Monday, 2017-12-04

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open-nandrahi, does exist in rocko some variable which points to recipe sysroot ?09:37
nayfeSTAGING_DIR_[native|host|target] ?09:41
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #631 of nightly-musl is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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open-nandranayfe: ok thanks I'll try10:19
open-nandranayfe: but it not points to the recipe sysroots10:20
open-nandranaybe: but to ${TMPDIR}/sysroots which is in case of rocko empty10:21
nayfeopen-nandra: what is your recipe ?10:23
open-nandranayfe: have custom application10:23
open-nandraI'm using cmake to build it10:23
open-nandranayfe: I need to pass somehow recipe sysroots10:24
nayfeif you do something like                    bitbake -e <recipename> | egrep '^[A-Z][A-Z_]*' | grep recipe-sysroot10:25
nayfeto me STAGING_DIR_TARGET is pointing to it10:26
open-nandranayfe: stupid me I use only STAGING_DIR (without target) now everything work as expected10:27
open-nandranayfe: thanks again ;)10:27
nayfeopen-nandra: np :)10:27
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rburtonif you need to do *anything* in a recipe apart from inherit cmake then you're doing it wrong10:33
nayferburton: sometimes, cmake projects are using custom variables :)10:39
rburtonin which case they're doing it wrong ;)  custom application implies open-nandra wrote the cmake10:40
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nayferburton: indeed, and it leads to massive patches :p but indeed, in open-nandra case, it can be solved in cmake stuff10:41
nayfenever 2 without 310:43
nayfeouch english ppl dont say that10:44
* nayfe plugs brain on10:45
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rburtoni was wondering what you were talking about ;)10:51
nayferburton: lol :) i just said 2 "indeed" in first sentance, so I put a third "indeed" as all things comes in three (in french the equivalent expression is "never 2 without 3")10:54
nayfehard monday10:55
rburtonah right, interesting10:55
rburtonwe have "things come in threes" but there's no need to do a third if you do something twice10:56
rburtoncan we call that my education of the day and i can go watch netflix instead now?10:56
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kanavin1rburton: is dnf/rpm upgrade dropped again?11:44
rburtonhaven't queued it again yet11:44
rburtoni'll pull it into the new mut as RP merged the last one over the weekend11:44
kanavin1sure, it's a bit hard to deduce why some patches are quicker to land than the others :)11:44
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rburtonbecayse they're easier and/or don't get implicated11:45
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rburtonis there a branch with the outstanding patches in?11:45
kanavin1rburton: on my local machine; I can push it11:45
rburtonplease do and rebase to current master11:45
kanavin1rburton: oh, and meson ;)11:45
rburtonyeah thats a biggie11:45
kanavin1rburton: actually, I need to first check if upstream has released something newer meanwhile, and fix the psmisc translations issue, and merge the rpm updates and all the other updates into one branch, and do a smoke test... and I have a sore throat today :(11:48
kanavin1so not today perhaps?11:48
rburtonfine by me11:48
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rburtonRP: so f26 is falling over in qemu again i see11:49
rburtonwe can we just reboot it every night11:49
* rburton wishes he wasn't only half joking11:49
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Kernel selection using yocto <>12:07
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #613 of nightly-mips64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #614 of nightly-mips is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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RPrburton: it is? memory alloc or the hang?12:26
rburtonhang in boot this time mostly12:26
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #663 of nightly-oe-selftest is complete: Failure [failed Running oe-selftest] Build details are at
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rburtonRP: are you rejecting my unicode progress bar patch on purpose?13:33
rburton██████ > ######13:33
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rburtonRP: huh, master selftest failed with sametune failure for initscripts. i saw that once, but it disappeared forevermore and never appeared on the ab since.13:54
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: menuconfig window pop-up issue in linux <>14:08
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RPrburton: I'm nervous about that patch14:13
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rburtonRP: we mandate a utf8 locale and pretty much everyone has non-shit fonts14:19
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RPrburton: you didn't see the mess my irc client made of that above :)14:32
rburtonwell thats your fault ;)14:33
rburtonirc clients are special, iirc irc doesn't have an encoding on the server14:34
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to add the binaries and other files to rootfs in yocto using .bb recipes <>14:38
RPrburton: I guess I quite like old school hashes ('pounds') too14:41
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armpitRP, sent v2 rocko-pull request.16:58
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*** Snert__ is now known as Snert17:09
RParmpit: does that fix the oe-selftest issue?17:10
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armpitthe tip of stable/rocko-next has the inode work around patch. i did not include it in the pull request17:11
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armpitwant me to remove it ?17:12
RParmpit: its ok, I can avoid it but thanks for the warning17:12
kanavin1rburton: finally we get progress bars as good looking as DOS had in 1981 ;)17:13
RPDo people dislike '#' that much? :)17:13
kanavin1RP: I'm just feeling nostalgic for DOS' far superior pseudographics, no hard feelings towards #17:14
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jdelmore2has anyone had an error "contains proably-redundant RPATH /usr/lib [useless-rpaths]17:15
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RPjdelmore2: I once fixed a lot of them...17:24
RPkanavin1: fair enough :)17:24
RParmpit: merged, thanks!17:24
RParmpit: do we have a fontconfig patch for morty I can pull in?17:24
armpityes. plus more.
