Monday, 2017-12-11

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #288 of nightly-packagemanagers is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #703 of nightly is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
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nayfe<lukma> maybe with something like require ${PN}_{MACHINE}.inc, not sure08:06
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paulbarkerHey, I've put up a wiki page for FOSDEM: Please add yourself to this if you can help out with the OE stand or if you're attending and just want to say hello!08:56
RPbluelightning: did you come to a conclusion on that patch?08:59
bluelightningRP: I didn't look into it any more closely - we should just merge it I think09:00
RPbluelightning: ok, I'm just hoping to run a few builds today...09:02
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: C++ Run a command detached from its parent so the parent can die w/o killing its child <> || Yocto - Add Files to kernel-sources for every kernel version <>09:05
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mckoankhem: yes rpi3 graphics with x11 and mesa works09:48
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sagnernayfe: does imx-gst1.0-plugin compiles for you10:33
sagnernayfe: I really feel everything rocko I touch is broken right now :-(10:33
nayfesagner: it does not fetch10:34
sagnernayfe: yeah that is what I get too.. SRCREV seems to be missing.10:34
sagnernayfe: when I set a valid SRCREV compile fails though...10:35
nayfethat error on gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx is really strange10:35
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nayfeit should not compile anything in /usr/lib64 imo10:36
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nayfesagner: i'm checking for diffs between 0.12.3 and 0.13.0 nothing obvious10:37
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cornelis there a way to tell ALL binaries in a yocto project to compile using a predefined set of flags?10:40
nayfesagner: in <work>/../gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx/0.13.0-r0 when i do find . -name '' i don't have it in any lib64 folder, do you ?10:40
LetoThe2ndcornel: like a machine tune or such?10:40
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cornellike in: Position Independent Executable10:56
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LetoThe2ndcornel: be inspired:
cornelLetoThe2nd, thank you, Sir! But, will all the binaries use this?10:59
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rheagarhi , is there a way to add some conditonal judge for require/include ? thanks11:00
LetoThe2ndcornel: unless some badly behavin recipe manually overrides it. and there is code that cannot be compiled with fPIE.11:01
cornelLetoThe2nd, ok, thank you very much11:01
rheagarby use distro_features , to choose whether require/include an inc file ?11:01
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LetoThe2ndrburton: can you please try to rephrase?11:05
LetoThe2ndrheagar: ^^^^11:05
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rheagarLetoThe2nd: there is an used to create a data partiton image, I put require in a common bbfile,  for some platform, i want to include it , while not for others. Is there a way to handle this ?11:13
LetoThe2ndmabye you could use packageconfigs in that common bbfile, and select them through machine and/or distro, but your description is a bit vague to me.11:16
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Error: Nothing provides u-boot, Either UBOOT_MACHINE or UBOOT_CONFIG must be set Apalis imx6? <>11:35
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sagnernayfe: currently I reverted gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx to 0.12.211:38
sagnernayfe: yes, for me is in lib6411:41
sagnernayfe: I did not build a aarch64 machine with that build directory... and file says its a 32-bit ARM EABI5 binary, so no idea why it got deployed into a lib64 folder11:42
otaviorburton: there is one change pending, the mesa upgrade11:52
otaviosagner: the lib dir is stange. Is it using any distro?11:53
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sagnerotavio: yeah Ã…ngstrom...11:56
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sagnerotavio: waf seems to use the wrong lib dir...11:57
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sagnernayfe: waf got updated from 1.7.11 to 1.9.3, I guess that could be related. Still interesting that it works for some12:02
