Friday, 2017-11-10

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RPhalstead: I wrote up my findings:
RPhalstead: great, thanks. What was the issue with debian?00:08
halsteadRP, None of the tpms are producing randomness on .io. The debian boxes were the only ones not to silently fail. I've installed haveged for now.00:10
halsteadI may need to change some bios settings. To rng-tools working like I'd prefer. These machines don't need high quality entropy though as far as I know.00:11
halsteadDo this should work.00:11
RPhalstead: we don't need "high quality" entropy, no, this is mainly for testing00:12
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RPhalstead: I did think rng-tools might have picked up rdrand as a source00:13
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halsteadIt didn't automatically. I need to read more.00:14
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RPhalstead: as far as I can tell the kernels should be using rdrand as a source too (and are configured to do that at least on fedora)00:26
halsteadRP, It does seem so. I'm a bit foggy today and missing some things. rng-tools is working on the non-debian machines but it still logs an error about the tpm.00:27
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bodanglyEXTRA_USERS_PARAMS - does this support the full range of usermod options?04:18
bodanglyie -L for disabling password login, -s for setting a shell (ie /usr/sbin/nologin'04:19
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to conditionally specify a variable in yocto .bb recipe <>07:34
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ranranDoes anyone know how to add servers to smart list ?07:58
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ranranIs there a difference between build and compile ?09:05
ranranin yocto terms09:05
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ranranbuild a package and install a package is the same ?09:19
LetoThe2ndcompile and build share some semantic meaning. i would say building includes compiling09:20
LetoThe2ndinstalling something is different09:20
ranranLet2The2nd, thanks that make sense09:21
ranranI somewhere read the following "you can't build a rootfs without packages.  You can't build a package until you install. You can't install until you compile. You can't compile until you configure.  You can't configure until you've patched.  You can't patch until you unpack.  You can't unpack until you fetch."09:21
ranranI don't understand " You can't build a package until you install" . Is that an error ?09:22
ranranbuild and compile is the same, so building the package is before installing it.09:22
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ranranI think it should be "You can't build rootfs until you install all packages". Right ?09:23
LetoThe2ndthats because the word "build" is used in at least 3 different meanings in the last two posts.09:24
LetoThe2nd1. building a rootfs is the process of constructing the filesystem layout, which uitlizes the prepared packages.09:25
LetoThe2nd2. building a package is creating a well-defined archive out of artifacts that come from some preliminary step09:25
LetoThe2nd3. building a recipe usually refers to compiling the source, but depending on the actual thing it might also have different implications09:26
LetoThe2ndhence, jsut don't use "build", but say exactly what you want09:26
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ranranLetoThe2nd, usually install a package is the process which create the archive ?09:37
LetoThe2ndranran: the do_install step is the first part of the package archive creation09:38
LetoThe2ndranran: do a bitbake -c listtasks for the recipe that you are interested in, then you see whats going on with some short descriptions09:39
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rburtonkanavin: have a look at ross/patchmaggeddon11:27
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T_UNIXam I right in understanding that bitbake does *not* support to specify required package versions besides the volatile conf/local.conf?11:55
T_UNIXor rather inappropriate (wrt to image releases) machine.conf?11:55
T_UNIXeven PREFERRED_VERSION_pn appears to be a recommendation only -.-11:57
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: systemd recipe for an exsiting executable <>12:04
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rburtonT_UNIX: RDEPENDS have version constraints, DEPENDS cannot (yet)12:09
T_UNIXrburton: so that would be RDEPENDS_myimage += "somepackage-someversion" ?12:10
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xtronI'm adding a yocto-layer and want to include my helloworld.c fill in the core-image, getting error of unable to locate the package, can anyone help?12:26
