Wednesday, 2017-11-29

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xtronHi all, I'm trying to fetch a git repo and compiling it using cmake, but getting error of "bad RPATH", by doing < do_package_qa[noexec] = "1" > provides a work around but not a proper fix. anybody have idea what can be wrong?06:24
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-xtron- USERINFO i'm good06:59
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mckoangood morning08:05
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to enable systemd in x11 in yocto <>08:17
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nayfemckoan: good morning08:21
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aurelehi everyone09:27
aureleI have a problem with the postinstall scripts, with a package, the scripts are not present in the rpm package, and they are not launched in the do_rootfs09:29
aurelehow can I debug this?09:29
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aureleI can see the postinstall script in the pkgdata/runtime/"pkgname"09:31
aurelebut now I don't know where I can continue to debug this problem09:31
aureleIf anyone can help me...09:31
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aurelethis is not my first package, I tried to set the pkg_postinst_${PN} but still nothing in the RPM (I'm trying to install a service file... and it is not activated during install)09:33
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nayfeaurele: systemd service ?09:45
aurelenayfe, yes systemd service09:46
aureleI have a lead, maybe it is because of the package name09:46
aureleI have 1 upper case in the package name09:47
nayfeaurele: you don't need postinstall to install systemd service, you can use SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} = "XXX.service" is it a custom stuff ?09:47
aurelenayfe, I noticed the service doesn't install correctly then after investigation the postinstall script are not used in the package09:48
nayfedo you inherit systemd ?09:49
aurelenayfe, then if I fix the postinstall script missing, my service will be activated09:49
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aurelenayfe, yes09:49
nayfeaurele: maybe pastbin your recipe?09:51
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aurelenayfe,  the content of the file "pkgdata/runtime/onvifCpp"
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nayfeaurele: what's the name of your recipe ? onvifdiscovery ? maybe you need to RDEPENDS castel service ?10:05
aurelethe name of the package is onvifCpp10:06
aurelenayfe, I removed the upper case letter and everything is ok...10:08
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nayfeaurele: good to hear10:09
aurelenayfe, Is it written somewhere that packages name should be lowercase?10:12
nayfeaurele: it says "use lower-case"10:13
aurelenayfe, thanks for pointing this.. I will have to fix some packages name10:13
nayfeaurele: didn't know about too, just grepping lower in manual :)10:17
aurelenayfe, I would have search after fixing this recipe10:18
aurelenayfe, thanks a lot for your help10:18
nayfeentre concurrents on peut bien s'aider :)10:20
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fl0v0Hi! I'm in the process of migrating from 'fido' to 'rocko' at the moment and I'am now faced with the problem that i can't build a gpl-3.0 free build anymore.10:56
fl0v0the problem is that some packages require 'cpp-symlinks' which is a package that is provided by the gcc recipe (which is gpl-3.0).10:56
fl0v0I found out that in 'fido' there are some packages whitelisted in the which is no longer the case in 'rocko'.10:56
fl0v0Has the way changed how to achieve a gpl-3.0 free build? I couldn't find anything about it in the migration instructions except for the gplv2-layer that i have included.10:56
T_UNIXis it known that rocko fails to build due to 'Deprecated variable(s) found: "IMAGE_DEPENDS_wic"' in various recipes?  poky/meta/recipes-core/images/ poky/meta/recipes-core/ovmf/ovmf-shell-image.bb11:01
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rburtonaurele: uppercase letters are not allowed (older releases may not sanity check this enough)11:14
rburton(overrides are lowercase, so you can't have a _${PN} where PN containers uppercase)11:14
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aurelerburton, can you give me an example of override? you talk about writing PN="pkgname" in the recipe?11:37
rburtonsee the docs, but an overide is when you do pkg_postinst_${PN}.  the PN bit is the override11:37
rburtonthe variable is pkg_postinst, but its specific to PN11:38
rburtondistinct from pkg_postinst_${PN}-dev, where the override is ${PN}-dev11:38
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aurelerburton, ok I understand now thanks for the tip11:42