RParmpit: what is the build status?17:26
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armpitone of the tests are still failing..17:26
* armpit looks17:26
RParmpit: you mean stable/morty-next?17:26
RPah, np17:26
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kanavin1RP: I didn't know that Unicode actually includes a full replica of it :) and a superset of line drawing characters too17:31
armpitRP, sorry. I have not convert morty to stable/ format.. let me fire off a build17:31
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RParmpit: thanks. I've pulled the fontconfig one in since the morty build clearly need ti now17:37
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zorxdHi, I am trying to build an image for the Digi ConnectCore 6UL. I run bitbake core-image-base-swu and it executes fine, but the resulting image is not updated in tmp/deploy/image/ccimx6ulstarter. I guess it has something to do with the cache, how can I force an image re-generation?18:44
zorxdAnd also, how can I see the content of an image's rootfs?18:45
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zorxdalright thanks anyways19:19
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jdelmore2@RP is there a quick fix for teh RPATH problem?19:31
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uglyoldbobim having trouble with a recipe. I specify S = "${WORKDIR}/git", SRC_URI = "git://blabla.bit file://anotherblabla.patch", log shows patch being applied, work directory and running the binary tells me it was not20:49
uglyoldbobalso SRCREV = "commit hash from the git repo"20:49
rburtonread log.do_patch to see what it patched. that *should* work.20:52
rburton(and obviously does for all the recipes in oe-core which do that)20:52
rburtonfun trick: change the patch to introduce a syntax error and verify it breaks the build20:52
uglyoldbobi've looked at log.do_patch and see a note saying "applying patch bla bla bla"20:57
uglyoldbobhowever it seems to not actually apply my patch20:58
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overdampeduglyoldbob: I assume git status shows no change?21:01
overdampeduglyoldbob: also, you may want to try a bitbake -c clean <recipe> && bitbake -c patch <recipe>21:02
overdampedThe clean task will wipe your directory clean though, so make sure your mods are out of WORKDIR first21:02
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uglyoldboboverdamped: no change, git status in the tmp/work/blabla/recipe/git shows patches/series has changed21:05
overdampedThere's nothing odd in your log.do_patch?21:06
uglyoldboboverdamped: nope, everything indicates success21:08
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Creating Yocto Mender for Raspberrypi 3 <>21:09
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uglyoldbobany other ideas? ive tried deleting work/tmp and rebuilding, no change21:18
rburtonuglyoldbob: my only suggestion is what its patching isn't what you expect21:23
RPjdelmore2: depends where its coming from. Its usually a question of figuring out what added it and why, then figuring out how to stop that. Often its due to libtool not using our macros but some which ship with the source21:25
uglyoldbobso for some reason i have to force the patch step to run in order to get it to work correctly21:39
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nathani__using devtool to make some kernel modifications. Trying to add a kconfig item results in config error
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nathani__how do I force devtool to rebuild config?21:53
bluelightningnathani__: can you let me know what exact steps got you to this point?21:54
uglyoldbobbitbake -c menuconfig linux-boundary ?21:55
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nathani__installed sdk->setup enviro->devtool build-image my-image->devtool modify virtual/kernel->make edits->devtool build-image my-image21:56
nathani__uglyoldbob, don't think I have access to bitbake in SDK21:57
nathani__shoot bluelightning, i apologize, i posted wrong error. This was after i deleted .config hoping that would force a rebuild21:58
nathani__I did try running make oldconfig, but that was pretty horrible.22:04
uglyoldbobmy apparently broken recipe is here:
nathani__uglyoldbob, does that work for filesextrapaths? PN-PV?22:08
nathani__your folder is "u-boot-verdex"22:09
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Is it normal multiconfig is very slow to parse? <>22:09
nathani__I usually go for a ${THISDIR}/files for simplicity22:15
kergothyou should not be setting filesextrapaths in a recipe at all, it's pointless. PN-PV is in the default search path for any recipe already22:16
kergoththe whole reason FILESEXTRAPATHS exists is for bbappends to easily add to that search path relative to the bbappend path, which isn't in the default search path22:16
kergoththat said, setting it should be harmless22:16
nathani__kergoth, good point22:26
nathani__i suppose some added information for my issue is that I edited a file in oe-local-files to attempt to set my new kconfig item. this is probably the cause of my issue I would think.22:27
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake's order of execution of Python-based run files? <>22:39
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #621 of nightly-no-x11 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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clsullivhalstead: is normally super slow?23:37
halsteadclsulliv: Not normally. It's a 4gbps link. Where are you downloading to?23:40
clsullivhalstead: just trying to view in a web browser atm23:41
halsteadclsulliv: At Intel via the proxy?23:42
clsullivhalstead: yes. The parent directory loads instantly, but that one seems to time out23:42
halsteadclsulliv: indexes should be disabled there. Indexing that directory puts a huge load on nfs. I thought it would return "forbidden" when trying to grab an index.23:43
halsteadclsulliv: Is this something that you need to see web broswer indexes? I maybe ought to generate a static index file every few minutes.23:44
clsullivhalstead: bavery and I were seeing a fetcher failure earlier, and bavery noticed that the mirror contained the previous version of the package but not current, I was just going to take a look myself via the index because he didn't give a full link.23:46
clsullivhalstead: at one point the page did come up for me, but it didn't look complete. Contained a number of patches and what looked like the autobuilder hierarchy rather than sources23:47
clsullivhalstead: e.g.,
halsteadThere are some timeouts happening. Trying to correct now.23:49
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #636 of nightly-wic is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages BuildImages_1 CreateWicImages CreateWicImages_1 CreateWicImages_2 BuildImages_2 BuildImages_3 CreateWicImages_3 CreateWicImages_4 CreateWicImages_5] Build details are at
halsteadclsulliv, Yeah, i don't know why there is a home/pokybuild dir in sources. That seems wrong.23:53
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