LetoThe2ndxtron: 1) did you add the layer? 2) how is the package called that should compile the .c file?12:30
LetoThe2ndxtron: IIRC there is the yocto-layer create command that asks if it should provide an example, which would be exactly that12:30
xtronLetoThe2nd: yup I added the layer using <yocto-layer create hello> command, but I change the file12:32
LetoThe2ndxtron: did you add the layer then to the conf/bblayers.conf of your build directory?12:33
xtronin hello*.bb file I remove all the default components, now I've 4 DESCRIPTION = "This is custom yocto image"12:33
xtron  5 LICENSE = "MIT"12:33
xtron  6 SECTION = "images"12:33
xtron  712:33
xtron  8 # Core files for basic console boot12:33
LetoThe2ndxtron: no need to paste it here.12:33
xtron  9 IMAGE_INSTALL = "packagegroup-core-boot"12:33
xtron 1012:33
xtron 11 # Add desired packages12:34
xtron 12 IMAGE_INSTALL += "psplash dropbear hello"12:34
xtron 1312:34
xtron 14 inherit core-image12:34
xtron 1512:34
LetoThe2ndxtron: *sigh* for things like that, use a pastebin.12:34
xtron 16 IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE ?= "8192"12:34
LetoThe2ndand try to answer my question, please.12:34
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: systemd yocto recipe for an existing executable <>12:34
xtronLetoThe2nd: yes I added layer in conf/bblayers.conf12:35
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LetoThe2ndxtron: then what does bitbake hello give you?12:35
xtronLetoThe2nd: this12:37
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LetoThe2ndxtron: please also pastebin the complete recipe file after your modification12:40
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LetoThe2ndxtron: this is certainly not the recipe hello_0.1.bb12:41
LetoThe2ndxtron: this is some image12:41
xtronLetoThe2nd: what it means?12:42
LetoThe2ndxtron: or did you remove the contents of and drop in that image stuff?12:42
LetoThe2ndxtron: that is a recipe that creates an image.12:42
LetoThe2ndxtron: its image install references a package called "hello"12:42
LetoThe2ndxtron: you somewhere, you gotta have a recipe that creates that package12:42
xtronLetoThe2nd: I want to make image for x86-6412:42
xtronLetoThe2nd: what is wrong, where I'm not getting the point12:43
xtronLetoThe2nd: all i want is the final image should have package "hello" which will print the string12:43
LetoThe2ndxtron: please remove that layer from your build and create a new one. with the yocto-layer too, and say y to the example, n to the bbappend12:44
xtronLetoThe2nd: main do_compile() is defined in bbappend12:44
LetoThe2ndxtron: no, thats totally wrong…12:45
LetoThe2ndxtron: you have to separate recipes that create images from recipes that create packages12:45
LetoThe2ndxtron: the example hello recipe is a recipe that creates a package. the package is called hello12:45
xtronLetoThe2nd: but i was following a youtube video and that guy did this, he is not getting this error12:45
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LetoThe2ndxtron: who says that he did adequately explain all steps?12:46
LetoThe2ndxtron: probably he just skipped something and now you are confused.12:47
open-nandrahi guys, we heavily use icecc when building yocto12:47
xtronLetoThe2nd: ok what is wrong, can you little explain12:47
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LetoThe2ndxtron: well i am trying to explain it all the time.12:47
open-nandrabut seems that after bump to krogoth we have random failures which we didn't see previously12:47
LetoThe2nd1) there are recipes that create packages12:47
LetoThe2nd2) there are recipes that create images.12:47
LetoThe2nd3) a recipe that creates an image references a package12:48
LetoThe2ndand thats 3(!) different things, but you mangled them into one recipe, and so it breaks.12:48
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LetoThe2ndxtron: so please, i already told you. create a new layer, start with a fresh hello recipe.12:48
xtronLetoThe2nd: but I inherit the core-image, which contain all the info for making image12:48
xtronLetoThe2nd: and in bbapend file I define the compile,12:49
LetoThe2ndit is still wrong.12:50
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #43 of nightly-musl-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
LetoThe2ndyou are mixing up the package creation from the append with the image creation in the recipe itself12:50
LetoThe2ndso unless you are not willing to actually try and understand what i am explaining, this becomes rather pointless, sorry.12:50
xtronLetoThe2nd: I have done the default stuff and it work but I now this tutorial told me to do this12:51
