Friday, 2017-12-29

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GordioWhy with this bblayers I get image without python/perl etc...?03:54
GordioBuilded with `bitbake rpi-hwup-image`03:54
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learningcWhat are the packages I can add for images display in framebuffer?07:05
learningcI want to display something on the rgb LCD screen07:06
learningcWhat's the difference between -dev and -sdk as in core-image-lsb-dev and core-image-lsb-sdk?07:11
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anujmlearningc: lsb-sdk includes toolchain and dev headers as well07:43
anujmyou can check what is included in: meta/recipes-extended/images/core-image-lsb-dev.bb07:44
learningcWhat is toolchain?07:45
anujmCompiler, autotools etc.07:46
learningcI see. What is the purpose of the -dev image since it does not contain the compiler?07:49
anujmI believe that it includes dev headers for packages as well which aren't included in the image by default07:52
learningcYou mean the -sdk image does not contain dev headers for packages?07:56
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mckoangood morning09:13
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: busybox error while building using yocto <>09:32
mkilivanHi,  I've created a recipe to build homeridge and modified the file in order to fix libdns_sd.o and dns_sd.h error. (The patch is here Also, I added the following to the homebridge recipe. DEPENDS_${PN}  = "avahi libavahi-dnssd libnss-mdns"09:36
mkilivanBut still I got the same error.09:36
mkilivandns_sd.h is not in /poky/build/tmp/work/cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv4-poky-linux-gnueabi/homebridge/0.4.33-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/include folder. It seems DEPENDS didn't work. Am I missing something?09:40
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ttllkkI am trying to compile a recipe (NetworkManager) which requires python3-pygobject-native during compilation. I have 'DEPENDS = python3-pyobject-native' but it is still not working. Could anyone help me ?10:31
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nayfemkilivan>  you can't use DEPENDS_${PN} but DEPENDS10:41
nayfemkilivan: DEPENDS if for recipes, whereas RDEPENDS_${PN} is for packages10:42
nayfettllkk: you don't use ?10:45
Ox4hello guys10:52
Ox4Is it possible to apply patch accoring to the image name? If so, how can I do that?10:52
ttllkknayfe: No, I require a newer version10:55
ttllkkBut I think I have the problem very localiced10:56
ttllkkIt is just that 'GObject' it is not available at compilatino time for the SDK.. (like if python3-pygobject-native was not being installed)10:56
ttllkkThe NetworkManager configure tries to run: "$PYTHON" -c 'from gi.repository import GObject' and checks the return code to see if it is available10:57
ttllkkIf I try that on 'bitbake -c devshell NetworkManager' error I see that there is an ImportError10:57
ttllkkHowever if I use 'find <networkmanager specific SDK directory> -name "*GObject*" I get some files, which make me thing that GObject should in fact be available (also, well I did add it to the DEPENDS of the recipe)10:58
ttllkkThis was working fine in Yocto 2.2, but fails now in Yocto 2.4. I believe the new feature of having recipe independent SDKs is the root of my problem10:58
nayfettllkk: do you inherit gobject-introspection ?11:00
ttllkkYes, this is the recipe:
ttllkkBy the way, would be the correct mailing list to post thiskind of problems?11:01
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Couldn't find shared library provider <>11:02
nayfettllkk: i think  is more appropriate11:05
ttllkkeven though the python3-pygobject recipe is in the poky layer?11:06
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nayfettllkk: see
nayfettllkk: btw gobject introspection is for documentation generation i suppose? do you need it?11:14
ttllkkProbably not critical, but I would like to leave things as close as possible as they were in Yocto 2.211:18
ttllkkBut yes,  if aI am not able to fix this I would just dislabe introspection in the configure11:18
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ttllkkthanks for the link11:18
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ttllkkAny idea how to make PYTHON list all the available modules/libraries?11:34
ttllkkI am comparing the sysroot in yocto 2.2 and 2.4 and they seem identical..11:34
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ttllkkI would like to understand the process python3 uses to execute the 'from gi.repository import GObject'11:34
nayfettllkk: it comes from
ttllkkYes, the '"$PYTHON" -c 'from gi.repository import GObject'' is what f ails11:41
ttllkkI can reproduce it on -c devshell11:41
ttllkkBut in yocto 2.2 it works11:41
ttllkkand I am comparing the sysroots and they look the same.. they both have the .typelib  file, the both have the /gi/_gojbect/
ttllkkThe error it gives is 'ImportError: cannot import name GObject, introspection typelib not found'11:42
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mkilivannayfe Can I add a package to a DEPENDS list? DEPENDS = "avahi libavahi-dnssd " failed with the following error:11:54
mkilivanERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'libavahi-dnssd'11:54
mkilivanavahi RPROVIDES libavahi-dnssd11:54
nayfe<mkilivan> DEPENDS is for recipes11:54
mkilivanI've added libavahi-dnssd to package list in avavi receipe.11:55
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Process for keeping an OE/Yocto image updated <>12:02
nayfettllkk: introspection maintainer is kanavin, maybe he'll help :)12:04
ttllkkThank you12:04
mkilivannayfe perhaps I should not modify the avahi recipe. Basically, homebridge requires libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev installed on Linux. So, I am trying to get equivalent on yocto. Can you suggest a better way of doing that?12:05
mkilivanBy the way, I noticed that issue was discussed here, I wonder if manuel_ build the code at the end. :)12:07
