Friday, 2018-01-05

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sfrigonHi, I get an error when building "bitbake core-image-minimal".  It is: Copying files into the device: __populate_fs: Could not allocate block in ext2 filesystem while writing file "busybox.suid"01:55
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sfrigonI suspect it has to do with the fact that my filesystem is ZFS... but I can't tell for sure (it did work on another machine with ZFS filesystem too)01:56
sfrigonThe error comes from poky/meta/classes/image_types.bbclass01:58
sfrigonthe line is : mkfs.$fstype -F $extra_imagecmd ${IMGDEPLOYDIR}/${IMAGE_NAME}${IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX}.$fstype -d ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}01:58
sfrigonI tried running the same command on the command line, but I get an error saying that "-d" option is not supported, so... I'm a bit stuck01:59
sfrigonThe full command is actually: mkfs.ext4 -F -i 4096 /data/yocto/build-default/tmp/work/qemux86-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/deploy-core-image-minimal-image-complete/core-image-minimal-qemux86-20180104203501.rootfs.ext4 -d /data/yocto/build-default/tmp/work/qemux86-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs02:00
sfrigonIn your opinion, what should I try next?02:02
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bemosfrigon: silly question, but... is there space on your filesystem?02:09
sfrigonYes, there's like 500GB left.02:10
sfrigon... and let's see the size of the image being created..02:11
bemo... sounds like enough.   ;-)02:11
sfrigonDEBUG: Actual Rootfs size:  1722      /data/yocto/build-default/tmp/work/qemux86-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs02:11
sfrigon| DEBUG: Actual Partion size: 1 /data/yocto/build-default/tmp/work/qemux86-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/deploy-core-image-minimal-image-complete/core-image-minimal-qemux86-20180104203501.rootfs02:11
sfrigon1722, that... MB ? And partition size os... eh maybe that's a problem a partion size of 1 ?02:12
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sfrigonLet me know if you think it is a normal value... in the meantime I'll investigate why I am getting this size of 1... looks suspicious to me. Thanks02:27
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add all files from a folder in src_uri in a bitbake file <>03:03
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JJ_I have query regarding build of yocto project, I working on RDK emulator (, which developed base on yocto. I making some changes in some file using bitbake I'm only compiling that package, but to include that into final image, is there any way??05:52
JJ_I'm new to bitbake & yocto05:52
JJ_Currently I'm rebuilding my image after generating my altered package. but that is time consuming process05:53
JJ_I'm familiar with Makefile build system, there any file is changed make will take care of it and update your final image too. But after working with yocto for a while it seems like yocto doesn't work that way.05:56
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: dtc command not found in yocto <> || How to update newest yocto version <>06:04
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JJ_Can anyone help me with this question:
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to add/include altered package into final image? [Yocto Project] <>07:04
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tasslehoffI want to keep up with the latest Yocto releases, but stay on Qt 5.6.3 because of licensing stuff. Is that in any way supported?08:23
tasslehoff(good morning)08:23
tasslehoffotavio, perhaps you can answer ^08:26
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nayfetasslehoff: ?09:41
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xtronhi yocto guys, anyone here working on SELinux?09:53
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tasslehoffnayfe: thanks, but my "issue" is that Qt 5.6.3 is not in the pyro layers. it is in krogoth, but that breaks some patching from freescale. I can make it work, but just wondered if I had overlooked something, since 5.6 is an LTS release and a change point licensewise10:04
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ttllkkWhen generating an image I am getting:  "core-image-base-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: [log_check] core-image-base: found 2 warning messages in the logfile", warning: %post(init-ifupdown-1.0-r7.0.ccimx6sbc) scriptlet failed, exit status 110:29
ttllkkwhere can I check those errors?10:29
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: populate_sdk error for meta-toolchain-qt5 <>10:34
loxeenhello there. I have a problem with adding meta-oe to a raspberry pi project. Can someone help me with some info and guidelines? Thank you!10:35
xtronloxeen: do you just want to build an image for RPi, or doing something else?10:46
loxeenas a start, I just want to build an image. I managed to build it a rpi-basic-image without the meta-oe layer. but as soon as i put that one, i get this error: Could not inherit file classes/python3-dir.bbclass10:48
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rburtonloxeen: sounds like you're mixing versions11:15
rburtonmeta-oe master and an older oe-core version11:16
rburtonalways match your versions11:16
loxeenhow do i get them to the same version?11:16
rburtondid you get meta-oe using git?  switch to the right branch11:16
loxeenyes, git it is.11:17
loxeenok, let me see11:17
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tasslehoffin docker I get "Sorry, you are not allowed to execute as root." when installing the sdk. does it use fakeroot or something like that? when installing on my computer it does not ask for a password.11:21
loxeenrburton: how what exacly should I change? because I have manster branch on both poky and master-oe11:21
rburtonpython3-dir.bbclass is in poky master so i doubt that11:22
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loxeen$ git show-branch --list I get:11:23
loxeen[master] python-scons: upgrade to v3.0.1; use pypi.bbclass11:23
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tasslehoffah. nevermind. permission issues on the folder11:24
rburtonloxeen: you've broken bblayers.conf?11:24
loxeeni use hob, so i don11:24
loxeendon't think so*11:24
rburtonnot with master you don't11:24
rburtonit was deleted in 201611:25
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loxeenI have a checkout on header b8631416f12b8a904ce3deb036f9d5ce632937b011:25
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RPkanavin: we nearly got a green build: - care to send a patch to fix that piece?11:26
rburtonloxeen: thats probably the problem if you're mixing two different oe-core checkouts11:26
loxeenyes, indeed. the thing is i need to use that checkout11:27
rburtonif you want to use oe-core master then you can't use hob.  if you need to use hob then you need to use versions from when hob existed.11:27
rburton(just don't use hob)11:28
loxeenok, will try that now11:28
loxeenwithout using hob, and keep the headers and the meta-oe layer as it is now, righT?11:29
loxeenI get the same error if i do bitbake rpi-basic-image, without hob11:30
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rburtonloxeen: then you're not using the master branch of poky11:33
rburtoni'd double-check your bblayers11:33
sagnerRP: any chance to get the OpenSSL fixes in rocko anytime soon?
