Tuesday, 2017-12-19

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xtronanyone there?07:25
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rfriedHi guys. I got a really weird error at the end of a yocto build. (Rocko).07:26
rfriedError Summary07:26
rfriedDisk Requirements:07:26
rfried   At least 275MB more space needed on the / filesystem.07:26
rfriedDEBUG: Python function do_rootfs finished07:26
rfriedthere's enough space on the filesystem, so I don't know how to tackle it. any ideas ?07:27
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xtronrfried: try defining IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE=xxx07:29
xtronhow can I append/override an operation of "do_unpack" task07:34
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nayfextron: do_unpack_append ?08:11
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xtronnayfe: actually I can't uncompress a "xx.tar.gz" with error "not a gzip format", I want to  replace/override this operation...08:19
cornelanybody knows if the determinism patch from Richard Purdie  "providers: fix determinism issue" ebce92bf fixes the patches apply order issue?08:20
nayfextron: file is corrupted ?08:23
xtronnayfe: no, I don't think so, I downloaded the file from browser, same size08:24
kanavinxtron: but what are you going to do with the file if you can't uncompress it?08:25
xtronkanavin: I can uncompress it with different command "tar xvf file_name.tar.gz"08:26
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xtronkanavin: I think this can be an alternative solution, recipe is using oe_make which perform all the operation automatically08:28
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cornelby the way, the above commit is in 'bitbake'08:29
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kanavinxtron: then it's a plain tar file and you should rename it08:30
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RPcornel: I doubt it changes patch application order09:24
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cornelRP, thank you09:49
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Smit-TayI am doomed to never being able to understand how Yocto is configured10:15
Smit-TayI have a project which is supposed to place a test app in an image at a certain path, but it's not showing up in the image at all, let alone at the path specified10:16
Smit-TayI have no idea why10:17
Smit-TayI can see that the test app is specified in an .inc file, and it's being built correctly10:17
Smit-TaySo, how do I understand why it's not being included in the image10:18
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RPSmit-Tay: work through the chain of events. Is the package containing this app correctly generated? Do you include that package in your image?10:19
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Smit-TayHow do I know if the package is being generated ?  How do I know what it's called ?10:20
RPSmit-Tay: your test app has a recipe?10:21
RPSmit-Tay: look in the workdir of that recipe (where its being built) and see if a package is generated there?10:22
Smit-TayI guess it does, yes, it's called "test-logging"10:22
rburtononce you've built it, using oe-pkgdata-util is a good way to verify what got packaged10:23
rburton$ oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files -p test-logging10:24
rburtonthen you need to remember that simply building a recipe doesn't put it in you image, because you could be building more than one image10:25
LetoThe2ndmeh, ETERM10:27
Smit-TayThe recipe is specified to be included in the image I've built10:27
kanavinrburton: your wish is my command http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/auto-upgrade-helper/commit/?h=devel&id=578e67a2c752b84ae52e7b46e05e961dc38220f310:28
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Smit-TayIt seems like the only tool I have to understand anything with yocto is grep.  And then I get lost is a ridiculously convoluted series of variables which in fact I can't know, because part of the variable name is itself a variable.10:29
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rburtonSmit-Tay: have you checked that the package contains the file you expect with oe-pkgdata-util?10:30
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Smit-TayThe command you specified makes it look like the packages that match don't contain the file I am interested10:31
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learningcWhat is the difference between IMAGE_FEATURES and IMAGES_INSTALL ?  Are they both for installing packages?10:32
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RPSmit-Tay: that makes it sound like the package isn't being correctly generated then (so it is likely in the image but doesn't contain what you expect)10:32
RPlearningc: features are groups of packages10:32
Smit-TayOK, so how do I figure out why that would be ?10:32
