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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #14 of eclipse-plugin-oxygen is complete: Failure [failed Building Eclipse Plugin] Build details are at
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: why u-boot source code remove while compiling? <>03:10
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #557 of nightly-musl is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1222 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1346 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Where is the linux sysroot placed? <>05:10
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Swig dependency error while building firmware with apparmor in openembedded <>06:41
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nayfeHi all, I'm having this issue "hostnamectl set-hostname XXX" Could not set property: Access denied // systemd-hostnamed[5140]: Failed to write static host name: Permission denied. Any idea? (hostname is correctly set)09:07
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Tamisnayfe: I guess that your recipe it is trying to set this at HOST machine. Which it shouldn't. That's hte access denied. But this is just a guess...09:12
nayfeTamis: sorry I dont get your message09:16
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Tamisnayfe: You are building a recipe right? I said that your recipe it might tries to execute the command (hostnamectl set-hostname) at the host machine. And thus you get a permission denied.09:30
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Tamisnayfe: If this is not the case. Then I cannot possibly know what is your problem.09:30
nayfeWith sysvinit, I overwritten to set machine hostname to something computed with macaddress. Now i'm migrating to systemd, so I'm trying to use this service ( to do same kind of thing, without success09:31
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zzerooAre rustaceans here? Need help
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LetoThe2ndjust giving the eclipse stuff another try, and it goes bitching: "configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables"09:56
LetoThe2ndany ideas on how do dig? plugin happily detected sdk and architecture, prfixes seem to be fine09:57
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LetoThe2ndnevermind, i b0rk3d my paths!10:16
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto pyro 2.3 depended package buil issue <>10:41
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Smit-TayI am experiencing a problem with building multiple images in one command.  When I do <bitbake image1 image2 image3> I get at least one package in image1.hddimg that shouldn't be there.  In fact if I build <bitbake image1> alone, it doesn't show up.  Where do I look to understand this issue ?11:45
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kanavinSmit-Tay: start with log.do_rootfs for both cases, and see how they differ12:22
kanavinit's probable the two other images build something that the first image pulls in if it's available, and doesn't if it's absent12:23
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Smit-Taylog.do_rootfs ??    Sorry, where do I find this, in OE-Core, or in the build directory somewhere ?12:34
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Smit-TayWhy would the build of an image add something that it doesn't need ?   Doesn't it know what is required, and what isn't, or does it just sweep up anything it finds in intermediate directories ? (That's damned sloppy)12:36
JoiFI've set up a M$-TFS build-agent on a Linux build-server. And now I'm configuring a Build Definition for automating our Yocto builds (our layers are in Git on TFS).12:36
JoiFI feel like a need a shower.   ..and perhaps cry a little...12:37
JoiFOr both.12:37
kanavinSmit-Tay: tmp/work/.../<image>/temp/log.do_rootgs12:38
kanavinSmit-Tay: packages may recommend other packages to be installed I think, rather than require them :)12:38
LetoThe2ndkanavin: actually more often than not, it is some "clever" custom script in the end that does such "interesting" things12:39
LetoThe2ndthats at least my impression12:39
Smit-TayYeah, that's what I'm worried about12:39
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: yocto pyro 2.3 depended package build issue <> || Yocto / Qt 5.6 - QSqlDatabase: QSQLITE driver not loaded <>12:42
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Smit-TayHere's one of the offending packages mentioned in log.do_rootfs.    <Breaking circular dependency on python-io for libssl1.0.0>12:43
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kanavinwhy would openssl library need a python library?12:48
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kanavinas far as oe-core master is concerned, openssl 1.0 does not require or even mention python12:49
kanavinprobably some third party layer madness?12:50
T_UNIXwhich task should be appended to add capabilities using libcap?12:50
T_UNIX`pkg_postinst_${PN}` ?12:50
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gunnarxsourceforge - what the hell...13:00
gunnarx is redirecting to - could someone else confirm?13:02
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kanavingunnarx: yes, why is that a problem?13:08
