Wednesday, 2018-01-17

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batman_Hi, I do not see "bb.event.BuildStarted" event in my build. has anything changed in Roko?00:59
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seebsokay sorry for the insane delay but i finally have a patch for 11996 that i don't utterly hate01:05
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seebshey so, i got some free cycles today, and i have merged all the pseudo patches I had in my inbox, and bumped version number to 1.9.0 in master branch. This has *not* been adequately tested against oe-core, though.01:49
Crofton|workseebs, thanks for what you can do though!01:50
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seebsi had that really horrible patch for 11996 and basically i hated it and it offended me01:51
seebsso i finally got the cycles to properly rework it, and i think it should now actually work correctly and result in way less database garbage.01:51
Crofton|workthose are always the worst01:51
seebswithout that, it turns out that open("/path/to/dir", ..., O_TMPFILE) would result in a bogus entry in the database under the name /path/to/dir, probably. Sometimes.01:51
seebsSo now O_TMPFILE is handled much more magically, and I think the net results will be better, and it does at least pass the obvious test of "if you run a program that uses O_TMPFILE, then linkat /proc/self/fd/N to a name, do you get something plausible".01:52
seebsso thanks! as always, please remember to leave stacks of small, unmarked, nonsequential bills in a dufflebag at the usual location. :)01:53
seebsbut that gets you the epoll thing to handle the 1024-file case, and the O_TMPFILE thing, and a couple of others.01:54
paulgy'all need to get with the game.  No serial numbers on $2 coins.01:54
paulgand while at it, ditch the stupid penny already.01:55
seebsI also have a patch that is not yet ready which restores some of the reliability features from the original design, while preserving most of the speed enhancements from the FASTOP thing.01:55
paulgyou may, however, need assistance in lifting a giant sack of two dollar coins.01:56
paulgthen again y'all keep laughing at Kanuckistan for putting milk in bags, so maybe sacks of two dollar coins in bags is still a ways off...02:00
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phako[m]hello, is there already someone working on integrating systemd 236?06:47
acrapHi, guys! Has somebody worked with linux-dummy? I can't find any instructions...06:49
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Ramose_Hello, how one can build for a particular machine defined in meta-fsl-arm from some other custom layer ?07:53
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rob_whow do i disalbe gcc optimisation for one package .. seems -O1 pr -O2 or inroduced somewhere08:40
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jozohello how can I add headers/libs from some packages which are not in rootfs ? (bitbake -c populate_sdk)10:12
jozopackages into sdk10:12
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Bitbake the latest Gstramer in Yocto Morty <>10:56
eduardas_mrburton: Hello, I am working with Rocko and using systemd 234. Although systemd provides a --disable-hwdb option via autotools-generated configure script, it is not among the PACKAGECONFIG options in the bitbake recipe. How do I properly disable hwdb functionality in systemd and avoid including the udev-hwdb package?11:00
eduardas_mrburton: it became apparent to my colleague that hwdb has a significant negative impact on boot time for our system and does not look to be necessary for our needs11:01
rburtoneduardas_m: its a recommends so use BAD_RECOMMENDS11:03
rburtonerm, BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS even11:03
rburton(or add the packageconfig and send a patch)11:03
eduardas_mrburton: are you the one actually maintaining the systemd recipe? You seem to be listed as the OpenEmbedded Core/User Space maintainer11:05
rburtonno, i'm not11:05
rburtonRECIPE_MAINTAINER_pn-systemd = "Chen Qi <>"11:05
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eduardas_mrburton: thank you. was not really aware of the file11:09
ttllkkSeems like packages using 'inherit pkg-config' have 'bash' as a dependency, which includes bash in the final target images. Is this expected? I think this behaviour is new in Yocto 2.3/2.411:10
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rburtonttllkk: easy to prove, can you do so?11:10
ttllkkwhat do you mean 'do so' ?11:11
rburtonprove it11:11
rburtonyour assertion is vague11:12
ttllkkNo, not suer11:12
ttllkkThat's why I said 'Seems like', I am not suer..11:12
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ttllkkI was checking packages depending on bash by: 'cat | grep "\-> \"bash" | grep -v "\-completion"'11:12
ttllkkand I get the list11:12
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rburtonbuild depends != runtime depends11:12
ttllkkI have a package 'p' that is listed with that command, as in ' "p" -> "bash" '11:13
ttllkkis there a way I can get the root cause of that dependency?11:13
ttllkkI tried with 'bitbake -e p | less ' and having a look11:13
rburtonthat would tell you if it were in DEPENDS, yes11:14
ttllkkI check that for example, but it is not there11:14
rburtonif you can replicate this with a package in oe-core then others would be able to help11:14
rburtonwhat is the actual problem though11:14
rburtonas i said, build depends != runtime depends11:14
ttllkkThe final problem is that 'bash' is ending up in the target, and I would like to get rid of it.11:14
ttllkkSo I assume the reason for that is that there is a package that *runtime depends* on bash, not *depends* on bash?11:15
rburtonso run rpm -e bash or whatever on the target to see what it says is stopping it being removed11:15
rburton(easiest way to find out what the dependency was)11:15
ttllkkOuch, I didn't think of that11:15
ttllkkI will try that11:15
rburtonthere are tools to inspect dependency trees but that is so much easier11:16
ttllkkSeems obvious now. I was trying to get the informatino just from Yocto. I am sure there is a way.11:16
ttllkkBut checking on the target is good enough for me11:16
ttllkkerror: Failed dependencies:         /bin/bash is needed by (installed) rpm-1:4.13.90+git0+a8e51b3bb0-r0.0.cortexa9hf_neon         bash is needed by (installed) rpm-1:4.13.90+git0+a8e51b3bb0-r0.0.cortexa9hf_neon11:16
rburtonthere you go11:16
ttllkkthat would mean that rpm runtime depends on bash?11:17
