Monday, 2018-01-15

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sveinseAnyone with python knowledge here? I have a py-based service which runs "from dbus.mainloop.glib import DBusGMainLoop" and "from gi.repository import GObject as gobject". This fails on rocko, but works on pyro. I suppose there is a dependency missing, but diffing the manifests does not give me any clues. Familiar to anyone?09:54
sveinseIt fails on ImportError: cannot import name GObject09:54
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eduardas_mhello, I have a cmake project that compiles well both on Ubuntu 16.04 and MSYS2, but fails to compile via bitbake recipe because it can not find the most usual of headers, like <stdio.h> or <chrono>10:04
eduardas_mfatal error: stdio.h: No such file or directory10:04
hnjeeduardas_m: #include_next or ordinary #incldue that fails?10:04
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kanavinsveinse: you need to depended python3-pygobject I think10:06
eduardas_mhnje: ordinary include... here is my recipe:
eduardas_mhnje: here is the compile failure log:
xtronany selinux guy here?10:08
eduardas_mhnje: note the "fatal error: stdio.h: No such file or directory"10:08
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sveinsekanavin: yeah, I have that (on both versions)10:39
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kanavinsveinse: then you need to see why the imported modules fail to import. are they installed?10:44
sveinsekanavin: yes. I suspect there is some secondary dependency missing. Dbus and glib is tricky whis way10:46
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kanavinsveinse: running with strace may help10:48
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luneffhow interesting: "nothing provides capnproto = 0.6.1-r0 needed by capnproto-dev-0.6.1-r0.cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv4". so Yocto knows about -dev package, but not about the main package. I'm trying to include -staticdev version into the image and SDK10:58
luneffhm. capnproto RPROVIDES capnproto-dev10:59
rburtonsounds like that recipe is pretty messed up11:00
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ttllkkERROR: greengrass-1.1.0-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: /greengrass/ggc/packages/1.1.0/lambda/arn contained in package greengrass requires aws:lambda:::function:GGShadowSyncManager/syncmanager_greengrass:, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_greengrass? [file-rdeps]11:18
ttllkkAny idea about how could I look at what could provide aws::lambda.. ?11:18
luneffrburton, I think I'll go by with SDKIMAGE_FEATURES = "dev-pkgs dbg-pkgs staticdev-pkgs", testing if that lib gets into te toolchain11:20
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isaac_Is there any have to have all meta-* layers inside a dedicate "layer" directory without breaking the poky repository?11:23
LetoThe2ndisaac_: hum, waht do you mean? having all layers inside the poky dir is a rather bad idea. having them all in a seperate "layers" dir besides the poky dir - sure, why not.11:25
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luneffrburton, no luck, .a files not added to the toolchain. :-(11:30
rburtonisaac_: layers can go anywhere, and poky is just oe-core + bitbake, so its absolutely possible to have the layout you want with your distro11:30
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isaac_@rburton: That's correct. But I cannot do "git pull" to update my recipes to upstream as the files have been moved11:48
rburtonisaac_: don't use pok11:48
rburtonmake your own merged repo11:48
luneffhm. getting ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'capnproto-staticdev' while capnproto RPROVIDES capnproto-staticdev; capnproto recipe indeed produces all the packages I need, it looks like the recipe just doesn't know that for sure :-)11:49
isaac_rburton: What distro do you recommend? We have various modules (Toradex, Ka-Ro, etc) and want to have a common denominator so that most of recipes works without any modification11:54
luneffPROVIDES_append = "capnproto-staticdev capnproto-dev" seems to work, btw11:55
isaac_rburton: Having all products on the same distro helps to reduce configuration headaches11:55
rburtonisaac_: your own distro, that's the point.11:55
rburtonpoky is a vehicle for QA, we don't expect anyone to use it in production11:55
isaac_rburton: I see. So we should have our customized layer over poky as the base for other meta layers11:57
rburtonisaac_: not over poky, you fetch bitbake + oe-core + all other layers, and arrange them how you want11:58