kanavin(sourceforge on the whole is annoying, and we should get rid of any downloads from it at least in oe-core though)13:08
gunnarxfrom what I can tell, poky, meta-oe and others have as the default URL for SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR, hence no tarball downloads work unless you have other mirrors.13:09
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gunnarxbut maybe I'm missing something?   I anyway tried to fetch a missing package from the only URL I knew which was downloads.sourceforge -- doesn't work13:10
kanavingunnarx: I just tried to fetch rng-tools, and it's working fine13:12
kanavinDEBUG: Fetching using command '/usr/bin/env wget -t 2 -T 30 -nv --passive-ftp --no-check-certificate -P /media/disk2/downloads-poky '''13:13
kanavinDEBUG: Fetcher accessed the network with the command /usr/bin/env wget -t 2 -T 30 -nv --passive-ftp --no-check-certificate -P /media/disk2/downloads-poky ''13:13
kanavinjust picked a random recipe in oe-core13:13
kanavinit does a single redirect to a mirror, and then downloads fine13:14
gunnarxLet me try again13:15
gunnarxYou're right, it works now.13:15
ramcqDebian runs a redirector specifically to hand out stable sf download URLs13:16
nayfeAnyone using myhostname from systemd ? i addend  PACKAGECONFIG_append = " myhostname" , my nsswitch.conf contains myhostname module, but when i ping $(hostname) it does not resolve it13:17
gunnarxramcq, that's useful, and not surprising13:17
gunnarxNot too long ago *all* the mirrors seemed to be taken down at the same time13:17
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ramcqsourceforge is kwalitee13:18
gunnarxthanks anyway kanavin - back to what I was working on (improving local mirrors, coincidentally ;)13:19
kanavingunnarx: cheers13:19
gunnarxMaybe yocto/oe should consider the Debian URL...13:19
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kanavingunnarx: we already do in many cases13:51
Son_Gokuramcq: the redirector is unnecessary13:58 already provides one in their system13:59
Son_Gokuramcq: c.f.:
Son_Gokuah, I see you tried that and it didn't work periodically...14:01
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nayfeargh, PACKAGES_DYNAMIC stuff ... need to add libnss-myhostname splitted package ...14:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how build the squidguard recipe in open embedded core <>14:12
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ranranWhen install debian I have apt-get/yum from internet , but in yocto, this capabilities do not function (only from server). Any idea why ?14:23
rburtonranran: you can't install packages from debian on a  yocto system that is using dpkg14:28
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ranranrburton, I mean that even if I configure yocto with apt-get or yum, I don't have internet server for the runtime packages (imx6) , only if I create my own server14:34
rburtonof course14:35
rburtonas we discussed last week, bitbake doesn't start a web server14:35
ranranbut in debian I do have internet package manager server14:35
rburtonerm, no14:35
rburtonif you build packages on debian you don't magically get a web service sharing them14:35
rburtonthere *is* a public feed of packages as that's basically what the point of debian is14:36
rburtonif you want a server sharing the packages then start one14:36
rburtoninstalling and configurating say lighttpd takes about a minute14:36
ranranyes, I mean, if I install debian on imx6 I have public feed. But in yocto image, there is non.14:37
kanavinranran: yocto is not a distribution, but a toolkit to create one. you create your own distribution when you build an image, and so you are responsible for making a package feed as well.14:38
ranranOK, I understand. I hoped I missed something.... Thanks14:38
kanavinranran: you simply can't have 'public feed' in yocto, as everyone has different settings which produce different packages14:38
ranranOK, I got it,,,14:38
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ranrankanavin, Thanks14:39
nayferanran: btw it is not that difficult to setup a public server :)14:40
nollanIm new to yocto, and am looking for the yocto-bsp script, but cant find it? Do I need a meta-intel bsp for that script? (am building for freescale, so I have meta-freescale atm)14:46
nollan(i.e is it just avail for meta-intel?)14:47
nayfenollan> indeed, did you follow ?14:51
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nollannayfe: thanks for that link. Still a bit overwhelmed over the amount of info to process for a successful build.14:53
nayfenollan: yep yocto has nice learning curve :)14:54
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nollannayfe: so that link you provided is the way to go for freescale?14:54
nollanI need another layer as well for my changes (call it app-layer)14:55
nollanI guess Im asking how to make another layer on top of freescale bsp14:55
nollanaccording to practice14:55
nayfenollan: freescale has two paths, officiel releases and community releases, but both are linked as freescale includes community contributions into there releases from time to time14:56
nollannayfe: ok, i see, so the meta-freescale is the official, but prolly has limited hw support?14:56
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nayfenollan> nop it's community :)14:57
