Monday, 2018-01-08

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xtronhow to make a SRC_URI ${PV} dependent07:23
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xtroncornel: hello07:48
cornelis there an advantage in using a common sstate-cache for multiple users/builds in the same time?07:48
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xtroncornel: if you're fetching code, then it speed-up the process for all users (not every user have to fetch code)07:56
cornelxtron, is there any risk in having an inconsistent sstate cache when multiple users work with it?08:04
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xtroncornel: you can take a look at this and around08:07
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cornelxtron, thank you08:13
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devikHello :)08:27
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devikcould someone explain me how stand build/conf/local.conf and buiild/conf/bblayers.conf to this one that I have in my custom layer?08:28
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nayfedevik: hey can you be more specific plz?08:32
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devikYes, for eg when I call "source oe-init-build-env" in new clean project the build directory is created with his local bblayers and local.conf. Then I need to update it manually to use my custom meta layer. I susspect that if I have those files already in my custom meta layer then dont need to  have it in build.08:40
nayfedevik: i think you will have to create a wrapper of oe-init-build-env that will copy local.conf & bblayer.conf as templates from specific place to build folder08:43
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deviknayfe: but if I have them in my custom layer, they are used for anything by yocto or can I store them in any places?08:50
nayfedevik: local.conf and bblayer.conf are not used in layers, they are only used in build/conf08:53
nayfedevik: what is your board?08:53
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deviknayfe: general I build for x86-6408:54
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nayfedevik: for instance, in freescale, they have setup-environment script that sources oe-init-build-env and do extra stuff, (, not sure if there are other options, but it looks ok to me08:58
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devikok wrapping it is not an issue, I just wondering if those files are somehow evaluated if they are inside custom-meta09:12
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deviknayfe: I also notice that oe-init-build-env  use full paths for layers when generate bblayer.conf, is there some vriable that I can use instead in my configs that will be resolved to proper path?09:18
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devikmaybe ${TOPDIR} ?09:20
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nayfedevik: example here
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cornelnot a yocto specific question but maybe somebody knows: is there a way to see all commits accepted in a certain time interval in all layers?10:11
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Whenever running bitbake stops all application and locks the system <>10:20
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ttllkkIs there a way to exclude a specific kernel module (*.ko) to be copied?11:02
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LetoThe2ndttllkk: find out why it is installed in the first place :-)11:02
ttllkkIt is installed because the defconfig of the kernel lists it as =m11:05
ttllkkSeems like Yocto install all kernel modules by default11:06
LetoThe2ndi can't tell for sure, but i don't think so. usually they are pulled in by the kernel-modules packagegroup or such11:06
boucman_workthe first question would be : what package is it part of ? if you are lucky it's a single-module package and you just have to not install it11:09
LetoThe2ndby default it should be that.11:10
LetoThe2ndbut the correct thing actually should be to not build it at all, if you don't need it :)11:10
boucman_workLetoThe2nd: if it's enabled by the BSP, that can be tricky to do...11:10
boucman_workor can a kernel .cfg unset an option from a defconfig ?11:11
LetoThe2ndboucman_work: the OP specifically said "defconfig", and that should be easy to fix.11:11
boucman_workah, right, my bad11:11
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ttllkkI don't think there is specific package, it is included by the virtual/kernel package11:13
ttllkkThe thing is I don't want to change the defconfig... Not sure if there is something like KERNEL_MODULE_EXCLUDE11:13
boucman_workttllkk: it's not because it is built by virtual/kernel that it's in the same package...11:14
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boucman_worknot sure how to check in which package it is, though, I usually go and look in $WORKDIR for packages-split... is there a "non hackish" way of getting that info ?11:15
ttllkkI see... ok, I will check11:17