rburtonpoky is just bitbake + oe-core + meta-poky (the poky distro config) + meta-yocto-bsp (reference BSPs for QA purposes)11:58
rburtonyourdistro is bitbake + oe-core + meta-networking + meta-mylayer, or whatever11:59
luneffargh. still nothing provides capnproto = 0.6.1-r0 needed by capnproto-dev-0.6.1-r0.cortexa7hf-neon-vfpv412:00
luneffeven with PROVIDES_append = " capnproto capnproto-compiler capnproto-dbg capnproto-dev capnproto-staticdev "12:01
isaac_rburton: Got it. I thought poky is something critical to yocto build. Apparently it's just a sample set of other meta layers12:04
luneffand actually there isn't any "capnproto" package O_o12:04
luneffjust -dev, -staticdev, -compiler and -dbg12:04
rburtondoes capnproto even ship a shared library?12:06
rburtonyou may be looking for a package that doesn't exist for good reason12:06
luneffI'm ok there isn't just a "capnproto", it is -dev version that seeks for 'capnproto'. and it contains headers etc, and it can't be installed12:07
rburtonas i said, sound like the recipe is broken12:07
luneffhow do I fix it? I think, I just need to remove ${PN} dependency from -dev version12:08
luneffDEPENDS_${PN}-dev_remove = " ${PN} " ?12:09
isaac_rburton: Thanks rburton! That was very informative12:12
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rburtonluneff: if there's meant to be no shared library instealled, then yes.  no need for bonus whitespace inside the _remove though12:16
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luneffhm, that's not what I've meant to do... interesting12:20
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BubuIICIs there an easy way to use latest stable kernel inside yocto?12:29
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BubuIICI guess I have to go through the create your own custom kernel recipe section...12:52
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learningcIs there a way to completely remove opengl from yocto?13:21
LetoThe2ndlearningc: why do you even add it?13:22
LetoThe2ndlearningc: none of my projects comes with opengl, so the answer is certainly "yes"13:22
learningcI did not add. There is a package that compiles something against it13:23
LetoThe2ndlearningc: so you did not add it directly, but indirectly as a dependency13:23
learningcGLuint texture;13:23
LetoThe2ndbut the question is "can i build package XYZ without opengl", not if you can remove it from the build.13:23
LetoThe2ndeither tell the package to explicitly not use opengl, or... patch it to not use it. such auto-detected dependencies during the configure run are an absolutely major pita.13:25
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rburtonlearningc: remove opengl from DISTRO_FEATURES, and anything that does use opengl is buggy and you should be able to fix13:40
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learningcLetoThe2nd, Absolutely. Now it pains so much that I cannot sleep13:47
learningcCan I put  DISTRO_FEATURES_remove in my local.conf?13:49
rburtonlearningc: yes, but you should put it in your own distro configuration in the long term13:50
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learningcWhere can I check if yocto has detected opengl in the process?14:13
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rburtonlearningc: yocto doesn't care.  you mean how to check if a specific recipe has looked for opengl?14:29
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rburtonwell one easy way would be to make whatever your opengl provider is (mesa, etc) abort if it gets built with opengl disabled14:29
rburtonlibx11 does this for this reason: if you turned off x11 you don't want any X, so force it by refusing to build14:30
learningcI see14:33
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Cant get Java to run on Ostro <>14:49
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acrapHi, guys! Where can i get information how to add new MACHINE through BSP with custom linux kernel (4.14 linux-mti)?14:59
acrapi got the following error14:59
acrapERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'kern-tools-native'14:59
acrapERROR: kern-tools-native was skipped: incompatible with machine boston_i6400 (not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE)14:59
acrapERROR: Required build target 'linux-yocto-boston' has no buildable providers.14:59
acrapMissing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['linux-yocto-boston', 'kern-tools-native']15:00
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acrapsometimes it is another packet, like pseudo-native or smth like that15:00
