Wednesday, 2018-01-03

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #664 of nightly-mips is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Read a specific memory address via /dev/mem from the command line <>08:54
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lukmaDear All,10:05
lukmaI do need to add #include <hexdump.h> to my yocto distro (one of my programs requires it)10:06
lukmaI've tried to add util-linux recipe, but hexdump.h seems to be only used locally there10:06
lukmaalso I've manually installed hexdump.h into ${D}/includedir/10:07
lukmaand this file is visible there10:07
lukmaunfortunately, it requires some other files "c.h"10:07
lukmaI'm wondering if I doing the stuff with correct approach10:07
lukmahas anybody seen hexdump.h to be self contained? E.g. a part of a compiler bundle ?10:08
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rakucolukma: do you actually need the version from util-linux? that one's for the hexdump(1) utility, and I don't think it's ever been expected to be shipped publicly11:00
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ttllkkHas someone seen this eror 'Exception: ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'resize'' while builidng an image? I have no clue what could be causing it11:02
ttllkk(complete error:
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mjourdanAt this line:11:12
mjourdan"f.split("-")[0]" returns the string "resize" while an integer is expected. No idea about the root cause tho :D11:12
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ttllkkIt was caused by a file which contained a '-' in its file name...11:15
ttllkkaparently the way Yocto parses the version of different packages during some phase at rootfs creation is just splitting by '-'....11:15
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ttllkkMaybe it is illegal to have a file with a '-' in its name, I didn't read about that. Anyway, fixed by just replacing it to '_'11:16
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ttllkkAny idea which package can provide 'truncate' to the host?11:33
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rakucottllkk: it's part of coreutils here11:44
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lukmarakuco: the hexdump.h looks like some standard one.....11:49
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: how to use yocto sdcard image <>11:55
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ttllkkrakuco: thanks, adding coreutils-native as a dependency fixed it12:16
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Error when I run bitbake <>12:25
ttllkkI am getting this warnings '[log_check] warning: %post(hostapd-2.6-r0.0.cortexa9hf_neon) scriptlet failed, exit status 1' how can I get more information about which error it is?12:25
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eduardas_mhello, in Yocto project Rocko release systemd recipe has Polkit option enabled by default... as I am not very familiar with Polkit, I have doubts whether it should be used on a handheld embedded device at all since it is not really a desktop distribution usecase12:40
T_UNIXI cannot specify the `SRCREV` to use via `PREFERRED_VERSION_` in my `local.conf`, right? May I override the `SRCREV` of `myPn` via `SRCREV_myPn = c0ffee`? Or do i need to add some python to do that in my `` recipe?12:40
eduardas_mI am aware Linux has a lot of security mechanisms, but am unsure which ones should be preferred for embedded usecases12:41
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Son_Gokueduardas_m: polkit is used to control automated transition from unprivileged to privileged for certain actions12:43
eduardas_mSon_Goku: yes, but why not just use sudo?12:46
Son_Gokusudo is useful for separation across processes12:47
Son_Gokupolkit is useful for controlling actions within the same process12:47
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Son_Gokubut yes, you could use sudo for most things12:47
Son_Gokuand polkit in fact uses sudo for quite a bit of stuff12:47
eduardas_mSon_Goku: so can Polkit limit a processes actions even if it is run as root?12:47
Son_Gokuwell, no12:47
Son_Gokuit limits actions of processes that aren't root12:48
Son_Gokuto limit things running as root, you'll need a MAC like SELinux12:48
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eduardas_mSon_Goku: I've actually got this strange situation where I have transitioned my BSP from pyro to rocko and my call to systemd d-bus interface no longer works from a Qt GUI running as root12:49
Son_Gokuah, polkit authorization12:50
Son_Gokuyou don't have a polkit agent to pick that up, I bet12:50
Son_Gokualternatively, you can just set polkit to pass through everything12:50
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eduardas_mSon_Goku: I can see that /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.systemd1.policy has a section with action id="org.freedesktop.systemd1.manage-unit-files"12:53
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Son_Gokuyeah, I forget exactly how to, but you can just tell polkit to always allow everything12:53
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eduardas_mSon_Goku: thank you for the tip, but do people actually use Polkit for embedded Linux system as a standard practice or is some other security model preferrable?12:55
Son_Gokuwell, it depends on the type of embedded system12:56
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Son_Gokuin your case, since you're using Qt things and whatnot, I have seen it used, mainly to prevent accidental allowance of more actions than should be allowed12:56
eduardas_mSon_Goku: I will not ask the end-user for any passwords and there will be no administrator12:56