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learningcRP, Are those groups of packages defined of single packages somewhere?10:33
rburtonSmit-Tay: have another look at your recipe and work out why its not doing what you expect. pastebin it if you can.10:33
Smit-TayThe problem I have is that I am worried about leaking proprietary information10:34
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Smit-Taysanitized, to ensure confusion (mine)10:37
learningcWhere can I find a description of what a package contains?10:38
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nayfelearningc> oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files -p <package> ? or in target if you have packagemgnt, something like rpm -ql <package> ?10:41
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Smit-TaySo, that line is in a file, which is then "required" by a .bb file which is in a recipe directory10:43
Smit-TayThat recipe is specified in several other layers10:44
Smit-Tayand ultimately those layers are incldued in the image10:45
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Smit-TayI don't understand why that recipe is mentioned so frequently, it's specified in about 20 other .bb files10:46
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rburtonSmit-Tay: that really doesn't help, but if the intention is that the line pulls in the package, then it should be using the package name, not the file inside the package10:48
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rburtonrecipes create packages which contain files. images use IMAGE_INSTALL etc to list the *packages* they install.10:49
rburton(this is in the docs)10:49
eduardas_mhello, I wish to check ipk package dependencies and install opkg packages without using the opkg CLI tool, but directly from my Qt application. Is it a good idea to integrate libopkg directly into the application?10:49
rburtoneduardas_m: the api is unstable and may/will change but sure, as you can see from the source code opkg.c is very minimal10:50
kanavinSmit-Tay: if you are working with a layer that somone created before you, you need to ask questions about that layer from them10:50
kanavinSmit-Tay: when we can't see the layer contents, it's really difficult to help10:51
rburtonSmit-Tay: you're also having a problem with terminology.  layers contain recipes that *can* be built.  simply being in a layer doesn't do anything else.  an image recipe says what packages it wants, and bitbake then finds recipes that build those packages.10:52
eduardas_mrburton: the thing that I find weird with the Yocto-generated SDK is that it ships the /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libopkg.pc for pkg-config in sysroot, but there is no /usr/include/libopkg directory with the headers for libopkg10:52
eduardas_meven though there is a Cflags: -I${includedir}/libopkg entry in libopkg.pc10:53
rburtoneduardas_m: yeah that was a bug in opkg, fixed in master10:53
rburtonyou need to tell opkg to install the headers if you want them10:53
eduardas_mrburton: not in Rocko? I am using Pyro currently10:54
Smit-TayI understand.  My problem is that within this build environment, absolutely any file (.bb, .bbappend, whatever) can add to IMAGE_INSTALL, and it can add via a variable whose name I can't even know because it's interpreted10:54
eduardas_mrburton: how do I tell it to install the headers?10:54
rburtoneduardas_m: see opkg's configure.ac10:54
eduardas_mrburton: thank you a lot for the information... but I guess now I have to learn autotools...10:57
kanavinSmit-Tay: IMAGE_INSTALL has effect only when used in local.conf or in an image recipe that you are building10:57
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RPlearningc: have a look at the top of meta/classes/core-image.bbclass which defines some IMAGE_FEATURES11:01
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learningcRP, Ok11:05
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rburtoneduardas_m: just read it until you find the big comment telling you want to do if you want the API installed11:11
rburtonRP: aha had | Copying files into the device: __populate_fs: Could not allocate block in ext2 filesystem while writing file "bzImage-4.12.16-yocto-standard" with the bonus debugging present11:12
RPrburton: cool, does it help?11:14
eduardas_mrburton: thank you... now I'm wondering how relevant the libopkg API deprecation comment actually is... libopkg ships with external solver enabled in poky by default?11:15
eduardas_mit says The current libopkg API is deprecated so only build it if requested11:16
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Smit-TayIs there a way to show the hierarchy of an image - IOW, how an image include a class which includes a package which includes a file ?11:55
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nayfeSimt-Tay: bitbake -u taskexp -g <recipe> ?12:26
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Smit-Tay$ bitbake -u taskexp -g had-image-dev12:53