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xthunderawayxMorning - I'm creating a recipe to build a package from dbus-cxx but get stuck @ do_configure15:37
xthunderawayxThe step doesn't appear to fail, it just doesn't actually configure anything.  I get this in the log:15:37
xthunderawayxDEBUG: Executing shell function do_configure15:38
xthunderawayxNOTE: nothing to configure15:38
xthunderawayxDEBUG: Shell function do_configure finished15:38
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xthunderawayxI followed the example in Rudolf Streif's book for an autotools recipe.15:38
xthunderawayxI can't see anything wrong.  I originally had a malformed recipe name but have corrected that ...15:39
xthunderawayxAny clues?15:39
LetoThe2ndxthunderawayx: can you put the recipe-so-far into a pastebin?15:41
xthunderawayxSure ... take a second to set up.15:41
xthunderawayxI used to have pastebin but haven't used it in ages.15:42
LetoThe2ndxthunderawayx: just some random pastebin website and copypaste it there :)15:44
xthunderawayxyep ... just as a guest on pastebin. One sec while I get the recipe from a remote machine ...15:45
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xthunderawayxSorry dood ... how bout this:
xthunderawayxIt is dirt simple: SRCURI, inherit autotools.15:49
xthunderawayxI left out the depends because I know they are already satisfied. Just dbus and libsigc15:50
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xthunderawayxThe code gets fetch properly and the I've built natively on ubuntu no sweat before ...15:51
LetoThe2ndxthunderawayx: ah. you're probably missing something along the lines of S=${W}/git or such. you're pulling a specific revision by git, so the automatic directory setup doesn't help you.15:53
xthunderawayxAw ... rog that.  I'll adjust and try again.  I thought it might be something along those lines when I realized the code was fetching to a weird place.15:54
LetoThe2ndsorry, it is S = "${WORKDIR}/git"15:54
xthunderawayxI had a malformed recipe name with a "-" instead of a "_" between package and version.15:55
LetoThe2ndthats another bummer, yes.15:55
xthunderawayxWhen I found that I thought "that's it" but after I was baffled.  Thax for the tip!!15:56
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rburtonxthunderawayx: please submit it to meta-oe when you're done, as this recipe comes up every few months and nobody ever submits it15:59
xthunderawayxWill do. I was *very* surprised it wasn't already available.16:00
rburtonpretty sure if you dig in the meta-oe list you'll find a recipe i was reviewing a while ago but the submitter never submitted a v216:03
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xthunderawayxI currently have it fetching from a fork I put on gitlab, but I'll set it up to pull from the original repo before I submit it.16:05
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xthunderawayxLetoThe2nd: Yep that got me going. Still issues, but it did try to configure with the change. Again many thx.16:17
LetoThe2ndxthunderawayx: good luck16:18
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: How to use '&' character in Yocto SRC_URI svn:// <>16:20
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sveinseI have big problems getting python-pygobject to work in rocko, when it works fine in pyro. I've been stracing and injecting debug prints into the py libraries all day, but I simply don't know what to do :(17:34
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xthunderawayxHow do I translate "$ svn checkout svn:// dbus-cxx-code" into an SRCURI suitable for Bitbake? I tried: "SRC_URI = "svn://;module=dbus-cxx-code""17:50
xthunderawayxBut I was brutally rebuffed.17:50
*** vdehors <vdehors!~vdehors@> has quit IRC17:51
xthunderawayxMaybe it needs ";protocol=http" ??17:51
neverpanicI think module will be appended to the URL, so you were trying to check out code/trunk/dbus-cxx-code. Maybe you want module=trunk;path_spec=dbus-cxx-code17:53
xthunderawayxneverpanic: I did read that section but musta misunderstood the module directive because I've not used subversion much. "dbus-cxx-code" is the "path" where svn puts stuff locally maybe?  Anyway I'll try it your way and come back if I flop.17:58
ttllkkWhy could it be that the '' shows a dependency like '"libqmi" -> "bash"' but in the libqmi recipe I see no 'DEPENDS += bash' or similar?17:59
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xthunderawayxneverpanic: Yep ... that helped. Many thx!18:03
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sveinseHave anyone tested python-pygobject on rocko?18:32
sveinseIt fails on import, both on GObject and GLib18:33