mcfriskhi, what is the status of multiple kernel support in poky master? can multiple kernels for a single machine be built and used nicely with also external modules?12:09
otaviosagner: are you mixing branches?12:12
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sagnerotavio: not really, all rocko or rocko-next12:32
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nayfesagner:  do you have gstreamer installed on host ?12:55
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sagnernayfe: yes12:59
sagnernayfe, otavio: Just could reporduce it using fslc-framebuffer distro and pure freescale community bsp, imx6qdlsabresd machine12:59
sagnernayfe: I think it has to do with the waf update... waf --help says:13:00
nayfesagner: waf looks good candidate, what is your host distro ?13:00
sagnernayfe: --libdir=LIBDIR     object code libraries [EXEC_PREFIX/lib64]13:00
sagnernayfe: so it seems to default to lib64...13:00
otaviosagner: likely you need to pass: --libdir=${libdir}13:01
otaviosagner: make sure it is using the waf class13:01
sagnernayfe: Fedora 2613:01
nayfesagner: you have waf on your host ?13:01
sagnerotavio: the gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx recipe is inheriting waf...13:02
sagnernayfe: no, don't think so (at least just executing waf says command not found.13:02
sagnerotavio: according to temp/run.do_configure we do set --prefix=/usr... maybe we should also add --libdir=...13:04
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nayfesagner: i dont have "object code libraries" stuff in my waf --help13:07
sagnernayfe: bitbake gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx -c devshell, then ./waf --hel13:07
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nayfe--libdir=LIBDIR     object code libraries [EXEC_PREFIX/lib]13:08
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sagnernayfe: interesting... I guess that is some runtime detection which ends up to provide different results13:09
sagnernayfe: what distro are you using?13:09
rburtonwhat package is this?13:09
nayfemint 1813:09
nayferburton: gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx13:09
nayferburton: it uses waf class13:10
rburtonremember some maintainers "are clever" and see the host is 64-bit fedora so set libdir13:10
sagnerrburton: yeah that sounds like such a case13:10
rburtonpassing --libdir is the right fix, but for that recipe you need --plugin-install-path13:11
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sagnerrburton: you mean we should explicitly set --plugin-install-path? Default seems reasonable there...13:15
sagnerrburton: add --libdir to waf.bbclass13:16
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sagnerrburton: FWIW, it works with setting only --libdir. gstreamer plugins seem to end up in the right location with that (/usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0)13:32
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nayfeotavio rburton sagner: Thanks Stefan, do you submit patch?13:38
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kostaGuys, I'm building safplus and at "configure" stage I get error "checking for glib-2.0 2.2.0... .../SAFplus/configure: line 7505: pkg-config: command not found". But doing "configure" from devshell is ok. Why?13:39
nayfekosta: do your recipe inherit pkg-config ?13:40
sagnernayfe: will do13:40
kostanayfe: No. Only autotools.13:40
nayfekosta: try to add it :)13:41
kostanayfe: Tried: ERROR: ParseError at /home/mrv/My/MRV/yocto_all/rocko_all/poky/meta-openclovis/recipes-extended/safplus/ Could not inherit file classes/pkg-config.bbclass13:41
kostanayfe: Worked now!13:42
kostanayfe: I missplelled. The right way is "inherit pkgconfig" (without dash).13:42
kostanayfe: Thanks man!!13:42
nayfekosta: np :)13:43
rburtonthe inherit is just a glorified way of doing depends = pkgconfig-native13:43
rburtonwhich is why it couldn't find pkgconfig :)13:43
kostarbuton: Thanks. Yeah...13:44
nayferburton: can you explain why you think we need --plugin-install-path stuff in gstreamer recipe ?13:44
rburtonyou don't if the defaut works after --libdir is passed13:44
nayferburton: ok ty13:45
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'getVar'? <>14:36
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rburtonmoto-timo: around?15:07
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lukmaMaybe somebody would know........15:44