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rburtonttllkk: the default kernel packaging puts all modules into separate packages, so if you image pulls in kernel-modules then they all get installed.  don't install kernel-modules and just list the ones you want.  if you're not using the default kernel packaging and your BSP does something different then its your BSP provider you need to moan at/fix.11:31
paulbarkerttllkk: I know some BSPs call out kernel-modules in MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS which causes all modules to be installed. Which BSP or machine are you using?11:36
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to use qemu for the image build for nanopi-neo-air in yocto <>12:51
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learningcWhat is a good package to play video?13:10
learningcwithout X13:10
rburtongstreamer can do that13:11
rburtonand probably has integration for your hardware accel13:11
rburtonsaying "without x" doesn't say how you want to see the video though13:12
rburtonwayland? pixels to bare framebuffer? mir? egl?13:12
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boucman_workrburton: otoh, your answer (gstreamer) is correct whatever the backend :P13:18
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rburtonyeah pretty much, which is why its a great answer :)13:18
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Modify cmdline machine file Yocto project <>13:21
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learningcrburton, pixels to bare framebuffer of course13:33
learningcAnd so what is the package name to install?13:34
LetoThe2ndmany recent platforms do actually not have an easily accessible framebuffer anymore, as its all DRM now13:38
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learningcI'm only using core-image-minimal...13:40
LetoThe2ndthat says nothing about the hardware platform in use.13:40
learningcMy cpu does not seem to have any gpu13:40
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LetoThe2ndlook into your /dev. if there is something /dev/fbX (with x = 0,1,2...), then there is a classic framebuffer that you can poke directly.13:42
LetoThe2ndif not, then... not.13:42
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learningcI can see /dev/fb013:50
LetoThe2ndthen there is your frambuffer.13:50
LetoThe2ndexample: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb0 :-)13:50
learningcI did that already13:50
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learningcAnd I get a rainbow noisy screen13:50
LetoThe2ndcool, eh?13:51
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learningcBut now I want to fly higher13:51
LetoThe2ndhigher than the rainbow? y'must be kiddin' me13:51
learningcUp to the 7 sky13:52
boucman_worklearningc: do you know gstreamer a little ?13:52
learningcyeah, gstlaunch videosrctest | videosink13:53
learningcOnly on pc linux13:53
learningcBut how do I install it using yocto?13:54
boucman_workok, in that case you just have to install gstreamer on your target, grep your various meta to find the recipe name, then add it to IMAGE_INSTALL13:54
learningcI'm not sure what is the recipe name13:54
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learningcI see gstreamer1.0-meta-base.bb13:57
learningcI that the right package name?13:57
learningcOr: packagegroup-fsl-gstreamer1.0-commercial.bb13:58
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rburtonfigure out what you want to do on your desktop, work out what bits were used, install those14:07
rburtonie will you use gst-launch in a shell script? write some C using libgstreamer? python?14:07
rburtonwith a bit of a configuration tweak gst-player might work on bare fb14:08
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learningcYes, I will use gst-launch14:18
learningcSo what's the package name I should install?14:18
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learningcThere are so many package names that I'm confused of what to IMAGE_INSTALL_append14:19
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nayfelearningc: packagegroup-fsl-gstreamer1.0-full with LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST = "commercial" in local.conf will add all gstreamer plugins from base to ugly14:30
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learningcok thanks very much nayfe  :)14:32
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nayfelearningc: if you need less things, you can select a smaller gst package group14:32
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Disable IO-APIC in a Yocto machine file <>14:51
learningcnayfe, no, I need the full package :)14:53
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learningcnayfe, what the purpose of commercial flag?14:54
learningcWhat if I don't add that?14:54
nayfelearningc: some gst plugins are closed sources14:54
nayfeif you dont add the flag, it will not add them14:55
nayfenormally without error14:55
learningcI see. Thanks14:58