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batman_Hi, I want to include a build fragment produced by  a recipe to the recipe specific sysroot and then later consume the build fragment in another recipe18:58
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batman_I have SYSROOT_DIRS += "${output_dir}" in the recipe producing build fragement19:00
batman_But, what should be the source dir in the recipe consuming the build fragment?19:00
*** skz81 <skz81!> has joined #yocto19:01
xthunderawayxI'm getting this from do_configure: WARNING: using cross tools not prefixed with host triplet19:24
xthunderawayxwhich appears to complete otherwise.19:24
xthunderawayxHowever, the subsequent do_compile yacks all over when trying to run m4 on a load of headers.19:25
xthunderawayxIs it possible that I need to tell configure which system I'm targeting?19:25
xthunderawayxhelp /NICK19:28
xthunderawayxoh for pitty's sake ...19:28
rburtonxthunderawayx: the cross tools thing, iirc, is not relevant19:33
xthunderawayxOk ... thx.  One less rabbit hole to explore :)19:36
*** xthunderawayx is now known as xthunderworkx19:38
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xthunderworkxI'm working on a recipe for dbus-cxx and I finally got it to compile apparently, but only with 'manual intervention'20:05
xthunderworkxDo my fetch gets everything from the upstream svn repo20:05
xthunderworkxNo problem.20:05
xthunderworkxCode ends up underneath DL_DIR20:06
xthunderworkxThen I guess unpack somehow moves it into my WORKDIR.20:06
xthunderworkxconfigure finds it and does it's thing20:07
xthunderworkxBut then compile starts to work in a directory 'build' under WORKDIR where it looks like things get copied again20:08
xthunderworkxThe thing is, there is a file in the source called template.macros.m4 that doesn't make it under 'build'20:09
xthunderworkxSo do_compile get very angry.20:09
xthunderworkxIf I copy it over manually, the do_compile completes.20:09
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xthunderworkxWhat am I missing?20:10
*** Snert <Snert!> has joined #yocto20:10
rburtonxthunderworkx: sounds like the autotools setup is broken and doesn't handle out-of-tree builds (upstream bug, trivial to fix).  work around it with inherit autotools-buildsep instead of just inherit autotools20:11
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rburtonerm, autotools-brokensep, sorry20:11
xthunderworkxOk got it: autotools-brokensep. I'll give that a go.  Thx!20:13
rburtonif that fixes it, should be trivial to fix upstream, file a bug20:14
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ranrandoes filesystem libaries version depends on kernel version ?20:15
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ranran_rburton, but syscalls might be modified in new kernel versions, doesn't it has any affect on libraries dependencies (on kernel) ?20:20
rburtonno, because apps don't call syscalls, glibc does20:20
rburtonand syscalls don't renumber20:20
ranran_I wander if same syscall might change its API (with added arguments) between kernel versions?20:22
rburtonyou'll never need to care20:22
rburtonglibc handles that for you20:22
rburton(no, syscalls don't get api changes)20:22
ranran_I mean, if I stay with old kernel, and move to newer yocto (with newer glibc), can it be problematic ?20:22
rburtonwell only if you want to use software that depends on the new kernel, and obviously don't ever ship a product using an old unsupported kernel which is full of root exploits20:23
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ranran_I mean, if new kernel might have new syscall that glibc and certian libararies are calling, than obviously these calls will fail.20:26
ranran_will fail with the older kernel20:27
zeddii_homenope. glibc actually checks for them for the most part. only inline, hand crafed calls would fail.20:27
zeddii_homemoral of the story. kernel version -> syscall -> glibc is all handled gracefully and has been for over a decade.20:28
zeddii_homethere aren’t really new problems in that space.20:28
ranran_Ok, thanks a lot rburton & zeddii, that's real good news for me. I don't like too much dependencies...20:29
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xthunderworkxrburton: Yep. Fixed it up apparently. I'll submit a bug.20:41
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ticktockHi, can someone tell me if it's possible to override an "IMAGE_INSTALL_remove"?  One layer contains an image recipe that removes a package using 'IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = "<package"', but I want to override that and re-add the package in my own image recipe21:18
