Wednesday, 2017-12-27

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TheSevenok, I've figured it out: /etc/rcS.d/ contains kill -USR1 100:58
TheSeventhat makes init think it's supposed to shut down00:58
TheSevennow quite sure who's to blame for that, probably busybox00:58
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ttllkkHow can I remove some PACKAGECONFIG from a .bbappend?10:14
ttllkkshould this work? PACKAGECONFIG_remove_class-target = "threaded-resolver"10:14
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luneffhey guys! Is there a neat workflow to create .bbappends for existing recipes? As if, I don't want to touch the sources, I just need to add and verify a few lines to original .bb script?10:17
luneffcan't figure out if devtool works with it :-(10:18
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nayfeluneff, for bbappend files, you can do it by hand easily, devtool modify should do it otherwise
luneffyes, did it by hand as 'devtool modify' seems to be about editing source code, not the recipe itself; devtool edit-recipe doesn't work after a devtool modify has started10:28
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wanderer_Hey guys! I have a weird question. I use boost header-only and don't want to install it on target image. But I need some headers from it during the build stage. Is there an option somehow to put into the ${WORKDIR} those headers without compiling (rather huge) boost target?11:18
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nayfe wanderer_> maybe create your own recipe without any do_compile(), etc and DEPENDS on it ?11:50
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wanderer_nayfe>hm, sounds promising.11:58
wanderer_Anyways you mean overriding the system boost recipe, right?11:59
nayfewanderer_: create a new recipe for instance, maybe there are other ways but it's how i would do that with my actual "knowledge"12:02
nayfebut i would probably use boost from oe-core, compile time with yocto is only one shot with cache system12:05
dev1990should I specify MACHINE variable to devtool or it's pointless ?12:12
nayfedev1990: not sure i got you, you have to source your yocto env to work with devtool, so it will be added automatically, right ?12:15
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dev1990nayfe: I'm switching between machine on the same enviroment12:22
dev1990in short default machine from my local.conf is i712:24
dev1990and I'm building sometimes for rpi3 without changing local.conf (for example MACHINE="raspberrypi3" bitbake retropie-roms-image)12:24
dev1990and when I'm using devtool I'm often specify MACHINE="raspberrypi3" explicit and I'm wondering if it is pointless12:25
nayfedev1990: I think you need it, as devtool is a wrapper for bitbake12:28
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kostazHi guys, is there a way to build **all** recipes from a meta-XXX layers?13:19
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mjourdanHello, I'm running in a configure error with libgfortran on pyro (with GCCVERSION=5.4% and PREFERRED_VERSION_libgfortran="5.4%")13:20
mjourdanThe config.log has many lines like this: work-shared/gcc-5.4.0-r0/gcc-5.4.0/libgfortran/configure: line 3868: aarch64-poky-linux-gcc: command not found13:20
mjourdanso for some reason it's unable to reach gcc?13:21
mjourdanUnless there are other prerequisites than setting the "FORTAN" variable in my local conf. Bit at a loss here13:22
nayfemjourdan: did you try without specifying preferred versions gcc/fortran?13:26
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mjourdanNope I didn't try with 6.3. But I'll launch a build without the version overrides, see what happens.13:28
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Ox4hello guys, how can I install mariadb with debugging symbols to the image?13:29
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mjourdanOx4: Something like IMAGE_INSTALL += "mariadb-dbg" ? If this is more for a one-time thing, maybe setup a package server instead and install the debug packages as needed.13:32
Ox4mjourdan: should I set mariadb-dbg with mariadb package?13:33
Ox4ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'mariadb-dbg'. Close matches:13:34
Ox4  mariadb13:34
Ox4  mariadb RPROVIDES mariadb-dbg13:34
mjourdanWhat change did you do exactly?13:37
Ox4mjourdan: replaced mariadb with mariadb-dbg in IMAGE_INSTALL_append variable13:41
mjourdanand with "mariadb mariadb-dbg" ?13:49
mjourdannayfe: no luck, same error. The only thing I did was add "FORTRAN_forcevariable = ",fortran"" in my conf13:49
nayfemjourdan> can you pastebin your full log error ?13:50
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kostazGuys, can I build OpenSwitch using Yocto?13:59
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nayfekostaz: it seems there are some layers here
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nayfemjourdan> not sure yocto supports fortran, and older irc logs show it seems broken "carlesfernandez oh, I’ve just realize that libgfortran is working in krogoth (but not in jetrho or morty)", don't know if it has been fixed in rocko14:24
mjourdanI'm bumping form krogoth to pyro, so that explains it14:25
mjourdanwelp, thanks14:25
nayfemajor stuff between those is the recipe-sysroot split by recipe and maybe work-shared stuff, so I suppose configure script fails to find crosscompiler for this reason14:26
nayfemjourdan: you can diff between and they added gcc-cross-${TARGET_ARCH} to DEPENDS for instance14:28
mjourdangood idea, thanks14:30
mjourdanthe "recipe-sysroot split by recipe"14:34
mjourdanin short, a custom sysroot is generated based on the DEPENDS of each recipe ?14:34
Ox4mjourdan: yes, I left mariadb-dbg only14:35
nayfemjourdan>  exactly14:35
nayfeOx4: you need both, -dbg just add symbols14:36
Ox4nayfe: thank you, I will try14:36