Smit-TayFATAL: Unable to import extension module "taskexp" from bb.ui. Valid extension modules: depexp, goggle, hob, knotty, ncurses or puccho12:53
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eduardas_mSmit-Tay: what yocto release are you using? taskexp is available only since  Pyro (2.3) if I remember correctly13:02
eduardas_mthat is when depexp got deprecated13:02
Smit-Tayso, if I replace taskexp I get this:  Please set DISPLAY variable before running this command  DISPLAY is set.  can't this dump to console ?13:08
eduardas_mSmit-Tay: no, both depexp and taskexp are GUI tools13:09
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eduardas_mI had similar issues on Kubuntu 16.04 with taskexp13:09
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Smit-TayGAWD !!!     OK, rant omitted13:11
Smit-Taywhen will *they* learn ?13:11
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sagnerWhat is argp DISTRO_FEATURE?13:17
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RPSmit-Tay: well, run bitbake -g <image> and it will dump to task-depends.dot13:41
RPSmit-Tay: next you'll complain that file is hard to read and you need a GUI ;-)13:41
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rburtonsagner: in current oe-core it's not used, so i'm guessing it was to tweak eglibc back in the days13:50
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sagnerrburton: hm I see.. So a distro should add it these days in case it gets reused somwhere?14:11
rburtonsagner: if you were making a new distro i'd double-check with a grep that its not being used, and just drop it14:12
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learningcwhen it's a .bbclass, is it a package I can install with IMAGE_INSTALL ?14:48
rburtona class provides common tasks/functionality/etc14:50
rburtonso the autotools class lets a recipe that uses autoconf/automake just do "inherit autotools" and it handles configure/compile/install14:50
rburtonditto for the cmake class, etc etc14:51
rburtonthe patch class is what provides the do_patch task14:51
learningcI see14:56
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learningcWhat package does a .bb depends on?14:57
nayfelearningc> what do you mean ?14:59
learningcI'm trying to install a package manually from source on target board, and I am trying to find out from .bb which package the package.bb depends on15:01
rburtonRDEPENDS in the package will list explicit dependencies, and any library dependencies will be added automatically15:01
learningcCannot see RDEPENDS  but see DEPENDS, is it equivalent?15:04
rburtoni suggest you read the documentation15:06
learningcWhat's the difference between a meta-toolchain and a native toolchain?15:08
nayfemeta-* are layers and toolchain is a toolchain O.o meta-toolchain will probably provide a toolchain in yocto environment15:10
RPmeta-toolchain is the recipe which builds our older sdk standalone toolchain for use outside the buildsystem as an SDK15:13
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #355 of nightly-refkit is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-refkit/builds/35515:19
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RPrburton: I probably have patches ready for testing, are we ready for another batch of changes on the AB?15:26
RPzeddii: sorry to keep mentioning it but I really need this defconfig change. I can add in a temp .cfg if needed?15:27
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rburtonRP: just fired two runs, but another is welcome ;)15:35
RPrburton: did any have my patches in?15:35
rburtonRP: idiotically forgot to rebase the right branch to next15:35
RPrburton: ok. I guess I could use the other builder15:36
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RPzeddii_home: ^^^15:42
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to initialize Bluetooth in a startup script with Yocto Poky Linux <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27245227/how-to-initialize-bluetooth-in-a-startup-script-with-yocto-poky-linux>15:46
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sveinseI have this image (wic-based) image recipe https://bpaste.net/show/cf7237d93fd8, which fails in rocko with https://bpaste.net/show/af6a4446e088. Any ideas on why and how I can fix it?16:16
eduardas_mlet's say my GUI application is running as a restricted user, but using opkg to install an update package should require root privilages... what is the appropriate way of handling this in an embedded system?16:18
sveinseeduardas_m: we use sudo for this. pinpointed to specific users and executables16:18
eduardas_msveinse, thank you... do you know if this will work fine with Qt's QProcess?16:19
sveinseeduardas_m: I don't see why it shouldn't. Though, it complicates if you want interactivity, e.g. ask the user for the password or similar. We've setup with no password on certain operations.16:21
sveinse...which essentially implies that the user has carte blanche root access for that function16:22