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learningcnayfe, How do I install packagegroup-fsl-gstreamer1.0-full? With IMAGE_INSTALL_append or CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL_append ?15:46
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto: howto disable IO-APIC in a machine.conf file? <>15:52
nayfelearningc>  IMAGE_INSTALL_append should do15:56
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learningcok thanks16:04
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Yocto image missing fonts (X11) <>16:52
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aehs29Morning everyone18:03
aehs29rburton: hey Ross, just got my computer back, whats happened with the python manifest patches, I should get that done correctly once and for all18:04
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kergothERROR: Unable to start bitbake server18:26
* kergoth sighs, yet again18:26
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silbeIs there an officially supported way to prevent bitbake from caching a single recipe (__BB_DONT_CACHE sounds private)? I'd like to include "git describe" output in os-release but bitbake apparently only evaluates the variables once so os-release never gets rebuilt. I've managed to work around it by setting the variable in local.conf (with immediate expansion) but now _every_ recipe gets reparsed on changes.18:27
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ikkysleepywhat's a good light weight www server for yocto?18:47
sum1lighttpd is pretty light18:48
sum1is bruce ashfield back from vacation?18:49
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batman_Hi, I want to add a package to the host sysroots of a sdk I am building by do_populate_sdk. I tried adding my package to SDKIMAGE_INSTALL. But, I am not seeing my package in the host manifest file of the resulting sdk19:32
batman_I looked at populate_sdk_base.bbclass and I only see19:32
batman_SDKIMAGE_INSTALL_COMPLEMENTARY variable getting used. Am i missing something?19:32
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paulgtelnetd responding to port 80 is pretty light.19:39
* paulg runs19:39
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batman_never mind, There only SDKIMAGE_INSTALL_COMPLEMENTARY variable.19:47
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bemonewbie question - it seems Yocto is very well suited to taking the best-of-breed code from various projects, applying any necessary patches, layering it all together (configurations, etc.) to create a final build, but I'm unclear how that fits in with maintaining an entire project.  specifically, what is the typical development cycle for projects maintained by Yocto?  (do people dive into the build directories, and attempt bug-fixes there19:50
*** JosePerez <JosePerez!jgperezc@nat/intel/x-cohqdoqxytvpsnig> has joined #yocto19:50
bemoor, is it more intended as a tool for creating well-structured distributions from source code maintained outside of the yocto project itself?19:51
LetoThe2ndbemo: the latter, pretty much19:52
bemoLetoThe2nd: thanks!19:52
*** bavery_fn <bavery_fn!~bavery@> has joined #yocto19:52
kergothbemo: if you do want to dive in and fix bugs in the source code of your components, devtool makes that workflow much easier19:53
bemodevtool -- part of yocto?19:53
*** JosePerez1 <JosePerez1!jgperezc@nat/intel/x-oirbpvudjjhgultx> has joined #yocto19:53
LetoThe2ndbemo: part of oe-core, to be precise :)19:54
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bemokergoth: specifically, I realized that if patches are applied as part of the Yocto build, and I start modifying code in one of the sync'd build directories that have been patched, I need to un-patch anything first, to avoid accidentally committing those as well.19:55
*** JosePerez1 <JosePerez1!jgperezc@nat/intel/x-qmifvdhidhwtdfio> has joined #yocto19:55
bemoLetoThe2nd: will look for more information on it (in oe-core) -- thanks again.19:55
LetoThe2ndbemo: thats why you don't mix automated building and patching with code development. if you absolutely need to do source level development in an openembedded context, compiling though EXTERNALSRC (as managed by devtool) is th way to go.19:56
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!> has joined #yocto19:57
bemoLetoThe2nd: thanks -- have been looking into possible build systems for our internal code -- and trying to understand Yocto's intended goal and decide if our software engineers can "develop code" with Yocto as the build system, or if it's better used for building our final images.19:58
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bemofound it:
LetoThe2ndbemo: hint: "yocto" is not a build system, but just an umbrella name. technically, you're specaking of openembedded, respectively bitbake. and the answer is relatively clea (unless you have super specific needs): develop your application in a distribution- and architecture agnostic way, using a proper infrastructure like autotools, cmake, meson, etc. don't do magic scripts and homebrew20:01