mjourdanI see. So indeed with the cross-${TARGET_ARCH} dep, configure does work. Compile fails. So I just copied over the whole .inc from master and it works.. Should have started by doing that >_<.14:37
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nayfemjourdan: good to know, maybe you can ask to fix pyro branch, but everybody are in vacation those days :)14:40
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mjourdanSure, I'll send an email at the poky mailing list.14:46
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eduardas_mhello, what is the best way to notify a Qt GUI application that a USB key was inserted on an embedded Linux systemd?14:46
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tonyRIs there a way to cause an initramfs image to be packaged in an RPM?14:47
eduardas_mnayfe: yes, but I mean, how do I actually interface with that?14:48
eduardas_mas far as I am aware systemd-udev will not do a d-bus broadcast uppon USB attachment on its own.. or am I wrong?14:49
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eduardas_mUDisks2 does a d-bus broadcast on Kubuntu 16.04 for example uppon USB device attachment14:51
eduardas_mbut having udisks2 as a dependency for my image seems a bit of an overkill14:52
eduardas_mit has a lot of gnome-related dependencies I would not need otherwise14:54
mjourdaneduardas_m: afaik you can use libudev to listen to events14:54
nayfeeduardas_m: that solution seems a bit ugly but should work
eduardas_mnayfe: thank you for the link. Actually my usecase is similar as mentioned in the thread, i.e. I need this for updates. Still, it is unclear to me what is considered "good practice" in this case.15:01
nayfeeduardas_m: in my case, i'd probably use SWupdate to update system, but i don't think there is one-fits-all solution :)15:05
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eduardas_mCan someone actually say what they use to detect USB mass storage device attachment detection in production?15:06
kostaznayfe: True. There are openswitch layers on github. But, then there is OPX build system, that does not seem related to Yocto... (
kostaznayfe: And also It all seems strange.15:09
eduardas_mnayfe: I and my colleagues have decided to use SWUpdate too, actually. Do you do full system update only or package updates via swupdate too?15:10
eduardas_mI'm asking because allowing both full-system and package updates seems tricky to do correctly.15:10
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eduardas_mBecause not all single package versions will be appropriate for all base systems.15:11
mjourdaneduardas_m: the two snippets here are a good start imho.15:14
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eduardas_mmjourdan: thank you a lot... that actually looks really useful15:17
nayfekostaz: seems that previous openswitch versions (ops) where based on yocto and they switched to debian for opx ?15:21
nayfeeduardas_m: for now, only full system update, but maybe some minor parts will be updated with package management15:22
eduardas_mnayfe: are you using initrd, dual-image or hybrid approach?15:23
eduardas_mwe are trying to implement the initrd approach with a small recovery/update image and a bigger "user" image15:25
eduardas_mas that way it looks like we have an immutable reliable fallback15:26
nayfeproblem with this approach to me is the down-time, if memory space is not an issue15:26
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eduardas_mnayfe: yes, implementing package updates is motivated mainly by this...15:27
nayfemakes sense ;)15:29
nayfeeduardas_m: btw we're still in POC phase15:29
nayfei find ostree very innovative system too15:31
eduardas_mnayfe: Qt Company actually has an ostree-based update system as part of their Qt for device creation product... not sure how good or reliable it is though... or how often it is being used in the field15:32
nayfeit  is also used by gnome if i remember correctly, problems comes if there is a partition corruption as there is only one15:35
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to install dlib and update gcc on Yocto <>15:53
ttllkkIs there a way to try to apply a patch that is failing to apply and get a conflict resolution with <<<< ||| >>>> as if I were using git cherry-pick ?16:00
nayfettllkk: something like "git am < patchfile.patch" ?16:05
nayfeor git apply patchfile.patch16:06
kergothneither git apply or git am give conflict markers. iirc you can pass —reject or somesuch to leave a standard patch .rej file16:12
kergothgnu patch itself does provide a --merge option that may do what you want, however16:15
kergothnote that it'll show limited information, not the full info available to cherry-pick, as it doesn't have the full original file available as is the case when working within git16:15
kergothalternatively, there's the "wiggle" tool, but it doesn't just merge, it tries harder to apply the patch, which can be good and bad, it isn't perfect, but can save time, as long as you manually review what it does16:16
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ahcHey folks. I've notice something super weird when moving from Dizzy to Morty/Rocko. Bluetooth/Bluez and dbus seem to have some bad errors and I get bad memory leaks. None of this is present building the same source for Dizzy.17:24
ahcAny tips on isolating the cause of these failures? Is there a way I can incrementally upgrade?17:24
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mkilivanHi,  I am trying to build homebridge source code for raspberrypi3. (See I've created a recipe using devtool and npm registry but homebridge requires libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev installed on Linux. So, I got a build error. Here is the output I think I should add an RDEPENDS which provides necessary files. Should I edit the avahi recipe to add an extra package? Or do20:53
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