Tuesday, 2017-10-31

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nayfehi, anyone experienced ssh_dispatch_run_fatal incorrect signature error in openssh recently ?08:54
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nrossinayfe: could it be related to the hard coded >2048bit RSA requirements? i remember getting signature errors on a 1024 bit keys, but not the exact same error08:58
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nayfenrossi> logs are not helping :/09:03
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nayfeseems to be with rocko migration, maybe last 7.5p1 version09:09
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xtronduring yocto build my ubuntu system logout without any reason, can anyone else ever saw this problem?10:30
rburtonusually because you're running out of RAM and the kernel is dumb and kills X instead of gcc10:32
xtronrburton, i've 16Gb RAM 4 Gb was being used,10:33
rburtonread the dmesg or other system logs10:34
xtronhow to resume the process10:34
rburtonwhat process?10:34
xtronbuild process?10:34
rburtonrun the same bitbake command again10:34
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xtronrburton, so will it start from beginning?10:37
xtronrburton, looking at the dmesg10:38
xtron[57872.961544] traps: xchat-gnome[2396] trap stack segment ip:7fbf50b9e858 sp:7ffc50b22830 error:010:38
xtron[57872.961547]  in libgobject-2.0.so.0.4800.2[7fbf50b6c000+52000]10:38
xtron[63937.163511] perf: interrupt took too long (2505 > 2500), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 7975010:38
xtron[64647.189461] perf: interrupt took too long (3132 > 3131), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 6375010:38
xtron[69415.445224] perf: interrupt took too long (3919 > 3915), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 5100010:38
xtronanything suspicious ? my CPU fans are still throttling10:39
rburtonthat's just xchat crashing, presumably as the session died10:39
xtronrburton, or should I expect the build can corrupted due to this interrupt?10:41
rburtonit will be fine10:41
xtronrburton, great !10:41
xtronrburton, bitbake command not found ??10:45
rburtonsounds like you forgot to run . oe-init-build-env10:45
xtronrburton, so I've to run this command again, I ran that before crash10:46
rburtonyou always need to run that to setup the environment variables like $PATH10:46
rburtonRP1: master and master-next have diverged, what one should i rebase onto?10:47
xtronrburton, <source oe-init-build-env> command, right?10:48
xtronactually this is my first yocto build10:48
rburton. is more portable than source, but yes10:48
sveinseWhat are the rules to what packages are accepted and included in meta-oe? I mean, if I find something (zbackup to be specific), is contributions welcome?10:49
xtronrburton, thanks, its resumed now10:51
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rburtonsveinse: yes.  in general if there's a better layer put it there, but meta-oe is the "everything else" layer10:52
RP1rburton: repushed -next10:52
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xtronsystem is being crash during yocto build, how can I find the reason?11:16
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-07IABM8DK- build #552 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-x86-lsb/builds/55211:38
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nayfei'm trying to use devtool deploy-target and it says "No files to deploy", recipe only do something like do_install(){ install -d -m 0777 ${D}${bindir}     install -m 0755 mybinary ${D}${bindir}/mybinary }       any reason ?11:50
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ericbhello, is there a way to disable update-alternatives postinst generation?11:53
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rburtonericb: don't use update-alternatives?  the postinst generation is kind of the point.13:25
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: [yocto-Jethro]Neet to compile <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47036314/yocto-jethroneet-to-compile>13:27
TurBoss[m]bluelightning: sorry was busy13:34
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TurBoss[m]where can I enable or isntall the ps command to be used during bitbake?13:35
rburtonTurBoss[m]:  a good question is why on earth does configure want ps as that is very odd.  what package is this?  add ps to HOSTTOOLS to get it in the sysroot.13:37
TurBoss[m]Is linuxcnc13:37
TurBoss[m]i'm building a recipe for it13:37
TurBoss[m]rburton: this goes on the recipe or the local conf?13:38
rburtonah see, i said check *why*13:39
rburtonlinuxcnc is officially really stupid btw13:40
rburtonit looks for a load of binaries13:40
rburtonyou'll need to figure out if each one of those is used at *build time* or embedded in a package for *runtime*13:40
TurBoss[m]I see13:41
rburtonif runtime then you'll need to tell it where the binaries will end up, by passing ac_cv_path_PS="${bindir}/ps" etc13:41
rburtonas where the binaries are on your build host may not (with hosttools, definitely will not match) where they are on the target13:42
rburtonif its failing here i foresee more cross-compilation problems, so good luck13:42
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-07IABM8DK- build #548 of nightly-deb-non-deb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-deb-non-deb/builds/54813:47
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_taw_in my siginfo: 'AUTOREV value is ${@bb.fetch2.get_autorev(d)}'14:11
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_taw_my _git.bb recipe is never rebuilt although the top SRCREV changed, probably since the siginfo stores AUTOREV as the script not the actual SRCREV value, how can I fix?14:12
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rburton_taw_: did you set SRCREV to ${AUTOREV}?14:14
_taw_https://pastebin.com/84FMh2GX -- I followed the mega manual14:15
_taw_I'm using yocto 2.0.2 this might be fixed with the latest version, if so I would propose to upgrade to the team14:16
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_taw_I want to use default_preference=-1 on devel feed that will follow master branch, but somehow the fetch task never triggers again. although master of the project changed. http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.2/mega-manual/mega-manual.html#var-DEFAULT_PREFERENCE14:19