LetoThe2ndthen this tutorial is wrong, or you misunderstood it. fact.12:51
xtronLetoThe2nd: so what if a want to add hello package, just give me basic idea12:52
xtronLetoThe2nd: default layer added,12:52
xtronLetoThe2nd: do I need a bbapend file for package inclusion?12:52
LetoThe2ndonce you have the recipe for the hello package, create an imgae recipe. you can copy from poky/meta/recipes-core/images to your layer12:53
LetoThe2ndrename it maybe to hello-image12:53
LetoThe2ndand then in there, add hello to IMAGE_INSTALL12:53
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LetoThe2ndthats the point. one recipe provides the package, one recipe createsy the image.12:55
xtronLetoThe2nd: so that way I've two recipes in my recipes-example ?12:59
LetoThe2ndagain. one recipe provides the package, one recipe creates the image. one and one usually equals two12:59
xtronLetoThe2nd: is there anyway to reuse the core-image recipy already available?13:01
xtronLetoThe2nd: just inherit it ?13:01
LetoThe2ndyes. create an image recipe that inherits core-image13:02
xtronLetoThe2nd: one I shared with you is doing this, isn't ?13:02
LetoThe2ndyes. thats why i said it is an image recipe13:03
LetoThe2ndbut you can't just replace the package recipe with it.13:03
LetoThe2ndyou need both of them13:03
xtronLetoThe2nd: ok, thanks13:05
xtronLetoThe2nd: thanks for your time13:06
LetoThe2ndxtron: hint: stick to the yocto docs, and not to youtube videos. we don't have official ones (yet), and we don't recommend the other ones for a reason.13:07
xtronLetoThe2nd: yeah, I tried but .. it sucks :)13:10
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LetoThe2ndxtron: here, this is as simple as it gets for custom images:
uglyoldbobany tips for using devtool on the linux kernel, devtool fails complaining in the Unpacking step, complaining about not a git repository. bitbake works properly on the recipe13:16
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jdmssmkrHi, I'm trying to build a custom image and this image should include python3 but I'm getting lot's of errors like "consider defining a PREFERRED_PROVIDER entry to match python-distribute-native". Can't find much information and I'm quite stuck. Anybody with some clues/ideas?13:47
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #575 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cannot clone git repo (errno=Connection refused) - ping works <>14:05
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zero_notejdmssmkr: seems that you have multiple layers that provides python-distribute-native14:08
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zero_noteuglyoldbob: can you share the errors?14:08
kanavinrburton: that's really nice, but I am anxious about mass-refreshing patches like this14:10
kanavinrburton: there's no check that the refreshed patch does the right thing, and not just adds/removes code in an incorrect location14:11
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uglyoldbobzero_note: devtool modify -x linux-gumstix modlin gives "ExecutionError: Execution of 'git --git-dir="/tmp/devtoolGYHNbU/workdir/git" rev-parse HEAD' failed with exit code 128:14:12
uglyoldbobfatal: Not a git repository: '/tmp/devtoolGYHNbU/workdir/git'"14:12
LetoThe2ndis there more to IMAGE_TYPEDEP? i do have IMAGE_TYPEDEP_ubifs.swu="ubifs", but constructing the ubifs.swu fails because the ubifs file is not ready14:13
uglyoldbobzero_note: devtool modify linux-gumstix (place where i already retrieved source) works, but then bitbake linux-gumstix fails with "non-existend task do_shared_workdir"14:13
LetoThe2ndlisttasks give me do_image_ubifs and do_image_ubifs_swu, where upon direct invocation the former succeeds and the latter fails14:16
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #573 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages_1] Build details are at
LetoThe2ndah dang, DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE vs. IMGDEPLOYDIR bit me one more time!14:22
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #634 of nightly-arm is complete: Failure [failed Building Toolchain Images BuildImages_1 Building Toolchain Images_1 BuildImages_2] Build details are at
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JoiFnrossi: My u-boot doesn't seem to be using git/board/xilinx/zynq/board.c (i.e. bootmode isn't defined) .. Do you know/remember what determines that?14:44
JoiFnrossi: Sorry, "modeboot" is not defined in the environment.14:45
ranranDoes installing package in ${D}${libdir}  copy the output to package DESTDIR or to rootfs ?14:46
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #639 of nightly is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