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nayfenollan: do you know about google repo tool for git ?14:58
nayfenollan: so here you have minimal layers for freescale
nayfeyou have to adapt it to add your custom layers14:58
nollanOk, so no yocto-bsp then :/14:59
nollannayfe: thanks tho. now I know where to look at least :)14:59
nayfenp :)15:00
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lukeerHi there! I'm trying to get a serial keyboard to work on an embedded PC running yocto. For that, I believe that I need the program "inputattach" from the package "linuxconsole". Am I right, that I need a recipie that contains linuxconsole? Which one?15:18
lukeerDo I need a layer that contains the recipie? Which one?15:19
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kergothlukeer: just search the layer index15:26
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nayfe<lukeer> ain't a native stuff to have serial keyboard support ? with MACHINE_FEATURES keyboard and serial ?15:38
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lukeerThe search seems to work on layer names and layer descriptions. I have no idea how to search for a layer that contains a given program or package.15:39
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lukeerBut, in the branch "OE-Classic", there is a recipe "linux-input". Its recipe file "" contains a line "install evtest inputattach jstest jscal fftest ${D}${sbindir}"15:43
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kanavinlukeer: that is years out of date15:44
LetoThe2ndlukeer: OE-classic is so absolutely outdated that you should never look at it unless you *EXACTLY* know what it means15:44
lukeerIs there a command "install" in current poky? Or has it passed way with OE-Classic?15:44
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LetoThe2nda command "install"?15:45
lukeerpassed away, I meant.15:45
LetoThe2ndwhat would that do?15:45
lukeerInstall the given programs, I hope.15:45
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nayfelukeer install is existing in poky15:45
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nayfeinstall -d -m ... etc15:46
LetoThe2ndlukeer: are we talking about runtime package management, or are we talking about the "install"-helper tool that programs use to set owners and rights?15:46
lukeerSo, I could "install inputattach a-path-I-guess" like the ancient oe-classic script did?15:47
nayfelukeer: i think solution here could be based on uinput and some udev rules15:47
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lukeerI have never heard of both u* things.15:47
kanavinlukeer: if all fails, just write your own recipe :)15:47
kanavinit is not hard, and a useful experience15:48
nayfelukeer: you can copy/paste folder into custom layer and include it in your image if you want to use inputattach15:48
lukeerI'm trying to use a linux driver "sunkbd". inputattach knows that keyboard. It has a command-line switch for it.15:48
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kanavinnayfe: that recipe is over 11 years old. I would not give such advice to a newbie :)15:50
lukeerThank you. What advice would you give a newbie that needs the keyboardattach program?15:53
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nayfekanavin indeed15:53
lukeernayfe: Is there a documentation for building a custom recipe?15:53
lukeerkanavin: Sorry.15:54
kanavinlukeer: I think your best course of action is to take the latest tarball from here and write a recipe for it15:54
kanavinlukeer: yes; the yocto manual15:54
nayfelukeer: you can read
nayfelukeer: depending on your  machine there are some good e-books :)15:55
nayfelukeer: you can check youtube for ELC ELCE courses too15:55
nayfevery instructive15:55
zero_notehi guys, is this still valid for yocto-morty ?15:56
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lukeerI have something to read. Thank you guys for now.15:57
kanavinzero_note: you need to try and see, no?15:58
nayfeWhen dnsmasq and systemd-resolved are installed, dnsmasq fails to start cause it looks at /etc/resolv.conf which is not created yet by systemd-resolved. I'm new to systemd, so don't know if it is a valid conf., but if it is valid, maybe we need to add After=systemd-resolved.service in dnsmasq.service ?16:01
kanavinnayfe: I vaguely remember we had a patch and a bug for something like this16:01
kanavinnayfe: if you could do a little search on oe-core archives?16:02
zero_notekanavin: of course :) , but prior to rebuild an entire sdk, which, you know is a task that need lot of time especially on a mid-power machine like mine, it could be useful to know if that link is still valid OR other there are updated infos about16:02
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kanavinnayfe: but if dnsmasq.service is coming from upstream, and doesn't have this, then maybe you should raise it with upstream first?16:03
kanavinnayfe: surely it's not just yocto's problem16:03
kanavinzero_note: sorry, I forget sometimes that not everyone has 44 cores :)16:03
kanavinzero_note: your chances are probably better if you shoot the question where meta-qt5 people hang out16:04
zero_notekanavin: np! you lucky with your 44 cores! :)16:04
kanavinzero_note: guess who is my employer ;)16:05
nayfekanavin: that one ?