lukmaIs there a way to have base-files_%.bbappend to be executed only for COMPATIBLE_MACHINE_foo = "foo" ?15:45
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RPlukma: not really at this point in time15:46
RPlukma: include somefilename-${MACHINE}.inc ?15:46
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lukmaRP: How this include somefilename-${MACHINE}.inc works?15:47
lukmado you mean by putting all the "Machine specific stuff" to thins *.inc file15:48
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lukmaand the it would be resolved for the specific machine?15:48
lukmaRP: In my case I do have base-files_ (which are rather large recipe)15:49
lukmaI would like to add/modify fstab on one machine15:49
lukmado_install_append_foo () {15:50
lukma        install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/fstab_foo ${D}${sysconfdir}/fstab15:50
RPlukma: I think that might allow you to include that file only for the matching machine. But I've not tried it and it may not work15:50
nayfe<lukma>: maybe try to just create some temp vars and use override ?15:50
lukmaThe problem is that the base-files_%.bbappend is always appended no matter if I do use compatible machine or not15:50
lukmaAnd when from machine specific package I try to call  install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/fstab_foo ${D}${sysconfdir}/fstab, OE compains that I try to provide fstab from two sources (which is true)15:51
lukmaI could hack it a bit and remove the original fstab -> but this poses dependency on which recipe (base_file or my_adjust_pkg) is executed first15:53
nayfelukma: what you should do is put the file in <recipe>/files/<machine>/fstab so it is only resolved for the correct machine15:55
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lukmanayfe: But for the other machine I do want to use default fstab15:58
nayfelukma: when using FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:" it choose file in multiple folders, so it will resolve fstab in default folder15:59
nayfeor FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:"16:00
lukmaSo the ${THISDIR}/${PN}: must be different in appended file than in the base one?16:00
nayfein your base-files_%.bbappend, you should already have set FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend right ?16:01
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lukmait is set to FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:16:02
lukmaand then I do have SRC_URI += "file://fstab_foo"16:02
nayfeyou should keep "fstab" file name16:03
nayfeand just let path override choose the right file for you16:03
lukmanayfe: ...... I will check it16:03
lukmaand one more problem SRC_URI_foo += "file..." only gives me file on the overall SRC_URI ....16:04
nayfeso if you put some files in meta-foo/<recipe>/base-files/<machine>/fstab it will choose it, then it will choose poky/....../fstab if none is found16:04
nayfewith that solution, you just need to put FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:" in base-file_%.bbappend, as fstab is already set in SRC_URI and FILES_${PN}16:05
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lukmanayfe: Is the <machine> part searched by default?16:09
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lukmadoes it has higher precedence ?16:09
lukmanayfe: Indeed, the <machine>/fstab was choosen16:11
lukmais it written somewhere ? or it is a rule that if present stuff is took from <machine> subdir?16:11
*** ntl <ntl!> has quit IRC16:12
*** darknighte <darknighte!~darknight@pdpc/supporter/professional/darknighte> has joined #yocto16:12
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*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!~bunio@> has joined #yocto16:13
lukmanayfe: thanks, this simplifies things a lot16:14
nayfeyocto rocks :p16:14
*** behanw <behanw!uid110099@gateway/web/> has quit IRC16:16
nayfea lot of things are in manual, but it's big ;)16:16
*** cornel <cornel!~cornel@> has quit IRC16:17
lukmanayfe: Yocto/OE is very powerful, if you know how to use it16:17
lukmanayfe: And I do wonder, how it will behave when one would need to fix some thing in e.g. 6 years time16:17
lukmawould I need a VM with nowaday distro or I could run OE/Yocto on a "then" contemporary machine16:18
*** Phlogistique <Phlogistique!~phlogisti@> has joined #yocto16:19
*** cornel <cornel!~cornel@> has joined #yocto16:20
nayfe<lukma> in 6 years we will have a yocto chip in our  brain :)16:21