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wouterstreamitI am trying to use a custom configuration for poky/meta/recipes-connectivity/openssh. To do this I am using a bbappend with FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:" and my own sshd_config in the openssh folder, but it is still using the original one, why?12:48
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nayfewouterstreamit: is your bbappend path is correct and sshd_config?12:55
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wouterstreamitYes. After inspecting with bitbake -e openssh I found that in the expansion of FILESPATH the original file was included before mine (probably because the ${PN} folder in the original bb directory is included in FILESPATH before FILESEXTRAPATH is added). As I only needed one small change I have solved it in a better way now using a sed -i command in a do_install_append function13:02
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wouterstreamitI would still like to learn how to work around the original problem though as I'd expect overriding a file included with file:// in the original recipe with one of your own should be a lot easier13:07
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto/OpenEmbedded Recipe Including library paths from host <>13:48
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kanavinhahaha "I have the luxury of dealing with the endless error and warning paradise that is OpenEmbedded. "13:54
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kanavin(from the above stackoverflow)13:54
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Crofton|workclearly we need to comment on his indentation13:57
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kanavinthe poor chap is trying to build something which has bare makefiles14:03
nayfecrofton: i love stackoverflow, i give a hint to look at already made recipe here and my answer get deleted because it's only a link :p14:03
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Crofton|workyeah, they have rulez14:07
kanavinI'm reluctant to start answering things on SO, because it could be a horrible time sink14:07
Crofton|workI find it interesting seeing what crazy shit people do14:08
Crofton|workat least skim14:08
Crofton|workI ddi find one of anders answers and use it to help a customer14:08
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Crofton|workso it has value when we feed it properly14:08
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kanavinCrofton|work: this one however is just fixing someone's mutiply-broken recipe14:10
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Crofton|workSo things we can do is down vote the original question14:11
Crofton|workor try to explain why the recipe is downvoted14:12
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Crofton|workreally need someone who understands the stack overflow process to help us shape it14:12
Crofton|workbut at least we are learning what is posted there14:12
nayfeI'd suggest the bot to auto reply a comment to join #yocto :)14:14
Crofton|worknot sure we want that either14:15
kanavinor even 'worse': join the yocto mailing list14:16
kanavinwill be flooded with n00bz14:16
sveinsekanavin: but that has its flipside: One assurance to the survival of communities like this is, well, recrutement by n00bz. I'm working on another project which does not have a large community and that is even harder to work on than a community (such as rasberry pi) overwhelming with noise (i.e. no00bs)14:19
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kanavinsveinse: I'm well aware, I actually do think that the best response to the above question is to invite the person to the yocto ML14:23
kanavinwhere his recipe and the upstream project can be better dissected14:23
sveinseyes, I don't disagree to that14:24
kanavinin other cases, it's possible to answer directly, if the question/answer is common and useful to many14:24
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sveinseFrom my two years with Yocto, I've learned that even thou the ruleset for the bitbake recipe language is pretty easy, getting all the tricks and rules of how oe builds an image is a long and steep learning process.14:26
sveinseI have colleagues (and myself) who have been utterly frustrated with Yocto at times. Perhaps this stackoverflow post is just that: venting of built up frustration. -- Though vile is usually not the best way to get help thou14:28
kanavinsveinse: yeah, people keep saying that yocto is too complicated, but to me that's about as meaningful as saying that 'linux kernel is too complicated'14:28
kanavinsveinse: there's also buildroot, you know :) if it suits someone's goals, then that's just fine!14:29
kanavinwe need competition :)14:29
sveinsekanavin: yes, competition is good.14:30