rburtonso either 1) switch to opkg 2) dont ship package management tools 3) look at why rpm needs bash, and see if the scripts can be ported to pure sh11:17
ttllkkHowever, should bash appear here, then?11:18
rburtonit appears there for a reason: rpm is shipping a bsh script11:18
ttllkkor could it be that it is an indirect dependency?11:18
ttllkk(shouldn't rpm report the direct dependency in that case?)11:18
rburtonno, as some dependencies are only know at build time (another example is every library dependency)11:19
ttllkkI see11:20
ttllkkthank so much for all the help!11:20
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JaMafontforge-native is now failing with "/bin/bash: msgfmt: command not found" even when it inherits gettext, any idea what might be wrong?12:10
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rburtonJaMa: damnit!12:15
rburtonJaMa: needs explicit dependency on gettext-native12:16
rburtonnative disables NLS so just has gettext-minimal-native in the depends12:16
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otavioMarex: hello12:19
otavioMarex: please provide the u-boot upgrade for 2018.0112:20
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JaMarburton: thanks, will try that12:28
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Marexotavio: heh, git mv no longer works ? :)12:31
MarexI saw the autoupdater report ...12:31
RPDid the auh emails make it to the mailing list?12:33
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rburtonRP: it was cc'd but i suspect they're all in moderation?12:55
rburtoni got one for my recipe that was attempted which cc'd core but none of the others12:55
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symm3tryHello everyone13:02
symm3tryI want to use the linux uio driver with yocto13:03
symm3trydo i have to add it to the build?13:03
symm3tryif so, how?13:04
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kanavinRP: rburton: it's bizarre, they do have oe-core list in CC, but they aren't actually sent there. Only the overall report is.13:08
kanavinI'm not convinced we want them on the list in the first place though13:09
rburtonkanavin: tend to agree13:09
RPkanavin: Iwonder if its a moderation or subscription issue13:10
rburtonsummary yes, patches no13:10
RPit would be good to see them *somewhere* but probably not oe-core13:10
kanavinRP: I tend to think it's some kind of bug in AUH, as both the updates and the overall report are sent from the same email address13:11
RPkanavin: yes, I wondered why some made it and some didn't13:12
kanavinRP: I did ask halstead to whitelist for oe-core, and at least for the overall reports it works as intended13:14
RPkanavin: right, that makes sense13:22
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: CMake cannot generate a safe linker search path - yocto 2.4 <>13:57
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wouterstreamitI have built an x86_64 image using the meta-intel layer and am trying to run it in a VMWare virtual machine but I am getting stuck. I have both a .hddimg and a .wic output file (I'm not sure what the difference is in disk layout) and for both I have tried directly converting them to vmdk images. This only gave a bootable result for the hddimg file, but it got stuck during boot for whatever reason.14:16
wouterstreamitI have also tried using those files as virtual removable media but the VM would not boot from either of them14:17
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yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: ttyAMA0 serial port RaspberryPI3 <>14:57
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* kergoth yawns15:12
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* nayfe yawns too15:27
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otaviorburton: I did find the make error and sent a v4 for it16:08
rburtonyeah saw, thanks16:08
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otaviorburton: I tried your ninja patch, needs rebase16:19
otaviorburton: I agree with the patch, for sure.16:19
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Crofton|workI'm checking with the gnuradio ninja enthusiasts16:22
yoctiNew news from stackoverflow: Linux UIO driver include <>16:27
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Crofton|workrburton, for ninja, is it easy to tell cmake to use make if you have a project with some custom make?17:02
rburtonCrofton|work: can you do that?17:02
Crofton|workdunno :)17:03
Crofton|workmainly relaying a reamrk from one of the gnuradio guys17:03
Crofton|workapparently one of them ran into a case where they had to use make on some "library"17:04
Crofton|workI can look at it, but fighting banks today17:04
rburtonCrofton|work: can you ask them what library?17:04
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Crofton|workrburton, he is in #oe17:07
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zarzarwhen i pull yocto poky, can do i know what version of the gnu toolchain will be used as part of poky? i.e. is it consistent, set in stone, or can it vary based on major version?17:13
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RPzarzar: its defined in the metadata. A given version of poky uses a specific version of the toolchain17:15
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zarzarRP: great!17:15
zarzarRP: can you point me to said metadata for reference?17:15
RPzarzar: - gcc recipes used by the master branch ?17:16
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zarzarRP: ok thanks, to be sure, that is for building yocto, not the toolchain deployed in image?17:19
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RPzarzar: cross bits are building yocto, "plain gcc" bits are target17:20
zarzarRP: thanks!17:20
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otavioJaMa: for the host-contamination error you just do a cleansstate for each affected package, as workaround?17:47
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noway96Hello, I've created a custom Yocto image and my drive is found to be 0 bytes in size when attached to the image but has the correct size in my popular linux image machine. I'm probably missing an important module. Any ideas on how to discover the missing module?18:10
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kalpuHi, how to apply a patch after my do_configure_prepend() ? Is this even possible?19:21
kergothwhy would you want to?19:22
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