LetoThe2ndkanavin: its not the cores, its the ram. (/me eyes the build stuck on perl, another time again)16:05
kanavinLetoThe2nd: that's why I have 64 gigs of it16:06
kanavinif for some twisted reason, llvm and qt5 start building at the same time, then it's the only way to avoid crawling to complete stop16:06
zero_notekanavin: lol, my 8 cores and 16gb are nothing in compare :D16:06
kanavin(llvm, qt5, or webkit)16:07
LetoThe2ndkanavin: /me mentally nails it with 128G EXX :-)16:07
kanavinzero_note: fortunately lesser cores == less ram used16:07
kanavinzero_note: so don't increase the cores before you add ram, or you'll run out of it in masisvely parallel c++ builds16:08
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kanavinnayfe: yes, but I think there was something more recent on the same subject... memory is fuzzy16:09
kanavincan't keep an entire archive of mail in my head16:09
kanavinLetoThe2nd: I've yet to exhaust 64 gigs though, how can you do it?16:10
zero_notekanavin: yeah I know...we have a more powerful machine with a 24cores intel xeon and 32gb, but I can't (to be honest I don't want to) use it for "debugging" purposes16:10
kanavin32 gigs are easily saturated16:10
LetoThe2ndkanavin: two builds with lots of caching, something like that.16:11
LetoThe2ndkanavin: but actually, i just don't care. it was just a classic trolling "more is more" statement16:11
kanavinzero_note: when working with yocto, any developer should have a machine like that - doing massive rebuilds is simply a fact of life16:11
kanavinLetoThe2nd: I do, like I said 32 gigs are exhausted by webkit, and if llvm is there as well then mercy me16:12
*** Wi||y-- is now known as Willy--16:12
zero_notekanavin: and you're right! fun fact: one of our customers in the first days of the project has provide me a 2core+2thread 8gb laptop for the yocto builds saying "that's all you'll have to use"16:14
zero_notekanavin: provided*16:15
kanavinzero_note: then you could tell the customer right then: 'your project will never ship'16:16
* LetoThe2nd advises to pick customers wisely16:16
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zero_notekanavin: lol I wish I could :D16:17
majukzero_note: Get them to spring for an AWS EC2 instance.16:19
majukGet all the horsepower you want, ezpz16:20
zero_notemajuk: actually their IT department is a complete disaster...just to say that they're stuck with a really old virtualization system called "oracle virtual machine", unmantained and full of bugs16:25
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zarzar1is there a command i can run on the yocto image  like "dpkg-query -l" that will tell me what is installed in the yocto linux image?17:57
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rburtonzarzar1: inside the image?  dpkg or rpm or opkg, depending on what package manager you picked (assuming you have package-management in IMAGE_FEATURES, otherwise the tools are removed)18:57
zarzar1ok i guess there is no package management18:57
nayfecat deploy/images/xxx/<image>.manifest ?18:58
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zarzar1nayfe: looks like there is no manifest file19:40
zarzar1but thanks for the suggestio19:40
nayfe<zarzar1> btw i read after that you were looking for command in running image, and not bitbake environment19:41
zarzar1ok np19:41
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: mtd-utils error during yocto build <>22:13
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* paulg wonders at what point the yocti bot got a stackoverflow plugin23:34
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armpit2blame Crofton23:44
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