*** melonipoika_ <melonipoika_!> has quit IRC16:24
PhlogistiqueMy understanding of RDEPENDS is that it's purely a "packages" thing; and my understanding of the nativesdk feature is that it's purely a "sysroot" thing, i.e. the SDK is generated from the sysroot without using the packages; however the file-rdeps check uses RDEPENDS even for nativesdk packages, why is that?16:24
*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto16:43
*** ythl <ythl!8b55df0a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:44
ythlIs there a way to tell bitbake not to include in the kernel in the RootFS?16:44
ythlBy default it seems to include the Image in `/boot` which is an extra ~13M uncompressed16:45
ythlRight now I'm manually unzipping the rootfs, removing the kernel, and rezipping it16:46
*** toscalix <toscalix!~toscalix@> has quit IRC16:47
*** rajm <rajm!~robertmar@> has quit IRC16:47
majukHey all, have an issue I don't understand. Trying to change a kernel module to built-in. When I run 'bitbake -c menuconfig linux-fslc-imx', the module is shown as built-in. However, when I change to linux-fslc-imx's working directory and 'make menuconfig', it's shows it's a module.16:52
*** msvb-mob <msvb-mob!> has joined #yocto16:54
*** ntl <ntl!> has joined #yocto16:55
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nayfemajuk: when doing bitbake -c menuconfig linux-fslc-imx it loads defconfig from path, and when you do make menuconfig it probably loads default defconfig17:01
nayfe<ythl> good question :p17:09
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:09
nayfeythl: one way is to remove /boot with ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND17:13
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has quit IRC17:16
*** Snert_ <Snert_!~snert_@> has joined #yocto17:28
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BubuIICI there a way to easily specify a local directory as source for a recipe? i.e. skip all remote fetching and checkout and just build the source that I I want to test?17:33
otavionayfe: I've been using Docker for builds, so it is easy to replicate the setup in future if need17:33
otaviomajuk: which module?17:33
rburtonBubuIIC: for local development? use externalsrc.  if its just a simple bit of source, you can drop it alongsie the recipe.17:34
majukotavio: I got it worked out, thanks. Getting USB Gadget support17:34
*** mcfrisk <mcfrisk!> has quit IRC17:34
otaviomajuk: ok17:34
*** mcfrisk <mcfrisk!> has joined #yocto17:34
BubuIICrburton: externalsrc looks like what I've been looking for, thx17:35
otavioBubuIIC: I usually prefer using a toolchain17:36
otavioBubuIIC: but it is personal preference17:36
*** vdehors <vdehors!~vdehors@> has quit IRC17:37
BubuIICotavio: ah, right I guess that would be an option as well17:37
nayfeotavio: nice, i'll need to test Docker one day ...17:39
oniHello there. Does anyone know how to increase the u-boot "press any key to enter setup" delay?17:45
oniIt seems to be stuck on 0 seconds which gives me no time to do anything17:45
oniI can see the poky recipe for uboot-config but nothing in there regarding the time delay17:45
nayfeoni: you need to check for CONFIG_BOOTDELAY17:46
oniYeah, that isn't set anywhere17:46
nayfeoni: you can add CONFIG_BOOTDELAY=5 if you want 5sec delay17:46
oniah yes, but where does one add that?17:47
onipoky/meta/classes/uboot-config.bbclass maybe?17:47
oniIm working with the imx28evk so its all in the meta-freescale layer I suspect17:47
nayfeoni: you need to customize your u-boot defconfig17:48
onidefconfig implies a make menuconfig?17:48
oniLooks likek there are a few defconfigs in there.17:50
onithanks. I'll give that a try. Presumably bitbake is smart enough to rebuild u-boot and repackage if I change things?17:51
nayfeoni: in ./meta-freescale/conf/machine/imx28evk.conf you have UBOOT_CONFIG variable17:53
nayfeoni: it points to u-boot defconfig17:53
oniYeah, I saw that. I wasn't sure what it did17:53
nayfeoni: so, you probably need to copy that file and make your own machine configuration17:54
nayfeand provide your defconfig for it17:54
onihmmmm, I think I see what you mean17:54
oniI've altered the existing one17:55
nayfemaybe you can just make a patch for the defconfig and put it in SRC_URI17:55
oniSRC_URI? Yes, I heard that mentioned. Ideally that will be the thing17:55
oniIf I can see a change I've made reflected that will be a great start17:56
oniDamn! That didn't work17:56
oniIts as if the changes I make just dont make it onto the board17:57
oniuboot appears to be rebuilt as does the image17:57