sveinseAnd I hope this community is open for hearing pain points and user stories as well14:30
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sveinseWe're using Yocto to build the linux system on a commercial product (where the customer does not interact with Linux other than via the GUI) and we're not going back14:33
kanavinsveinse: I find it hilarious that uses the word 'easy' at least 10 times on the front page :) clearly they're trying hard not to mention YP :)14:34
sveinseJust upgraded from krogoth to pyro to now very soon rocko, and for the first time ever, these migration has been utterly smooth14:34
kanavinactually, exactly five times, but still - major selling point14:35
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LetoThe2ndif it fits your use case. BR is fine (just like ptxdist, or whatever comparable)14:36
LetoThe2ndwe switched from ptxdist to OE in the last couple of years, and there's certainly no going back for us too.14:36
rburtoni bought a iot camera thing this week, openwrt based14:37
sveinseI've been using a lot of buildsystems across the years. One of the most innovative details of OE is the sstate scheme.14:37
rburtonturns out on first boot you can telnet in as root without a password14:37
LetoThe2ndrburton: ip plz14:38
rburtoni've since discovered its first boot only as i moved the power socket and can't telnet in anymore, which is a shame14:38
sveinseperhaps that safe, rburton. Haven't telnet become exotic these days?14:38
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sveinseI wish yocto would have a unified configuration management system on top of oe. I know it is deliberately not included in the project, but the consequence of it is that when you're moving from BSP to BSP or system to system, the vendor's scheme for CM changes wildly14:44
sveinseWe've ended up with a separate build system on top of yocto to handle these variations14:45
kanavinsveinse: it's not that it's deliberate, it's that there's only 24 hours a day14:46
sveinsekanavin: yup, granted14:46
kanavinsveinse: if you polish, publish, and commit to taking care of your solution, then we'll be happy to take it14:46
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sveinsekanavin: yeah, maybe I should. An oppertunity to perhaps help shape this. Let me wing this to my managers14:48
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How can I build Yocto image to using build script? <>14:48
nayfemaybe pick one vendor solution with its permission is easier ?14:49
sveinseooi, what do you use to collect/manage the layer repos? google's repo?14:50
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nayfesveinse: i'm using freescale env. with google repo (don't know if question was for me)14:52
kanavinokay, this last one is best solved with a yocto ml invite too - my best guess is he's trying to write a recipe around some cmake-based upstream project and is having trouble doing that14:53
kanavinthere's no detail there, or even a question14:53
nayfe"it's too complicate" hum ...14:53
sveinsenayfe: thanks (no it wasn't) -- We're also using freescale in the base system14:54
kanavinnayfe: I'm fine with bad grammar if the person is willing to be an active partner in finding a solution, which in this case doesn't quite look like that14:56
*** nathani_ <nathani_!> has joined #yocto14:57
nayfekanavin: same :) i can't comment yet on SO i'll not risk to answer and get a minus14:58
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nayfewell let's try15:05
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Crofton|workyou need to build reputation on stack overflow to be useful :)15:08
nayfeCrofton|work> trying hard but it seems i'm bad company15:09
LetoThe2ndnayfe: cue
sveinseWhen was the multiple configuration support added to yocto?15:10
sveinserocko or pyro?15:10
andycooperearlier. we're using it on morty15:10
sveinseok, thanks15:11
Crofton|workno porblem takes time and patience15:12
nayfe<LetoThe2nd: i had this in mind :)15:13
LetoThe2ndnayfe: ++15:14
LetoThe2ndnayfe: albeit 5FDP being a bit too depressing for me, i particularly like jekyll and hyde :-)15:15
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #856 of nightly-arm64 is complete: Failure [failed Building Toolchain Images Running SDK Sanity Tests Building Toolchain Images_1 BuildImages_1 Running ESDK Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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sveinsewow, bitbake --parse-only when using multiconfig is *extremely* slow. Like 15 minutes or so for 3 configurations15:55
andycooperI've also found multiconfig to be extremely slow to parse and initialize tasks. it seems to take more than n times longer than non-multiconfig but I haven't timed it to confirm15:59
kergothsveinse: yikes16:00