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sveinseHow is wic able to populate the file system without being root? I understand how the mkfs is done and how the partitions is assembled, but I cannot seem to find how wic is able to mount the fs without using a loopback device and hence need root. Is this something pseudo emulates?14:25
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rburtonsveinse: from a quick look, it appears to copy the partition image (eg the .ext4) into the partition image and then expand it if required14:33
rburtonengine.py, write()14:33
rburtonthe mkfs is actually pre-wic14:34
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-07IABM8DK- build #554 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-x86-lsb/builds/55414:41
sveinserburton: Yes, It creates the filesystem in a unprivileged file using mkfs, and when everything is done it copies this file into the final partitioned image. But the middle part: how it mounts this file and populates the rootfs is the mystery I'm curious about14:42
rburtonwhy would it need to mount it?14:42
rburtoncreates a partition image on disk, copies bits from ext4 image into the right bit of the partition image14:43
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rburtonoh you mean the ext4 generation?14:43
sveinserburton: how else do you populate the extfs image with data?14:43
sveinserburton: yes14:43
rburtonwell that's nothing to do with wic :)14:43
rburtonsveinse: man mkfs.ext4, look up what -d does14:45
nayfei'm trying to create wakaama client recipe (LWM2M), without success https://pastebin.com/4YzB2uH1 if someone can help? DTLS option tries to build tinydtls submodule, and it fails with "configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs."14:50
sveinserburton: -d is neither documented or a recoginized option to mkfs.ext4 on my system. Aha, right, yocto is relying on newer mkfs.* host tools14:52
sveinsenow it makes sense, thanks14:52
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nayfewell i surrender, i'll remove dtls support for now :x15:53
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sveinseWhat is the linaro toolchain compared to the stock toolchain in yocto? Why does some platforms rely on it, such as the Intel FPGA SoC systems?16:20
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sveinsedoes pyro have any restrictions to minimal gcc version?17:11
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: List packages that were updated with the new poky version? <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47041467/list-packages-that-were-updated-with-the-new-poky-version>17:58
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rburtonsveinse: yes, we build our own e2fstools to ensure that we get -d (which originally was a patch we wrote, iirc)19:54
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sveinserburton: brilliant, thank you20:02
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sveinseI want to make my own distro (to avoid over-complex local.conf) and require poky.conf, how can I come around constructs like these: DISTRO_EXTRA_RDEPENDS += " ${POKY_DEFAULT_EXTRA_RDEPENDS}". First I want my own MYDISTRO_DEFAULT_EXTRA_RDEPENDS, secondly it is +='ed in poky.conf, so I cannot really come around that can I?20:05
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rburtonsveinse: don't require poky.conf, just copy/paste/edit as required20:06
rburtonalso pay attention to the number of lines in poky.conf which are just assigning the defaults anyway20:07
sveinserburton: ok, the require statements at the bottom of poky.conf, what significanse have they?20:09
bluelightningrburton: I hope we've reduced those to a minimum by now20:09
rburtonsveinse: world build excludes, disabling static libraries, turning on uninative20:10
sveinsewhat is uninative?20:11
rburtonsveinse: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/What%27s_New_In_2.120:11
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sveinseso generally speaking disabling static libs and turning on uninative is a good thing in a custom distro then?20:13
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rburtonyour choice!20:14
rburtondo you want static libs? poky decided no, as it saves build time.20:14
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rburtonuninative increases sstate reuse which is good when you've an autobuilder cluster with eight different distros20:15
rburton(as uninative makes them all the same)20:15
rburtonagain, good for poky.20:15
sveinserburton: yes, seems smart20:15
rburtonif you don't then its just overhead you don't need20:15
rburtonif you ever want to link statically then no-static-libs is obviously a bad idea20:16
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sveinserburton: I'm curious to that, does no-static-libs enforces that no package can ever link statically? Or is it just that it stops generating .a and .la for -dev pacakges?20:18
rburton.la are not static libs20:18
rburtonit does its best to stop packages building static libraries20:18
sveinseah, yes, sorry, its late20:19
rburtonnothing is forced and you can change it for specific recipes20:19
rburtonjust have a look at the inc, it's not magic :)20:19
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sveinseThe DISTRO_FEATURE multiarch, this is for the target system and not for the host? So it wouldn't make too much sense on an arm system?20:26
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Installing PHP Composer on Yocto/Arm Beaglebone <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47043987/installing-php-composer-on-yocto-arm-beaglebone>20:29
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sveinseI find something really interesting: I'm creating a distro which is among other is setting some PREFERRED_PROVIDER_xxx for a machine layer. The machine layer use ?= to set some default, and I'd like to the same from the distro, so I'd also use ?=. But that clashes, and the BSP default takes precendence. How do resolve these?23:08
sveinseWhat I need is some stronger assignment than ?=, like ??= is weaker.23:09
sveinse(granted that these weak, weaker, strong, stronger, tend to make thing extremely complicated)23:09
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