nayfeyou can create a u-boot-fslc_%.bbappend file in a custom layer and create a patch for correct defconfig file, can be mx28evk_config, mx28evk_nand_config or mx28evk_auart_console_config17:57
onithats a neat idea. I've no idea how best to go about that. Im just bewildered as to why a change to a defconfig makes absolutely no effect18:00
oniIm trying to get that 'helloworld' of embedded working. If I can see a change I know where I'm at18:01
nayfeto make a patch, you can use quilt tool, go in mx28evk-fslc-linux-gnueabi/u-boot-fslc/v2016.11+gitAUTOINC+c44711d91e-r0/git then quilt new 0001-add-bootdelay.patch quilt add configs/mx28evk* modify defconfig files, quilt refresh copy patch/0001-add-bootdelay.patch into meta-foo/recipes-bsp/u-boot-fslc/files/ then create a  u-boot-fslc_%.bbappend with  FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files:" and SRC_URI +=18:04
oniwowzers! thanks18:06
nayfeoni: it's a bit dense18:07
oniWhne you say modify the defconfig files, what do you mean?18:08
onido you mean modify the patch file?18:08
*** HyP3r <HyP3r!> has joined #yocto18:09
moto-timorburton: pong18:10
oniAh, alter the config files themselves. Gotcha18:10
*** brian_ <brian_!18d38604@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto18:13
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oninayfe so I think I follow you. Cheers! I shall try a new rebuild18:16
*** _william_ <_william_!> has joined #yocto18:17
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!> has joined #yocto18:18
rburtonmoto-timo: not 100% sure about the manifest changes yet, can the pypi stuff be applied without the manifest changes?18:19
moto-timorburton: I would have to go back to my old branch and make it work on top of existing master18:20
moto-timorburton: which I can do if the json manifest is going to wait awhile18:20
*** melonipoika_ <melonipoika_!> has joined #yocto18:23
moto-timorburton: by old branch I mean oe-core-contrib/ttorling/pypi18:24
rburtonif that rebases easily then that would be awesome :)18:24
moto-timorburton: sure thing18:24
*** ed21 <ed21!Adium@nat/intel/x-cvzptgszgmlrxewx> has joined #yocto18:25
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oniDamn! Still no change18:38
oniits still 0 seconds. I must admit, this is really infuritating! This yocto stuff - it's very hard to make a simple change :(18:39
*** zarzar <zarzar!> has quit IRC18:40
*** msvb-mob <msvb-mob!> has quit IRC18:42
onipatch file looks good, u-boot-fslc appears to be rebuilt18:44
oniI get an sdcard image which I manage to copy to the sdcard. The board appears to boot from it but what I'm seeing gives me pause for thought18:49
oniU-Boot 2015.10-00407-g83bf005-dirty (Oct 26 2016 - 09:39:34 +0100)18:49
oniI get the impression this is not the correct u-boot18:50
*** learningc <learningc!~User@> has joined #yocto18:52
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*** zz_ka6sox is now known as ka6sox18:55
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moto-timorburton: I will also add my change to add newlines to the existing manifest generator so it won't barf on git send-mail after this round19:04
*** distrozapper <distrozapper!> has joined #yocto19:11
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nayfeoni: back19:16
*** alimon <alimon!alimon@gateway/shell/linaro/x-ndjcqhqrodxlfbmd> has quit IRC19:16
nayfeoni: well, it seems your board does not boot from sdcard19:17
nayfeoni: you can do something if you have fw_setenv tool19:18
nayfeoni: fw_setenv bootdelay=5 or fw_setenv bootdelay 5 (i don't remember correct syntax everytime)19:19
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@2406:e001:523f:1:5e51:4fff:febb:401d> has joined #yocto19:20
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nayfeoni: maybe you have u-boot in special partition mmcblk0boot0 or in another memory type, dont know mv28evk board19:21
oniThe worst thing about this is that the supplier of the board is not very forthcoming at all19:28
oniits based on the imx28evk.19:28
oniI know it loads some things from the sdcard thats for sure.19:28
*** nrossi <nrossi!uid193926@gateway/web/> has quit IRC19:29
oniAnnoyingly, this is the least of my problems. The kernel itself doesnt load at all. It halts at "Starting kernel ..." or at least that is what appears to happen19:30
oniI thought if I could start with the bootloader that would be best19:30
nayfeoni: on a lot of imx boards, there are dip switch to change how board boots19:32