kergothram usage issue? pushing into swap due to the memory usage of the parsing threads?16:00
* kergoth shrugs16:00
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4001:9ea0:d548:d1b6:641d:9c1c> has joined #yocto16:02
sveinsekergoth: no, doesn't look like it. I have plenty phy ram left16:03
sveinsekergoth: now it is stuck at parsing recipes: 0%. One Cooker process eating 100% CPU. The rest is idle16:03
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sveinseAt this point, I'm not really sure it saves times to use multiconfig vs running bitbake three times with different MACHINE settings. I have to benchmark it16:09
sveinseThe beauty of multiconfig is that you get one progress to relate to, not three in a row16:10
kergothagreed, i think the main advantage is being able to store the multiconfigs in source control in a declarative fashion rather than hacking on a shell script, for your automated builds16:10
kergoththat's a fair point16:10
sveinsekergoth: are you the maintainer for the multiconfig?16:13
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has quit IRC16:13
kergothnope. one of the folks with bitbake expertise, but only just starting to poke at multiconfig recently16:13
kergothRP is the maintainer of it16:13
rburtonandycooper, sveinse: definitely worth filing a bug if you can make a minimal reproducer against oe-core. probably a bad algorithm doing far too much work.16:15
*** toscalix <toscalix!~toscalix@> has joined #yocto16:15
sveinserburton: yes, I'll see if I can boil this down16:16
*** dave0x6d <dave0x6d!uid190567@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto16:16
sveinseWhat is good generic MACHINE to use that does not rely on specific BSP or hardware?16:16
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: aarch64-poky-linux-gcc: error: : No such file or directory <>16:19
rburtonsveinse: qemu*?16:19
sveinserburton: ok, thanks. I'll try to use them for my example16:19
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zero_notehi guys, following I've added (above others) qtwebengine-plugins to my sdk (I'm on morty) and all goes fine. After a while I move to another machine with the same yocto configuration, pulled my layer (upstream commits consist mainly of the qtwebengine stuff added to the sdk), and rebuild the sdk. Surprisingly16:26
zero_notethe do_populate_sdk task failed complaining about the missing qtwebengine-plugins package16:26
zero_noteusing oe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs | grep qtwebengine16:27
zero_notein the machine where the populate_sdk task failed, the qtwebengine-plugins is missed from grepped list16:29
RPsveinse: parsing shouldn't hang like that :(16:30
RPsveinse: multiconfig has pros and cons. I'm pleased we have it but I think it highlights there are some performance issues we need to look at if we want to scale builds like that16:30
sveinseRP: Yeah, I'll see if I can look into and see what I can help with16:31
zero_notewhile on the other machine it was not. Using devshell on qtwebengine package, I see that on the machine where the task failed the package-split/qtwebengine-plugins directory is empty. Any clues about that? thanks in advance16:32
*** gtristan <gtristan!~tristanva@> has joined #yocto16:32
rburtonarmpit: your glibc CVE patches don't apply to khem's glibc upgrade (see ross/mut2), can you see if they've been upstreamed and/or rebase?16:33
armpitrburton, I suspected that might happen. the fun part is going to ID what glib version.. Master and Rocko are on the same version but different source bases16:35
armpitcan we bump the PR for the master version?16:36
armpit.1 or something. its going to confuse folks16:36
armpituntil 2.27 is adopted16:37
armpitdo you recall if the hash is part of the PV ?16:38
armpitrburton, if I recall the commits are after the point Khem is referencing.16:40
*** top22 <top22!540ed2b2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:40
rburtonok.  they don't apply to the source then16:40
rburtonpatching file posix/glob.c16:40
rburtonHunk #1 FAILED at 843.16:40
armpitI will have to respin against mut2.16:41
rburtonjust pushed a minor update to it16:41
top22Hello, I'm using the morty version of yocto and I'm trying to build an image for an x64 hardware on a x64 host (I'm using archlinux on the host computer). The build fails when installing glibc. Do you have any idea what could be wrong ?16:41
rburtonarmpit: trying to consolidate all the toolchain changes so they all land at once16:41
top22It says something about registers not being defined (sorry, I don't have the logs right now)16:42
rburtontop22: its probaby that the fooflip has dangled on the left flangee.  seriously, logs are essential.16:42
rburtonentirely possible that the problem is your arch has a compiler too new to build glibc from morty16:42