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Son_Gokuwell then it's sort of pointless12:57
Son_Gokuthe main case where I see these is where the systems are centrally managed12:57
eduardas_mSon_Goku: device is still supposed to be cloud-connected though12:57
Son_Gokuand auth requests like that have a central policy applied to them'12:57
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eduardas_mSon_Goku: yeah, I will not have any central management like that... so do you think it would be valid to remove Polkit altogether just to avoid confusion during development and make the system simpler?13:00
Son_Gokuprobably, yes13:00
eduardas_mSon_Goku: thank you for the information provided. I find it really useful13:01
Shurelous hi guys, I created a python module using When I install it in my machine it creates a compacted .egg that works, but in my recipe I used distutils that creates .egg path that not work13:03
Shureloussomeone knows how to build compacted .egg via recipe?13:03
sveinseAn egg? A binary release? Otherwise, I'd look into pip for installing python modules, but afaik pip does not support binary eggs13:06
sveinseAh, you have a Then pip can be used13:07
sveinseSee here for recipes in how to use pip
sveinses/pip/setuptools/ it seems13:10
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Shurelousthank you very mutch sveinse, I will see it!13:25
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joshuaglpaulbarker: your FOSDEM deck lists _Yocto Project_ reference platforms *except* Intel, any reason for that?14:56
paulbarkerjoshuagl: What is the reference Intel board these days? I just see genericx86 and genericx86-64 in the meta-yocto-bsp machines14:57
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joshuaglpaulbarker: README.hardware lists the platforms Intel tests on. Minnowboard MAX seems a reasonable one to list, but the BSP supports most IA platforms AFAIK14:59
paulbarkerAh that's the file I should have been looking at14:59
joshuagleasily and often missed15:00
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paulbarkerI'll go with Minnowboard MAX15:01
CTtpollardI thought MAX had been dropped for Turbot now15:04
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eduardas_mSon_Goku: even after Polkit option removal from systemd build, my Qt app d-bus integration still does not work... any ideas what I might be doing wrong?15:16
Son_Gokucheck the journal and see what's going on?15:16
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eduardas_mSon_Goku: busctl monitor does not show anything... will check journal15:17
eduardas_mSon_Goku: journalctl does not seem to log anything d-bus related15:18
paulbarkerCTtpollard: Last I checked the Turbot was still made of unobtainium15:19
paulbarkerThough that was a long while back15:19
Son_Gokupaulbarker: still is, afaik15:20
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: During SDK build: environment-setup.d/ conflicts between attempted installs <>16:26
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* armpit hmm, thought we where going to remove old branches in the poky-contrib???20:08
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majukHuh, I just hit a similar issue to that stack overflow post on do_populate_sdk with meta-toolchain-qt5.
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bemoif I have my own cross compilers (i.e., not openembedded), can I still use yocto for building my project?  (should I?)21:58
kergothyes, you can use an external toolchain to build. precisely how to do so can vary, depending on the external toolchain in question. the CodeBench/Mentor toolchain is already supported in the meta-sourcery layer, using the meta-external-toolchain layer to do most of the work. you can try using external-toolchain directly, or use meta-sourcery as an example / starting point for adding support for yours21:59
bemoand can you have multiple external toolchains for a single project?  (say, some components use a proprietary compiler, and some use openembedded's cross-compilers?)22:00
kergothdoable, but a bit messy, not handled automatically.22:00
bemo(possibly multiple proprietary compilers)22:01
bemolooking for meta-sourcery layer now...22:01
kergothiirc meta-freescale does that to a certain extent to handle running a 64-bit toolchain / configuration for the kernel/bootloader while the rest is 3222:01
kergothjust running the external toolchain is trivial, but we also need to pull files out of the external toolchain sysroot to populate the internal recipe sysroots as well as to emit the binary packages we need to create the root filesystem22:03
kergothsince the external toolchain sysroot is just a pile of tons of files, we need recipes that list the files we need to include in each package, unless you want to create a single monolithic recipe/package for the entirety, which most tend to avoid22:03
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kergothmeta-external-toolchain helps with it, in the recipe in question, you list the files in the FILES variables we already use for our packaging, and it'll automatically search for and extract those files from the external toolchain. it has existing recipes for the common components, though glibc is a bit messy, since it has to list each individual header file22:04
bemostill new to yocto, in general, so I'll just start staring at the code and hope it starts to make sense.  :)22:05
bemoappreciate all the information/pointers!22:06
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto install glibc-locale components <>23:27
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: In Bitbake use existing debian maintainer script <>23:58
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