oniGood tip. I cant see any dips but there are plenty of headers19:33
*** alimon <alimon!alimon@gateway/shell/linaro/x-cbvxggvltkymglxu> has joined #yocto19:34
*** zarzar <zarzar!> has quit IRC19:34
oniThis would tally with other things I've seen, e.g uEnv.txt not working19:35
*** yann <yann!> has joined #yocto19:35
*** T_UNIX <T_UNIX!uid218288@gateway/web/> has quit IRC19:36
onitbh, I wouldnt mind but I can't appear to load the mainline fslc kernel. all this messing with the bootloader is to try and get more messages out of the kernel19:36
nayfepage 1019:37
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #647 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
oniAh yes. this board is much worse :p19:39
nayfeoni: maybe you can try to use mfgtool/imx_loader to load u-boot19:41
oniI'm not familiar with mfgtool/imx_loader - thanks. I'll have a look19:42
*** mrc3 <mrc3!mrc3@gateway/shell/linaro/x-thaxkhiftdhqsioj> has joined #yocto19:43
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nayfeoni: thing is, if you have a custom board, you should ask vendor for support, as you will probably need to customize ddr timings, device tree etc ...19:49
oniabsolutely, and they've been awful19:49
onidebating that a different supplier might be needed19:49
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #637 of nightly-no-x11 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
*** zarzar <zarzar!~zarzar@2600:1004:b06c:42c8:905c:7995:5f59:32d0> has joined #yocto19:51
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oninayfe apparently there is a jumper20:05
oniaccording to the PDF20:06
*** zarzar1 <zarzar1!~zarzar@> has joined #yocto20:06
oni10, J11, J12, J1420:06
oniBoot Mode20:06
oniInternal boot selection, do not change20:06
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC20:08
*** zarzar <zarzar!~zarzar@2600:1004:b06c:42c8:905c:7995:5f59:32d0> has quit IRC20:09
oniI suspect that means I'm locked out of the bootloader. These jumpers are hidden behind another board20:11
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*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto20:11
oninayfe thanks a lot for your help. I may have to admit defeat20:13
*** t0mmy <t0mmy!> has joined #yocto20:14
nayfeoni: np and sorry for your defeat, but without complete documentation and sometimes its not enough, it can be impossible :)20:15
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oniYeah :(20:15
oniIs there no other way to get information out of the kernel or to find out why it halts?20:15
oniThe instructions given rely on the dizzy branch of yocto. This is quite old sadly20:16
oniAlthough I've managed to adapt this older version to work - getting the screen to fire up remains a problem20:16
oniMy thinking was to try the latest software instead, but sadly, it appears to just hang with the serial console not doing very much20:17
*** aragua_ <aragua_!> has quit IRC20:18
nayfeoni: if you don't have access to u-boot due to bootdelay and you can't load another u-boot by other way, then it will be hard to know what's wrong20:19
oniThis is my suspicion yes20:20
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #648 of nightly-musl is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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seebsnooo rsync20:40
seebsdon't give generic error messages20:40
seebsbad rsync20:40
seebs(not really yocto-related, i just felt like sharing)20:40
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paulbarkerAnyone else getting an error from ?21:38
*** Snert <Snert!> has joined #yocto21:40
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paulbarkerits back now :)21:44
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armpitI would have sent a pull request bug I needed to double check the binutils changes to make sure Rocky was not affected21:52
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RParmpit: that was mainly what I was wondering :/21:56
armpitRP. all good. I put version info in the commit message Rocko is @ 2.29 and all the fixes for for <= 2.2821:57
* armpit can't believe i had my head screwed on correct for that one ; )21:58
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RParmpit: :D22:00
RParmpit: cool, thanks. I'll merge those and then we can perhaps get the pyro and morty point releases done :)22:00
armpitthat would be nice... been a long road22:01
RParmpit: it has indeed...22:03
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