nayfemkilivan: there are DEPENDS when recipe needs another to compile, and RDEPENDS to tell some package needs another package in runtime12:07
nayfemkilivan: when you see "dns_sd.h is not in ..." it means you need to add the recipes responsible to fetch dns_sd.h in DEPENDS of your recipe (not RDEPENDS)12:08
mkilivanThe thing is avahi doesn't provide necessary files (I think) so I've edit a package to provide extra files. See patch is here
mkilivannow DEPENDS = "avahi libavahi-dnssd "12:13
mkilivanERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'libavahi-dnssd' (but /local/mnt/workspace/raspberrypi-rocko/poky/build/workspace/recipes/homebridge/ DEPENDS on or otherwis e requires it). Close matches:   avahi RPROVIDES libavahi-dnssd12:13
nayfeDEPENDS = "avahi" is enough12:17
nayfeas DEPENDS works with recipes, and you are modifying avahi recipe12:17
nayfebut maybe you need extra steps in do_install() to copy include files from WORKDIR to ${D}12:18
mkilivanOK, so how can make avahi recipe to add extra files? Because my changes didn't work.12:19
nayfein, do_install() part, add something like install <options> ${D}/${includedir}  ; cp -rf ${WORKDIR}/...../dns_sd.h ${D}/${includedir}/12:22
nayfebefore you can check in /tmp/work/...../avahi/.../image if dns_sd.h is already present12:23
mkilivanyes I can see that dns_sd.h is in /tmp/work/.../avahi/.../image/usr/include/avahi-compat-libdns_sd/ folder12:25
mkilivanand is in /tmp/work/.../avahi/.../image/usr/lib folder12:26
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nayfemkilivan: so its FILES_libavahi-dnssd = "${libdir}/* ${includedir}/avahi-compat-libdns_sd/dns_sd.h"12:44
mkilivannayfe I am trying to add these files in do_install() but couldn't managed yet.12:45
nayfemkilivan: if files are already installed (probably due to autotools_do_install), you dont need more, check with oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files -p avahi if dns_sd.h is listed12:46
mkilivannayfe Thanks, I can see dns_sd.h is in the output. So do you think that files are already installed then, right?12:51
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nayfemkilivan: indeed, so if you add DEPENDS = "avahi" to homeridge recipe, you should find dns_sd.h as well in sysroot-recipe12:52
mkilivannayfe in do_install() there is following line:12:53
mkilivan rm -rf ${D}${libdir}/avahi12:53
mkilivanDoes that mean these files has been deleted during install?12:53
nayfemkilivan: indeed12:55
mkilivannayfe Thanks, I will have a look at it to understand the recipe first. At least I can see what the problem is with your help. Much appreciated.12:59
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nayfemkilivan: np, did you check recipe-sysroot folder from homeridge work dir for dns_sd.h file ?13:01
mkilivanI did, dns_sd.h is not there.13:02
nayfemkilivan: do you think you can share homeridge recipe ?13:09
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nayfemkilivan: did you change FILES_libavahi-dnssd = "${libdir}/* ${includedir}/avahi-compat-libdns_sd/dns_sd.h"    (add avahi-compat-libdns_sd folder) ?13:30
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dafnaHi, I coudn't find ant documentation explaining the differences between the distribution features "x11" and "x11-base"14:58
dafnait's wrritan in the manual that "x11-base" is a x11 with minimal environment14:58
dafnacouldn't understand what is means14:59
kergothx11-base isn't a distro feature, it's an image feature15:03
kergothit controls what's installed, not how things are built / what the distro supports15:03
dafnaok, I see that x11 is both a distro and an image feature15:09
dafnaso adding x11 only as image feature , install x11 libraries related but does not initialize the server ?15:15
mkilivannayfe: I changed FILES_libavahi-dnssd to add avahi-compat-libdns_sd folder and this did a trick. Now, I can see the header file in homebridge's work folder.15:23
nayfemkilivan: nice15:24
mkilivanI still got the same error though.15:24
mkilivan../src/mdns.hpp:32:10: fatal error: dns_sd.h: No such file or directory15:24
mkilivanshould I add avahi-compat-libdns_sd in compiler's include folder?15:24
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nayfemkilivan indeed15:30
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learningcWhat's the purpose of headers when adding -dev after the image name?16:16
learningcI mean, how do we use the image-dev as compared to image without dev?16:17
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kergothlearningc: uh, you'd use the headers the same way you use headers on any linux system, for development16:27
learningckergoth, Then how do we compile the app?16:29
kergothwhat app?16:29
kergothheaders for a library are used by projects linking against that library16:29
learningcIf it's for development, this means we are developing an app?16:29
kergothif you don't know what you want to build, i cant help you16:29
kergothit's an image with headers included for you to use in your development. if you don't know waht you want to code, i don't know what to tell  you16:30
kergothit's not an image intended to develop some specific thing16:30
learningcI see16:30
learningcSo, how do we link against the library?16:31
kergothi don't have time to teach you how to code16:31
kergothgoogle is your friend16:31
learningcI know how to code. just don't understand what the -dev image used for16:32
learningcThe headers and libraries are provided16:33
learningcBut do we need a linker to link to the library?16:34
learningcWhat I mean is, does the -dev image has linker in it? Or am I misunderstanding the use of the -dev image?16:36
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dafnaHi, i'm a bit confused, the do_package_write comes after the do_package ?20:56
dafnait's a bit confusing , in the manual the do_package_write is described first20:57
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