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rburtonkanavin: g-i fixes \o/ \o/11:36
RPsagner: armin has them queued, the builds failed though11:37
RPsagner: autobuilder issues, not your patches11:37
* RP is fighting the testing issues as fast as he can but alone, it takes a while11:38
sagnerRP: ok, I see.11:39
loxeenrburton: if i use the last version of poky i get this error at rpi-basic-image:       fatal: reference is not a tree: 05aeafd053e56356ec8c62f4bb8f7b95bae192f311:39
rburton$ git show 05aeafd053e56356ec8c62f4bb8f7b95bae192f311:40
rburtonfatal: bad object 05aeafd053e56356ec8c62f4bb8f7b95bae192f311:40
rburtondid you do a bad checkout?11:40
rburtonwithout more context i can't help at all11:40
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loxeenSo here is my build config, if it helps to create a context
paulbarkerloxeen: commit hashes look correct for master branches, could you share the full bitbake output?12:11
paulbarkerI wonder if the git error ("fatal: reference is not a tree") is happening during the fetch of some recipe12:12
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loxeenpaulbarker right away13:17
loxeenpaulbarker: here is the output
paulbarkerok, it's failing during checkout13:19
loxeenthat does that mean?13:19
paulbarkerfor prelink-native13:19
paulbarkerjust thinking it through now13:19
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paulbarkeryou were using old branches before yes?13:19
paulbarkerthen switched to master13:20
paulbarkeram I right there?13:20
loxeenthis is a new copy of the poky, up to date13:20
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paulbarkerso you didn't have an old tmp directory left behind?13:20
loxeennot really sure, but no. this is a new copy13:21
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loxeenwith commit 433ef0f8e9e63e4459934a06a42b56989c885e44 from 2th of Jan13:21
paulbarkerDid you completely delete the poky directory and start again? Or just do a `git checkout master` in each repo?13:22
loxeencompletely deleted it and created a new one13:22
paulbarkerSo we don't have old data left in tmp. That rules out my first guess13:22
paulbarkerTry fully cleaning prelink-native by running `bitbake prelink-native -c cleanall`, then retry the build13:23
paulbarkerthat may help if something got corrupted during the fetch13:23
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loxeenyas! this worked13:25
loxeenThank you, paulbarker!13:25
paulbarkerSo my guess is that the git fetch someone went wrong. That should have been caught by bitbake but for some reason it wasn't13:25
loxeeni change networks a lot, so maybe thats why some packages got corrupted somehow13:27
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xthunderheartxCan anybody explain how bitbake decides how many tasks to parallelize over the course of a build?14:13
xthunderheartxI started a bake on my spiffy new Ryzen machine this AM and it automajikly bounced out with 12 tasks at a time.14:14
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xthunderheartxThought ... 'Kewl ...' but then later about half way through the task list it throttled that back to 614:15
xthunderheartxNow it seems to only want to do 2 or 3 at a time.14:15
luneffit depends on the bottleneck of dependencies14:15
luneffafter some time, everything will wait until kernel is complete, because it is impossible to build anything else when there's no kernel14:16
luneffso it tries to do its best all the time, it is just nature of dependencies14:16
xthunderheartxAw ... that make total sense.14:16
paulbarkerxthunderheartx: what luneff said, plus it uses the number of cpu cores as a maximum14:16
xthunderheartxShould have thought of that.14:17
xthunderheartxOh yeah baby!  Back up to 12 at a go!  Awesome ...14:19
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mr_scienceexactly, dependency bottleneck14:54
mr_scienceonce you have the big things built you won't see that as much on rebuilds14:55
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daniel__I have a recipe where i created a do_install_append() method, but in total compile, install, deploy are never called. If I explicity call bitback plg -c compile then it gets executed, same for install and deploy. What am I missing ??14:56
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sveinseI have made a rudimentary performance checker,, and when I run building poky from scratch on a 40 core machine, I only get average CPU usage of around 14,9 CPUs. So yeah, not everything in Yocto builds can be parallelized.15:02
ttllkkCan someone explain what does this mean (from the Yocto 2.3 migration notes) alsa-conf-base: Merged into alsa-conf since libasound depended on both. Essentially, no way existed to install only one of these.15:06
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kanavinttllkk: migration notes are typically written as commit message summaries, so you should simply find the relevant commit15:09
xthunderheartx@sveinse: Interesting. And here I was all excited about my puny 6 cores! 40 cores or 40 threads?15:10
sveinsexthunderheartx: Dual CPU 10 core Xeon, each core with 2x HT, so I've got 40 tuxes in bootup15:12
xthunderheartxZippy I bet.15:13
sveinse..but it shows that its overkill for Yocto.15:14