*** faustas <faustas!~faustas@> has joined #yocto16:22
eduardas_msveinse, I was kinda thinking about running a one-shot systemd service for running opkg and using the GUI to start that unit via d-bus... not sure if anyone uses systemd for installing packages on embedded systems though16:24
eduardas_msveinse, also, because I am not deeply familiar with sudo specifics, I am not sure how one can actually specify both a user and a command for allowing some action without a password at the same time16:29
eduardas_msveinse, I am not sure what the words "We've setup with no password on certain operations" means in practical terms for me.. i.e. how do I implement similar behaviour?16:31
kergotheduardas_m: see the man page for the sudoers file16:32
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eduardas_mkergoth, thank you16:33
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #301 of nightly-packagemanagers is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at https://autobuilder.yocto.io/builders/nightly-packagemanagers/builds/30116:40
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jpetersHi, one of the things I have not figured out in yocto is how to add a new utility to used by another .bb file later in the compilation.  For example, I have a package that creates a utility called "mkimage".  It needs to be used later in the kernel build recipe.  The package nand-boot-redirect worked in morty but not in rocko.17:31
rburtonjpeters: you probably forgot to add it to the DEPENDS17:32
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rburtonas rocko has recipe-specific-sysroots, so whereas previously you could just do bitbake foo and it stays in the sysroot forever, with rocko you get what the DEPENDS says17:32
rburton(this is in the release notes, obviously)17:33
jpetersSo if I add the nand_boot_redirect to the DEPENDS in the kernel recipe then Yocto ensure subcomponents are available?17:33
jpetersThanks, trying that now.17:34
rburtonif you've done it idiomatically, nand-boot-redirect-native, but whatever17:35
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jpetersThe DEPENDS already includes nand-boot-redirect-native.  The error I get during the build is "/work/jpeters/yocto/rw_rocko2/yocto_sc/rw20exp-wayland/tmp/work/rw20-rw20-linux-gnueabi/linux-rw20-system/4.14.1-1.0+gitAUTOINC+05f6615998-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/bin/mkimage".  It is trying to run it from the kernel build.18:21
jpetersThe only place it is is getting installed is in nand_boot_redirect's own recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin directory.  I would expect it to be installed somewhere in a cross package directory where the kernel build could get to it and use it.18:23
jpetersI am sure I am missing a piece of Yocto understanding about how this kind if is populated to the correct place.  The original code in the .bb file for nand_boot_redirect uses "addtask deploy before do_package after do_install" and the do_deploy directory does "cp mkiamge ${STAGING_DIR_NATIVE}/usr/bin"18:26
jpetersIt looks to be like the recipe-sysroot directory is not getting pushed out but I don't know the correct way to get Yocto to do this.18:27
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rburtonjpeters: sounds like the recipe is broken and not using $D correctly19:33
rburtonjpeters: pastebin it if you can19:33
* zeddii_home thinks he missed something19:37
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paulg_anyone seeing a fetcher failure on psmisc?   "ERROR: psmisc-23.0-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure..."   -- I haven't used this machine  in a while, so the downloads cache is somewhat stale....19:48
paulg_not the fetcher's fault.   "gitlab.com" doesn't even answer pings.  :-(19:53
paulg_guessing there are no mirrors in the bb either.19:54
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TwisteRhi all! I'm trying to create my first overlay, which would modify some recipes from other one. I need to remove some features from the upstream-layer's list in a particular recipe22:42
TwisteRhow do variables expand? before or after the layers are flattened?22:43
TwisteRe.g. in upstream repo I have:22:44
TwisteRIMAGE_INSTALL += " \22:44
TwisteR    ${WIFI_SUPPORT} \22:44
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TwisteRI need to remove the whole wifi-related-stuff in my bbappend22:45
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TwisteRis it sufficient to remove just a ${WIFI_SUPPORT} from IMAGE_INSTALL (if so, how exactly?), or do I need to compose my own list of packages (excluding wifi-stuff) separately, overwriting upstream's IMAGE_INSTALL var?22:47
kergothsee the bitbake user manual22:51
rburtonyour bbappend can set WIFI_SUPPORT=""22:51
rburtonthen tell upstream that they should respect the wifi DISTRO_FEATURE22:51
TwisteRok, thanks for the tips!22:52
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