe that it is either local or we are being blacklisted somehow.  Talking with our IT folks.  I'll be back if we determine it's not local.20:04
halsteadjhatch2008, Okay. I can give you an alternate address if you'd like to test.20:05
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