sveinseLook at the URL, then you can see the results for a 16 CPU server as well. the 40 core clocks in at 19mins, while the 16 core is at 29mins (where the latter unfortunately runs on a VM)15:15
sveinseIts a part of an investigate here at our work to assess what kind of HW is needed for the various tasks15:16
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sveinsexthunderheartx: If you want to, you can download and run the test. I would be happy to place the results up on the scoreboard if you want. In fact, I'd like that.15:18
xthunderheartxWill do dood. I'll run it a little later this afternoon when I clear some of this junk from my inbox.  Work always gets in the way of getting anything done.15:23
sveinsexthunderheartx: cool. no hurry.15:23
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RPsveinse: it all depends what you're doing. I've done a lot of work trying to improve the parallelisation and optimise things in the past. Some bits of the build can take advantage of many cores (kernel, webkit, gcc to some extent)15:28
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learningcI see   .If I want to add the package, is the name mmc-utils or mmc-utils_git ?15:49
sveinseRP, yes. I'm being blunt and just measures oe/bb out of box. I've seen a wiki on Yocto about a measurement about number of tasks up against jobs. That was perhaps your work?15:50
*** luc4 <luc4!~luc4@> has joined #yocto15:51
sveinseMy purpose is not initially to tweak oe, but to gauge machine performance. What better measure than to compare the thing its going to do? I'm building a funding request to IT for the team, you see15:51
T_UNIXbitbake's fetcher apparently does not find the `7za` executable, even though it's there :-/15:53
*** dev1990 <dev1990!> has quit IRC15:54
T_UNIXalso: shouldn't mention 7z then?15:58
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RPsveinse: that was Darren's :)16:02
RPsveinse: makes sense, was also just giving background16:03
xthunderheartxDood u gotta fudge up them results soes you can get the cash for a few of 'em dual 10 core Xeons ... daaaaaaang.16:05
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RParmpit: I ran a rocko build based on your stable branch now the inode issue was fixed, its not looking bad17:10
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armpitcool. thanks. I have a few python3 change to backport still.17:14
RParmpit: right, was just hoping to clear the queue a bit17:15
RParmpit: I have a change pending for master to fix the runtime cpio fetch failure17:16
*** Herrie <Herrie!> has joined #yocto17:22
HerrieAnyone ever managed to get lvm2 into a initramfs? I'm getting dependency loops, not sure how to read them anyway17:22
HerrieThis is what I get as log:
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moto-timoRP: armpit: rocko-next is missing my python[3]-setuptools patch from yesterday18:27
armpitit ?18:28
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armpitits not in my stagging, RP pulled it in18:29
armpitto main line18:30
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sveinseI'd like to implement a singleton in a module. I do this by having a global variable 'engine' in on of the files. Problem is that I see that its slightly risky to use this, as from singleton import engine can yield different results than import singleton and then later singleton.engine. What is a good way of going around that caveat?18:31
sveinseWrong channel, sorry :(18:32
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moto-timoarmpit: my bad, it was the first patch pulled in and on a different page on the web ui19:14
moto-timoRP: ^^19:15
moto-timomaybe I should just go back to bed19:16
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batman_Hi, How do I make a recipe produce statically linked elf binaries? Is there a flag or variable I need ot set in the recipe?19:37
kergothit's not something we go out of our way to support, and how you do so precisely will vary depending on the buildsystem of the project.. you could try adding -static to LDFLAGS or so, unless the project itself provides a mechanism to do it, i.e. a configure script argument19:40
batman_hmm.. Ok, Thanks.19:42
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sfrigonHi, The logs for this year (2018) are not available in logs website. Is that normal?19:44
sfrigon(IRC Logs)19:44
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sum1so who's working on the kpti patches? seems pretty quiet20:49
sum1i see some activity on linux-yocto-contrib but nothing for linux-yocto-dev, or any of the linux-yocto-4.x repos20:55
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RPsum1: the kernel maintainer is back from vacation on Monday22:02
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sum1oh... that's unfortunate. guess i'll have to go the linux-yocto-custom route.22:10
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kergothhmm, meson.bbclass incorrectly uses TARGET_CC_ARCH rather than HOST_CC_ARCH the way the CC definition does, inconsistent with default behavior for other buildsystems22:26
kergothalso inconsistent with its own usage of HOST_PREFIX22:27
* kergoth tests22:27
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