rburtonyou can try using our buildtools tarball to use a supported compiler instead of your host16:43
top22rburton: :D I will provide the logs as soon as I get them, probably tomorrow; thanks for the hints, I will try them16:44
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armpitrburton, how soon where you trying to do that?16:47
* armpit is seeking away from work to eat German food and beer16:48
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rburtonarmpit: not right now, maybe monday?16:51
armpitk. that gives me time.16:52
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seebssome nice people just sent me a proposed patch for the sticky bit getting lost, it looks reasonable to me. I'm still pondering whether there's a way to make it better, but I don't immediately see one. They'll likely send it to oe-core.17:34
seebs(And I *still* don't have a clear ETA on "some free time to merge changes and fix a couple of things".)17:35
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #1255 of nightly-x86 is complete: Failure [failed Building Toolchain Images Running SDK Sanity Tests Building Toolchain Images_1 Running SDK Sanity Tests_1 BuildImages_2 Running ESDK Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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Guest51new to yocto. building a lib. do_compile worked. i can see all the files compiled. but i'm having issues with do_install. the error i'm getting is QA: Issue: -dev package contains non-symlink .so: mylib-dev path: <some path>/ Did a lot of searching online but didn't find an answer. What is the problem? (obviously it is the .so file). How do I fix it?17:44
*** Guest51 is now known as flashburn17:44
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flashburnnew to yocto. trying to build a library, but running into issues. getting an error, -dev package contains non-symlink .so: mylib-dev path: <some path>/ searched online but didn't find an answer on how to fix it. can someone help me out?18:12
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kergothflashburn: you aren't setting the SONAME correctly to version the library. the convention is which is symlinked to (which is its soname), andt here's a symlink used to link when developing. which is why ends up in the -dev package.18:26
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flashburnkergoth: thanks for the reply. given that i have never done this before, i feel like i'm missing a big chunk of information. when my library was built (i used a makefile that was given to me), I got the following output: (actual file), -> (link to the library) and -> (another link). I'm not quite sure what value to use for SONAME. would you mind helping out?18:38
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto18:41
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kergothif you're getting that error indicating the .so isn't a symlink, then clearly it's not a symlink. if it was after the make, but isn't after the make install, then you'll need to fix the makefile to install them properly without resolving the symlink18:47
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Upgrade to yocto 2.4 vmdk is no longer a image type <>18:49
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flashburnkergoth: I see. thanks.18:51
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flashburnnew to yocto. reading through, about libdir. confused if it is a variable since is it used as ${libdir} or it is a name of a check used by QA. can someone help me out?19:17
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kanavinflashburn: you can perhaps clear up the confusion by reading insane.bbclass itself?19:26
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kergothflashburn: the answer is yes.19:36
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flashburnkergoth: do you mean it is both, a check and a variable?19:49
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khemarmpit: ping?20:24
khemare you using master-next for aggregating patches or something else for meta-openembedded20:24
khemarmpit: usually, I test mastet-next which Martin was using for aggregation20:25
khemand will run bunch of builds myself20:25
khemits fine if you are using some other repo or branch I just need to know20:26
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Unique ID of embedded system running Yocto <>21:20
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nayfeseriously yocti, i need better questions! :D21:23
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batman_What would be a use case for the publish option when extracting the esdk?21:47
bluelightningbatman_: on the command line? it's internal, it's used by the oe-publish-sdk script which sets up the files for the server side for updating from the client21:49