ticktockIf I try to use 'IMAGE_INSTALL_append="<package>"', the package is not added (presumably because the other layer removed it)21:19
ticktockIf I run bitbake with the "-e" flag to show how it's building IMAGE_INSTALL, I can see that the other layer is removing it, and my layer is adding it after that, but it still does not end up in my image21:20
ticktockthe only thing that seems to work is commenting out the "IMAGE_INSTALL_remove" from the other layer, but ideally I do not want to have to alter someone else's layer21:21
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rburtonticktock: no.  just write your own image recipe21:22
ticktockso I have to write a new image recipe?  I can't use a .bbappend image recipe?21:23
rburtonyou can, but why cant you just write your own image?  it's your image, not someone elses.21:23
rburtonpeople seem very hesitant to do things the way it was designed: write your own distro config, write your own image recipes. etc.21:23
ticktockthere are several layers that modify the image recipe, so I would have to replicate all of those modifications21:23
rburtonwell that's a bit crazy :)21:24
ticktockyeah, it is kind of crazy :)21:24
kergothlayers should not bbappend images, bad, bad. too common..21:25
ticktockthen it should not be allowed21:25
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto21:25
rburtonimages are just recipes, impossible to stop21:26
rburton(without breaking abstractions)21:27
kergothtechnically not impossible, if we were to leverage internal bitbake variables, anyway, but it'd piss a lot of people off, and goes against our general philosophy of high flexibility21:27
* kergoth nods21:27
rburtoni knew you'd say that ;)21:27
kergothwas thinking about it yesterday, actually, we have a couple internal layers doing it, and it's annoying me21:27
kergothshould have a sanityc heck or yocto compliance script warn about it, if nothing else21:28
kergothcourse, compliance should fail anyway if it changes it unconditionally, so maybe it's a nonissue going forward21:28
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zarzar1is it possible to pull all the code for yocto without running a build? i have a yocto settup for bbb but i don;t want to run the build, i just want to pull all the code21:29
rburtonyou mean eg glibc source, kernel source21:30
rburtonbitbake <whatever image you wanted to build> -c fetchall21:30
rburtonor bitbake world -c fetchall to get the source for every recipe bitbake knows about21:31
zarzar1rburton: the second option, sounds like it pulls in code that might not be used21:31
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zarzar1what's the trick for the fetcher failure "URL doesn't work"21:40
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xthunderworkxMy dbus-cxx recipe doesn't seem to append the correct version numbers to the libraries it creates.22:20
xthunderworkxIt seems to use the right version for the package files etc ...22:21
xthunderworkxIs there a build variable I'm missing?22:21
kergoththe recipe doesn't append anything, that's up to the build system of dbus-cxx22:21
xthunderworkxBut I should end up with something like and not right?22:23
xthunderworkxi.e. I'm doing something wrong/22:23
xthunderworkxIn the rootfs I mean22:24
xthunderworkx"" I mean22:25
xthunderworkxOh ... sure. I see your point. Of course the recipe doesn't literally "append" anything. But it does tell the build system how to construct the target package.22:29
xthunderworkxSo my question is improper, but I'm not certain how to reform it.22:31
kergoththat means they didn't set SONAME when linking it22:31
kergothif it's 0.0.0, that is22:32
kergoththe recipe doesn't delve down into that detail when calling into the underlying buildsystem22:32
*** bodangly <bodangly!~bodangly@2601:18a:c780:27a0:a4b8:dfad:f2dd:40f1> has joined #yocto22:33
xthunderworkxThey would be me right?  The recipe author should set SONAME based on PV?22:33
kergothsoname and library versioning has nothing to do with us, that's up to the upstream project22:33
xthunderworkxAw ... I see. So its an autoconf thing?22:34
*** dev1990 <dev1990!> has quit IRC22:34
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kergothautomake, technically, but that's the sort of thing, yes22:35
xthunderworkxGot it. Thx!22:36
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto22:39
kergothbuild it outside of oe, it'll emit .0.0.0 there too :)22:40
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rburtonzarzar1: set your proxies23:21
rburtonsounds like dbus-cxx is an awesome project if they don't version the libraries23:22
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