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JoiFnrossi: Nevermind. I have it now.14:53
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uglyoldbobdoes devtool on the kernel normally cause problems with task do_shared_workdir ?15:17
kergothRP: is bitbake -R the best way to examine the configuration metadata of a multiconfig with -e?15:21
kergothhaven't done much with multiconfig yet15:22
ranranDoes installing package in ${D}${libdir}  copy the output to package DESTDIR or to rootfs ?15:23
kergothyes, do_package splits up the content of ${D} into individual packages using PACKAGES and FILES_<pkg>, then the tasks for each packaging method creates binary packages from that15:24
kergothand those packages are then installed into your images based on IMAGE_INSTALL15:24
kergothjust adding content to ${D} won't add it to your images alone, however15:24
ranranso, is it that the recipe for the image is the one who actually responsible for "collection" the destination packages into rootfs ?15:25
kergothyes, the image recipe controls what packages are installed, directly or indirectly through runtime dependnecies15:26
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ranrankergoth, thank you, now I got the ideas better.15:27
RPkergoth: probably, I guess I've not tried to do that before...15:27
kergothRP: k, np.15:27
kergothhave a variable using inline python not ending up with the expected value when i bitbake a recipe in the multiconfig, but the -e with -R shows the correct value, trying to diagnose15:28
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: VM VirtualBox Network troubles - cannot clone git repos or install nmap <>15:35
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rburtonany opinions on removing pcmciautils and hostap-utils from oe-core?  not sure when the last laptop with pcmcia was made but it was about the same time that the last prism2 802.11b wifi card was made...15:43
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otavio  /usr/share/i18n/charmaps/IBM922.gz15:50
otavioPlease set FILES such that these items are packaged. Alternatively if they are unneeded, avoid installing them or delete them within do_install.15:50
otavioglibc-locale: 828 installed and not shipped files. [installed-vs-shipped]15:50
otaviothis error is showing in master now15:50
otaviois it known?15:50
rburtonthats a new one15:50
rburtondoes it happen if you wipe tmp and try again?15:50
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otaviorburton: I am testing it again15:54
otaviorburton: I added x11 distro feature (which I don't have on this one)15:54
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ranranDoes anyone knows how to add mirrors in rpm ? My list is empty15:58
rburtonon target?15:59
ranranIs it supposed to be empty on first run ?15:59
rburtonif you set PACKAGE_FEED_URLS in local.conf or whatever to the url where you are hosting the feeds, then the rootfs generation will write the mirror lis15:59
rburtona better question would be: what do you want it set to?16:00
rburtonit can't know out of the box16:00
rburtonbitbake doesn't know that i'm running a httpd on port 8080 at /poky-master on a machine called flashheart to set the feed urls16:00
ranranRight. Is there a default list that I can use as a start ? I am not familliar with mirrors addresses16:00
rburton(well it does now that i set PACKAGE_FEED_URLS)16:00
rburtonno because its your responsibility to set it up16:00
rburtona basic http sharing deploy/rpm will work16:01
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ranrancan you give any example for such http ?16:01
ranranI just don't know how to search one.16:01
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ranranrburton, I also can't find any documentation for PACKAGE_FEED_URLS.16:08
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ranranmaybe it is named PACKAGE_FEED_URIS ?16:09
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fberghello guys, I'm new to u-boot. I've manged to run u-boot correctly on a raspberrypi316:17
fbergby the way as now I have only one partition (FAT32 LBA) with the u-boot files only16:17
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fbergI want to add a second partition on the sd with the kernel image and the rootfs16:18
fberghow can I instruct uboot on where to find the kernel.img file ?16:18
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otaviorburton: I reproduced it; in fact I did use DISTRO_FEATURES =  x11 pulseaudio sysvinit bluez5 gobject-introspection-data ldconfig16:25
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sr105How do I mask a kernel config fragment in an append recipe?17:08