LetoThe2ndmake-replacement-solutions. then any distribution ...20:01
LetoThe2nd... building system (like openembedded is) should be fine to use it.20:01
bemoLetoThe2nd: thanks -- guess I'm really thinking about bitbake then20:03
bemoLetoThe2nd: the other issue is pulling in third-party applications that already have their own build systems... was trying to decide if "porting" those to use yocto made sense.20:04
LetoThe2ndbemo: you're still mixing up  te build system "levels". bitbake is a kind of upper-level build system. it decides which packages to build, and in turn calls the lower-level buld systems per package. so its two choices you have to make. 1) the source-level build system (lower level), like autotools, meson, cmake... and 2) the distribution level build system (higher level), like openembedded, elbe,20:06
LetoThe2ndbuildroot, ...20:06
LetoThe2ndand given a proper design, those choces are orthogonal.20:07
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skz81bemo, I guess companies are maintaining their own specific -- possibily proprietary-- code, too...20:08
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bemoskz81: <nod/>20:11
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto20:12
bemoLetoThe2nd: I'm also assuming that if there's a mix-and-match of both 1) and 2), it will be more painful to use yocto.20:13
bemoLetoThe2nd: (especially in the context of having some of the code being developed internally, and other parts of the code being delivered by third-parties to us)20:13
*** kpo__ <kpo__!> has joined #yocto20:13
bemoLetoThe2nd: (with whatever build system that particular third-party chose to build their code)20:14
LetoThe2ndbemo: is only painful if your design shifts responsiilities of one buld system to the other.20:14
bemoLetoThe2nd: which will likely happen, unfortunately.20:14
LetoThe2nddivide et impera. (or something like that)20:14
bemoanyway, thanks for the help -- I think I understand.  :)20:15
skz81bemo : will your projects will be compiled for different targets ? Is the purpose to produce root filesystem, able to boot and run the applience on a specific hardware ?20:15
skz81Mixing open source project AND possibly specific application code ?20:16
bemoskz81: yes, essentially (to all of the above)20:16
*** yann <yann!> has joined #yocto20:16
bemoskz81: and proprietary code.20:17
bemoskz81: (potentially provided by third-parties)20:17
skz81Ok, then it makes perfectly sense to use a "build system" and all complexity.... Nevertheless, and back to your question : "...and decide if our software engineers can "develop code" with Yocto as the build system..."20:18
bemoskz81: think self-driving vacuum cleaners, and we're working on the lights/music.  ;-)  (entirely contrived example)20:19
skz81Software developpers, if working on a very specific feature will work on a spacific component of the system, just as some other open source component you'll pull from the web (or preferably, local mirror caches :p )20:20
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bemoskz81: understood20:21
skz81Then, as LetoThe2nd explained very well, they work UNDER the build system, at makefile / autotools / cmake level20:21
skz81good :)20:21
bemoskz81: appreciate the help!20:22
skz81But "integrator(s)" (a specific kind of software engineer) will need to know well the build system used to produce target images... It's the obvious, but may be worth to note.20:24
skz81glad you appreciate :)20:24
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sum1is it possible to use in-tree defconfigs when building a custom kernel from in yocto so I don't have to supply a defconfig line to the SRC_URI in my layer?23:11
*** Son_Goku <Son_Goku!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto23:16
*** nrclark <nrclark!605aad49@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto23:19
nrclarkI'm working on a yocto recipe that needs different do_configure() actions for ${PN}-staticdev than it does for ${PN}23:20
nrclarkgoing crazy trying to figure out how to make that happen23:20
nrclarkanybody got some advice?23:20
nrclark*('bitbake recipe', not 'yocto recipe'), that is23:21
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mattsmnrclark you might just keep two build dirs and one source dir and run configure in each one23:36
mattsmmkdir build build-static23:37
*** silbe <silbe!> has quit IRC23:37
mattsm( cd build; ../configure )23:37
mattsm( cd build-static; ../configure --static )23:38
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nrclarkhmm, that could work maybe but it's a little messy23:47
nrclarkis there any way inside of a recipe (env variable, python snippet, anything) to tell whether or not the target is -staticdev?23:48
rburtonnrclark: no as you build once for all the packages23:58
rburtonif you want to build twice for one recipe then you just need to build twice23:58
rburtonusing out-of-tree build dirs is a good way, if you're using autotools23:58
rburtonpresumably not, as that can build both at once23:59

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