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batman_bluelightning: yes, on the command line. I see that running the esdk script with -p will not do a bitbake build and produce tmp directory. If I look at the env setup script, $CC is set to gcc inside tmp directory.21:53
batman_So I am not getting why we have a publish option and when should I use it?21:54
peacememorieshmm, i'm trying to use the samba recipe in meta-networking, and for some reason the autostart configuration isn't created (using sysv)21:57
peacememoriesthe recipe inherits update-rc.d and sets the initscript_name and initscript_params, but when i start the created image no links to are in any rc*.d folder21:57
bluelightningbatman_: you would not use that option directly, the oe-publish-sdk script uses it so that it can get just the files in the archive extracted which is what is needed for update purposes21:58
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batman_bluelightning: Ah! ok. thanks!22:02
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Guest51getting the error: on-symlink .so: mylib-dev path: <some path>/package-split/mylib-dev/usr/lib/ Original suggestion was to fix the Makefile that generates the library to point to have correct SONAME. It was done and I verified it. Unfortunately the problem still persists. Did more digging and found out that it is happening during a do_package task. did more googling but didn't find out how to fix the problem. PS. I'm still learning22:19
Guest51 Yocto.22:19
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sum1I'm running into an issue of a native dependency not being accessible to other recipes, how do I go about troubleshooting?23:38
sum1this is in reference to protobuf recipe that has protobuf-compiler as a seperated package23:39
sum1i've tried adding "protobuf", "protobuf-compiler", "protobuf-native", "protobuf-compiler-native" to DEPENDS in the recipe that is attempting to use 'protoc' but it keeps stating command not found23:40
kergothif it needs to *run* a binary, then you have to depend on the -native recipe that builds that binary23:42
sum1I have checked the build artifact directory for protobuf and i can see protoc in image/usr/bin and package/usr/bin and packages-split/protobuf-compiler/usr/bin23:42
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sum1from reading the mega-manual i thought I should be seeing a '" in addition to '"23:45
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neverpanicsum1: You'll have to differentiate recipe and package namespace. For example, protobuf-compiler is a package generated by the protobuf recipe. Packages will never show up in DEPENDS, only recipes will.23:47
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neverpanicsum1: Second, while you're correct in expecting, bitbake allows you to emulate that separate recipe in most cases with some syntactic sugar by setting BBCLASSEXTEND = "native nativesdk"23:48
neverpanicThat's the case for the protobuf recipe, which is why you don't see a separate
sum1okay but if i place the recipe name in DEPENDS the same issue happens.23:48
neverpanicAdding DEPENDS = "protobuf-native" will at least provide the correct protoc. The question is whether the build system of whatever software you are building correctly finds that protoc binary.23:48
sum1hmm k, i guess I'll have to go digging why this isn't working the way i thought23:49
sum1because I assumed using DEPENDS="protobuf-native" was enough but it didn't work23:49
neverpanicwell, you'll also need protobuf itself in DEPENDS, because you're likely linking against protobuf libraries23:50
neverpanicSo if you don't have both, make sure to change that.23:50
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sum1and i'm new to yocto so i thought maybe my understanding was wrong23:50
sum1i'm pretty sure i had every variation in at the same while trying to troubleshoot last night23:51
sum1but i will attempt it again with protobuf&protobuf-native23:51
sum1s/same/same time/23:51
sum1is there a default location that native packages are "installed" into to be usable by other recipes? or is $PATH just modified?23:53
neverpanicThey're on $PATH23:54
neverpanicBut there also is a location, you'll find a variable for it in poky/meta/conf/bitbake.conf (but I don't remember its name from the top of my head now)23:54
neverpanicIf you're using CMake for your software, check the value for CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH_MODE_PROGRAM; you may have to set it to BOTH (although I think that's the default)23:56
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sum1hmm k, that should give me a starting point to figure it out23:59
sum1thanks for your help23:59

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