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sr105I unset a network module which in turn, made a sub-configuration option disappear. The original recipe has that sub-configuration set which causes kernel_configcheck to show a warning.17:10
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ranranI am trying to understand where is ${d}17:10
ranranIt's not the same as rootfs , right ?17:11
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nerdboyokay, i cleaned up my crufty old config options17:20
nerdboymade a systemd image but it stops at  Started udev Coldplug all Devices.17:20
nerdboyusing the serial console but there's no systemd /etc/init dir for mt serial.conf17:21
nerdboys/mt/my/ even17:21
nerdboywhat's the "proper" way to add serial console init?17:22
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nerdboyhmm, looks like systemd-serialgetty is installed but not started17:31
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kdg__hello, am i (Yocto user) right here with my question regarding lower-case variable d in recipe?17:57
nerdboylooks like everything is there under /etc/systemd/system18:01
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kdg__alsa-lib recipe (meta/recipes-multimedia) uses ${datadir} var set FILES_alsa-conf var. I like to be informed how it resolves.18:08
kdg__datadir seems to be set in package_do_split_locales python function, it is done by doing d.getVar('datadir',True)18:09
kdg__${d} seems to be set in recipe_sanity_eh python function, it is done by doing Here the track breakes. Unfortunately devshell task is not functional if I want to use it for debugging.18:11
rburtonkdg__: ${datadir} is set in bitbake.conf18:11
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rburtond is a reference to the datastore, a instance18:11
rburtonin python functions inside the classes it is a global18:12
kdg__How to see to which value ${d} gets resolved while building alsa-lib?18:14
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ranranIs there a way to understand where ${D} folder in my system ? Can I see it with devshell ?18:15
nerdboywell, same kernel/u-boot works fine with debian stretch :/18:16
kdg__ranran: I do it in following way (please double check if proper one): bitbake -e <name of your package or image>  | grep -E '^D='18:17
ranrankdg__, thanks! I18:18
ranranl shall try it now18:18
kdg__raran: Actually in my opinion (please note I am Yocto newbie) should be visible in devshell. However my Yocto/Project does not show several well-known vars in devshell.18:18
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T_UNIXhm.. it seems that bitbake does not handle simultaneous access to the same repository well...18:35
sr105Is it possible to disable a kernel module like Ubuntu's module blacklist file18:35
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Guest47029How do I show all the packages generated from a recipe? Is there a "bitbake recipe-name -c listpkgs" ?18:58
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brianm_I have a file provided by one package, but it seems to be overridden by some other package19:26
brianm_How can I find that other package and make it stop?19:26
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rburtonGuest47029: oe-pkgdata-utils19:59
Guest47029rburton: ty!19:59
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sveinseIs the special patched mkfs.ext4 with the -d option properly tagged runtime, e.g. via. version number. I.e. can I test the version number to identify the -d function, or is this a special yocto-only feature which isn't reflected in the version number of it?21:33
sveinse(I'd wish this feature would be available in all versions of mkfs.ext4, not just for Yocto)21:35
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TurBossdoes any one knows when was python 2.7 support for boost was removed?21:51
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mads_Adding packages to "DEPENDS" does not include their headers/binaries to the recipie specific sysroot22:13
mads_yocto version pyro22:13
neverpanicIt should for headers and libraries, unless your dependency installs them in a nonstandard path22:14
neverpanicbinaries may be a different story, on the other hand22:14
mads_my recipe was compiling on morty with the unified sysroot. But now it fails due to the recipie specific sysroots.22:16
Crofton|workmads_, fix the missing DEPENDS22:19
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Crofton|workmads_, it shoudl22:20
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kergothyou can't run target binaries, but binaries from -native recipes will be in the native sysroot and the PATH22:23
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